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Spain: A Dimensional Doorway in the Vicinity of Aznalcóllar?











Spain: A Dimensional Doorway in the Vicinity of Aznalcóllar?

By José Manuel Garcia Bautista

In the early morning hours of 25 April 1998, near the locality of Aznalcollar in Seville, one of the greatest ecological disasters to ever affect our country took place. The toxic waste containment pond owned by the Swedish-Canadian firm Boliden-Apirsa, overwhelmed by its hazardous contents, cracked and sent froth a “toxic wave” that covered the region, halting at the border of the Doñana Natural Park. The damage caused to this wildlife sanctuary was minimal, although all local residents are aware of the lethal effects of the toxic leaching into irrigation wells and riverine water supply into Doñana.

The contents of the containment were, in theory, heavy industrial wastes consisting of mercury, lead, iron and derivatives of iron pyrite washing, although the possibility that it also contained toxic chemical wastes from the Huelva Chemical Industrial Park was also considered. In short, a highly dangerous content.

Around that time, in the area known as the “Magnetic Triangle” and whose vertexes are formed by the localities of Gerena, Aznalcollar and El Garrobo, there had been intense UFO activity (CE-1) in the area. On the very same night that the containment broke, a witness driving along N-433 toward a farm in Aracena was able to see an unidentified flying object flying over the property occupied by the containment well in Aznalcollar. Later that night, the containment broke. On the 30th of the same month (April 1998) four witnesses driving along N-433 toward Higuera de la Sierra were nocturnal witnesses to the mysterious flight of a formation of aircraft of unknown origin toward El Garrobo. The sighting was so precise and detailed that they were even able to make out the “holes” in the portholes….

All of these sightings, of course, were ratified by ufologists of the stature of Ignacio Darnaude and Joaquin Mateos Nogales, who have devoted their lives and available free time to researching the UFO phenomenon.

Consultations were made with the Weather Bureau, the Seville Airport Tower, INTA, etc. in an effort to find a logical and rational explanation to the sightings. These turned up negative. It was concluded at the time that what was seen that night by the witnesses was truly “something” that did not obey traditional, rational explanations. They were simply inexplicable from a scientific perspective and the only other possibility was to explain it as an unidentified flying object or objects.

Over a year has elapsed since the event and the facilities at Boliden-Apirsa have renewed their activities. The uncertainty experienced the workers in these facilities has been allayed and their work lives have resumed, but the renewal of all this mining activity appears to have “triggered” UFO activity in the area once again. Since April of this year (1999) the localities of Gerena, Aznalcollar and El Castillo de las Guardas have been at the receiving end of the customary, frantic activity of unidentified objects.

At sundown on April 18, 1999 (a Sunday), flight attendants Maria Angeles Rubio and Esther Marín were driving toward Seville along the N-431 from the community of Palma del Condado. Upon reaching the town of Sanlucar la Mayor, they were surprised to see the mysterious flight of a vehicle with three powerful lights on each of its corners, its fuselage constituting a triangular structure. The sighting took place over a seemingly long 20 second span and the witnesses were astonished. Parallel to this sighting, ufologist Ignacio Darnaude confirmed another sighting on the same date and with the same characteristics. The protagonists of the event are related to the renowned sensitive Malena Martínez. Joaquin Mateos Nogales, a resident of Gerena, confirmed that sightings had indeed occurred in the vicinity and were ongoing.

On the night of 22 April 1999 (a Thursday), Antonio Garrido, an agent for a well-known brand of soft drinks, was returning to Seville from Huelva along N-433. He was able to see a light following his automobile over the “Magnetic Triangle”. The light became smaller and broke into three new lights that alternated their colors from red to green. The three lights “seemed to want to tell me something” and after switching their colors to bright blue, “that thing, UFO or whatever it was, vanished in the dark in a sort of “Z’ configuration. It was startling.” The witness was so overwhelmed that he had to pull over on the shoulder and take in some fresh air after the sighting.

On 24 April, several people were able to see a mysterious luminous formation heading slowly from the locality of Chipiona toward Sanlucar de Barrameda (practically at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River). The García family happened to be at that location with the purpose of closing a rental deal on a home for the summer months. They remarked: “that cloud had a very odd shape and glowed in a very strange way. I don’t think there was anything natural about it. its shape was just too weird!” This curious sighting took place at 19:30 hours and it lasted so long that the witnesses stopped paying it attention, occasionally checking on it to see if “it was still there.”

On 10 May at 2:30 in the morning, truck drivers and a watchman made a new sighting the Aznalcollar mines. The sighting lasted approximately 30 minutes and its shape was similar to that of a “circular electric heater,” according to Joaquin Mateos Nogales. The object was blue in color and with an approximate diameter of 50 meters.

On 15 May of this year (1999)  a new UFO sighting took place near the “Magnetic Triangle”. Maria del Pilar Vargas, driving from Nerva to Seville on N-421 at 21:15 hours, saw a strange light in the sky that approached its vehicle gradually until it came “within 500 to 600 meters distant, flying parallel to my car and at the same speed while it changed colors from white to orange. It followed me and made me feel very nervous. Just when I was about to pull over and entrust myself to fate, “that thing” turned blue and vanished like when a light is turned off.” Furthermore, her vehicle did not operate normally during the event, displaying reduced performance and increasing the stress to the pursued witness. Unquestionably, a strange persecution and experience.

On 20 May, a businessman heading to Seville at 19:00 hours after having gone to El Ronquillo witnessed a quick and mysterious flash in the sky, resembling “the streak left by a lightning bolt in the sky. It was like a ball of light maneuvering wildly.”

On 22 May at 22:35 hours, and from the locality of Gerena (specifically from the location known as Torre Mocha), an unidentified flying object was reported. At first it was believed to be an airliner due to it its straight-line flight path (NW to W) and whitish-red coloring. But the device slowed its speed until it became completely still, “hanging” in the sky before spinning toward the southwest. So strange was the maneuver that it led some to believe it might be a mothership. The sighting lasted some 20 minutes and was witnessed by Joaquín Mateos Nogales, José Mateos Nogales, Antonio Vidal and José Ramírez Mora. Ignacio Darnaude reported a UFO sighting over the Seville Airport (Aeropuerto de San Pablo).

Of course, the fact that we see something in the skies that does not match our mental framework does not mean that the object was a UFO. On many occasions, the phenomena observed can be explained from a physical, astronomical, meteorological or psychological standpoint. Field researchers must concern themselves with covering all of the possible explanations to a sighting before cataloguing it as “unidentified”. This is a hard and complicated task that involves driving many kilometers, interviewing many people, getting in touch with various agencies with a view toward discarding possible logical options (the National Weather Institute, Air Traffic Control, the National Aerospace Technology Institute, the State Police, Observatories, etc.) and taking the witness factor into account. Many times, after all this is done, the work yields little more than two lines in a report, but doing this reflects a commitment to rigor.

The Garcia family’s sighting in Chipiona can be explained from a meteorological perspective. On that day, the Weather Bureau confirmed that large cloud formations were reported throughout the Atlantic littoral of Andalusia due to the aftermath of a storm system over the Straits of Gibraltar. This family’s sighting could have easily been a “noctilucent cloud” (high-altitude cumulus clouds often mistaken for UFOS). The winds make it impossible to determine the direction of the cloud, although in the upper layers of the atmosphere it seems to have an East-West heading, from Chipiona to Sanlucar de Barrameda. Furthermore, solar refraction on the layers that make up these cloud formations endows them with a particular beauty and luminosity.

But what about the other sightings? The Aznalcollar area, according to Seville flight control, has been overflown by units belonging to various television networks. However, on the days of the sightings – 18 April, 22 April, 10 May, 15 May and 22 May – no air traffic was recorded during the respective time periods. The Weather Bureau confirmed good weather and excellent conditions of visibility and temperature (the fact is that the weather was positively summery) at the time, without cloudy formations or any other atmospheric phenomenon worthy of note. The possibility of weather balloons was not recorded at the time. We are awaiting a reply from INTA regarding tests, but these possibilities are remote. Therefore, these sightings that cannot be explained from such a perspective. From the astronomical perspective, it should be noted that the planet Venus is particularly visible to witnesses at these latitudes, but what they saw bore no relation to the planet. Those lights were chasing our witnesses and the planet Venus, of course, lacks such mobility. Aside from this, chases by strange and mysterious lights have become notorious in the region, such as the one that occurred near Aznalcollar when a mysterious luminous sphere chased Mr. Adrian Sanchez for 30 kilometers, all the way to Castillo de las Guardas. A Guardia Civil officer made a report of this after lending assistance to Adrian, who was about to have a heart attack.

What did our witnesses see near the “Magnetic Triangle” on those dates? What were those strange spherical and triangular lights in the skies over Seville? Why were they pursuing our witnesses? What are they trying to tell us?

There is no question that a UFO flap is taking place over Aznalcollar…a year after the breakage of the containment pond at Boliden-Apirsa. One year ago, “THEY” were trying to warn us over the potential danger of the dumping in the area and in the proximity of the beautiful natural landmark that is Doñana. Today they may be warning us about the even more dangerous leakage and the deficiencies of the containment pond, which persist in the waters of the Guadiamar and the Guadalquivir. Today, according to the Environmental Board of Andalusia, Doñana is highly contaminated with arsenic and zinc. The removal of toxic mud has not been useful and dredging the riverbed at its most affected area would be necessary. The area, currently polluted with arsenic, is one of the most hazardous surfaces in Europe due to that type of poison (concentrations of over 40 mg/kg, which is enormous when we consider that the tolerable maximum is only 5%). There is no way to control wild bird movements and it is possible that many of them have been affected by toxic wastes due to the contamination of their food source. Over a year has elapsed since the disaster at Aznalcollar, and “THEY”, from their dimensional doorway in the “Magnetic Triangle”, keep trying to tell us that things still haven’t been put to rights.

  [Translation (c) 2013 Scott Corrales, INEXPLICATA, with thanks to José Manuel Bautista García]

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Spain: A Giant UFO at Tarifa (1989)










Spain: A Giant UFO at Tarifa

GEIFO (Spanish UFO Phenomena Research Group)

Case No. 010

Case Name:

UFO sighting at Tarifa, 01 August 1989, 22:45 hours

Description of the Events:

Shortly before August 1, 1989, a Navy noncom watchman received a phone call at his family home in the town of Tarifa, Cadiz. He happened to be on duty that evening.

The noncom, who was having a peaceful family dinner at the time, answered the phone, not knowing that he was about to become the protagonist of a story that would scar him for life.

The voice on the other end of the line was a member of the Guardia Civil (Spanish state police) advising him that some children had reported lights at sea, not far from shore.

Fearful that the lights could be signals from a ship in jeopardy, they advised him of the event so that he could look into the origin of these lights, being the Navy's representative in such matter.

The protagonist hung up the phone and left his hose, following the Castillo de Santa Catalina highway, being the highest elevation on the Tarifa coastline from which observations could be made.

His vehicle was rising toward the castle when he reached a plateau halfway up and stopped dead, amazed at the sight his eyes were showing him. He was unable to properly explain the sensations coursing through his body, coming face to face with something completely different from what he expected.

An enormous disk, some 200 meters in diameter, was cruising down the coastline from the direction of the city of Cadiz, and at high speed. While the size may be an overestimation, it had the shape of a bi-convex lens, made no sound whatsoever, and gave the impression of 'floating as if gravity were of no consequence'.

The giant UFO was lit like a huge, white phosphorescent lamp; looking at it did not hurt the eyes.

It appeared to be solid, with well-defined edges, without any visible doors or windows, or any noticeable structures or markings. Nothing but the immense, beautiful lens swaying slightly, following the shoreline to the isle of Tarifa.

The object came to rest directly over the isle, as if questioning which direction it should follow. The witness thought it would head for Alborán, crossing the straits, but this was not so. The disc renewed its journey, crossing the sea in a straight line toward the African coast, near the city of Ceuta.

At renewed high speed, the UFO followed the shoreline in a direction contrary to the original, making for Cape Espartel, and then southward, toward the Canary Islands, losing itself from sight. The astonished witness took several minutes to recover from the shock.

The military man returned home, thinking about how to best inform his superiors of the situation. A report detailing the event could cause him trouble, as the higher-ups might call into question his mental stability and his aptitude for performing the job.

The next morning, the noncom visited the Guardia Civil headquarters, and without mentioning his own sighting, asked the officers if they had heard anything more about the lights reported by the children.

 Points to Consider

  •  Sighting was made by a career military man.


 Unidentified Flying Object

 References and Sources

 Case investigated by GEIFO


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Colombia: The Man Abducted by a UFO in Tabio











Source: El Tiempo (newspaper)

Date: 16-oct-2021

 Colombia: The Man Abducted by a UFO in Tabio

 Residents of this area adjacent to Bogotá claim having seen flying saucers.

 In the early 1990s, Luis Heberto Rodríguez - a farmer who dutifully milked his cows every morning - suddenly vanished.

 That day, according to residents of Tabio, in the department of Cundinamarca, everyone wondered why they hadn't seen him around town as was his custom every morning.

 On the next day, the media throughout the country reported the appearance of a man, 37 years old at the time, in Pitalito, Huila. He said he had been kidnapped by a spaceship. It was Luis Heberto. Since then Tabio was never the same quiet municipality it had been.

 Several television news organizations and newspapers like EL TIEMPO, El Espacio, and El Espectador carried the strange story. EL TIEMPO reported the event on April 5, 1991 under the headline: "From Tenjo to UFO" in which Rodríguez reported what had supposedly transpired.

 "A powerful light came out of the object. It focused on my horse, causing it to weaken until it knelt on the ground. I was later placed in a glass cabinet, where three beings in silver suits made me lower my trousers and placed a glass object on my back. Whenever the light turned on, I became unconscious and saw a tunnel with many entrances, much like flying on an airplane across high mountain ranges."

 The farmer suddenly realized that it was Wednesday night, shortly past eight o'clock, all alone in a meadow near Pitalito. "That's where the object left me."

 After walking for an hour, Luis Heberto reached the Pitalito police station.

 Many thought he was insane. Others suggested that he was suffering the effects of scopolamine. But his candid expression and the ghost of a terrible experience, reflected on his features, caused others to take him seriously.

 The original article ends with: "Today, Luis Heberto - a married man and the father of two children, ages 7 and 5, is hoping to return to Tenjo to meet his family and his employer, Raul Gutiérrez."

 The story caused curiosity seekers to visit the municipality in hopes of living a similar experience to that of Luis Heberto. However, abduction (kidnapping by beings from another galaxy) is a subject that still causes doubts among experts.

 Anthropologist Esteban Cruz Niño notes that accounts of mystical abductions are nothing new, since the ancient Greeks spoke of gods who came to earth to take people to Mt.Olympus.

 "Some psychiatrists argue that these are psychotic breaks," says Cruz, "because they lose consciousness and have no idea of what they've done during that period of time. The story of this man from Tabio could be a hoax. It is likelier that he man was a hoaxer."

 In spite of the fact that ufologists (the discipline that studies UFOs) note that these abduction episodes are verifiable, Niño explains that it was learned in due course that Heberto traveled to Huila by bus and it was all a deception.

 Nothing more was ever heard from Luis Heberto in the town. It is said that he opened a clinic in Bogotá - boasting that he had healing powers - and some say he died in 2018.

 The fact is that people kept visiting Tabio with the hope of having an encounter with beings from other worlds, since stories of strange objects persist in the town.

 Researchers, curiosity seekers and people from all over the world have visited the site, some 45 kilometers from Bogotá, to hear these stories of extraterrestrials and flying saucers firsthand. Tabio is located in the province of Sabana Centro. Its streets, mostly paved with cobblestones, still retain their colorful colonial look. It is a quiet place, best known for its main tourist attraction: the thermal springs at Zipa, as well as other activities such as hiking.

 While some of its nearly 30,000 inhabitants insist that they have never seen a UFO, most say that at some moment, as strange light caught their attention.

 Among them is Cristian Orozco, 27, who has lived in the area some 19 years. This young man usually guides the curious who arrive in Tabio hoping to go camping and learn more of Cerro Huaica, one of the town’s reference points.

 "There are those who claim having seen lights and strange objects in the sky," Cristian notes. "This could be true or false. The fact is that I have seen them myself, and I know that what goes on here is true."

 Cristian says that around the year 2000, he first saw a gleaming light over Cerro Huaica. The light did not move - it merely rotated on its own axis. It went up and down until it vanished. Three months later, as he returned from school, Orozco claims having seen a craft in the sky. He insists that the no longer had doubts that these beings were visiting the municipality, since the sunlight reflected on the object, which was motionless.

 "It was a clear day," Cristian recalls. "The craft remained still, motionless, for a few minutes, before taking off so quickly I couldn’t follow it with my sight. That day I knew the story of beings from space visiting Tabio was true."

[Translation © 2023 INEXPLICATA]


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Spain: Near-Landing at the "Pozo Gutierrez" Ranch, Isla Cristina, Huelva (24-Dec-1980)











GEIFO (Spanish UFO Phenomena Research Group)
Case No. 005


Case Name:  

Near-Landing at the "Pozo Gutierrez" Ranch, Isla Cristina, Huelva (24-Dec-1980)
Description of Events:
A 73-year-old woman was preparing Christmas Eve dinner when she heard a snapping sound, as if tree branches were being broken. Intrigued by this, she stepped outside the dwelling and saw a golden light, with what resembled spikes in its upper section.
The dogs and other domestic animals were restless; the woman summoned her 75-year-old husband who also saw the light - sphericak, measuring 1 to 2 meters in diameter, barely 2 or 3 meters in the air, hovering above the treetops.
The object was some 150-200 meters distant from the witnesses.
The witnesses stepped out of the house occasionally to check on it until it disappeared.
The next day, GEIFO researchers found tripodal impressions on the soil, with small perforations in each print. The origin of these impressions was not determined.
Points to Consider:

  • GEIFO investigators found prints in the sighting area soil.
  • Animals showed signs of restlessness.

Sighting of a light of unknown orgin. Possible electromagnetic plasma.
References and Sources:
Case investigated by GEIFO 

[Translation (c) 2023 INEXPLICATA]

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Spain: UFO Sighting at Sea (1981)







GEIFO (Spanish UFO Phenomena Research Group)
Case No. 007
Case Name:

Sighting at Sea, Huelva (March 25, 1981, 19:00 hours)

Description of Events:
According to statements made by Eugenio Burgo Gómez, master of the fishing vessel "MOGUER-5", based out of Punta Umbría, Huelva (Spain), his vessel and six other fishing boats were returning home on March 25, 1981 around 19:00 hours. It was at that time they became aware of a greyish object, measuring approximately 50 meters at the base and as many in height (rough estimate). The object was static, rotating around its own axis. It had a double row of yellow lights.

Its proximity to the water caused it to become agitated, following the rotation of the object in question.
The sighting lasted some 20 minutes, after which the UFO rose vertically and at high speed into the heavens, vanishing from sight. The object's distance from shore was some 500 meters, approximately. The fishing vessel's bearing was 000 at a speed of five knots, one mile from the mouth of the harbor.
Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Large number of eyewitnesses
  • Object had a metallic apperance
  • Object was of considerable size
  • Proximity to the harbor
  • Proximity to the witnesses
  • Grazing the sea's surface

A conical object of considerable size, with a double row of yellow lights, hovering at low altitude, almost brushing the surface of the water, rising into the air at high speed.
References and Sources:

  • Case investigated by GEIFO
  • Diario de Cadiz (newspaper)

Mexico: A Sighting Predating Kenneth Arnold?



Mexico: A Sighting Predating Kenneth Arnold?

Is it possible that a Mexican miner, far from home and completely ignorant of the phenomena he was witness to, could have beaten Kenneth Arnold to the title of first witness of the modern UFO explosion?

An intriguing affidavit, dated July 18, 1957 and featured in the appendix section of Trevor James Constable's They Live in The Sky (New Age Press, 1958), sworn by Pierre Perry, president of Arizona's Copper Mountain Mining Corporation, tells the story of how Mr. Perry was on his way to inspect a certain mineral deposit to the north of Prescott, PA on a broiling hot summer day in 1943. Journeying along with Perry were an anonymous prospector and Isidro Montoya, a Mexican miner. The story that follows should by all accounts be a classic in the annals of ufology:

While fording the Agua Fría River on horseback around 5 p.m., Montoya, who was in the lead, shouted: "¡El diablo, el diablo!" (The Devil)

"Overhead," states Perry in his affidavit. "a most terrific drama was unfolding that lasted only a few minutes. A military plane was in sight, so where the two large unidentified flying objects that looked like balloons without baskets. They were luminous and bright as the sun. The UFO's stood still as if waiting for the plane to approach, the pounced towards it. At the same time, they projected a violent luminous ray that could be compared with the large beam of a lighthouse."

What followed was no less spectacular. The cohered energy beam hit its target and brought it down. The three onlookers saw the pilots eject from the plane, but another beam from the unknown craft caused the parachutes to catch fire and the men plummeted to their deaths. "The two bodies were later found," adds Perry.

 While unnerved and muttering orisions, Isidro Montoya was by no means a stranger to such visions. After crossing himself, he reportedly told Perry: "El diablo, señor...I have seen the same thing many times, señor..."

 The affidavit goes on to indicate that a third spherical intruder joined the two existing UFOs and the trio vanished south toward Mexico at breathtaking speed. The men on horseback turned back to notify the authorities, but military vehicles had already been dispatched. Perry's party guided the recovery team to where they had seen the stricken aircraft crash. "Parts were scattered all over the mountainside."

It is interesting to note, among the cases of these early days of Mexican ufology, the collision of an experimental V-2 rocket on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez on May 29, 1947. The liberated German projectile was launched from the White Sands Missile Facilty and four seconds into the launch, due to a defective gyroscope, headed southward over El Paso and fell in the Ciudad Juarez cemetery. Ironically, this would prove to be but the first of many rocket launches gone astray into Mexican territory.

By 1949, stories about a "flying saucer" collision in Mexico had become widespread. A man named Ray Dimmick told Californian newspapermen that "a shining disk" had collided against a mountain on the outskirts of Mexico City and that he himself had seen the wreckage of a "space craft" some sixty feet across. To add spice to his account, Dimmick alleged that the hapless saucer's dwarfish pilot's remains had been collected and preserved for future study. This Mexican crash would go on to be come part of the vast corpus of such events collected by other UFO researchers such as Kevin Randle.

The 1950's dawned upon a world terrified by the seemingly ubiquitous presence of Communism, the very real possibility of atomic annihilation, and the persistent reports of strange vehicles seen in the skies over the northern hemisphere. On March 3, 1950, a Mexican aviation official engaged in a routine  tour of inspection of the airports in the northern regions of the country when he saw a curious yellowish disk suspended at an estimated altitude of15,000 over the city of Chihuahua's airport. A press report indicated that two airplanes--whether military or civillian--tried to intercept the object but were unable to reach it.

By mid-March, the saucers were over Mexico City itself. On the 14th, many hundreds of witnesses reported seeing four flying saucers over Mexico's interantional airport, creating a sensation across the city. Activity reached its peak on March 21, when the El Nacional newspaper reportd that an unidenfied object was seen so clearly over Mexico City that movie camera operators were allegedly able to capture it on film. Sensational claims continued to emerge, such as the supposed collision of a saucer in the Sierra de Moronesa mountains of Zacatecas--an impact that caused the earth to shake.

People from all walks of life were beginning to report strange objects during this period. A professional wrestler known by his stage name, Aguila Blanca ("White Eagle"), was in his hometown of Querétaro one evening in 1956 when he decided to go to the movies. As he walked across a public park toward his destination, he became aware of a strange light hanging motionless in mid-air, which almost immediately descended upon the city to remain suspended at 200 meters over the ground. According to the wrestler, he was able to make out a series of lights resembling portholes around the structure, which he estimated to be some 50 meters in diameter and made of metal. The object remained motionless for approximately 10 minutes before heading away.

In 1957, when most ufologists were still debating the wisdom of publishing reports indicating that UFOs could in fact land and leave ground traces, Mexican newspaper El Universal Gráfico published a comprehensive account on the alleged landing of a discoidal object in the community farms of San Juan de Aragón, an event witnessed by farmer Gilberto Espinoza. Although the incident had taken place in November of the preceding year, the newspaper ran its story in January 1958. An early UFO pursuit occured on December 12, 1957, when a Douglas DC-3 belonging to Aerolíneas Mexicanas was intercepted by a "speeding saucer" over San Luis Potosí. Passengers aboard the aircraft were apparently petrified with fright as the pilot, Capt. Gilberto Alba, cooly put the DC-3 through a series of evasive manuevers.

(Excerpt from "Forbidden Mexico" by Scott Corrales)