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Argentina: The Ucumar Zupai Appears in Salta Yet Again












Source: Cronica (Argentina)

Date: 28-may-2023

Cronica Newsroom

The Shadowy "Ucumar" Appears in Salta, Causing Panic: "I Saw It, Vomited, and My Blood Pressure Went Up"

There is great concern in the northern reaches of the country on account of a sighting of the Ucumar, the Argentinean Bigfoot known for its beastly appearance, similar to that of a bear, merged with human features and of enormous size. Cronica HD spoke to a local correspondent.

Myth or reality? The fact is that the legend of the Ucumar resurfaced in the province of Salta. This Argentinean beast, resembling a bear with human features, went viral after a local smallholder had a face to face encounter with the creature - a sighting that caused him to vomit and experience overwhelming fear on account of its terrifying looks.

Correspondent Sebastian Cruz spoke with Cronica HD about the mystery that causes sleepless nights for locals, providing information on the looks of this mysterious beast, approximately 1.80 meters tall, resembling a bear combined with a man, and with fiery red eyes, as described by those who saw it up close.

The urban legend of Argentina's Bigfoot re-emerged following the eyewitness account of Angel Pacheco, the smallholder who claims to have seen it during a face-to-face encounter that lasted 20 minutes. "I saw it, it made me vomit, and my blood pressure went up," said the man about its beastly appearance and the terrifying look of its red eyes. He claims that he is not lying and has no reason to do so: "I'm well aware of what a bear looks like, and I also know what an Ucumar is."

Residents of the community of Metán in Salta claim having seen the beast wandering over the hills, rivers and lagoons. It was seen a total of 33 times in the area, although there is no audiovisual evidence up to now that will substantiate its existence; however, there is the eyewitness testimony of those who live in the fields, and confirm its presence.

The story came about with the experience of Rogelio Martinez in the year 2001, when he claimed seeing the gigantic creature in Metán. "I hunted so much that the Pachamama visited this punishment upon me so I would withdraw, and wouldn't hunt so much," the man stated to the media at the time.

The myth became widespread over the region, which covers the expanse of northern Argentina. Others who claim having seen it believe the Ucumar "has powerful sexual overtones" and as a rule behaves aggressively toward woman and young people.

[Note: Contrary to the article's indications, the existence of the Ucumar Zupai, as it is called, is not a recent phenomenon and goes back decades if not centuries, to be found in myths dating back to Inca times. In 1958, a group of campers had an Ucumar sighting at Rengo, 80 miles form Santiago de Chile. They described it as a giant 'monkey-man'. One of these witnesses, Carlos Manuel Soto, swore to police officers investigating the case that he had seen a 'man covered with hair' in Cordilleras, one of Chile's provinces. Earlier, in 1956, Claudio Spitch had found seventeen inch tracks on the Argentinean side of the Andean Range at an elevation in excess of 16 thousand feet. Similar tracks were later found in Salta, and residents of Tolor Grande heard unearthly screams emanating from the Curu-Curu mountains.]

[Translation (c) 2023 S. Corrales for Inexplicata with thanks to Cronica]


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Argentina: A Mass Sighting?



Argentina: A Mass Sighting?
By Luis Burgos
After 10 pm last night, we were alerted by Walter Romero (FAO La Plata) regarding a high-altitude phenomenon with bizarre characteristics over the western area of La Plata. Friends of his even submitted a few photographs of the event as seen from the vicinity of Olmos. Simultaneously, reports were received from various parts of southern Greater Buenos Aires, describing the same: Two tongues of flame, very large, remaining static for a few minutes, in nearly overcast skies, although a few stars were visible according to the witnesses respective locations. What we at first thought might be the "torches" of the YPF refinery, reflecting against the overcast skies (as has indeed been the case in other instances) was discarded.
But what was disconcerting was the fact that a similar phenomenon was reported in various parts of Mexico. Theories abound to suit all tastes, ranging from a supernova explosion to the re-entry of space junk, or the luminous gassing of a launch, including UFOs, obviously. We believe that the appropriate explanations will be received in coming hours. Everything is being checked.

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Chile: A 1908 Chupacabras Case?


Chile: A 1908 Chupacabras Case?

This older information – much like the 1947 cases we have been presenting this month – hails from the archives of the late Luis Altamirano, one of Chile’s most respected UFO/Fortean researchers. Raul Núñez of the IIEE currently has the files under his custody and is sharing some of its most interesting contents with readers around the world. The name of the original author of the article is given as Gonzalo Tapia Diaz.

 The legend of the “vampires of Chañaral Alto” emerged that year (1908) in a small community located in the heart of Combarbalá (Chile’s 4th region).

 On the night of March 9th, over twenty goats were found slain in bizarre circumstances on the premises of livestock producer Rufino Malebrán. Upon examining their carcasses, he reached the chilling conclusion that the animals had been drained of their blood. And that was just the start. Two days later, a similar attack occurred, but this time at Esteban Contreras’ ranch. Bovines and horses alike were killed in identically strange circumstances.

 The chronicles say that an outsider --  Mañungo “el Pirquinero” (the Propector) newly arrived from the mining country of northern Chile – took it upon himself to unravel the mystery, keep a nocturnal watch over the ranches, hoping to come upon the culprit or culprits.  Over four months, this unknown quantity had exterminated hundreds of goats, sheep, cows, horses and poultry. It was then that someone claimed to have seen, at a distance, a crag near Chañaral Alto where huge vampire bats slept – a kind of truly giant bat.  Armed with this bit of information, Mañungo headed toward the indicated location. It was there – at noon in July 1908 – that he found a cavern, and learned that everything that had been said about this creature was true.

 But it remained to be seen if these natural creatures were indeed responsible for the slayings. Therefore, the prospector planned a new course of action, again hoping to catch them at work.

 And it was on one of these many evenings when, according to popular belief, the outsider learned the truth. But it is said that all his efforts were in vain, as his body was found the next day – lifeless and bearing two puncture marks, through which what little blood that remained in his body trickled out.

 Old-timers conveyed the legend to subsequent generations, who forgot it until stories of the Chupacabras, or the giant vampires, became news again, returning to commit their deeds with the same vigor and intensity that they did in a forgotten area of the 4th region in 1908

 (Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raúl Núñez, Luis Altamirano and G. Tapia Díaz)