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Argentina: A Letter to President Perón Regarding Flying Saucers (1952)


Argentina: A Letter to President Perón Regarding Flying Saucers

Luis Burgos writes: “We are making public a startling document from 1952 from the Archivo General de la Nación (National Archives) in which citizen ROQUE CERES requests an interview with then-president Juan Domingo Perón to apprise him about a ‘revolutionary’ aspect of the flying saucers of the time – information made available to him by a U.S. military man. Unfortunately, General Perón paid it no mind…it would have been interesting to hear the information provided by this researcher at the time, unhindered by anonymity or secrecy, as tends to be the case in this field. Don Ceres was quite a gentleman.


Letter from a citizen to President Juan D. Perón 1952. An idea about flying saucers.

Secretariat of Technical Affairs ID AR-AGN-SAT01-463-2276

Partial transcription:

Buenos Aires, May 6, 1952

His Excellency The President of the Nation: General Juan D. Perón

“The undersigned, Roque Ceres, citizen of Argentina, having residence at Las Bases 222 of this capital city, hereby requests a hearing to make you aware of the existence of an idea of mine related to the so-called “flying saucer” that the United States of America conceals as a military secret, being little more than a device whose operation is based on the Earth’s rotation, and presents several advantages over present day aircraft. Should I have the honor of being granted an interview by Your Excellency, I will explain how [this information] became known to the military attaché of the United States of America in Buenos Aires in the year 1945.

If I have hitherto not endeavored to present myself before the national authorities, it is because I am not a professional but rather an artisan from another walk of life, and thought I would not be taken seriously, as has always occurred in these matters, and has happened to me personally a long time ago with the disclosure of another idea, although I have had the satisfaction of seeing it come about after a number of years.

According what Your Excellency has said in recent speeches, in particular the radio broadcast of December 3rd in which the people were invited to contribute to the common effort toward a New Argentina, I am answering the call. I submitted an initiative, which I have been advised is under consideration. Emboldened by this, I would like to contribute yet again by submitting this idea, whose feasibility will be yours to decide…”