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Colombia: Places Where UFOs Have Been Seen


 Colombia: Places Where UFOs Have Been Seen

An Article by Tatiana Munevar, Infobae, 14-Aug-2023

Although the U.S National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other air and space agencies have no proof of intelligent life beyond earth, Germán Puerta, director of the Bogotá Planetarium, broached the subject for El Tiempo:

“They are quite a common phenomenon. Seeing something one cannot understand can happen at any time, but analyses have concluded that these cases can be explained as astronomical, meteorological and even artificial events, bearing in mind that we now have satellites and drones that could mislead observers”.

The number of sightings over the years, especially since the 1950s, led the U.S. Air Force to create Project Blue Book to record sightings inside and outside the country to determine whether they constitute a threat to human beings or not. Among them, we are likely to find such Colombian cases as:

  •  Bogotá: In 1964, an Air Force T-33 made an unsuccessful attempt to reach an unidentified flying object that it found upon reaching El Dorado Airport.
  •   Tabio: In the mountains bordering Tenjo, another pilot came across a UFO, a blue one in this case. In the 1990s, a peasant claims having been abducted by a UFO in that vicinity.
  •   Cali: In recent years, people living near the military base have reported objects flying over the region, and which appear to be from another world.
  •   Puerto Salgar: It is not uncommon to hear stories from those claiming close encounters with alien beings.
  • Chicamocha Canyon: A circular blue-and-red object was found in this area.
  •   Tatacoa Desert: Several people claim that the area contains a hidden facility for spacecraft.
  •   El Zarzal: Beyond having seen something in the sky, locals believe that beings from another world, with human traits, live among the valley dwellers.
  •   Anolaima: City residents fondly remember the Arcesio Bermúdez case. He died three days after chasing a bright light in the sky, together with several children.

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Costa Rica: A Sequence of Photos and an Unusual Object



 Source: CIAL Observación OVNI (Costa Rica)
Date: November 18, 2023

Costa Rica: A Sequence of Photos and an Unusual Object

Cial Observación OVNI CR writes: "A sphere makes an excessively close approach to an airplane about to land in Costa Rica. This is a demonstration of the versatility of these objects. We received a mental command to record the aircraft and that we would see a surprise."

Venezuela: Unusual Light Over Caraballeda


Source: OVNIS en Venezuela (Héctor Escalante)
Date: November 3, 2023

Venezuela: Unusual Light Over Caraballeda

"Raymer Ramírez has sent me a video taken on the evening of November 1, 2023 from the locality of Caraballeda in the state of La Guaira, former state of Vargas, in northern Venezuela. The following is his account of the events:

This took place after a lightning storm. I realized there was a reddish light in the sky, across from my house. It suddenly moved away somewhat and later disappeared. I'm not sure whether it vanished or shifted suddenly from its location. At that time the storm was at its peak, and as I tried to begin recording with my smartphone, using the zoom, I didn't see the light again". 

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Terror in the Night: "Frog Skinned, One-Eyed Midgets" in Pergamino, Argentina


[Readers of INEXPLICATA will remember Mr. Metayer's accounts of mysteries in Buenos Aires and his photographs of same a few years back]

Source: DIB (Diarios Bonaerenses)

Date: November 23, 2023

Terror in the Night: "Frog Skinned, One-Eyed Midgets" in Pergamino, Argentina

By Marcelo Metayer - DIB (Diarios Bonaerenses)

 Some teenagers were strolling one evening in October 1988 by the Club de Viajantes when they came across a group of 70 centimeter tall beings that gestured and called out to them with "guttural sounds" The story shook the city. Mysterious prints were left at the site.

 The existence of intelligent creatures foreign to humankind are common in the folklore of every nation. More recently, the modern myth crafted by the UFO phenomenon has brought about a figure that has acquired fame: the small, large headed, bug-eyed creature. These "midgets" have been seen on many occasions, and while there may not be any flying saucers around, there is always talk of their extraterrestrial origin. Perhaps the best-remembered case in the province of Buenos Aires is that of the "green midgets" of La Plata, which garnered a large number of witnesses between November and December 1983. But there is a less-known situation that shook a city in Buenos Aires and also transpired during the same decade: the sighting of "frog-skinned" beings standing between 50 and 70 centimeters tall in Pergamino, on the edge of midnight in October 1988.

 The event occurred nearly at the end of the month - Thursday, October 27. It was one of the headlines of La Opinión, the local newspaper, the following morning, whose banner asked: "ALIENS IN PERGAMINO?"

 Within the paper, a double-page spread told of the shock the event had caused in the community. There were photos of the place, the witnesses and most striking of all, a drawing of one of the beings reported, with a single eye in the middle of its face.

 According to the text, the uncanny event had taken place "in a section of Calle 14 of the Parque General San Martin district, bordering the Club de Viajantes property" in the North Buenos Aires city, located close to National Route 188.

 They Were Bald and Frog-Skinned

 The four witnesses were male teenagers. One of them, age 14, called Cristián Cassio, plus a trio of 19-year-olds: Silvio Peña, Darío Durán and Javier Jáuregi. They had seen a group of beings "standing sixty centimeters tall, completely bald, and whose clothing "had a color similar to frog skin". These creatures gestured at the boys and apparently endeavored to communicate with them. Three of the boys saw six midgets, while another said their number was five. Durán created the identikit drawing featured in the paper.

 The article claimed that "the startling situation took place at approximately 00:30 hours on Thursday, when these four residents walked along a section of Calle 14, bordering the rear section of the Club de Viajantes facilities. Unexpectedly, at a distance of three meters, five or six "green midgets" gestured at them, issuing imperceptible guttural sounds. The youths agreed that they tried to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the unknown quantity, stressing that the diminutive extraterrestrials had appeared among the privet hedges of the Club de Viajantes."

 The next day, the boys spoke of what they had seen, and local residents became alert. La Opinión went to speak to the staff at the Club de Viajantes. Alicia Leal, the organization's concierge, said: "I think it was around 00:30 hours when something tried to open the rear door to the dining room - a sort of lantern, with a non-descript color. I turned off all the lights and tried to see more closely if burglars were involved. I couldn't make out any noise or conversation. Seconds later, that very same light ran away until it vanished. A hundred meters away, I could see watchman Hector Juan Martinez and one of my nephews chatting outside, but they evidently didn't see anything unusual."

 "I Jumped Like the Guys Who Won at Seoul"

 The most significant eyewitness report came from Cristián, the 14-year-old boy, who stated in the newsroom that the beings "were five, all of them hairless, and did not speak clearly. They did so in a kind of guttural moans. When they saw me, they all pointed at me at once. They stood some 70 centimeters tall. I jumped like the guys who won at Seoul [Author's note: a reference to the Olympic games that year]. Later on, I went with my friends to la Caminera (Traffic Police), where at first they didn't believe what we'd seen. Later, when they reached the conclusion that we were of sound mind, we all headed over to the Club de Viajantes".

 The day after the event, according to the newspaper, in an area adjacent to one of the club's fountains, there still remained "some prints that at first glance appeared to belong to a young child, or otherwise, to one of the strange visitors".

 The text mentioned "the incessant pilgrimage of local residents to the site where the alleged extraterrestrials had been" all day Thursday. The anonymous chronicler from Pergamino wrote, as a final paragraph, that "all manner of vehicles served to satisfy the public's curiosity over a fact that only serves to deepen the mystery that has always been enshrouded by an esoteric veil, whether or not we Earthlings are the only creatures in the Universe".

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