Monday, January 16, 2012

Argentina: More on the Luis Sánchez Case (Tucumán)

Last week we shared the experiences of contactee Luis Sanchez with INEXPLICATA readers in the article “Argentina: A High Strangeness Event from 1986” and promised to follow up with any developments. Mr. Sanchez has since contacted Grupo G.A.B.I.E with again with not one, but two experiences that he has associated with the UFO phenomenon. We submit them for your consideration.

Mr. Sánchez’s 2nd Incident as told to Grupo G.A.B.I.E

Luis Sánchez, a follower of our website, has sent us this interesting life experience from the Province of Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán) that took place on 05 April 1988 – a new experience that he endured and is kindly sharing with us. As always, we request that reports on similar sightings in the area be sent to our e-mail address:

”This event took place on a night in April. It was my twelfth birthday, 05/04/1988. A summer day, very warm in Tucumán, following an afternoon in which my late grandmother indulged me with soda and a meringue pie of the kind I liked so much. I decided to go out at around 22:30 hours. In those days you could leave your house at that time, it wasn’t as dangerous as it is now. The sky was starry, lovely, with clear skies.

“I got on the new bike my dad had bought me. I remember that I couldn’t ride it, since it was larger than the old one. They were sitting by the doorway, and in the end I got on the old bicycle. I only had permission to ride around my block. Go to the corner and turn back.

“Riding around at full speed, upon heading home I could see that only my mother was waiting for me at the door; I figure it was 23:00 hrs. by now. The fact is that I rode up to her and asked, “Mom, please let me do one more round!!” She agreed and I reached the corner of my block.

“Everyone was asleep by now. I braked and looked heavenward to give thanks for such a great day, and I saw something that my brain interpreted as the Moon. But within seconds – since I was always a great observer – my mind told me it wasn’t the Moon.

“First of all because it was within the atmosphere – one could see that it flew, and stranger still was the fact that the object was enveloped in a white cloud, forming a halo of smoke. It moved, it wasn’t still. It didn’t was heading from east to west, judging from where I stood.

“It was a halo of smoke that lost its shape, much like the smoke rings people blow when they puff a cigarette. But this one didn’t come apart. I pursued it, and it moved even faster. I looked inside the halo, and it gave me the most astonishing pause I’d ever thought I’d experience.

“The object was like this: on the outside it was like a halo of white smoke, like a cloud, but on the inside it was a dark circle (looking at it from below, as I was), and it covered the stars as it moved across my line of sight. Something round inside the halo was being camouflaged. There was a disk in there. As it moved, it blocked out the stars.

“It was so fascinating that I followed it, shouting: “Mom! Mom! Come quickly!”

“She came over, and I said, look at that. She was confused as I was at first, as if that thing had been designed to stump the human brain. She said it was the Moon.

“Then I said: “Mom! The Moon doesn’t move like that, look at it again, the Moon’s over there!” and I pointed at the Moon that we all know, adding: “This thing with smoke around it isn’t the Moon, it’s black on the inside!”

“She said: “You’re right. What is it?” I replied that I didn’t know, and that I was going to follow it, pedaling away joyfully at full speed.

“The object vanished quickly toward the west, toward a wooded area. And the truth is that I wasn’t going to reach it on a bicycle. So I turned back and we went to bed. We never spoke about it again, and my mother never granted much importance to things like that.

“It always made me wonder. Perhaps I’ll never know what it was. But it was a real UFO to me.”

Mr. Sánchez’s 3rd Incident as told to Grupo G.A.B.I.E

“It was a New Year celebration – and according to some, it was the end of the world.

“There was much talk about the infamous Y2K error. A computer error which, upon the arrival of the year 2000, would caused computers to seize up due to programs that had not been updated, causing all systems to collapse. Others felt that certain prophecies would come true and everything would come to an end.

“That evening, we stopped at a friend’s house on the way from my home with my companion Sonia. She’s from Caballito and came to live here in Tucumán. They offered us everything. I don’t drink liquor, neither does she. We had something to eat, sat down and chatted with our friends. Some got up to the table to drink soda.

“I remained in the armchair on the outside patio, alone, while they continued talking tableside. It was 0200 hours.

“Suddenly, I felt ill, strange, odd, with the powerful sensation of being watched by someone. I looked sideways and there was no one. I looked ahead and was somewhat stunned, shall we say. My mind felt that that there was a strong connection, and I looked skyward.

“It was a beautiful starry night, but...I stared fixedly at a star, as though being watched from it. It was a like a telepathic connection. I only pointed at the star, felt they were watching me for some seven seconds. That’s when that “something” – a craft or whatever – realized it had been discovered. Then the unexpected happened.

“The bright star began to move, making long, slow circles, gaining speed in a corkscrew-like shape into outer space. I never took my eyes off it. I saw how it gained unimaginable speed, following the corkscrew-like motion, until it became lost from sight. It never stopped looking like a star. The farther it went away, the smaller it became.

“From that day onward, it confirmed everything I believed: that something or someone is watching us. There’s something in space. That thing was a CRAFT. Something non-terrestrial.”

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E. and Luis Sánchez)