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Argentina: UFO Over Necochea

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 28, 2005
DATE: 12.28.05
On the evening of December 26 several witnesses -- Marcelo Pintacuda among them, as he performed various duties at the Port of Necochea-Quequ�n-- noticed a large strange circular object, yellow in color, that flew over the skies of Necochea. He managed to capture the image on his cellphone.
The object vanished toward the west of the city after having been visible for several minutes.
Mr. Pintacuda was engaged in supervising the unloading of fuel oil from the Antares I vessel to the Necochea Power Station, property of Centrales de la Costa Atlantica SA, which employs this fuel for operating purposes.
The Necochea Power Station is located in the Port of Necoceha next to the Quequ�n River and facing the sea. Pintacuda is an agent for this branch and was engaged in fire watch activities at the time during the unloading of 8000 tons of fuel oil to the station.

The incident is currently under investigation and the images are being downloaded presently from his Motorola C650 cellphone. The month of December has been rich in UFO activity over Necochea. We should keep in mind the cases involving employees of the DYCASA company, who are working on the expansion of the breakwater in the port itself, which also faces the Necochea Power Station.
A considerable number of people saw this large object that vanished over the sea and toward the south. The cases involving a Necochean family that saw a similar round object as they returned home along the coastal route, and another family that sew a similar object over the beach should not be discarded.
As we said, all cases are currently under investigation.
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO

Argentina: A Destination for UFOs

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 20, 2005
DATE: December 20, 2005
*This isn't the first time and it will doubtless be the last. According to researchers the city of La Banda in Santiago is a magnet for aliens. Do they exist or not? That's a tough one to answer.*
The association for the Study and Reseach of UFO Astronomy La Banda, established by renowned characters such as Andres Francisco Miotti, David Waisman, Luis Ducournau and Carlos Barrag�n, has operated in the city since the mid- 1980s according to a local newspaper.
Its mission is to study and analyze all matters related to the appearance of UFOs. Delving into this subject has brought about some original conclusions.
Andres Miotti, a former judge, spoke to the "El Liberal" newspaper with regard to some of the cases the group has analyzed in connection to possible sightings of alien spacecraft.

One of the cases mentioned was the one that occurred in Paraje Maravilla where, according to Miotti, a smallholder had a close encounter of the 3rd kind: "The tractor driver saw a UFO. The tractor was rendered idle and it recovered power after the UFO had taken off."

Another event occurred in 2001. "The case that surprised me the most was when a UFO was abducting a cow in a field near La Banda," remarked Miotti.
"While he did not acknowledge it at first, the witness to the event finally admitted that at two o' clock in the morning he got up to go to the lavatory. It was then that he saw a strange craft hovering over the field, busily trying to abduct a cow," he added.
The Association continues to function, although with less members than before. Miotti remarked that until not long ago, he received eyewitness testimony from people who had witnessed supernatural events from various departments in the region.
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Martha U., Planeta UFO.

Argentina: Chupacabras Returns to Entre Rios

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 19, 2005
DATE: Sunday, December 18, 2005
SOURCE: El Once Digital
The strange deaths of deer in a hunting preserve in the department of Uruguay has become a source of concern to local residents. These are female specimens that turned up mutilated and whose gentalia and reproductive organs were removed.
During recent days at the La Medalla Milagrosa ranch, located some 50 km from Concepci�n del Uruguay, near the banks of the Uruguay River, the events became a source of great concern among locals and left authorities mystified.
As could be observed, the animals had their genitalia and reproductive organs removed with incisions similar to the ones seen in bovines during 2002, a situation that caused a stir in various parts of the country.
In the light of these events, specialists in the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial life visited the site and covered 3000 hectares in search of evidence. Locals and persons in charge of the ranch claim having seen helicopters and allegedly luminous objects over the area, but there is not proof at this time to substantiate this. Uno was at the site yesterday and surveyed the preserve with Juan Rios, the person responsible for the site.
Rios stated that all of the animals had been found dead next to some of the barb wire fences that divide the parcels; another deer slain during early morning hours was found on the trail - a case that can be added to the ones found on previous days.
All of the deaths involve females whose reproductive organs, genitalia and anuses are missing, as well as part of their backs on the right side. Incisions appearing instantaneously cauterized cuts can be seen -- a circumstance which drew the notice of veterinarians, including the expert attached to the police. Moreover, all of the females were lying on the same side, with their necks twisted in the same way, as if they had received a strong electric shock, according to sources.
The La Medalla Milagrosa ranch is an important hunting preserve visited permanently by national and international political figures, top-level sportsmen and artists, who come to the country in strict secrecy to enjoy hunting vacations where distinctive samples of deer, buffalo, boar and antelope can be found.
The location is truly magnificent for activities of this sort, but has also been a source of attraction for poachers who cause damage to the facilities and steal valuable specimens that have been brought in for reproduction --situations that often represented great sacrifice by the owners when it came to fighting them with police assistance.
Juan Rios has been in charge of the site for some 10 years and is aware of what this represents, but what took place in recent days has left him intrigued. "We have found dead does along a 1000 meter stretch, [all of them] presenting strange incisions. No blows or bullet holes are visible, and there are no bloodstains in the are," he told Uno worriedly.
Rios assured us that a round and luminous object that rises and moves in an irregular manner can be seen periodicaly over the area, which has drawn his attention. Moreover, he said that local residents have seen black, unmarked helicopters descending, which are thought to be persons visiting the site to study what is going on.
"No one can explain what is going on. They say it already happened with other animals and that they took samples for analysis. The incisions are perfect and identical over the same part of the body. Burn marks produced by an electrical element are visible," he said, waiting for some sort of answer to the enigma, which has produced curiosity in the media. "We are constantly on watch every night, but nothing could be found. The animal that was killed early this morning (yesterday) we found with you, but in spite of being on guard, we neither heard nor saw anything."
There is no doubt that the event is a source of controversy. There are those who insist that it is the activity of a person who wishes to foster fear or uncertainty, but there are also those who claim that we face a non-terrestrial phenomenon. The fact is that it all resembles what has been going on for little more than three years, when on June 26 2002 the first case of mutilated cattle was found on the shores of the Uruguay River before spreading to the rest of the province. The method of incision is very similar, with the difference being that the cows were being found without jaws or tongues at that time. With time, everything became anecdotal and forgotten, but the phenomenon has arisen again.
Strange though it may seem, persons dedicated to exobiology reported to the site.
Ernesto Eduardo Lavorde, 63, a native of Gualeguaychu and host of the Enigma de los Tiempos radio show, participates in many meetings or conferences on the subject. Given his specialty, Lavorde acknowledges having been a witness to events of these characteristics. In a conversation with Uno, he highlighted that many UFO landing sites have been found in Gualeguaychu, which have been corroborated by scientists.
"These events lead us to believe that there is something behind all of this that is related to the subject. I think we could be witnessing a creature facing extinction and for this reason it is experimenting with animal organs, said Lavorde, who believes in the existence of aliens, intraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials.
For more information: El Once Digital (Paran�,Entre R�os) -
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

Argentina: Cattle Mutilation in Vertiz

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 17, 2005
DATE: 12.16.05
Four Argentine Frisian cows ("holando argentino") were found dead and mutilated some days ago at the "Los Hermanos" ranch in the vicinity of Vertiz, La Pampa.
The leaseholder, Gustavo Steib, stated that "...from one day to the next, cows that were about to give birth were found dead, missing their genitalia, the nipples of their udders and a patch of hide, whose circular incision was perfect."
Steib added that " of the cows had an incision in the medullar area of its neck and another incision in the carretilla," expressing his surprise at the precision of the incisions, which he classified as "clean and almost cauterized - it's like cutting and sealing at the same time to avoid hemorrages."
He further highlighted that "...the flesh takes two or three days to rot, but in this case it only took 12 hours," stressing the fact that he found that the color of the flesh turned to a dark greyish color, "almost leaden", following an incision.
It was also remarkable that despite the fact that flesh was removed from the animal for examination, the rest of the carcass was unmolested by carrion animals.
Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufos-LaPampa

Antarctica: Don't Mistake Balloons for UFOs!

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 16, 2005
SOURCE: Proyecto StratoCat
DATE: 12.15.05
*** Gigantic balloon launched from Antarctica ***
Following several abortive launch attempts during previous days, it is finally today, December 15, 2005, that the first of two gigantic balloons that NASA will employ in this years Antarctic campaign is already sailing across the polar skies.
The launch took place at 15:13 UTC from Williams Field at the McMurdo Antarctic Base. Suspended from the colossal balloon is the instrument package known as CREAM (Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass), aimed at the study of cosmic rays during its second Antarctic venture. During the flight, it will study the range of ultra-high energy searching for abnormalities of the spectrum and/or changes in the abundance of their constituing parts, which could be related to a limit in the acceleration of
the supernova from which they originate.
Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Eduardo Pacheco, Proyecto StratoCat.

Mexico: Youth Records UFO over Mexico City

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 14, 2005
Date: 12.14.05
The following vidcaps correspond to the extraordinary recording achieved by young Sergio Javier Mayen, who manage to capture two unidentified flying objects over Mexico City's Torre Blanca district on October 21, 2005 at 18:26 hours.

Given the importance of the images, I visited the eyewitness's home to interview him and conduct research at the place where the sighting took place.
Ana Luisa Cid's Interview with Sergio Javier Mayen on December 11, 2005
ALC: Hi Sergio. How old are you?
Sergio: I'm 16 and study at a vo-tech. I want to be an architectural engineer.
ALC: Could you please tell me about your experience on October 21?
Sergio: Well, that afternoon I climbed onto the roof to fetch my sister Melissa, who was playing there. It was she who told me that there was a UFO in the sky. We both saw a red-colored sphere and I quickly went down to my bedroom for the camcorder.
ALC: Did you manage to record the red sphere?

Sergio: It wasn't possible. When I went back to the roof, the red sphere had gone. Then I looked to the right to find it and made visual contact with anothre UFO - a spherical shining object at low altitude, hanging in the sky. Since the camera was ready, I did manage to record it.
ALC: Then what happened?

Sergio: After recording the sphere and taking some photos of it, I realized that an airliner was about to go by and I decided to widen the view so that this reference could appear. In the first moments of the video only a single UFO can be seen; another one in motion appeared later.
ALC: How was that object moving?
Sergio: It moved very quickly and on the rise, toward the zenith. For that reason I was certain that it couldn't be an airplane or anything known.
ALC: Could you describe it?

Sergio: Of course. We could clearly see that it was a spherical black object that had other smaller spheres around it, that were very luminous.
ALC: How long did the sighting last?

Sergio: I think about 3 1/2 minutes approximately, since the UFO was rising into the firmament very quickly. It was much faster than an airplane. The first sphere, the static one, I lost from sight once I changed the camcorder's battery pack. After a few moments there was nothing unusual in the sky. It's also important to note that the original video shows that some things crossed the UFOs path. For example, small little white spheres and an elongated black object that goes by quickly and can only be seen when the recording is played in slow motion.
ALC: Is this your first UFO sighting?
Sergio: No, I've seen them on other occasions and even managed to record one with my cellphone, but I don't have it anymore, since my little sister erased it.
I remember that on that day I'd been talking to a friend about a sighting I'd had in Guanajuato and I raised my arm to indicate the UFO's altitude at the time. Then we both turned around and we found a luminous sphere.
ALC: Do you routinely watch the sky?

Sergio: Yes, skywatching has appealed to me since I was young and when i see something strange I focus all my attention on it to determine if its a UFO or something identified.
ALC: What are UFOs, in your own opinion?

Sergio: I don't know, but I think they could be human beings from another dimension, having a more advanced technology and who can traverse dimensional doorways to get here in order to conduct research. For example, I saw a documentary about some helicopters being seen during World War 1, which is noteworthy as that means of transportation didn't exist at the time. So we can't very well believe that those helicopters were alien, right?...That's what leads me to say that UFOs are perhaps we ourselves but from another time. However, I do believe that there could be intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. It would be illogical to be the only ones. UFOs are something we don't know well, but we know they exist.
ALC: Thank you, Sergio.
Remarks by Mr. Javier Mayen Quezada, the witnesses' father
"I think it is important to note that my children had their sighting on the very same day that hurricane Wilma hit Mexican soil on October 21, 2005. I don't know if there is any relation between these events, but it is relevant that researchers should look into the possible connection between UFOs and natural disasters."
Video Analysis
The video has an approximate duration of 3 minutes and was taken with a Sony Handicam, Mini DV format, Model DCR-HC15.
The evidence was recorded using manual focus and using the 10 x optical zoom.
The audio track is clear and reveals the conversation between siblings during the sighting; both eyewitnesses displayed great excitement.
Carefully reviewing the images, frame by frame, I ascertained that the second UFO was not present during the first minutes of the recording, considering that it appeared suddenly within an estimate time frame of a 30th of a second.
The UFO presents a clearly defined contour, according to the filters applied using Corel Photo-Paint 10.
The morphology, lighting and movement of the object correspond to the description offered by young Mayen. Reviewing the final part of the video and using an electronic zoom, I noticed that the UFO modified its shape at high altitude and became two reddish lights that later became a single one. This information coincides with Sergio's narration, when he states having seen a reddish flash as the sphere disappeared from his field of vision.
Final Comments
By virtue of the foregoing, I belive that the material analyzed is authentic and represents solid evidence of the UFO phenomenon in Mexico. There is no doubt that Sergio Javier Mayen has developed the sensitivity and skill necessary to capture on video the engimatic objects that plow our country's skies, and will certainly continue to surprise us with his extraordinary sightings.
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid.

Argentina: More UFOs Over Buenos Aires

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 13, 2005
DATE: December 11, 2005
TIME: 21:06 hours
[The following image shows] a UFO voer the Abasto Tower and the School of Medicine (Recoleta). A first magnitude star appeared out of nowhere, fixed in the firmament, some 25 degrees over the horizon, and began to shine until it exceeded a magnitude of - 1. After a few seconds (during which a heavenly body having nothing to do with our planetary system could be observed) it began to diminish its glow and rise into deep space toward the norhteast. During this process it was seen through various magnifications and levels of night vision and it was recorded on video. Barely a few seconds later, an aircraft flew over that downtown area of the city. The aircraft was flying from the southeast and had the phenomenon right in front of it at the exact moment that the mysterious phenomenon glowed or maximized its manifestation.

This was recorded using Sony 360 equipment. The luminous body seen on the top of the frame, and with a lower brigthness, is a 1.9 magnitude star. The UFO is the brighter of the two lights, and it managed to glow at brightly as Venus at its maximum point for some 10 seconds. The equipment took some 4 to 5 seconds to point to this area of the sky and the image shows one of the first frames of the sequence. Seconds later, [the camera] panned with more magnification and the mysterious phenomenon ascended and became lost in space.
For more information:
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ricardo E. D'Angelo and Guillermo Gimenez.

Argentina: UFO Reported Over Buenos Aires

DATE: December 13, 2005
At around 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13, 2005, a strange object was seen crossing the skies in a SE - NW trajectory at an altitude of 30 degrees over the horizon; even speed and trajectory, flying against the wind. It lost itself after a few seconds behind the buildings of the district of Almagro, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The object is described as being ovoid and silvery, sharply defined, and reflecting the light of the sun.

Chile: Strange Nocturnal Spheres Over Santiago

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 8, 2005
DATE: 12.07.05


Eyewitness picks up strange lights with her digital camera; possibility of stars eliminated.

SANTIAGO, December 7, 2005 - A sighting of alleged UFOs took place in the skies over Buin. Katrina Rivera says that around 23:00 hrs she was at her home in Linderos, Buin (Chile) when her dogs began to bark, prompting her to look out the window. She saw a powerful light of a sort she'd never seen before.

"Around 23:00 hours, my dogs were barking excessively, so I thought to look through the window. That's when I saw a very powerful light. I thought it was a star, but what's funny is that I'd never seen it before, as I'm an avid watcher of the night sky," the young woman said.

The witness claims that it could not have been a star because "it moved too much". She went to get her digital camera, getting a few seconds of video and some photographs with a Concord 5340z camera, ASA 200 at a normal exposure setting.

"When i saw the photos in the computer I saw more than one strange object, but I only [photographed] the largest one," added the witness.

This case is being researched by ufologist Carlos Muñoz from Ovnivisi0n

Translation (C) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO.

Argentina: Missing Time Experience in La Pampa

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 6, 2005
DATE: 12.06.05
Duilio Guidone, 65, a businessman and commercial pilot, entered into La Pampa at 00:30 hrs through the toll booth located some 5 km from Catrilo and some 90 km from Santa Rosa on his way back from Capital Federal. He spoke briefly with police personnel on the booth about where he could get something hot to drink due to the low temperatures that prevailed at the time.
At 01:30 hrs he entered the Service Station lot (fuel service) at Lonquimay, located on National Route 5, to drink some coffee at the cafeteria on the premises. Finding it closed, he decided to continue with his trip. The distance between Catrilo and Lonquimay is about some 20 kilometers. He remembers having entered the highway and...then waking up to find his vehicle rolling along, seated with his hands on his knees and his feet under the seat, while his body shook.
Faced with this unusual situation, he left the paved road and stopped the car. He got out and ascertained that he was going up a slope or hill. The sluggishness was due to the fact that the pickup truck lacked the power necessary to go up the slope in question. He checked his wristwatch time and again under the dome light and with the headlights, disbelieving that the time could actually be 4:30 a.m.!

Surprised and unable to understand what might have happened, he resumed his trip only to find, a short distance away, a road sign indicating his proximity to Anguil, a community some 40 km away from Lonquimay and 25 km from Santa rosa, being completely unaware of how he could have traveled along the road with his car rolling. He continued the trip to Santa Rosa, where he informed his relatives of the experience.

Guidone stresses that the missing quantity of fuel, according to the pickup's gague, corresponds to what was used in the Anguil/Santa Rosa stretch, being completely unaware of any other details related to the strange experience. Now he only has "...a tremendous question mark in his life..." referring to the missing time episode.

Translation (C) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOS-LaPampa, Argentina.

Mexico: UFO Over Tampico Alto

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 5, 2005

DECEMBER 5, 2005

by Ana Luisa Cid and Alberto Garc?a ("Milenio" newspaper)

Police officers and reporters from "Diario de Tampico Milenio" were witnesses to the presence of an unidentified flying object in Mexican skies.

A light resembling a star was seen in Tampico Alto, Veracruz.

Evidence photographed by a team of reporters from "Diario Tampico Milenio", Victor Hugo Perez and Alberto Garcia, who decided to investigate the UFO reports they had received earlier from that area.

Alberto Garcia describes the light as standing out as a very large star, and that its brightness forced everyone to see it. Suddenly, to everyone's astonishment, the luminous object moved a few meters and vanished, as though entering a crack in the sky.

Also present were elements of the Tampico Alto Police under the command of Cmdr. Agustin Rivas Hernandez and Matias Castillo Altamirano, responsible for Emergency Services in that municipality.

Mr. Garcia describes the following with great surprise:

"The alleged star remained still. However, upon being observed, what it appeared to be waiting for, it simply moved and vanished, as though it had been erased. It wasn't a shooting star. We also saw some of those and the notable difference is that they appear to come out of nowhere and vanihs. This one was motionless; it suddenly moved and was gone."

"This reporter, Victor, two policemen and a third person, agreed upon observing its brightness, "look, that one's shinier than the rest". Suddenly, the "star" inexplicably moved a little. Our jaws dropped, and if it is possible to be even more surprised, we did it, because it suddenly vanished...right after the photograph was taken."

"This experience left us in the proper mood to continue our search for the UFOs that the inhabitants of Tampico Alto's rural districts mention so fact, it's quite the adventure."

Upon interviewing some of the locals, they agreed that UFO sightings are quite frequent, explaining that the "ships" hover above electric light posts, rock themselves on the wires and even shoot sparks, according to eyewitness accounts.

It is important to note that on days prior to the date in question, UFOs had been reported in this area and that the story was also published by "Diario Tampico Milenio" on November 26, 2005.

In Alberto Garc?a's interesting article, the reporter says that some officials have received accounts from the population. Alfredo Mellado P?lito, director of Civil Defense, states that electricity has been interrupted due to the alleged visitors: "They say that the lights go out because they come too close to the electric installations. I don't know if its true, but I can tell you that many people have said this," he noted.

Officials explained that they have no intention whatsoever to perform any kind of investigation, at least for the time being, regardless of comments made by fishermen, housewives and farmers.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).

Argentina: Was Vista Alegre UFO a Laser Beam?

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 30, 2005
DATE: 11/30/05

Was the UFO a large laser light show taking place in a neighboring town?
The lights seen by residents of Vista Alegre early Monday morning could have had a more rational explanation

CORDERO (ACS) - The lights seen by Vista Alegre residents may have formed part of a laser light show that was taking place on the other side of the river, some 600 meters from its banks. These were the words of Cordero Council President Fabian Galli, who explained: "I am not saying that the locals couldn't have seen a situation different to what they describe, nor am I saying that they are lying or anything similar: I suggest that there could have been a mistake."

Galli insisted in that he was not "denying" the UFO sighted in the Costa de Reyes area, nor along the Vista Alegre coastal region on Monday morning. "We believe that there might have been some confusion and are therefore contributing this information toward research in order not to alarm people."

Due to the alarm on the part of the locals, the entire coastal area became crowded with squad cars from Vista Alegre, Centeario and Neuqu�n, while those elements summoned in turn Air Force and aeronautical personnel.

Galli went on to describe that at the time when the residents claimed having seen powerful lights in the sky, and which even lit up in a single go an area the size of three large willow trees in the area, there were laser beams being emitted from 21:30 hours to 01:30 hours as part of the last festivities of his community's anniversary, which was on November 15. "As from 21:30 hours we activated an electrical device that is one of a kind in the area and which was lent to us by a neighbor who owns a dance hall in Barda. It produces circular lights at high altitude with constantly gyrating laser-type beams."

He described that the beams produced lights in eight concentric circles rotating "at high altitiude" and that the device issued these lights continuously until 1:30 a.m. when they ended with six minutes of fireworks "that produced explosions high in the air, cascading multicolored lights."

Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, IHU. Special Thanks to Luis Eduardo Pacheco, Proyecto STRATOCAT.

Mexico: UFO Ovedr Skyscraper

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 26, 2005
DATE: 11.26.05
On the evening of November 21, I was driving along Ave. Juarez in Mexico City and I decided to take some photographs of the Torre Latinoamericana.

From the moment in which I took the first photo, I noticed that two lights were descending at a considerable rate of speed and decided to activate the camera several times, obtaining the following sequence:
I employed a Samsung U-CA505, 5 megapixel camera, ASA 400
When these pictures were taken, I advised my husband and son of the event, as they were with me at the time. They did not manage to see this phenomenon unaided and the phenomenon was only visible through the viewfinder of my camera.
Everything happened on only one minute, from 21:15 to 21:16 hours. It should be noted that there was neither rain nor drizzle in downtown Mexico City at the time. The prevailing temperature was 54 degrees Centigrade with winds from the north at 22 km/h, according to a report from the National Meterological Service.
Daytime photo taken on November 22, 2005

Profr. Ana Luisa Cid
Servicio Meteorol?gico Nacional
Comisi?n Federal de Electrici


Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).

Puerto Rico: Legislation Against False Alarms

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 21, 2005
DATE: November 21, 2005

Hoaxers Beware: Puerto Rico Seeks to Enact Legislation to Combat False Alarms

Senator Norma Burgos presented a bill that seeks to classify as a misdemeanor any fantasy �that provokes an unnecessary mobilization of the governmental machinery�

Some may wonder if this may represent a corrective measure on the legislator�s part, who perhaps became aware, finally that the mysterious �unpleasant� video that she mentioned so often � and which caused a mobilization of the governmental machinery � never existed.

Don�t be fooled. Senator Burgos is trying to fight against the Ghost Woman of Lajas.

�Allegations of this manifestation mobilized hundreds of police officers due to the amount of curiosity seekers who reported to the location to witness the [alleged] events,� complained Burgos, who introduced the bill along with senators Hector Martinez and Jose Emilio Gonzalez.

When insisting on Video 59 � that is to say, the Ghost Woman � Burgos noted: �All of this commotion turned out to be a joke concocted by two people with the aim of frightening a third party.�


Translation (c) 2005, IHU. Special Thanks to Jose Martinez Echevarria, Proyecto Argus

Argentina: UFO Presence Over Necochea, Argentina

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 21, 2005

DATE: 11.20.05
[The following report was received this morning from INEXPLICATA contributing editor Guillermo D. Gimenez]:
At approximately 23:40 hours on Sunday, November 20, 2005, a large multicolored object was seen over the seacoast facing the city of Necohcea in the extreme southeastern corner of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Numerous eyewitnesses on the coast were able to witness--after a very hot day-- the maneuvers of a large circular object over the sea and heading southward. The object issued a variety of lights colored blue, red, yellow and white without making any noise whatsoever.
The object or ball of light was over the sea facing the city, finally heading south along the coast, becoming lost in the dark of night.

Workers who were on the city of Necochea's breakwater at the time, in the Puerto Quequ�n-Necochea area, were also witnesses to this event, as they could see the object's maneuvers from said vantage point.
"All of us were exhilarated as we worked at the tip of the breakwater - we could see the object, which emitted multicolored lights over the sea. Finally, after several minutes of observations, it lost itself heading toward Punta Negra in the darkness of the night."

It should be noted that Punta Negra is a coastal community of the City of Necochea, receiving its name by the color of its sands, a consequence of high iron concentrations.
The squad of workers, approximately 8 people, were working on the expansion of the city of Necochea's breakwater, working a 12 hour shift.
When consulted, the local Airport reported that no aerial artifacts flew over the area, much less at that time of night.
There is no doubt that many people witnessed this object, particularly all of those who were enjoying a very warm night facing the shores of Necochea.
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo D. Gimenez, Planeta UFO.

Argentina: UFO Over Santiago del Estero

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 21, 2005

SOURCE: Circulo Ufologico Riocuartense (COR) and Cronica (newspaper)
DATE: 11.21.2005


A strange luminous object engaging in sudden movements in the sky was seen by eight police officers patrolling the locality of Malbron in Santiago del Estero, department of Aguirre, as was reported today.

The phenomenon lasted for half an hour and was further witnessed by other residents of that community.

Police officers from the locality were later able to ascertain that the phenomenon was seen by residents of the outlying towns, although no one has been able to explain the object's orgin.

According to today's edition of the El Liberal newspaper, the incident took place last Saturday evening. It all began when officer Ariel Roldan and seven other men under his command rode together in a vehicle belonging to the Provincial Police. One of the officers traveling in the vehicle's payload alerted the others to the presence of a "large luminous object" in the sky. The intense white light moved "from one side of the vehicle to another", causing the law enforcement agents to pull over and get out of the vehicle to find out what was going on.

They immediately lit flares and tried to approach, setting out along a local road, as was reported. However, the light made a sudden movement shortly afterward and left the area.

According to the description subsequently offered by the police officers, the object had "a very powerful light" and flew at an estimated altitude of 4000 meters. After this strange experience, the officers were able to attest that they were not the only ones who had experienced it. Aside from verifying that a number of motorists driving through the area had seen the object, they learned that it had also been observed in several neighboring towns, as the chief of the Pinto station phoned them to ask if they had seen the unusual phenomenon.
Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte, Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense (COR).