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Paraguayan Fish Story a Hoax?

Dear Readers of Inexplicata-

We have just recieved word this morning of the fact that the photo accompanying the specimen of the "fish with hands and feet" supposedly pulled out of a body of water in Paraguay actually represents another marine specimen, the Pacific Spookfish -- one of the many rare specimens displaced by the tsunami following the Great Sumatra Earthquake of 2005.

INEXPLICATA regrets this and has made its sources aware of the fraud.

Our thanks to Bufo Calvin and Frank Warren for alerting us to this situation.

Very best regards,

Scott Corrales
Editor, INEXPLICATA-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Monday, January 30, 2006

INEXPLICATA "UFOs Over Latin America"

The Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) invites you to view its most recent photomontage of UFO images from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia: "UFOs over Latin America"


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Scott Corrales

Non-UFO / Paraguay: A Fish With Hands and Feet

SOURCE: Infobae.com
DATE: 01.30.06
**A group of men went fishing as was their custom every afternoon, but this time they caught a surprise. When they set it on the ground, it began to walk**

A group of Paraguayan fishermen had quite a surprise when they pulled two green fish out of the San Rafael stream in Asuncion's Zevallos Cue district. One of the specimens had hands and feet.

Their surprise was even greater when they noticed that the specimen began walking toward the water after having been set down on the ground, according to Paraguay's El Popular newspaper.

"It's too much. Seeing such things frightens me. We grabbed the net and brought it home, but we don't know what it is," said one of the protagonists of the story to the neighboring country's newspaper.

Source: http://www.infobae.com/notas/nota.php?Idx=235564&IdxSeccion=100

(Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Jose Martinez Echevarria, ArgusPR)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Argentina: Allegations of Demonic Possession in Villa Lanus

SOURCE: Planeta UFO and Territoriodigital.com
DATE: January 12, 2006
Catholic Church is evaluating cases and an exorcist may become involved
Owner of statue of "Bleeding Virgin" and a young woman experience strange signs of aggression and violence
POSADAS - The time is noon at district A.3-2 of Villa Lanus and no one was sleeping the siesta or listening to dance music. All of the residents of city block #3 were focused and alarmed over what was taking place at House 22. In front of the house, a group of women sang and prayed the Our Father and the Rosary almost shouting. The young men who usually wonder what to do during their vacation time were reading the Bible. The womens' prayers ceased for a moment and their silence appeared to be a signal: almost at the same time, cries of pain and horror emerged from within House 22, almost beyond the limit of what a normal person could scream, given its intensity and duration.

The scene turned blood-curdling when the prayers and evocations of the women were added to the terrifying screams, pleading to God and Jesus to make evil depart from the body of La Polaca, a 15 year-old girl who has kept the entire neighborhood of relocated invidviduals on the edge since before Christmas.

Some 40 minutes earlier, Father Bronislaw Lagocki had entered the home to read prayers of deliverance from evil and, like everyone else in the neighborhood, was amazed. He hoped for a happy outcome.

"We are evaluating the case. It is likely that it involves what one would term possession, but all of this must be researched and weighed by the Bishop (Ruben Martinez) and he will be responsible for authorizing a priest or someone with special authority to carry out the exorcism," Father Lagocki told El Territorio, much as he had explained only minutes earlier to the girl's terrified parents. For the time being, she must remain within her home and wait for the arrival of the Catholic Church's representatives.

No one wants to say how or what triggered the mystery. All agree that two days before Christmas, La Polaca was at home and decisively stepped out to the street and headed strangely toward the house where one year ago, an image of the Virgin of Caacupa began bleeding from her eyes, a phenomenon that attracted people from all over the province and even granted the petitions requisted. A distance of 50 meters separates La Polaca's home from that of her neighbor: she arrived and confronted Rafael Mendez, the man whose daughter had given him the image of the Virgin, and in a heavy voice asked if he needed help.

"It wasn't her. It was the evil within her. She asked me several times if I wanted His help and I always said no," says Rafael, who still has the trances of another strange phenomenon that has ensared him.

According to the accounts given by his children and witnesses to the incredible event, Rafael, after refusing La Polaca's strange offer, fell to the floor and began experiencing convulsions. Without any logical explanation, his body began to experience wounds on the abdomen, arms and his right nipple. The marks appear to be bullwhip-marks or tremendous scratches.

"It was stronger than me. It got into my mind -- I recall nothing. All I know is what I've been told," said Rafael, who has suffered blackouts since that restless December aftertnoon. "Last night it came in again. It was inside my home and was so strong that it toppled me again and the marks burned me greatly."

Rafael went to Fatima yesterday morning to chase away "the evil spirits, who avenged themselves on me for refusing to submit to their will," he said while resting, or at least trying to. His home has once again become a place of pilgrimage for many people.

"It's astonishing. All of this is incredible. I think that the truth of the matter must be investigated. I have no idea how it all began, but they say that the kids were apparently trying to summon spirits -- something very Umbanda-like -- until the pact was made and Evil seized the girl," said district leader Cesar Melgarejo in an interview with El Territorio yesterday. "I was very frightened, because the man bled profusely and shook on the floor," he added with hesitation.

On January 28 last year, when the phenomenon of the Virgin of Caacupa gripped the home of the Mendez family, many neighbors told El Territorio that this was a bad omen and said that since the Virgin cannot speak, she weeps, and if she weeps blood, it is because she is greatly troubled. Basilia Silvero had said as much on an equally warm afternoon before breaking into tears. "In all my 64 years this is the first time I've ever seen this. It's very bad."

For more information: Territorio Digital (Misiones) - http://www.territoriodigital.com

(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero)

El Salvador: Police Witness Strange Light

SOURCE: Planeta UFO and APF Digital
DATE: January 27, 2006
A strange event is under investigation by the police. The deputy chief of the San Salvador police force and 17 of his men were witnesses to what still has not been given a rational explanation - they allegedly came across a powerful silent radiation that enveloped them for several minutes.
AFP DIGITAL - In the early hours of Tuesday morning, police cruisers came across a powerful silent light that lit them up and vanished after several minutes without a trace.
The deputy chief of the San Salvador police, Amir Methey Doret, told Uno that "we experienced the curious event when we were returning from a police operation in the rural area north of our Department."
"That's where all 18 of us witnessed a light in the sky that glowed with great intensity. It amazed us that the light seemed to be aimed toward one side," he added. "That powerful light wasn't a floodlight, with which I am well acquainted, nor was it any other device or aerial optics. I do not think it was a helicopter or airplane either."
After a few minutes of exposure, explained the senior officer, "the silent light began to rise to a considerable height and velocity, until it suddenly vanished, leaving a significant glow or white cloud that began to dissipate like smoke."
"The light, which we could see from a considerable distance, was moving sideways (sic) and was suddenly gone, leaving a cloud behind."
When asked if it could have originated from an aircraft, Methey Doret said pointblank: "I don't think so, because at first we thought it might be an aerostate, but we later realized this wasn't the case, as the light was so strong."
"As the hours go by, those of us who were there wonder what crossed our path," reflected the deputy police chief.
Later on, he reported that "the police cruisers continued running and at no point were communications between the units ever interrupted."

Finally, the deputy chief remarked that other residents of San Salvador saw the strange light headed toward the Villaguay region.
(Translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, special thanks to Christian Quintero)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Spain: UFO Flotilla Photographed Over Spain?

DATE: January 20, 2006
On Thursday, January 5, 2006, a fleet of spheres was recorded over Madrid, Spain.
The witness, identifying herself only as "Fortuna", mentioned that she was taking a walk in Madrid's northwestern section, photographing the landscape and some of the contrails left by passing airliners.

"The sun was behind me and I was looking north. I saw an airliner go by and suddenly I saw a group of elongated things coming in from the East. At first I thought the airliner itself had ejected something, but then I concentrated my gaze on them and forgot about the aircraft.

"I had the sensation that they [the unknown objects] were elongated objects flying in formation. There was a large number of them and I thought they could be birds, only to realize that this was not the case -- they were small brillant spheres that blinked and flew in two separate groups, heading west.

"They were not flying in a straight line, only making very small movements. I was stunned. It all took place very quickly, no more than a minute elapsed from the moment I saw them until I stopped seeing them.

"Both groups traveled swiftly and at a near distance; it could be clearly seen that they flew together."

(Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Pablo Dessy)

Friday, January 20, 2006

What's an "Australian Tank"?

The term "Australian tanks" has been employed often in cnnection with the mysterious disappearance of water from farms and ranches in Argentina's cattle regions. The photo shows a battery of the so-called "Australian tanks" on a working farm

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Argentina: The Water Keeps Vanishing

DATE: 01.18.2006
Toward late December 2005, some 28,000 liters of water vanished from a swimming pool in a country home in Santa Rosa, La Pampa.
According to Daniel __, the property's owner, he and his wife Silvia were in the pool until 1 o'clock in the morning with their two daughters, trying to find relief from the intense nocturnal heat. He clearly remembers that the pool held the same volume of water, which is to say, it was only 15 cm from the very edge of the pool.

The swimming pool in question, measuring 9 meters long by 4.5 meters wide, with depths ranging from 1.70 m at its deepest to 1.30 m at its shallowest, showed a missing amount of one meter of water, measured vertically.

The property owner realized this when he woke up the next day and endeavored to clean debris from the pool. He immediately checked for the possibility of a leak or water filtration, without finding any that would corroborate this assumption.

The witness, faced with a lack of evidence to justify the lack of water, was thoroughly surprised. He now wonders at the lack of answers to such an unusual event.

Mr. Daniel __ lives on Calle Vaira in the Malvinas Argentinas district of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

(translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufoslapampa)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mexico: Controversy Rages Over Yucatan Alien

DATE: 01.18.06

Maussan: "There's proof, I wasn't taken"

Jose Alonso Herrera denies that he and his friend asked for money and accuse Carlos Trejo
of slandering them.

According to a written instrument sent to MILENIO by Jaime Maussan, radioactivity was found
at the site where three youths recorded a seemingly non-human being on March 20, 2005
using a cell phone.

The text says that astronomer and physicist Jorge Guerrero stated that the discovery was
astounding and inexplicable, since there is no reason to justify the existence of
radiation in Fraccionamiento del parque. Measurements taken with specialized equipment
detected the presence of radiation not deemed hazardous, but merely as "dark matter".

"I wonder it was me who was hoodwinked or you, dear friends of Milenio."

The text goes on: present at the site where the youths who participated in the video's recording,
Jose Alonso Herrera and David Espada.

Maussan points out that great expectations have emerged around the so-called Merida Alien. However,
this has allowed some like Jorge Moreno or Sergio Valdez Diaz of "Misterios de Merida" magazine
to slam the researchers. "According to Moreno and Valdez, the video is only a prank by a young man
who donned a carnival mask, which they state was admitted by not one buy all of the youth's
participating in the event."

Maussan says that Valdez Diaz told Daniel Barquet, a reporter for MILENIO, that the youths had
mocked Maussan because they wanted to "get some dough" out of him and also because they wanted
to pull the wool over his eyes. In stating this fact, notes the journalist, neither Barquet nor
Valdez exhibit a single shred of proof or authoritative evidence.

He goes on: Herrera and Espada state that Valdez Diaz's declarations are false, and accuse Moreno
of having offered money to minors to admit their part in the prank.

"The video reached me accidentally, after having circulated for months among teenage cell phones.
I was never asked for money, and I have never offered it."

Maussan says that the video has been analyzed by experts and that it has been established without
a doubt that no animation is involved, although they admit that it could be something else, either
a prank or a legitimate video.

In the early hours of March 20, two young men from Yucatan, Jose Alonso Herrera and David Espadas,
filmed strange figures using a cell phone, a recording they later disseminated through e-mail.
They were then contacted by ufologist Jaime Maussan, who asked them for the film, to which they
agreed, as he promised to investigate it. However, a man named Carlos Trejo came to Merida a
few days ago with the intention of discrediting Maussan and the video fans.

The story given by Alonso Herrera, 17, is that he and his friends make daily recordings in different
places, as would any young men with a cell phone. "We shot several videos that day and nothing
had happened," said Herrera, who said over the phone: "Then suddenly this happened." In other
words, the controversial images of alleged aliens -- as published by reporter Daniel Barquet
in MILENIO yesterday -- hidden behind a street lamp.

-- Then it's not true that the images are fake, or that you were playing a prank, or that you
asked for money?

No, not at all. on the contrary. We resorted to Maussan because we lack the mans, but
Carlos Trejo is putting us in a bad light. All of this is due to a problem between Trejo and

The story of the alleged aliens also came from a local paper, according to Herrera, the
author of the recording, who is uncomfortable with the stories that are circulating. "They only
publish accusations and that seems unfair to me," he insists. At no time are they referred to
by name, but he and his friend feel attacked, "because they say that we had a mask and we hid
behind a street lamp."

Herrera says that at no time did they ask for money in exchange for the images. "The papers said
that our sister had a mask and who knows what else. But haven't made any statements. The
problem is that the papers here made them up on their own."

-- How did the video come [into Maussan's possession]?

We showed them to people here, and suddenly it was going from one cell phone to the next until a
a chain was formed. And they day that Maussan came to make his presentation here, I have no idea
who told him about the video. He came to see us and we told him about it.

The Merida International Airport control tower received at least 75 UFO reports last year. Jorge
Moreno Gonzalez, director of the Centro de Investigaci�n de Fen�menos Paranormales, said that
tower personnel received at least 75 UFO reports over the last 12 months, but most of them were
dismissed due to a lack of evidence or by being notoriously fake. Only 8 are still under
investigation. Regarding the Fraccionamiento del Parque case, in which a group of teenagers
admitted to creating a prank about an alleged alien in order to be able to mock Jaime Maussan
and other researchers, Jorge Moreno Gonzalez, one of the best-known ufologists in the Yucatan,
stated that he also received the alleged evidence and that his team of researchers looked into
the case, but the result was the same as others: "The teenager who used the mask to play a prank
on his friend no longer wants to discuss the subject. He's scared, as are his parents."

Newsroom / Humberto Rios, Mexico City. Daniel Barquet, Merida.

(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU)

Mexico: Yucatan Aliens a Mockery?

SOURCE: Milenio.com
DATE: January 17, 2006
** Alleged evidence presented is a prank confected by minors**
by Daniel Barquet - Merida
They mocked Jaime Maussan in Merida, Yucatan, and alleged aliens disclosed it was all a prank.
Last week, the ufologist presented evidence of alien life in Merida, which circulated over the Internet and show an alleged alien concealed behind a light post.
Authors of the "jape" disclosed that they did it merely to "to mock" Maussan and try to "get some dough" out of him. The prank, which "even passed the analysis with special equipment", was made with a mask that one of the participants purchased during last year's carnival in Yucatan's capital city. The alien evidence was broadcast by Televisa during the last episode of the Otro Rollo program, hosted by Adal Ramones.
After the end of this program, the prank made with a supermarket mask became, for some ufologists "further proof" that aliens are on Earth and that one of them appeared in Fraccionamiento del Parque in eastern Merida.
The recording, presented by Maussan as a world exclusive, is of poor quality and was made with cell phone. The pranksters claim that they made it "in order to make a good amount of money from the sale of that material", but are now afraid and undecided about disclosing the truth or maintaining the hoax.
"The events are fake. There is no such alien," said Sergio Valdez Diaz, member of the Centro de Investigacion de Fenomenos Paranormales, a group dedicated to studying such events.
Two re-enactments have already been made in Merida using camcorders and cell phones similar to the one employed in making the recording, yielding elements that dismiss [its credibility].
"We engaged in this event shortly after the events, before Maussan came to listen to their story. It's not true that alien vanished behind the lightpost, since it is large enough for a young man to conceal himself. The alleged entity's long arm, which touches the young man, is a visual effect. It was said that contact took place when the boy went to fetch the ball, but the ball was on the left and the post was on the right," stated Valdez Diaz, who met with the authors of the prank, all minors.
Accoridng to Valdez Diaz, "all of the youths involved were aware of the deception but decided to maintain it, partly because they hoped to obtain money through their hoax."
"Now this teenager is frightened by the scope of the events and by the visits from people wanting to interview him. He no longer wants to speak with anyone. His companions did not tell the truth because, as they said, they hoped that Maussan would pay them a good amount of money for the recording and could "have a good laugh" at his expense," he concluded.
FOR MORE INFORMATON: Milenio (Mexico DF) - http://www.milenio.com/
(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Non-UFO: The Forbidden Gospel of Judas

SOURCE: Mundo Misterioso
DATE: 1/14/06
Publication of the Forbidden Gospel of Judas will unleash controversy among the Christian religious community.
According to the Daily Telegraph, a Swiss foundation and National Geographic magazine are planning to publish translations of the The Gospel of Judas, an ancient Coptic text found in Egypt during the 1970s.
Althought the gospel's text is still not available, experts highlight that when Judas betrayed Jesus, he was acting under direct orders from God.
The gospel was translated by Rodolphe Kasser, the foremost expert in the analysis of Coptic texts at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.
The original document -- a papyrus -- dates from the 4th century and was made available for sale to collectors in the United States and Europe for many decades after its discovery in Egypt's Al-Minya region. It was recently identified as par tof the prestigious collection of the Maecenas Foundation in Basle, Switzerland, although some scholars question that it could have been written by Judas himself, and was more likely the creation of a group of his followers.
(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Jose M. Garc�a Bautista)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nicaragua: Repercussions of Costa Rica UFO Sighting

SOURCE: Nicaragua Hoy
DATE: 01.14.06
SAN JOSE - When uncertainty still lingers in the air over the arrival of a giant tsunami, that later never appeared and was initially reported by commercial airliner pilots flying over the Central American Pacific Coast on Wednesday the 11th, hundreds of residents of [the Costa Rican] capital were witnesses to a new inexplicable phenomenon at noon on Friday.

Initial information on the Tsunami's existence emerged from Honduras, but a journalistic account in Costa Rica's La Nacion, indicated that an airliner pilot who took off from Juan Santamaria airport on his way to Ecuador, also reported the phenomenon to the terminal area's control tower.
"Telenoticias", Channel 7's news report in Costa Rica, presented on Thursday the recording in which the pilot can be heard informing the tower as to the apparent tsunami.

Emergency prevention and relief authroities from the various Central American countries, after consulting with scientific institutions linked to the case, dismissed the existence of a wave or any earthquake in the high seas that could have caused it. So what did the pilots see?
According to reports appearing in the Saturday editions of Costa Rican newspapers "Extra" and "Al Dia", the sighting of an alleged UFO caused a commotion among pedestrians and prompted the mobilization of reporters, photographers and camerament from various branches of media, who were mostly on their lunch hour.
"It was a luminous point that stood out in the clear blue skies and moved very slowly."

Word spread rapidly that a strange object was in the skies and within minutes, streetcorners were filled with people who strained to see the mysterious dot that no one could identify," according to part of "Diario Extra"'s information.
According to the information, the phenomenon was seen for over an hour and Costa Rican scientists have no explanation.
"As it turned out," added the paper, "they were three white lights moving slowly in the sky, one of them near San Jose's Central Park, another over the Jimenez Institute and the last one by the old Radio Monumental facilities." All of these locations are in the Costa Rican capital's business district.
The object was discovered because many people were looking skyward, after news programs presented UFO images taken that very same week, said "Extra".
"Al Dia" on the other hand, cited the statments of atmospheric physicist Walter Fernandez, whoclaimed that the spectacle was "caused by one of the balloons employed in Costa Rica for a series of atmospheric expriments and measurements." These balloons are launched at 6 am, 12 noon, 6 pm and 12 midnight.
But Alexander Cordoba, an official with the Costa Rica National Meteorological Institute in charge of launching said balloons from the Juan Santamaria Airport, located in Alajuela Province, explained that the wind pushes them westward "making it very hard for the balloons to appear over San Jose."
Airport control tower staff at Juan Santamaria and Tobias Bolanos (airports), the latter located in Pavas, to the west of the city, claimed not having picked up any anomalies on radar or reports on the subject.
Despite the fact that the radio version of "Revista Informativa Nicaragua Hoy" was not transmitted on Friday to make way for Nicaragua's professional baseball series, many people phoned the newsroom and Radio Cucu to say that they had witnessed the phenomenon and requesting information about ti.
For more informaiton: Nicaragua Hoy - http://www.nicaraguahoy.info
(Translation (c) 2006 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

Mexico: Newspaper Discusses "Merida Martian"

SOURCE: Diario de Merida and Planeta UFO
DATE: December 9, 2005
MEXICO: Newspaper Discusses the "Mérida Martian"
** Strange "creature" reported ***
** Residents of Oriente fear going out at night and are avoiding a prowler ***
by William Casanova Vazquez
The casual recording of an alleged close encounter of the third kind in a street of Fraccionamiento del Parque has transformed the lives of families in Merida's broad Oriente sector, who on the one hand seek financial gain from the arrival of national and international groups linked with extraterrestrial research and on the other, have modified their lives to avoid becoming the victims of alien beings.
"Now I shut my doors at nine at night and do not let my children go out after hours for any reason whatsoever," said a fearful Marycarmen Avila Ordonez, who lives in Pacabtun.
Cristo Rey parish, the axis of this district's spiritual life, says that it has no reports on this event and that if there are any, they have not affected the religious life of that community. "We always receive reports of strange events immediately, such as the apparition of the Virgin some 8 years ago, but we have no reports of encounters between residents and aliens," said Carmen Zel Chuc, parish secretary.
The event became widely known when the recording reached the hands of Jaime Maussan, who broadcast it on his television show. The recording spread immediately from cell phone to cell phone, over the Internet, and as no other, went on to become the most widely transmitted throughout the Yucatan, relegating to second place the recording made by a young sales assistant at a downtown department store, who stripped naked for her boyfriend in front of the camera phone...a recording he chose to disseminate over the internet.
The video's main protagonist is David Espadas Dzib, 18, a computer student at Conalep and having residence at [...] in that district.
The young man says that on the eve of the spring equinox at 2:30 a.m. on March 20th, he was playing with his friends only a few steps away from his house when the ball fell near a street lamp.
One of the boys, Jose Herrera, was trying out his new camcorder-equipped cell phone that day.
At the moment when the ball falls near the CFE street lamp and David runs to pick it up, he shouts that something touched him. His friends rush to his aid and at that time an unknown silhouette peers out from behind the street lamp. The boys run away screaming.
"It wasn't until the next day that we checked out José's recording and saw that I was touched by a strange creature. We agreed to say nothing because we would be accused of being insane or pranksters. The fear didn't let me sleep for two days and my crew didn't return to that alley for two months," says David.
His neighbor Wendy Lopez Manzanero says that when she learned of the recording, she decided to never walk along that alley again.
"I didn't believe in those things, but the boys that suffered that strange experience are very sincere," says Carmen Dehesa Uribe, a local who claims to be the niece of author German Dehesa.Her niece Naine Peraza Solis says she's afraid to play with her friends at night.
Frightened neighbors aside, the young men involved in this event first suffered the mockery of other boys and some neighbors, and later, the disenchantment of being famous without any profit.
"Will we get something in exchange for the interview? Jaime Maussan asked me not to grant interviews without his permission. Everyone's getting rich at my expense--sensationalist magazines, radio and TV shows, and I haven't gotten a single peso," complains David.
He points out that when the video displaying the alleged encounter passed through the first inspections by specialists in ufology, Maussan promised him part of the earnings from the sale of the recording to a Japanese TV network. He took him to hold lectures and conferences on the subject. "All I've gotten is laughed at."
(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Carlos Martinez)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Argentina: 20,000 Liters of Water Vanish Mysteriously

SOURCE: Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense (COR)
DATE: 01.11.06

20,000 Liters of Water Vanish Mysteriously from "Australian" Water Tank in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina

On Tuesday, January 10 at 17:52 hours and by means of a phone call, Mr. Eduardo Virgilio Sangoni, calling from the town of Ca�ada de Luque near Totoral, northern Cordoba Province, indicated that on Thursday, January 5, 2005, nearly 20,000 liters of water had vanished overnight from an Australian water tank in a field belonging to Mr. Domingo Ordonez, the caller's neighbor.

According to Sangoni�s statements, Mr. Ordonez had checked said water supply the previous day and it was absolutely normal, being unable to explain how so many liters of water could vanish from one day to the next.

Interested in the UFO phenomenon, Mr. Sangoni reported to his neighbor's field to ascertain that there was no water seepage through any crack in the vessel's walls or bottom,

but nothing abnormal was seen, thus discarding the possibility of a structural failure in the reservoir.

When asked if it could be natural evaporation due to the very high prevailing temperatures on domestic territory, Sangoni said that while temperatures in exces of 40 centigrade (105 F) had been reported in the region, it still would not account for the evaporation of such a massive amount of water, considering that when a minimum limit is reached, the pump replenishes whatever may have been consumed or what could eventually evaporate.

Sangoni informed C.O.R (Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense) that barely 10 centimeters of water were left in the bottom of the tank, that there was no turbidity in the water, and that no traces of humidity had been seen outside the tank.

The caller also noted that he had made a series of investigations among the few neighbors of the area (separated by 500 meters from each other) in order to corroborate that anyone might have seen the presence of luminous objects over the area. His research was fruitless, as no one was able to answer his questions.

Sangoni expressed his astonishment at this development, the first in the area, and when he learned that similar cases to those in La Pampa had occured in the province of Cordoba in less than 35 days, he considered the possibility that a similar phenomenon may have taken place in Cañada de Luque.

(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte, Círculo Ovnilógico Riocuartense-COR)

Mexico: Spherical UFOs over Mexico City

MEXICO: Spherical UFOs over Mexico City
** A Report by Ana Luisa Cid **
On January 4, 2006 at 4:45 p.m. I recorded some spherical objects over Mexico City using a Sony TRV 340 camcorder with a 25x optical zoom.
For the time being I can find no explanation to the event, and strangest of all is that while one sphere ascended, another descended, and a third one traveled horizontally -- all of this against clear skies and the Moon about to enter its waxing phase.
The spherical objects appeared to be self-motivated, following defined trajectories and keeping a constant speed.

This video was transmitted on Monday, January 9, on the "Viva La Mañana" TV program hosted by Alfredo Adame of Televisa Channel 4.
Explanation of the attached files:
Foto 1.- This is the first image I witnessed- one sphere rising and another moving horizontally.
Foto 2.- I lost the object traveling horizontally from sight and never saw where the descending object went to.
Foto 3.- Approximation of both trajectories.
Foto 4.- Finally, only the ascending sphere remained in my field of vision and it can be seen to have modified its trajectory, making a 90 degree angle movement.
Leonardo S�nchez Galindo's Eyewitness Account, Mexico City.
As did Ana Luisa Cid, I was also able to see those spheres in the sky on Saturday, January 7, 2006. I was at the Plaza Sat�lite shopping center and from the moment I reached the shopping center,I became aware of the spherical objects. At first I assumed they were balloons, because Three Kings Day was just over. However, I noticed they were following a very well-defined trajectory.
I was startled to count more than 14 of them and while some moved south (using the Periferico (beltway) as a point of reference), some headed east and that's when I realized that what I was witnessing was not exactly commonplace.
During the sighting, an airliner crossed the same space as one of the lights and I was then able to realize that the spheres were flying at a very high altitude.
I can say that despite their altitude, it was possible to make out that they weren't just dots in the sky, since it was possible notice some structure or body, and these spheres (or at least so it seemed) reflected the sunlight.
Finally, out of the fourteen spheres I saw at first, they literally vanished from my field of vision until only one of them remained, maintaining a back-and-forth motion and remaining static for a period of time of about 1 hour until finally vanishing.
I was rather awestruck by what I witnessed.
(Translation (c) 2006 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Argentina: Strange Lights over Victoria

DATE: January 10, 2006
[The following is an open letter from Silvia Perez Simondini. For those who may not know her, Ms. Simondini has a distinguished career as a UFO researcher and writer in her country, having personally investigated many cases in her part of the country together with her daughter Andrea]

Dear Friends - We are truly excited her. Since Sunday, the first one of the year 2006, we are being astonished by a swarm of lights that numbered 12 on that first day, emerging two by two or singly with a very bright light. At first we thought they might be Iridium satellites, since they have their own sources of light, but upon following their trajectory, we quickly realized that these made a full spin from the NW to W -- to be clearer, as if they were coming from Paran� and were heading toward Santa Fe.

On that first day, there was a sky-blue one directly over my car, and since I was with a member of my team and my niece, I became alarmed when they both broke down in tears. This isn't the first time that something like this has happened with people who come to accompany us on our skywatches -- some of them [weep] due to being very mystical, others due to suddenly believing in something anomalous, and the rest because they never thought they would have a sighting of their own. The fact is that these events have continued over the following days: nine on Tuesday, eight on Wednesday, five on Thursday, with the unaccustomed presence of an uncommon flight over the area of the sightings. The number remained at that. No others were seen. On Friday we didn't go to Cerro de la Matanza because it was overcast. On Saturday we saw seven lights appearing one by one. They always appear in the same site, and yesterday [Sunday] three of them turned up at a startling rate of speed over the clouds, but at a higher altitude.

I don't know what they are, but quite frankly, I'm concerned, because I don't know what else can be seen in the skies in such numbers, after seeing that they apparently emerge from the water and rise swiftly, and vanish with a turn. If someone has seen something simliar, please let us know in order to discuss the matter. The truth is that I'm worried.

Silvia Perez Simondini

Translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Our thanks to Planeta UFO.

Italy: Secret Vatican Archives Accessible through Internet

SOURCE: Noticiasdot.com
DATE: O1.11.06


The Vatican Archives, one of the world's most important historical research centers, with over 630 different archival sources extending over more than 85 kilometers of shelves, covering over 800 yeras of history, can now be visited on the Internet at www.vatican.va

After selecting the language, the page offers a virtual tour among frescoes and documents in its "Focus" section, although the language selection is currently limited to English and Italian only.

The oldest document dates back to the 7th century, while uninterrupted documentation is maintained from the year 1198 onward. Thanks to new technology, it is possible to leaf through the parchment in which Pope Clement grants absolution to the leaders of the Knights Templar (17-20 August, 1308), Michelangelo Buonarotti's letter to the Bishop of Cesena (January 1550) or the minutes of the trial of Galileo Galilei (1616-1633).

The holdings of the Vatican Archives are crucial to the study of history, whether due to the documents that affect Christian civilization, or those having to do with the history of various nations," explains the web site for the Archbishopric of Madrid.

"As far as some countries are concerned, the Vatican documents are the oldest, the first ones, which witness the start of their national history," explains the Vatican web site.

The Vatican Archive is employed, first and foremost, byt the Pope and his collaborators in the Holy See, as set forth in Pope Leon XIII "motu proprio" of May 10, 1884. That same Pope allowed access to researchers in 1881, turning it into "the world's most important historic research facility"

(Translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Inma Roca)

Non-UFO: Giant Wave Approaching Honduras and Salvador?

Date: 1/12/06
A Giant Wave Approaching the Shores of Honduras and Salvador?

Pilots flying over the Pacific warned that the wave is some 80 km long and that it could have a height of 15 -20 meters. They fear that it could cause damage to various regions.
(EFE).- A wave measuring some 80 km in length, seen by the pilots of two aircraft that frequently fly over the Pacific Ocean, could approach the shores of El Salvador and Honduras, accoridng to Honduran authorities.
The wave "is probably approaching the shores of El Salvador and the Gulf of Fonseca", the region of the Pacific Coast shared by that country with Honduras nand Nicaragua, according to the Permanent Contency Comission (COPECO).
Hugo Ar�valo, COPECOs commissioner, told EFE that pilots of two airliners from the TACA company -- one flying toward Peru, the other toward Guatemala -- reported seeing the phenomenon.

The wave, according to the pilots, could be some 80 km long, said Arevalo.
The military source told Radio America, broadcasting from Tegucigalpa, that the wave could have a height of between 15 to 20 meters. The pilot's information does not specify how far from the Central American Pacific Coast the wave had been seen.

The same military source said that the Honduran Army and Navy are alert to any situation that may arise, and also have information suggesting that the phenomenon would be more toward the shores of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special Thanks to Martha U. and Planeta UFO)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mexico: Nocturnal Sighting by Salvador Guerrero

Source: www.analuisacid.com
Date: January 10, 2005
Vidcaps from renowned skywatcher Salvador Guerrero
On December 17, 2005, the researcher in question managed to record the transit of a luminous UFO in the eastern section of the Mexican capital, recording the precise moment in which other elements emerged from the larger structure.
Mr. Guerrero employed a Sony TRV-340 camera with a 25x optical zoom.
The witness states that he managed to observe up to five ejections of luminous spheres, and that the UFO subsequently turned into a red sphere until it vanished into the dark of the night.
(Solarization and change of hue)
(Translation (c) 2006 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Salvador Guerrero)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Argentina: Priest Performs Blessing at Location of Imp Sightings

Source: El Once Digital
Date: January 6, 2005
Priest Performs Blessing at Location of Imp Sightings
Residents of Parana's Antartida Argentina district requested the presence of the parish priest of the Our Lady of Guadalupe church in order to receive spiritual assistance after the alleged apparition of imps.
Under these circumstances, Father Eduardo went to their homes, performed several prayers, blessed the site and sprinkled holy water in the homes and trees where the strange figures were seen "with the purpose of calming the spirits seen."
Neighbors said: "Following the manifestation of the imps and their exposure in the media, we began to feel fear. For this reason we asked the parish priest to assist us."
Once the subject became widely known, "many people came by and notified others. There were even mentalists or parapsychologists who gave their opinions on radio and other media," said one of the spokeswomen for the group, who swears having seen seven imps on Friday, December 30, who attached personnel from the Fifth Sheriff's Office with stones during the moment of greatest tension. The fact itself was not confirmed by the authorities, but they did agree to note that something threw stones at them from the dark.
The local parish priest, who requested that his name not be published "due to hierarchical matters", remarked that "one must be careful with the things that are being said. Some remarks must be taken with a pinch of salt and without saying that anyone is lying, it can be understood that there is a great deal of fantasy in these remarks."
"The subject of imps has no logic and cannot be rationally explained. I know that some people came to church asking for spiritual assistance," he summarized.
He made it clear that "It is very strange [for people to say] that they flew and turned up everywhere. Therefore they will continue to believe in this, which borders on fantasy."

On the other hand, he cautioned that "no one has requested an exorcism, but this can only be authorized by the local bishop when faced with definite proof of the Devil's presence. From what we were told, there is nothing diabolical or related to evil in this place."
Along these lines, he differentiated between "assistance to souls in purgatory, which must be aided through prayer; but to go from there to say that [that they can turn] into imps is another story."
Another resident told Diario Uno that in the canyon area "men and women can be seen involved in strange things, such as practicing some sort of rituals like Umbanda, which request the presence of spirits for doing good and evil."
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

Argentina: Exorcism Requested in Imp Manifestations

SOURCE: El Once Digital
DATE: January 5, 2006
Exorcism Requested in Imp Manifestations

A mentalist provided some explanations about the manifestations of imps that residents of the Antartida Argentina neighborhood claim to have witnessed in the area near the municipal dump of Paraná.
Ricardo Pereira, a mentalist from Paraná,told Canal Once that "the origin of these imps is German and they are normally mistaken and given different names in different religions: They are known as Kiumba in the Umbanda religion; Judaism normally refers to them as the Egreo (sic), and they are entities that are unable to tell the difference between good and evil. These imps may adopt a given form so that children in particular can see them."
Pereira told Canal Once that "one must we very careful with them." Most people who claim having seen the white imps in the Paraná neighborhood are kids and grownups claimed to see the tree branches swaying, but didn't see them. With regard to this, Pereira argued that "kids are more receptive than adults, since during the day, the latter are too worried about money, social problems and raising the family. On the other hand, kids are more open to play and dialogue. For that reason children can see them and adults cannot."
Regarding the reasons for this phenomenon, the mentalist suggested the possibility that "perhaps some rituals of a given religion were performed in the area where the imps are appearing, and certain offerings may have been made to attract their attention in order to use them for both good and evil, as these imps do not distinguish at all between good and evil," said Pereira. With regard to this characteristic of imps, the mentalist added that "if an imp sees that amusement may be had in striking a child or tugging his/her hair, it will do so. Wherever imps play, they have fun, since they cannot differentiate between good and evil."
Mentalist Pereira said that "the relationship between imps and children can be very dangerous, in fact", hastening to add: "We are not talking about angels - they're imps. While children can see them wearing the clothing and aspect of small clowns, this does not make them good. They are bad, and great care must be taken in they way they move and how they act."
Pereira related the practice of dark rituals to the phenomenon's manifestation. "There are people who summon these entities to do harm, in the same way we appeal to our faith to heal a sick person."
As to the origin of the phenomenon being witnessed by residents of Antartida Argentina, the mentalist explained that "someone opened a small portal. Human beings are from the third dimension, and for this reason we need a great deal of effects to be able to visualize them. The white imps are from the second dimension and cannot distinguish between dimensions. Someone opened a portal and has allowed them to go from one dimension to the next; if it isn't closed, these [events] will continue to occur."
Pereira says the following about the episode involving police in which--according to neighbors-- law enforcement was injured by stones thrown by the garbage dump's imps after shots were fired against them. "If the imps are met with violence, they will retaliate with violence. They cannot be harmed regardless of how intense the police attacked them, because they are from another dimension that brushes against our own."
Regarding the Paraná police department's decision not to issue an opinion or report on the subject, the mentalist said that "it seems logical, as the police does not employ its specialized qualities and knowledge in dealing with this type of phenomenon. It is only fitting that no report should be issued, as they should be aware of what it is they are dealing with."
In closing his dialogue with Canal Once, Pereira advised resorting to the Church in confronting the apparitions of imps, and requested that the area be exorcised of all manfestations. "I believe that the best thing to do is to have a priest visit the site of these events, as it is the best way to close down these portals. Today, I would recommend Church involvement, because there are priests at the Cathedral who can easily perform an exorcism."
FOR MORE INFORMAON: El Once Digital - http://www.eloncedigital.com.ar
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

Argentina: The Imps Return to Parana

SOURCE: Diario Paraná
DATE: 01.03.06

Engimatic Manifestations of "Imps" Return to Paraná

Residents of the Antartida Argentina district reported with emotional credibility the strange manifestation of "imps", which according to thier accounts, climb up and down trees and "hurl stones like while flower buds"

In the Paraná neighborhood known as Antartida Argentina, in the northwestern area of Paraná and close to the municipal dump, local residents reported to a Canal Once camera crew the appearance of "white imps" that began to appear on the afternon of Thursday, December 29, 2005.

According to their bemused testimony, "the neighborhood children would throw rocks at them and these would be returned with remarkable swiftness." The "imps" replied violently with a barrage of their own. They pummeled the children and some other locals with not very severe bumps and brusies.

The phenomenon has been repeating itself every night from Thursday December 29 onward. "It starts around 8 and ends around 2 in the morning."

It all began because [the locals] have a neighbohood Christmas tree that they put up every year. When they tried to take it down, the "dwarves" manifested themseves and expressed their disapproval. "When we turned off the lights they would get angry and toss stones. They would calm down when they were turned on again."

At first, seeing that the strange "white imps" were living in the trees, they chopped down some of them but "the dwarves were enraged and began throwing stones. It was then we called the Police to do something."

According to a local resident, the phenomenon was witnessed by some "800 to 900 people who were there until 2 in the morning," among them a considerable number of children. When the Police arrived, the locals said that Patrolman 97, allegedly belonging to the 5th Sheriff's Office, was accosted by the strange beings. "He wanted to light up the area with his spotlight and the light was reflected as if by a mirror," said Ricardo.

Policemen began to fire their guns toward the place occupied by the "imps" and in return, these entities "began throwing stones. It was like a shower of them and only the police officers were being hit. Not even the locals and the kids who were there were impacted," he added. "There were so many stones that the cops had to go."

Neighborhood children consulted by Canal Once said [the beings] were "small, white and lolled their tongues. They looked like people and their hands were small," said a girl who claimed having seen them up close.

"There were seven of them. One was on the roof and jumped onto a tree," added the gir, with a broad smile and showing no fear.

"We cleared off the area completely in order to get them out of the trees. We surrounded them. Some had them close enough at hand to grab," said a neighbor. "We felt somewhat of a chill, because they didn't hit us with stones, but they hit the police a lot. The kids provoked [the creatures], threw rocks at them and had them returned. If you threw a brick, they'd throw it back," he explained with concern.

The aggression by the "white imps" against the neighbors were not significant, althoug some said that the children emerged "with bumps and bruises [from rock impacts]; they were scared and even the boldest of them took off running."

"This isn't a gag by somebody. This is real. No one made it up. The kids are scared and I tell them not to be frightened, since [the creatures] could be angels," continued the neighbor, noting that "many people have said prayers about this".

"It's as though the wanted to play, because with the number of rocks thrown, there should have been blood and no one was injured." The neighbor explained that the entire place was weeded out and some trees were chopped down to ascertain "what was hiding in the place."

Other neighborhood children told Canal Once that "we saw them running across the treetops and the way they returned the stones we were throwing at them." They added that the stones were thrown by "imps like white flowerbuds falling from the trees, and the very same stones we threw were coming out of that location."

The youngest girl finally added that "they were in the trees and mocking us."

Source: Diario Paraná (Entre Ríos) - http://www.diarioparana.com.ar/

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Argentina: Bus Drivers "Unavailable for Comment"

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 01.04.06
Argentina: Bus Drivers "Unavailable for Comment"
[The following is the text of the reply provided by the Andesmar Bus Line with regard to the "landed UFO" reported by Miryan Coronel a few days ago]
"In reply to your letter, we inform you that we have made the corresponding inquiries due to the publication of Infobae and El Liberal news items on January 3 regarding a sighting of lights in the middle of the road, and in which our company is mentioned as the transportation service employed by Mrs. Miryam (sic) Coronel.
"Endeavoring to corroborate this information, we contacted the drivers of the unit, who are on the road and will return to base (Mendoza) in a few days. They claimed not to be aware of the story given by the passenger to the media.
"We are expecting the drivers' arrival in Mendoza to interview them in a personal manner. We regret not being able to furnish more detailed information in this regard, but this was the information given to us over the phone. Should any new data come to light, we will contact you as soon as possible."

Translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Eduardo Carre�o

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Argentina: Further Information on UFO in the Road

SOURCE: El Liberal Digital
DATE: Tuesday, January 3, 2006
LORETO - Miryan Coronel is one of the many residents of Loreto who return home to celebrate the holidays with family. She has been living in Chubut for over 20 years and on December 29 undertook her yearly journey, not knowing that 19 hours after leaving, she and her fellow travelers would be witnesses to the takeoff of what she described as an unidentified flying object.
According to the protagonist, the event took place on the road linking the provinces of Cordoba and San Luis in the vicinity of Mount Uritorco in the middle of the Cordoba mountains. This site is well-known as the location for many events related to the manifestation of strange lights associated to extraterrestrial craft.
"At two o'clock in the morning we boarded the bus belonging to the Andesmar bus line with my sons Santiago,8, and Angel, 4. We occupied seats 40,41 and 42. After nearly 20 hours of travel, the first stars began to appear through the bus's windows. The time was around 21:45 hours," Miryan notes, later adding: "Suddenly the bus stopped, and when I looked down the aisle, I saw an immense light in the middle of the road."

"I immediately jumped out of the seat and saw that my sons were asleep, along with many passengers. I moved to the front of the bus and saw the cone-shaped light in the middle of the road, and got off with the bus drivers and a passenger from Salta who had a camcorder. At no time did I feel fear -- on the contrary, I was engulfed by a sensation of peace and curiosity, to the extent that I began taking photos with my cellphone camera. When I tried to get closer, one of the bus drivers held me back," she explained.
Proceeding with her account, Miryan says: "Suddenly the object, that was enveloped in a bluish white light, began spinning like a top and rising vertically, lighting up the landscape as though it was daytime. In the measure that the giant spinning top rose, it gave off multicolored lights in intense phosphorescent tones before vanishing into a brilliant spot. I immediately began perceiving a smell of heated metal, combining with a very particular odor similar to sulfur."
According to Miryan, the event lasted only a few minutes and no sound was heard. Upon returning to the bus, they exchanged remarks with the people who shared the experience and with the drivers, who said that they had always seen strange lights in the area, but nothing to comapre with the experience on the night of December 29, 2005.

"After the chat I returned to my seat and fell into a deep sleep. I slept until we reached the Loreto bus terminal. They had to wake me up to get me off the bus," said the passenger of this highly unusual journey."
Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

Argentina: More on the UFO in the Road

The following is just in from Luis Eduardo Carreño

"The news item in question was published today by INFOBAE.COM reprinting what was published by the El Liberal newspaper from Santiago del Estero.

"It should be made clear that the ANDESMAR bus line has not issued at this time any communiqu, nor was one issued by the Cordoba or San Luis police authorities. It is not possible to conduct any further investigations because the information does not specifiy the exact place that the sighting occurred. In spite of this, I sent a message to the ANDESMAR bus line, headquartered in the city of Mendoza, asking if the crew of the bus in question had filed a report. As soon as this information is obtained I will pass it along.

"The only information available at the time is the account furnished by Miryan Coronel, a passenger aboard the vehicle, who was heading toward the town of Loreto in Santiago del Estero, planning to spend New Years Eve with her relatives. If anyone has any additional information, it would be interesting to have it made known in order to have more specific data on this sighting."

Inexplicata will continue to report any follow-up to this alleged UFO landing in Argentina.

Scott Corrales

Monday, January 02, 2006

Argentina: New UFO Case Reported in Argentina

SOURCE: Planeta UFO and El Once Digital
DATE: January , 2006

** The print found resembles that of a web-footedcreature. A local resident and a researcher claim that strange beings left prints in a swimming pool **

A renowed UFO researcher from the city of Victoria and a local resident claimed that strange beings left their footprints and traces at a swimming pool.

By means of a public complaint, the owner of a weekend home located on the outskirts of Victoria claimed to have found that the swimming pool had been drained almost by half in a matter of hours, and that several strange footprints could be seen inside it, resembling those of a palmiped creature.

Silvia Perez Simondini, a renowed UFO researcher, reported to the scene, expressing no surprise whatsoever and asserting that it is further proof of what has been occuring in this city for over 15 years, and which few people are ever willing to report.

According to the Victoria Noticias webside, the researcher claimed that certain footprints could be seen within the pool, aside from prints similar to those of a palmiped, which were intact in spite of the water's movement, leading to the belief that an artifact unknown to experts had landed there.

The estate, located in a ranching area, would have "received the visit of web-footed creature", to judge by the fact that the footprints resemble extremities with an inter-digital membrane.

Moreover, Perez Simondini's daughter entered the pool to ascertain if her own feet would leave similar marks to the ones found -- and which did not vary in spite of the water's movement -- and verified that her own vanished almost immediately. In this regard, Perez Simondini argued that this was due to "the energy of the beings that entered the pool."

Eyewitness accounts from those who saw the pool attest to the fact that the prints are nearly perfect and impossible make deliberately under water.

Strange events involving UFOs have repeated periodically in this city since the early '90s. "Some of them are in the public domain; others have been concealed for fear of ridicule or to the remarks of those who remain skeptical when presented with the evidence gathered by those engaged in studying the UFO phenomenon in our city," said the researcher.

Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo D. Gimenez, Planeta UFO