Monday, March 27, 2006

Argentina: A New Sighting in Parera

DATE: 03.26.06
On March 18, 2006 six witnesses reported a large light for several minutes at the property belonging to Adolfo Ziegenfhus, located in the jurisdiction of Parera, province of La Pampa (Argentina).

Ruben Ariel Lara, 37, Roberto Fernandez, 53, and four minors aged between 8 and 16 witnessed a source of light which they described as "three to four times the size of the full moon" as they walked through the fields at 22:30 hours on the date in question.

The luminosity was detected at some 3.00 meters of the place where the witnesses were located, who advised researchers that "the light appeared over the field, ascending to a considerable height before descending, engaging in these manuevers in four separate maneuvers."

Fernandez added that "it was round, spun on its vertical axis while emitting some very distinctive red, green, blue, orange, yellow and silver lights." The ascent was up to "some 60 degres over the horizon".
The witnesses, who were trapping "peludos" (armadilloes) at that time, were completely overwhelmed and frightened by the sighting, deciding to withdraw from the field and run back to the farmhouse, located some 2 kilometers from where the event occurred.
It should be noted that mutilated animals were found at this location and that in July 2005, a huge "Australian-type" water tank containing 70,000 liters of water was found completely drained from the evening to the morning.
Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufoslapampa.

Argentina: Fisherman Takes Cellphone Photos of UFO

DATE: 03.24.06

GENERAL ALVEAR - A businessman fishing along the banks of the Atuel River managed to photograph a UFO that was suspended in the air for some 30 seconds before it took off in the general direction of the cordillera.

The image shows a UFO immersed in a fireball, and it could well be considered a meteorite, although those who saw it say that �given its trajectory and movements, it could not have been one.

This curious event took place on March 6 when a renonwed businessman from Alvear -- his name is Ramon but he preferrred to withhold his surname -- was fishing along the river in an area known as Paso del Loro, 20 km between the borders of this department and La Pampa province.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Mexico: Strange Photo from the Woods of Tamaulipas

This photo was taken on July 22, 3005 at the Biosfera El Cielo Wildlife Preserve in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The image was provided by Maximino Ocampo and taken by Marcos Flores Sanches, who were hiking through the woods as part of a group. A Sony DSCP-32 digital camera was used for the shot. Witnesses claim not having noticed the figure against the rock, only realizing its existence after the image was downloaded to the computer.

Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid, Maximino Ocampo and Marcos Flores.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Argentina: UFOs over Parera

DATE: March 9, 2006
Police personnel from the Parera Sheriff's Office, located in the northern region of La Pampa province, detected strange lights in the rural area of this province in early morning hours on March 6.
One of the members of the police detachment traveling aboard a pickup truck told researchers that a powerful, shining light, traveling at the same speed as their unit, accompanied them on the outbound and return legs of their trip to the locality of Quetrequen, a few kilometers away from Parera.

Jorge Lastre noted that "what was most noticeable during the time in which the light stalked the police vehicle is that we lost all manner of communications. The police radio died and came back to life once we returned to Parera."
(translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufos-LaPampa)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Search for The Missing Corporal

A photo showing members of the Argentinean provincial police for La Pampa involved in the search for Corporal Sergio Pucheta, who mysteriously vanished and reappeared in case allegedly involving UFOs and non-human presences.
(Photo credit: El Diario de La Pampa)

Argentina: The Argentinean Police Officer Tells His Story

SOURCE: El Diario de la Pampa
DATE: Wednesday, March 8, 2006
Sergio Pucheta shares his UFO experience: "IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY"

Treatment: The police officer is currently under psychiatric care within the framework of a "confusional episode". "I'm feeling somewhat nervous; my head aches and my hands itch," said the law enforcement agent who was interviewed Monday by a Barcelona (Spain) radio station. He asked that society "believe his story, since this had never happened to be before, and I didn't believe in any of this before."

General Pico (Agencia) - Sergio Pucheta, the provincial police corporal involved in an alleged UFO experience, stated yesterday that "this could happen to anybody". It should be noted that the strange episode which had the officer as its protagonist, took place between the evening of March 2nd and early morning on Friday, March 3rd in the rural region of Dorila.

Pucheta, who was hospitalized at the Gobernador Centeno Hospital until noon Monday, only recently got in touch with the local press at his home on 104th and 25th streets where he lives with with his wife (pregnant) and his in-laws.

First, Pucheta showed a video made during the first days of February at a site close to the one where last Thursday's experience occurred. The images taken by the police officer show a round light apparently rotating on its axis.

It should be noted that this video was requisitioned by Minister Tierno in the early hours of Friday the 3rd while the police combed the area searching for the missing officer, who finally "appeared" at around 16:30 hours -- benumbed and in a fetal position -- on a rural road near Quemu Quemu, some 20 kilometers away from the place where his disappearance occurred.

Moreover, the videotape was also requested by Pampan ufologist "Quique" Mario, who returned to General Pico yesterday to secure further details on Pucheta's ordeal.

Sergio Pucheta met with the media from General Pico at 09:30 hours yesterday, providing details of his experience for over an hour. "I was driving a motorcycle (a Honda 125 cc belonging to the Cattle Rustling Division) and when I reached the wilderness area we call "Las Ca�as", I saw a red light similar to that of a car," he explained, adding that upon reaching the site, the light vanished. "Then I got off my motorcycle to see if could hear any noises. When I got back on the motorcycle and was about to put on my helmet, the red light appeared in front of me, against my face and very strong."

He followed by saying that the red light "stood in front of me and sort of hypnotized me," stressing that as a result of this contact he could "only move his hands, nothing else. I couldn't move the rest of my was as if (the light) was going all over my body."

Later, he added that the light rose into the air and caused him "a considerable head and eye ache", a situation the officer tried to escape from, running away on foot into the fields, without recalling ever having dismantled his service pistol or the police walkie-talkie, which was subsequently found at the site together with other belongings, such as a cell phone which lost all of its stored phone numbers, except for the last call Pucheta made to his fellow officers, calling for backup.

The corporal explained that he has worked for the police force for some 8 years and that for the last two he has served in the Cattle Rustling Division (Division Abigeato) engaging in patrols between 19:30 and 22:00 hours along the rural region of Dorila, Speluzzi and Trebolares.

Pucheta also noted that as he ran into the rural field "they were always behind me", in reference to two pursuing entities. He likewise added "I can't recall if I was walking or running" and noted having remembered all of his life in a matter of seconds "from when I was little until now that I'm older, everything good or bad that ever happened to me."

Regarding the "entities" chasing him, he maintained that they "levitated" and described one of the figures as "being smaller than me, somewhat transparent, with a large head and clear red eyes ...the eyes were very red."

He explained that "they were utilizing my mind, as if they were performing tests," which he later described as "life tests" -- "For example, I reached a cornfield, and at a distance of some 10 meters saw a large figure that appeared to be chewing the corn cobs and was breaking something. I felt very scared and stood there staring at it. It was getting closer and closer and that's when I felt them tell me "either you go forward or backward". Then I stood thinking and walked right past the figure, and the fear sort of left me at that moment," he said.

When asked if the figure could be that of an animal, he said no, because "it was taller than me and much larger".

Meanwhile, Pucheta stated that throughout the experience he was "aware, because I was thinking about my family, in my wife and [our unborn child]...this was something real that was happening to me," adding that he felt great fear throughout the experience, except for when "I began remembering everything I'd ever been through since childhood. That was the loveliest thing that happened to me."

He later said that he currently "feels very afraid about going out at night" and that the entities told him telepathically that "the were going to seize another fellow officer who also travels alone."

With regard to the place from where the police rescued him, he said that he had been "waiting there since the morning. I was there from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, sitting and waiting" in a place where "no one ever came by".

When asked why he hadn't decided to move away from that spot, he replied: "My feet were paralyzed...I was numb," adding fearfully "they told me that if I spent the day there until the evening, they would come back for me again."

The police officer was unable to explain if the "entities" had taken him somewhere, but he explained that during parts of the distance he covered "it was as though I was in the air" and even remembered having gone past young bull calves "that didn't move", as if the animals were unaware of his presence.

Sergio Pucheta also made it clear during the press conference that his experience is just one of "many cases" recorded in the rural area.

"Previously, my partner and I have seen thousands of those red lights. We once chased one right to the blacktop highway. It was raining and then we never found any traces of it, only our pickup truck."

He added that some two weeks ago "a fellow officer was driving along the access road to Agustoni and saw a light in the middle of the road. He thought it was a car and flashed his headlights at it, but the light wouldn't budge. When he was about to overtake it, the light moved from one side to another and flew straight up."

(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Argentina: Ufologist to Visit Policeman in Disappearance Case

SOURCE: La Arena
DATE: March 5, 2006


***Policeman recovers and confirms having seen aliens. "I don't want to be taken for a nut," the officer told a friend. Two days ago he claimed seeing two beings with large red eyes who gave him telepathic commands***

GENERAL PICO (Agencies) - Corporal Sergio Puchetta, visibly recovered from the odyssey he underwent for over 18 hours in which he claimed to have come in contact with aliens, ratified all of his statements yesterday and through close friends asked that "he not be taken for a nut"

Puchetta remains hospitalized in a ward of the Medical Clinic of the city's Centeno Hospital, indicating that he may possibly agree to newspaper requests for an interview on Monday.

The provincial police corporal responded negatively to this newspaper's request to speak to him and obtain his version of the experience he underwent. Through a friend, Puchetta indicated that he preferred to be released from the hospital before getting in touch with the press, although he also expressed his concerns about having to publicize his experience.

I don't want to be taken for a nut, he told his friend, who in turn informed the press that he is "assured and convinced" of Puchetta's mental health.

Other sources indicated that on Saturday, the officer was visibly more tranquil and when asked about the subject, he repeated the story given on the previous day without changing any details whatsoever.


Renowned ufologist Fabio Zerpa took an interest in the policeman's case and announced his intention to travel to [the city] early this week.

Another acknowledged researcher of the UFO subject, Oscar "Quique" Mario of La Pampa, reached the site where Puchetta vanished on Thursday morning and did not conceal his satisfaction at having secured the officer's testimony shortly after he was found.

Mario, who does not conceal his skepticism until having secured solid elements that allow him to validate the experiencer's account, highlighted the credibility of Puchetta's statements which are further qualified by the nature of his employment.

(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Argentina: "Something's Going On"

SOURCE: El Diario de la Pampa
DATE: 03.04.06
ARGENTINA: "Something's Going On"

GENERAL PICO - The disappearance of policeman Sergio Pucheta summoned the presence of a number of researchers, among them renowned Santa Rosa researcher Quique Mario, who has been studying the UFO phenomenon in the province of La Pampa for some 30 years. "Evidently something is going on that merits the attention of the public and the authorities, in order to understand the phenomenon better," he said yesterday during a press interview.
Mario, who followed police combing operations closely in the attempt to find Pucheta, contacted sources at the Centeno Hospital, highlighting that from the onset "there was something strange going on with the officer's disappearance"
Meanwhile, he added that after the officer was found, he managed to speak with Pucheta himself, who was "in a state of very deep emotional shock"
"We visited him with Sheriff Roberto Ayala, the Chief of UR II, and asked him to relax by means of breathing exercises. He began to loosen up and then began to tell his story," Mario explained.
Likewise, the ufologist indicated that Pucheta could not explain "what happened to his gun, his cell phone and his handy" adding that "he was chased by two people with striking characteristics, shorter than he and with red eyes."
Mario remarked that Pucheta's trail "reached some 2700 meters away from the site where the episode occurred" and that the young man "has no idea how he arrived" at the location where he was rescued. Meanwhile, physicians did not find "strange marks on his body", he was expecting Pucheta's improvement in order to go deeper into his experiences.
Finally, Quique Mario stated that the vicinity of La Barrancosa "was one of the few areas of the province in which strange lights appear that I am not familiar with," remarking that "there are many places in which [people] are seeing strange lights of unknown origin."
Thus, he pointed out that "something is going on that merits the attention of the public and the authorities in an effort to understand this phenomenon. There are recent recordings and many photos taken in broad daylight over General Acha, Santa Rosa, Macachin, Riglos and Parra. Evidently something's going on."
(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero,Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Policeman Inexplicably Vanishes for 20 Hours

SOURCE: El Diario
DATE: Saturday, March 4, 2006

An officer of the cattle-theft division "vanished" for nearly twenty hours

Found in a fetal position: Officer Pucheta escaped from the place he had been on Thursday night after having come across "two small, red-eyed creatures that chased him and gave him telepathic commands." He was found yesterday afternoon some 20 kilometers away from the site in a fetal position.

GENERAL PICO (News agencies) -- A police officer from the cattle-theft division, identified as Sergio Pucheta, 28, "vanished" on Thursday night while patrolling the rural region of Dorila, remaining in that condition for some 20 hours, causing great concern in the force. According to some researchers who contacted the young man, the event involved a UFO.

Pucheta's disappearance took place on 21:20 hours Thursday near the La Barrancosa ranch while he patrolled rural roads. At 16:30 hours yesterday, the police officer was found "numb and in a fetal position" more than 20 kilometers away from that location, between the towns of Trili and Quemu Quemu.

He was transferred from that location by ambulance to the Gobernador Centeno Hospital where he was given tests, was visited by several judicial authorities, and remained under observation last night after tests which shed "normal" results. Likewise, physicians said that the patient was "lucid, hydrated and with a balanced cardiovascular and respiratory condition."

Police researchers informed EL DIARIO that on Thursday night the young officer, having some five years' experience with the force, was driving a Honda 125cc motorcycle along the rural roads of Dorila. Amid this activity, Pucheta "requested backup over his cell phone" at 21:20 hours from a site near the La Barrancosa ranch.

This was the last contact between the police corporal and his fellow officers, since 15 minutes later, when a squad car arrived from General Pico, police only found Pucheta's motorcycle and some of his belongings, including his firearm (broken in three parts), his helmet, a "handy" and the cell phone with which he had previously requested assistance.

In the meantime, while not having any signs of the missing officer, Regional Unit II ordered a search of the site where Pucheta vanished. Rural roads and farms were combed by the police in an effort that involved elements from various units.

Meanwhile, yesterday morning -- after some 10 hours without any word on Pucheta's whereabouts -- Juan Carlos Tierno, Minister of Safety, Government and Justice and Ricardo Baudaux, the Provincial Chief of Police, arrived in Dorila for a briefing on the situation and the search being carried out by the police, all within the framework of a rainy pre-dawn and early morning that hampered the following of any traces.

Likewise, it was known that around that time Tierno requested copies of some videotapes that Pucheta was compiling with regard to the presence of "strange lights". The minister returned to the Pampan capital with Badeaux past noon.

Sergio Pucheta was found around 16:30 hours on the shoulders of a rural road between Trili and Quemu Quemu, some 20 km from the site where his appurtenances were found. Sources indicated that the officer was found "numb and in a fetal position" by a farm worker who was aware of the search from media sources.

The authorities reported swiftly to the site to confirm that the young man was "in good health, without any signs of having suffered violence, but somewhat out of it," unable to clearly answer [questions] about what had befallen him.

But with the passing of time, it was reported that Pucheta had experienced a UFO episode near La Barrancosa, and that he had in recent weeks been involved with the recording of "strange lights" in the company of others.

Moreover, reliable sources informed this newspaper that Pucheta had escaped from the place where he had been on Thursday night after running into "two small, red-eyed beings that pursued him and gave him telepathic commands."

(Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

UFO history: The 1974 Santurce, P.R. Film

Every so often a little bit of UFO history comes our way. This time it takes the shape of a short videoclip of a landmark documentary produced and narrated by publicist Jorge Marquina in 1975 and bearing the title "Platillos Voladores Sobre Puerto Rico: Documento Confidencial" (Flying Saucers Over Puerto Rico: A Secret File). Appearing in the sequence of images is the 1974 UFO that appeared over the former Eastern Airlines building in Santurce -- a large district of San Juan, P.R. -- during a midnight-to-morning commercial shoot for a popular rum company.

Following Mr. Marquina's exposition of the facts, the viewer sees an airliner fly over the building, then the sudden appearance of an unexplained source of light that navigates is off camera, toward the enigmatic mountain rainforest known as El Yunque.

Marquina ends by asking: "Where did it come from? What did it come for? Where did it go?" - questions that remain unclear 30 years later.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mexico: Chance UFO in Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Photos taken by Jaime Melo, a resident of Puerto Rico, during his visit to the Chichen-Itza archaeological site in Yucatan (Mexico)

Taken on July 6, 2005 at 13:38 hours using a 3.2 megapixel Polaroid PDC-3070

This evidence was provided by Peter (sic) to researcher Lucy Guzman who in turn forwarded it to Ana Luisa Cid for a joint investigation.

Preliminary analyses shed favorable results, finding that the material is indeed genuine. We likewise obtained a considerable similarity with a photo taken at the very same pyramid of Kulkulkan in 2005 by Argentinean tourist Alejandro Gabriel Garcia during a tour to the Yucatan Peninsula. We therefore believe that chance UFO sightings occur in the Mayan ruins of Mexico, since both witnesses state that no object could be seen in the sky at the moment that the photos were taken.

The names Jaime Melo and Peter are pseudonyms given at the request of the interested parties.

Research by Lucy Guzman (Puerto Rico) and Ana Luisa Cid (Mexico)

(translation (c) 2006 by Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mexico: A Chance UFO Sighting at Teotihuacan (1982)

SOURCE: Ana Luisa Cid
DATE: 03.02.06

A Chance UFO Sighting at Teotihuacan (1982)

Photographic evidence from renowned Mexican physician Adalberto Dom�nguez Valdes, taken in 1982 with an analog Kodak 110 camera.

Dr. Dominguez had already spoken earlier of this image delivered the material to me last Friday, February 24, 2006

Eyewitness Account:

" was in Teotihuacan with my wife, my children and my brother's family. We were on holiday and that's why I took several photos as a keepsake. My intent upon pressing the shutter was to have my family heading toward the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, using the impressive ancient structures as a background. They can be seen on the far right within the photo.

"When I took the photo, there was nothing unusual to be seen and upon developing the roll of film, my brother became aware of the possible UFOs, since they are in fact three, forming a triangle, although the largest one is highlighted. We subsequently checked the negative and realized that they could also be seen. I then decided to make a blow-up of the image and now I have it hanging as a framed picture in my home -- a lovely reminder of my first chance UFO encounter."

(translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU)