Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Argentina: West of Buenos Aires-Reports, Lights and Strange Beings?

Source: Codigo Ovni – Argentina
Date: 11.25.08

Argentina: West of Metropolitan Buenos Aires – Reports, Lights and Strange Beings?
By Daniel Valverdi, Daniel Szauter, Jorge Marron.
(Originally published on 10/09/08)

On October 4, 2008 we headed out to this area once more, which has recently become the focus of our efforts, given that one report leads us to another and we successively begin to close out a large number of “unusual” episodes reported by qualified local witnesses.

Jorge Marron, Daniel Valverdi and Daniel Szauter met at 16:00 hours at Reserva Los Robles in the Municipality of Moreno, Greater Buenos Aires, and we traveled together to the Archeological Museum that is near this reservoir.

We were kindly met at that location by Cacho Ferrer, who is a ranger in the area, and his assistant. Second Lieutenant Hector R. Losa was also present – for the past 10 years he has been in charge of monitoring the sluice gates belonging to the Roggero Dam, and his duty post is on the bridge surmounting that structure.
After introducing ourselves as investigators of this phenomenon, and showing them some of our fieldwork, they began telling us about the various “unusual” episodes that they have experienced in the area. Ferrer was the first to speak, discussing a strange episode that occurred only months ago and which has repeated itself many times, regardless of the time of day.

There is an iron gate at the entrance to the Museum’s premises, and a wire fence that is closed with a chain. A lock never secures the chain – it is merely tied around both of the gate’s doors. One afternoon, while Ferrer and his assistant and 2nd Lieutenant Losa were chatting some twenty meters away from the gate, they could clearly head a sound suggesting that the gate’s chain was being unraveled and opened. This sound caused them to automatically turn around to see who was entering the premises, but they were stunned to see that the gate was closed and the chain was exactly as they had left it minutes earlier. They consulted among themselves to see if they had all heard the same, and the reply was affirmative. They dismissed the possibility that the sound came from elsewhere, as they were very close to the source where the noise came from and there is no other chain that could be the source of the sound. It should be noted that there was no one at the gate who may have tried to open it up. This episode occurred in broad daylight, repeated itself even at night, with the same outcome. The chain was always in place.

While we sat down to chat with Lt. Losa in the hall of the cabin occupied by the rangers, he started telling us about a series of episodes that have taken place in the area, some that he has experienced himself.

Losa says that once, when he was on sentry duty at night (remember that his duty post is a shack located on the dam itself) and he heard a buzzing noise he had never heard before. While this occurred, he tried adjusting his TV set’s telescopic antenna, since he wasn’t getting a signal, which seemed very odd, as he could always place it in the proper direction to watch TV. Minutes later, he heard an insistent klaxon outside the shack. Running outside, he encountered a police cruiser with two fellow officers who excitedly asked him if he’d seen “the light” that was hovering over the shack. Losa said no, as he was inside with the blinds closed, noting that only minutes earlier he had heard a “buzzing” that lasted some 10 minutes, but with no visible lights. His fellow officers were heading toward the shack, part of their customary patrol, and even though they were at a distance, they noticed a powerful light over the reservoir. [The light] was only slightly smaller than the shack itself, so they hurried over to investigate. During one of the twists and turns on the road, they lost sight of it and couldn’t see it again. If we combine the accounts offered by Losa and his comrades, we get “the light” seen by the drivers, the “buzzing” heard by Losa, and the interference that occurred in the TV set. Upon asking Losa if there had been a power drop within the shack, he said that there is no electricity within and that the TV set and lighting operate on a 12-volt battery.

A Strange Creature

A group of fishermen had headed to a rather inaccessible part of the lake formed by the reservoir to do some night fishing. They were equipped to spend the night there, carrying with them a battery and a spotlight to dispel the shadows. While they were readying their fishing tackle, they heard sounds emerging from the shrubs, and they turned around to see what it could be. When they were able to focus on the area where the noise was coming from, they were able to see the outline of a very hairy “man”, possibly some two meters tall with a very large head and luminous eyes. Without succumbing to panic, one fisherman told another to hook up the spotlight to the battery to get a better look a that “thing”, but the man’s nervousness kept him from connecting the spotlight to the battery’s terminals, and by the time the operation was over, the “stranger” had gone. They didn’t wait for it to return: they collected their gear and left immediately.

We could associate some of these stories with the case of the Colonia Elia entity, given the similarity between the creature described and the “prankish” behavior, such as the rattling of chains, etc.
This is only a part of the stories and eyewitness accounts that these people shared with us, as they are customarily in contact with these situations. We will continue sharing more of these experiences in a later installment.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)