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Mexico: Unusual Object over Mexico City

Date: March 3, 2009

Mexico: Unusual Object over Mexico City
By Ana Luisa Cid

Attorney Sanchez Rosales, who is also a skywatcher, has continued to document the UFO phenomenon from his rooftop.

On this occasion, he presents a very interesting video that shows a luminous object that appears to lack a defined shape.

The recording was done on February 16, 2009 at 16:40 hours.

As part of our investigation, we made comparisons with "globos de luna", as this would be a possible explanation. However, there are two aspects to be highlighted:

a) The object appears to make an abrupt change of trajectory when it moves very quickly toward another location (at 1:05)

b) It acquires a certain morphology that is hard to identify.

Like the witness, our position is to maintain objectivity, as we know that objects seen at a distance may lead us to confusion.

We believe that it may be a UFO, based on the foregoing descriptions. However, any opinion is valid at this point.

You be the judge:

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

A Brush with the Netherworld

A Brush with the Netherworld: Improbable Entities
By Scott Corrales

"See those eyes so red/red like jungle burning bright..." sang David Bowie in his song to the 1982 remake of the classic horror film Cat People, in which humans turned into were-panthers to feast on human flesh.

The existence red-eyed, felinoid entities, however, can hardly be relegated to the cinema of yore and has few points of contact with the lycanthropic traditions held by nearly every culture on this planet of ours. Strange felinoid entities have been reported throughout history, and continue to make their presence known right up to our Internet-saturated early 21st century.

Whenever accounts of this nature surface in journals or online, skeptics decry the simplistic assumptions of the untrained, pointing out that the eyes of most animals tend to glow red under certain conditions. This argument is brought to bear even in cases where witnesses stress the phosphorescent, self-luminous properties of the entities' eyes. The dispassionate approach of "experts is a small consolation to the person who has just had a run-in with one of the hairy hominids collectively known as "bigfoot" or "yeti", or to the householder who has lost beloved pets to the crimson-eyed predator known as the Chupacabras.

Field researchers and journalists have speculated, over the past 30 years about how such visitors came to be among us. Some theories suggest that they were dropped off by alien spacecraft in the same manner in which Spanish explorers of the Americas dumped cattle on uninhabited islands, in the hopes of returning and finding an abundant supply of work animals, while others believe that they represent survivals of species considered extinct, ranging from the elusive Gigantopithecus (known to us only through its impressive dental work) to pterodactyls and other life-forms of the Age of Reptiles. That some creatures may possess the gift or ability of roaming in and out of dimensions has also been thrown into the mix, to the dismay of the paladins of rational thought.

Unlikely Hominids

Bigfoot researcher and journalist Peter Guttila mentions a case which occurred in Texas Canyon, California from October 1974, during which a group of teenagers driving through the canyon were suddenly faced by a dust cloud, similar to one raised by a motorcycle or dune buggy. To their dismay, behind the cloud was no desert joy rider, but a trio of "tall, hairy creatures with dog-like faces, human bodies and eyes that glowed." The teens added that the creatures threw sand and pebbles at the car as it went by, making noises they categorized as "monkey chatter". Perhaps more ominous was the fact that some of the vehicle's occupants got the impression that similar creatures--visible only by the points of light that were their eyes--were running down the canyon's side to join their fellows. Surprised at the fear evinced by their offspring, some of the parents visited the canyon but could find nothing aside from the smell of rotting eggs that usually accompanies monster sightings.

Guttilla also discusses a case involving a Bigfoot-like entity engaged in the theft of a pig. Accounts of the shambling creature appeared in the Saugus Newhall-Signal and included an interesting detail: the oversized, hairy thief was wearing a "glowing blue belt". Most descriptions of these frightening entities fail to mention any accoutrements whatsoever. It is interesting that a similar description would emerge during the course of a conversation between this author and Puerto Rican UFO researcher Willie Durand Urbina regarding high-strangeness events in the island's El Yunque rainforest. Durand mentioned that sightings of hairy manimals were nothing new in Puerto Rico, and certainly not in El Yunque. However, in the wake of the Chupacabras apparitions of 1995-96, there were now reports of Bigfoot-type entities wearing cinturones de luz (belts of light) emerging from the rainforest. The researcher added that these creatures tended to be more violent than their unadorned counterparts. Other investigators of the unknown in Puerto Rico have mentioned cases in which human-sized hairy monsters have committed acts of violence against eyewitnesses.

The Spawn of Anubis?

Perhaps our own biases toward the humanoid shape cause us to pay more attention to cases involving the more manlike entities and ignoring others which are equally important. These would be the creatures described as feline or canine, walking on four legs and sometimes on two, and clearly different from anything known in our world. One of the earliest reports involving these paranormal creatures, known as the Beast of Bungay, has been cited in a number of books and magazines. Elizabethan printer Abraham Fleming consigned the account in a black-letter brochure, describing the incident occurred in the month of August, 1577: "The parish church at Bongie (Bungay) did quake and stagger under the violence of a storm, such as never before hath been seen [...]. Immediately thereupon, there appeared in the most horrible shape and similitude to the congregation...a thing like a black dog...This black dog, or devil in such a likeness, running all along down the body of the Church with great swiftness...". Perhaps Mr. Fleming would be surprised to learn that such events are still occurring five centuries later.

According to Brazilian researcher and author Carlos Machado, director of the CIPEX group, the city of Sumaré in the state of Sao Paulo was visited by a number of bizarre entities between April 27 and May 10, 1997. One case involved a manicurist named María Vera, who was returning home at around 11:50 p.m. afer a having spent the evening at her sister's house. As she crossed an empty field to reach her house, she ran into a "horrible monster" described as an enormous, swift-moving ape that moved on all fours with large red eyes. Despite the initial simian description, María Vera likened it to a colossal dog that reeked of carrion. It towered over the woman when it stood before her on two legs. "It was a great work of evil. I didn't faint only because my faith is so strong," referring to her pentecostal beliefs.

Confirmation for María Vera's sighting came from Irene Rodrigues do Mata, a fellow churchgoer who would also describe the entity as "a giant dog". Even the local night watchman, Luis Carlos, claimed having seen the aberration five times during the same night. "The critter's already killed two cows," he told reporters. "Dead dogs have been turning up in the wilderness, and the living ones are making such a racket like I'd never heard before."

On April 29, 1997, Sr. Alirio, the gardener for the Prefecture of Sumaré, would be treated to a sighting at five o'clock in the morning as he headed for work. Again, the description offered was that of a "very large dog" with a slender body.

But the strangest of these reports from the Sao Paulo vicinity involves one such monster dog followed by a horde of normal dogs. According to eyewitness Anisio Cacheta, whose sighting occurred on May 17, 1997, the creature was black and hairy and had simian rather than canine features with spine-like formations running down the length its body.

The suggestion that whatever force is at work in these animal mutilations has a "protean" quality that allows it to change shape has also been debated, and there have been more than several cases in which such transformations have been reported. Perhaps none of them is quite so vivid as the event involving Mr. and Mrs Lew Lister of Point Isabel, Ohio, retold by the late Leonard H. Stringfield in his classic Situation Red, The UFO Siege (Doubleday, 1977).

In 1964, the Listers had been sitting in their car talking around 11:00 p.m. with the headlights off when a figure took "large hops or leaps" over to their vehicle. Passing with uncanny ease through a barbed wire fence, the entity lunged toward the car's windshield as the frightened couple tried to roll up the windows and make their escape. Retelling the story to Stringfield in 1975, Mrs. Lister had been hesitant to disclose what happened next: the attacking creature had changed shape, its hands transforming into paws and running away, vanishing into thin air.

Dennis Pilichis, author of Night Siege, a monograph about northern Ohio's rash of Bigfoot sightings in 1981, cites a case from Lewiston, NY, involving police efforts at finding the party responsible for killing a horse by snapping its neck and leaving a deep gash along its side. A police officer allegedly interviewed a man who reported seen a creature squatting, "sitting [in the snow] on its haunches as if it was eating." Feline footprints were also found along a ditch: the cat tracks suddenly vanished when they approached the ones made by the strange entities. "What happened to the cat?" asks Pilichis. "Was it eaten by the critter? Did it change into the creature? Who knows..."

The Felinoids

Perhaps the most frightening of the creatures encountered are the felinoids: during the course of a conversation with Spanish parapsychologist Eduardo Gregorio, he mentioned that a successful summoning of some nameless entity had produced the materialization of a hideous feline shape that darted into the surrounding darkness, much to the dismay of the would-be warlocks. Their dismay is quite understandable, given the fact that the very same thing had occurred to a famous occultist of the past. In his book The Goblin Universe (Llewellyn, 1987), cryptozoologist F.H. "Ted" Holiday describes the efforts made by the infamous Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc's companion-in-arms. Rendered nearly penniless by his profligate lifestyle, the French nobleman sought to find wealth through sorcery. A necromancer named La Riviere seems to have conjured "a demon in the form of a leopard" which could allegedly be heard by servants as it walked on the castle's rooftops.

The United States has had its own felinoid cases: in the summer of 1996, a caller to The Laura Lee Show mentioned seeing a thin, shadowy figure like that of "a human cat" race across her backyard. In 1991, Strange Magazine ran a letter from a reader in Maryland concerning a creature known as "The Cat Man" which allegedly haunted a dumping ground near the city of Salisbury. The entity was described as black, hairy and having claws or hook-like fingernails; glowing yellow eyes completed the nightmarish ensemble.

Encountering one such entity is bad enough. Who could remain sane in the face of an infestation of said creatures? The question is not rhetorical: in 1985, residents of the communities of Rafael Calzada, Quilmes and San Francisco Solano (suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina) were forced to contend with precisely such a phenomenon.

According to researcher Gustavo Fernández, accounts of the felinoids' attacks were initially circumscribed to the police blotters of local newspapers. "One or more persons in feline disguise," standing almost 6 feet tall, had sexually accosted a number of local women. Victims and eyewitnesses had coincided in their descriptions, stressing the speed and agility of these figures.

As the number of cases increased, the police was prompted to take action. Over 40 law-enforcement agents at a time tried to capture one of the swift, shadowy figures without any success. On one occasion, the policemen converged upon one of the perpetrators in an empty lot, believing it to be hidden behind some shrubbery. When they ran toward it, the figure disappeared.

Fernández states that the number of creatures believed to prowl the suburbs was almost one hundred, and multiple reports were coming in from locations separated by considerable distances. As would occur with the Chupacabras sightings in Puerto Rico a decade later, locals began taking their own measures upon seeing the police's inability or unwillingness to capture or slay the creatures. During one incident, relates Fernández, two men "opened fire against a thin, black, hairy silhouette at a distance of 5 meters" and saw it fall to the ground following the bullets' impact, only to rise up to its feet once more and run away.

Fernández found himself drawn into the situation when his expertise in the occult was requested by locals who complained of the inordinate number of "possession" events taking place in the community. Catholic and Protestant clergymen were being called in to exorcise homes and individuals more than ever before. Although Fernández believed that the "cat people" were probably human terrorists, he was interested to learn that the appearance of the bizarre silhouettes coincided with the opening of several Umbanda temples (terreiros, in Portuguese) in the local woods.

The occultist investigated the case of a local family whose daughter, Elena, would awake every night at two o'clock in the morning screaming, weeping and convulsing. Standing guard outside the girl's room while she slept, Fernández was startled to hear her cry at precisely 2 a.m.. Barging into the room, he became aware that "something" had dropped off the roof of the house and onto the ground outside the open bedroom window, "a shadowy shape darker than the night sky".

Instinctively, Fernández --a practitioner of the martial arts--thrust himself at the window and rammed his left fist at the hairy figure. This is how he describes physical contact with a non-human entity: "The fact is that I felt a repugnant sensation under my left hand. Its body was very cold, colder than its mammalian exterior would suppose, and was soft. The best tactile image I can give you is that of a leather bag filled with jelly. Its bristles were hard and almost perpendicular to the skin, or at least so it seemed to me." The entity turned and ran as the researcher leapt out the window to chase it to no avail.

The paranormal infestation ended as abruptly as it had begun--a constant in most cases involving entities of this description. Reflecting on those utterly strange days sixteen years ago, Gustavo Fernández believes that the felinoids were the "byproduct of goetic activity" in the area and that their activity was strongly reminiscent of the Medieval incubi, who would materialize physically to sexually accost humans or disturb their spiritual harmony.

The reader would do well to pause and reflect after reading such an account. What were these slender shadows doing roaming around suburban Buenos Aires in 1985? Collective hallucinations by members of a society beset by economic and political woes? Or to make the story more palatable to UFO believers, saucer crewmen engaged in activities incomprehensible to the human mind? Perhaps, in the final analysis, the supernatural answer fits best.

The Quest for Answers

In the summer of 1996 this author was approached by parapsychologist and lecturer Peter A. Jordan, well-known for his even-handed and thorough research on the cattle mutilation phenomenon in the 1970s and for unmasking the "Amityville Horror" fraud. Jordan had become interested in the manifestations of the paranormal predator known as the Chupacabras or "Goatsucker" and sought to repeat an investigative approach that had served him well during the cattle mutilations in the Western U.S.: submitting physical evidence and photographs to psychics and psychometrists in the hopes of coming up with a solution to the mystery.

A number of photographs of farm animals mutilated by the Chupacabras provided by the Puerto Rican Research Group were made available to Jordan, and these were forwarded to psychometrists with a background of law enforcement and academic work in parapsychology. The experiment's results were startling.The impressions from the six photographs presented to a psychic collective known as the United States Psychic Rescue Squad suggested that some kind of ritual was involved in the animal mutilations. One sensitive received "fleeting impressions of men in white clothing resembling Santería [practitioners] or Mau-Mau." The focus of the ritual was "revenge and hatred" of an unspecified source. Another sensitive felt that "a reborn witch doctor" was involved in the mutilations; still another felt that "a type of devil worship was involved, yet not necessarily of an organized type," adding that the person at the center of the situation "believes he is the hand of God."

Other psychometrists flatly refused to handle the material, feeling that the negativity of whatever had caused the animal deaths. The late Ron Mangravite sensed that the creature took great pleasure in killing, showing that the entity behaved in malicious fashion, betraying a keen intelligence. The image of the creature which formed in the psychometrist's mind had been that of a feline with "an elongated neck", adding the curious observation that the earth-energies in the place where the mutilations had taken place (in the vicinity of Puerto Rico's mysterious El Yunque rainforest) were "immense...strong enough to generate tulpas (the Tibetan thought-produced entities) or Tulpoid phenomena."

What these psychometrists did not know--could not possibly have known--at the time of the experiment was that veiled references were being made to a "Yoruba temple" (or more properly, a place of Santería worship) in Mameyes, a small town on the foothills of El Yunque, perhaps being responsible for the summoning of the Chupacabras. A lucky guess?

How Can These Things Be?

In his book Investigating the Unexplained (Prentice-Hall, 1972), zoologist Ivan Sanderson presents a cogent explanation for the question "how can these things be?". After stressing the fact that many so-called "intangible" creatures present clearly "tangible" aspects, he propounds the existence of an entirely new set (or sets) of dimensions separated from what we understand to be our normal space/time, but "so close to ours in either respect that bits and pieces fall through from one to the other, and then possibly back again..." Perhaps more important is the great researcher's assertion that we are increasingly surrounded by measurable evidence of these other dimensions in touch with our own, inhabited by denizens of unsuspected natures, ranging from "abysmal idiots to godlike entities."

Sanderson ends his exposition on the matter by postulating a number of concepts: that there are other universes intertwined with our own, that the number of these may be infinite, that intelligent life may be common in some of them, and more importantly, that some of these intelligences figured out how to make round-trip sorties from their home universes. Less consideration has been given to another possibility: the likelihood that these manifestations were forcibly brought into our reality--summoned--through the practice of sorcery.

It is understandable how such an possibility would receive short shrift from the outset. To believe in the summoning of entities involves a belief in ceremonial magic that not many are willing to concede, since the laws of the physical world demand that a given input be provided to obtain the desired output. No human has the ability--we would like to believe--to command the elements, coerce others to take action, or draw strange creatures from other realities for unsuspected purposes, but the record would appears to indicate otherwise. Indeed, journalist Ed Conroy, in writing about Whitley Streiber's abduction experiences (Report on Communion, p.249), suggests that one of the ways in which the issue of "visitors" may be approached is through the analysis of Western ceremonial magic practices, with their extensive tradition of contact between humans and non-humans.

Mexico: The Flying Humanoid (or Balloon) Video

While we await further information on Mr. Daniel Sanchez's videos showing unusual forms in the skies over Mexico, it's always worth remembering that Mexico has a long-standing tradition of balloon-making, ranging from colorful, multi-shaped helium affairs sold on city streets to the impressive "globos de Cantoya" which have been mistaken for alien craft on more than one occasion. The popular "Buzz Lightyear" balloons of a few years ago led to a spate of "flying humanoid" reports as well. For more information on these and other videos, please visit

Mexico: Flying Creature or Balloon?

Ana Luisa Cid writes: "Three videos by Daniel Sanchez, recorded in Mexico City on the 19th, 20th and 21st of February, 2009. Humanoids? Flying beings? Balloons? We leave it to your discretion.

A few years ago, a news broadcast on Televisa Monterrey reported something similar. The eyewitness and his family described [their sighting] a creature flying through the air. The news caused a stir, but no further investigations took place. Its true nature was never known."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)

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Argentina: Another Fireball Over Patagonia

Source: INFOBAE de Buenos Aires
Date: 02.20.09

Argentina: Another Argentinean Fireball in Patagonia

Witnesses to the phenomenon in Esquel and El Bolsón (Chubut Province) claim that the “night was completely lit” – it occurred last Saturday and research is ongoing to determine if it was a meteorite that entered the atmosphere and disintegrated, or if it was a UFO.

The strange “fireball” that crossed the skies over the Cordillera in Chubut between the towns of Esquel and El Bolsón is being investigated to see if it was an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) or a meteorite that entered the atmosphere and burned up before striking the ground.

The episode took place at midnight last Saturday – although it only became known today – and was seen by at least a dozen people driving along the road that links El Bolsón with Esquel.

Those who witnessed the phenomenon claimed that the dark night was almost entirely illuminated for a few seconds, leaving eyewitnesses “flabbergasted”

“On Saturday, between 23:00 and midnight, personnel on duty saw a fireball-type light,” said Ramon Lotero, second commander of the 36ths Squadron of the National Gendarmes.

“The duty officer went out to survey the vicinity, because we first thought it was a private plane, but nothing could be seen,” Lotero said in a statement reproduced by website. While there wasn’t much certainty about what occurred, the Air Force wasn’t able to explain it either. Lotero leaned toward the meteorite theory.

“In theory, it was a fireball. We speculated that it was a meteorite. We cannot say this but in theory we believe it was a meteorite. Had it been a small plane, it would have left some traces, and we looked for the spot where it could’ve fallen, but there was nothing there,” he added.

Drivers transiting at that time at the entrance to Esquel “also saw the same”.

The second commander estimated – based on the observations – that “the fireball” fell between El Bolsón and San Carlos de Bariloche, although he could not be more specific. “When the object was seen, Air Force personnel working at the local airport was contacted, but no further information was obtained,” Loreto pointed out.

[NOTE: The image is a file photo provided by]

(Translation (c) 2009. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to INFOBAE and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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MISIDENTIFICATION: The Rosario, Argentina Beam-Firing UFO

MISIDENTIFICATION: The Rosario, Argentina Beam-Firing UFO
By Silvia Perez Simondini
(Posted to the website)

As the public is well aware, many people in Rosario were shaken by the manifestation of a UFO that engaged in zigzagging, up-and-down movements with intermittent lights as it traveled on the night of January 30 into the morning of the 31st.

Many witnesses reported seeing two or three objects that same night.
Vision Ovni took down the eyewitness reports and began its investigation, accompanied by a series of sightings made in other parts of the world showing observations made in various parts of the world, displaying video images with one, four and five objects producing the same phenomenon visible in the Rosario case.

We commenced our research in Rosario by interviewing witnesses, a detailed task carried out by Elias Kolev; witnesses in the area and outlying regions were surveyed. Meanwhile, Vision Ovni’s website and blog continue to receive videos and accounts of the events. We also received explanations from the parties making the claims. Four working hypotheses were confected out of all this material.

Hypothesis One: Static Aerial Promotion by the Alto Rosario Shopping Center
This hypothesis was dismissed after making calls to the Alto Rosario shopping center, whose management denied the existence of any aerial promotion campaign over its facilities. On the other hand, consultations were made with the Fisherton Control Tower, as it is the regulating body that authorizes such displays.

Hypothesis Two: Nocturnal Flights by Light-Equipped kites
On this occasion, using information posted by an anonymous user to Vision Ovni’s blog at Clarin, we found the Rosario Vuela organization, which flies these kites. This group is a gathering of friends who are passionate about this hobby. Upon learning of its existence, Andrea Perez Simondini contacted them immediately, addressing an e-mail to Guillermo Percoco, the groups web manager. In its reply, the aforementioned group assumed responsibility for the event. The details are provided below:

Mail from Andrea:
Hello Guillermo:
You have a lovely web page.
As you can see from the subject, I’m a member of the Vision Ovni team and as you can imagine, I’m writing about the sighting on the evening of the 30th-morning of the 31st. As many witnesses have reported that the movement of the reported object resembled that of a kite, and with the authorities at Fisherton reporting that no permit for kite contest or practice had been issued, nor for any aerial publicity, I wanted confirmation from your organization if you did indeed perform maneuvers with the kites, as this is the last source we need to verify.

If this is true, I would like a letter from you confirming your organization’s event to declare the matter closed. If not true, I think it’ll be a long time before we learn the real causes of the event. I wanted to advise you that next week we’ll be holding a press conference due to the number of witnesses to the event and we would like to bring this mystery to an end. It would be a good thing for you to send me photos of your maneuvers so that people will have a record of it.
I’m requesting your authorization to mention your group as being responsible for the episode or not, so that people will be clear about it, one way or another. If it was indeed your group, you mobilized a lot of people and caused us to make expenses that we can’t always cover.
I hope you receive this message in the understanding that while UFO research may be a lark to some, there are others who take it earnestly, in the same way that you engage in your hobby.
I eagerly await your reply.
Andrea Perez Simondini
Vision OVNI

Reply Received:

Hi Andrea, thanks for writing (e-mail cc’d to We were in fact preparing a note for publication on our page, which you can read here:

What you call a UFO was INDEED US. It was a light-emitting kite. The report on the page gives you extensive details as to how this was done. I’d like to clarify a few things in this regard:

1) IT WASN’T a prank. It was an activity we engage in regularly and is called nocturnal kite flying. We aren’t’ the only ones doing it; it’s done in many parts of the world (YouTube: kite night led, there are even a few links posted in a comment to your blog)
2) We are NOT an institution or organization. We are simply a group of friends who get together to fly kites, like any other group of friends meeting to play soccer, fly radio-controlled planes, etc. (for this reason we are unable to send you an institutional letter or anything similar)
3) The kites are small, not large like I’ve seen some people say (the one we use is 1 meter wide by one meter tall)
4) It wasn’t any kind of promotional campaign. We do not profit in any way from the groups activities. We don’t charge to have people see, don’t charge admission or to test our kites, or anything like it.
5) The shopping center had absolutely NOTHING to do with it (several radio stations wanted to phone the public relations people to inquire, etc.)

And what’s most important: AT NO TIME DID WE INTEND TO MOCK ANYONE, OR CAUSE FEAR, PANIC, ETC. among people. It wasn’t a joke. It was a field test to corroborate that the 2007 video was indeed a recording of one of our kites. It was done at night for obvious reasons. It was done over the shopping center because we fly at Scalabrini’s and it turned out that the wind was blowing in that direction. It was done twice because we did not find what we were looking for, and because night flying is something we do often in the summer. It just never happened that so many people would see it.

We have photos taken with the rest of the people, but the person who took them still can’t publish them. Therefore they’re not in the article, probably when conditions are back to normal (his electricity still hasn’t been restored).

With regard to your blog’s comment about us being concealed, it is COMPLETELY UNTRUE, as you’ll read in the article. We were in a park, in a well-lit sector, with our families, cars, bags, etc. My apologies for not making a longer reply, but I had a very long night on account of the storm and I’m very tired. However, I want you to know that I’m at your disposal for further replies and/or to show you how it’s done. But I’m listening to your radio show and wanted this to reach you as soon as possible.


As those of us at Vision Ovni tend to say, sometimes humorously and sometimes in earnest, those who seek shall find. As you can see, Rosario Vuela becomes responsible for the episode that caused hundreds of people to pull over in the vicinity of the shopping center.

To Vision Ovni, this case has been closed, but there are still loose ends to deal with:

· what caused an optical effect with the beam’s emission-- which according to the parties responsible was attributable to an optical distortion in camera lens – when we have witnesses who saw the beam without optic elements.
· The number of objects. Rosario Vuela explains that people saw two objects due to the LED dangling from the bottom of the kid. There are witnesses who report seeing 2 and 3 objects that night.
· Reports of the traffic lights suspended in red, rather than intermittent (yellow) at the time of the manifestation have yet to be explained. There are witnesses who state that this indeed happened and from the investigation undertaken by Elias Kolev with Traffic Control, we know that traffic lights should have operated normally that day. The effect on cellphones we attribute to a lack of battery power when the need to photograph or record arose.

Finally this case would explain the beam-emission phenomenon seen in recordings from England, Germany, Russia, Mexico and Costa Rica and the 2007 Rosario event: not on account of the kite soaring, but due to optical defects in the lenses of the cellphones making the recordings.
An agreement was reached with the Rosario Vuela group to perform a field test aimed at recreating the phenomenon observed in the Alto Rosario shopping center under the same conditions, in order to provide a practical demonstration to those who were startled by phenomenon.


Finally, this case was a lesson to all of us. It teaches us how much further we must go to perfect our fieldwork. And to Rosario Vuela too, because I’m certain that they will inform the public during their next field maneuver so that no person will have doubts about the maneuvers, and to people who have been motivated for the first time ever to state their observations in public. They cannot imagine the importance that this has to those of us who research the UFO phenomenon, as the main component in any case is the witness, and it is for the witnesses, and their commitment to reporting what they saw, the we sought the ultimate possibility and found it, even if no UFO was involved in this event.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)

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Argentina: Curious Object Over the Argentinean Atlantic

Possible UFO Over the Argentinean Atlantic
By Hector Boetto

I spent a few days at the shore this February, specifically at Pinamar. To our friends from other countries who've probably never heard of this spot, it's located on the Atlantic coast of the Province of Buenos Aires, some 360 kilometers south of the capital. As with nearly the entire maritime littoral of the province, the beaches are wide and extend for many kilometers.

On February 5 [2009] the sky was overcast with low, grey and leaden clouds. We went to the end of the beach to a place known as La Frontera, containing dunes filled with small glyptodont fossils at floor level. Currently, with the fashion for driving ATVs, the entire dune area is being pounded incessantly by this rather absurd traffic, and the small fossils are being pulverized by this predatory tourism.

After surveying the area, going up and down the dunes, I approached the beach and began taking photos of the horizon. I had seen a vessel precisely on the line separating the sea from the sky, and wanted to take a few shots. Upon analyzing one of the photos much later on the computer, I came across a very interesting object in the sky. This is the first of three images. To see it more clearly, I clipped the image and enlarged it.

What strikes me is the speed of transformation and horizontal displacement of this object, bearing in mind that the three photos were taken in three seconds (an image per second) and the shape taken in this last photo.

There are several examples of objects that appear to display two lights or two luminous dots resembling lights. Objects having these characteristcs can be seen on the websites of our colleagues.

All that's missing is the technical information on the photos:

Date: February 5 2009
Time: 18 h, 40 min., 8 sec.

Camera: Nikon D300
Focal distance: 82mm (300 mm.zoom)
Sensitivity: 200 ISO
Shutter speed: 1/400
f: 5,6

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Three Unidentified Objects Entered the Atmosphere

Source: Rio Negro Online
Date: Monday, 02.16.09

ARGENTINA: Three Unidentified Objects Entered the Atmosphere

NEUQUEN – Three unidentified objects entered the atmosphere, creating a tremendous flash that lit the region’s skies from Alto Valle to the Cordilleran Lake region, according to witnesses.

The phenomenon occurred on Saturday night between 22:15 and 23:00 hours and was confirmed by the Neuquén Astronomical Observatory and the Bariloche Naval Prefecture. Roberto Figueroa, director of the Observatory, told Rio Negro Online that “around 22:15 I was in the observatory with some people and we suddenly saw how the entire sky in the western part of Parque Norte became illuminated. We saw three very bright objects, unidentified, which exploded upon entering the atmosphere, producing a tremendous flash that was followed y a sort of smoke.”

He ratified that these were unidentified flying objects, and he understands that it could have been “a large asteroid measuring between 5 and 8 meters in diameter. It would be one of many that cross Earth’s path as collision point. As they enter our atmosphere, they heat up and expand in such a way that they wind up burning up and falling as ashes,” explained Figueroa. “However, it could also have been the reentry of one of many satellites orbiting the earth.” The expert concluded by saying that there “are no specifics to what actually seen.”

From Bariloche, residents and tourists claimed seeing a light fall to earth in Lake Nahuel Huapi. According to the Bariloche News Agency, members of the Naval Prefecture reported receiving calls from several residents, including some who were in Lake Mascardi and claimed seeing “a flashing light.”

The Prefecture believed at first that it was a flare and sent a vessel to survey the area toward the Limay River as indicated by callers, but nothing was found. “We supposed that it was a shooting star, but do not have any solid data on what occurred.”

A group of fishermen at the Piedra del Aguila area also confirmed the sighting, but added the detail that it was followed by a loud report. In Roca, residents celebrating the Fiesta Nacional de la Manzana (Apple Day) also witnessed the phenomenon. “It was a greenish blue object that seemed to be made of metal,” said a woman.

This sighting has occurred only days away from the first collision in space produced by cosmic traffic. The collision, which occurred last Tuesday and was reported on Friday, involved two satellites – one Russian, the other American, which impacted some 800 km over Siberia.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales,IHU. Special thanks to Jorge Figueras, FAO)

Argentina: More Fireballs Reported

Just as television viewers everywhere marvel about the daylight meteor/fireball/unknown object videotaped over Texas, INEXPLICATA has received an e-mail posting from Jorge Luis Figueras, photographic analyst with the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO):

"[The incidents] occurred on Saturday, and regional members of the FAO are involved in researching it. At this time, eyewitness accounts span locations as distant as Casa de Piedra in the south of La Pampa, Viedma in eastern Rio Negro, Sierra Grande and Ramos Mexia, Cutral Co, Bariloche on the western end of the province, Neuquén proper, Zapala, Las Lajas and Chos Malal -- that is to say, two entire provinces 600 kilometers from north to south and some 500 from east to west. There is a strong likelihood that it was also seen in Chile.

"Witnesses I've been with up to this moment (my wife included) total five in Cipolletti (the approximate center of the sighting) and suggest an angle greater than 45 degrees west. In Viedma they're saying 30 degrees in the same direction. All agree on the white light that turned to blue and finally to greenish blue, with an approximate duration of between 5 to 10 seconds. Some witnesses - not all - report hearing a detonation. But only a few have said this."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Planeta UFO)

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Peru: Strange Entity at Quives

Date: 02.15.08

Peru: Strange Entity at Quives

The recording was made on July 8, 2008 in the small Peruvian town of Santa Rosa de Quives.

Preliminary research suggests that it is not a virtual animation, according to Dr. Anthony Choy, who adds that there are still missing elements of proof that will insure the video's authenticity.

The witnesses wish to remain anonymous.

[Note: the video footage of this creature sighting is at]

(Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid. Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)

Mexico: Balloons Against the Moon, or UFOs?

Ana Luisa Cid writes: "I've had some free time for skygazing in the month of February. I recorded several objects, seemingly spherical, in the afternoon of [February] the 3rd.

"As I've said before, the considerable distance that separates us from these objects does not allow us to determine their nature with any certainty. However, I think they may be UFOs (because we do not know what they are) or perhaps balloons (tied together in a bunch)"

(Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU, 2009.)

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Argentina: A Friday the 13th UFO in Villa Ventana?

Source: Grupo G.A.B.I.E
Date: February 13, 2009

"This being the last day of our research in the Villa Ventana area, we are publishing the last photo taken today, Friday, at the Tornquist Provincial Park at 16:04 hours. It should be noted that the reason for having taken this photo stemmed from the "need" of a team member to point his camera skyward at precisely that moment.

The analysis shows that a spherical object was in motion at the time that the photo was taken. It had a uniform relief throughout its contour, and it became more noticeable when the solarized filter was applied to it."

From The Archives: There's a Stranger in Town

There's a Stranger in Town
By Scott Corrales (c) 1999

A man interviewed about the Great Northeastern Blackout in 1965, recalled walking through the streets of New York City during the event and feeling the eerieness of the situation. He told his interviewer: "I don't know, but that day I had the feeling there were ghosts walking among us."

While we shouldn't draw any deep conclusions from a poetic turn of phrase such as this one, this man's sentiment has been uttered by many others around the world in starkly different contrasts. The belief that not everyone sharing the daylight, waking world with us may belong to that world has played a significant role in many accounts of the paranormal. Some talk of ghosts; others of aliens; and still others of entities which while seemingly human, are not what they appear to be.

A Mockery of Humans?

British author Harold Wilkins mentioned a pair of truly enigmatic creatures in his book Flying Saucers on the Attack, one of ufology's early classics. In mid-February 1953, the administrator of a Los Angeles law firm dedicated to tracking missing persons stated that two weird-looking men, standing 6'2", who had been given temporary work by the firm's legal director, had vanished without a trace. The administrator went on to say that the emaciated pair, clad in ill-fitting clothes and with bluish-green complexions, also had prick ears of the sort seen on certain breeds of dogs.

On January 20, 1953, these two men were given an assignment to help in the tracing of missing persons. Their efficiency in this endeavor was such that the other tracers were astounded. The administrator also noted that on one occasion, one of the beings leaned over the top of a steel cabinet and scored an indentation at least a half inch deep on its surface, using his "oddly curved hand" to do so.

Wilkins' description of the entities doesn't stop there: both creatures had jointless hands and wrists of decidedly non-human curvature. The law firm thought it best to notify the FBI, but the strange pair had disappeared before the agents arrived on the scene. Aside from the testimony of the firm's administrator and legal director, the only evidence left behind by the creatures was the furrow in the steel filing cabinet, which was taken to a metallurgical chemist for analysis. The chemist's report stated that a pressure of at least two thousand pounds per square inch would have been necessary to produce such an indentation.

Paranormal investigator Peter Guttila, writing in Flying Saucers magazine (March 1971, Issue #72), discusses the thoroughly strange experience of an Californian ice-cream parlor employee who was visited by "a man who appeared out of nowhere" and asked for a frozen desert. The curious character had no idea of currency, what flavors were, not even what the word "sweet" meant. Thinking that he was dealing with a half-wit, the employee paid little attention until the stranger asked him to place his left hand on the counter. "When I did," Guttila quotes the unnamed attendant as saying, "he placed his left hand next to mine--he had only three fingers! He then put his right hand on the counter and it too had only three fingers."

Unable to find any trace of scar tissue or deformity, the frightened attendant leaped back; the stranger reportdly looked at him and said: "We are not quite like you," before proceeding to vanish into thin air.

The occultist Alex Saunders gave the term "mimics" to this thoroughly disturbing order of beings, associating them with the numerous creatures in the animal kingdom that imitate other, more dangerous animals to keep safe: certain insects, for example, resemble poisonous centipedes or scorpions, while other imitate their smell in order to go unnoticed. Saunders believed that there may be creatures living among us who have all the trademarks of being human yet are not so, and are not extraterrestrial, either. John Keel expressed the belief that the infamous Men-in-Black belonged to precisely such an order of beings in his book Our Haunted Planet (Fawcett, 1971).

Strangers on the Tracks

On May 5, 1988, the Spanish police received a frantic phone call from the railway authorities concerning the horrifying death of a young man who had been messily sliced in two by a RENFE train on the Santiago de Compostela to Madrid line, near the town of Boisaca. The police reported to the scene of the nightmarish event and in view of the fact that there were no identifying papers on the corpse, merely filed the case as another "missing persons" event. But there were many unusual details to the case which were to haunt the authorities for years come. Antolín Doval, head of the Technical Divison of the Police Department, discussed the case with researchers Lorenzo Fernández and Iker Jiménez in 1996, maintaing that his office had never again encountered a similar situation.

On that fateful night in 1988, the train's engineer had settled down for the otherwise routine intercity run, when he saw a figure running out of the woods toward the rails, taking one last look at the mammoth locomotive that would soon become his last sight. Bringing the train to a halt, the engineer leaped from the locomotive into the darkness toward where the figure had last been seen. Any hopes he may have kindled in his breast were dashed upon witnessing the torn, mangled body.

Forensic analysis would later prove that the man was wearing clothing several sizes too large for him and carried a small amount of currency on him. The instant verdict was that the man had been a vagabond who committed suicide by staring down the shining light of the "Midnight Special" that the old American bluesmen would sing about.

The experts also became aware of a number of oddities: the victim's head was overly large and his teeth were prominent and sharp. Also noteworthy were his ears, which were cocked forward and lacked any of the folds of a normal human ear. Local residents denied having ever seen the strange-looking man, and no one came forward to identify the remains. He was not featured in any existing missing persons dossier, either.

However, some people claimed having seen the man frantically building a series of concentric rings with small stones not far from the train tracks, as if trying to leave behind a message that will forever remain a mystery.

A 16th Century Riddle

Many of us have wished, at times, for a supernatural assistant well-disposed toward us to aid us in overcoming life's problems, or why not, even gaining an edge over our fellow men. While some may reply that our "guardian angels" neatly fulfill this role, others have had dealings with much more tangible entities who have furthered their careers on earth.

The 16th century, aside from being an age of military and intelelctual expansion, also served as the age for some of the most enigmatic personalities that have graced this millenium: perhaps one of the least remembered ones of their number is Doctor Torralba.

Torralba was a physician to the Spanish Court in the 1500's who was endowed with a very unusual "companion" or counselor who gave him strict advice on how to live his life. This invisible companion, known only as "Zequiel", was similar in many respects to the secret advisor or daimon that inspired Socrates in ancient Greece. "Zequiel"'s physical description, given by Dr. Torralba to those wishing to know more about this unusual character, closely matched that of Adamski's "Venusians" -- tall, fair and slender.

Dr. Torralba told courtiers that he had inherited his otherworldly protector from a friar of the Dominican Order in Rome, who was visited by the entity on "certain phases of the moon". The friar had asked Zequiel if he would mind taking Torralba under his protection, to which the fair, blue-eyed entity agreed. From that moment on, Torralba was favored with superhuman wisdom, as were those friends of his who made requests of "Zequiel", as in the case of an Italian nobleman, Carmelo Ruffini, who asked for a sure-fire method for winning games of chance; although "Zequiel" was at first hesitant, he gave the nobleman a formula based on kabbalistic symbols which earned the gambler the sum of one hundred ducats--a veritable fortune in those days.

But Torralba got much more than he bargained for on May 6, 1527, when his companion transported him "through the air, guided by a ball of fire" from Spain to Rome in a single night to witness a terrible sight: the beheading of Charles of Bourbon, Marshal of France, and the Pope being imprisoned in Castel Sant Angelo during the Sack of Rome. Upon his return to Spain from this otherworldly journey, the doctor could not contain himself and told everyone about the sad scene of destruction he'd witnessed thanks to "Zequiel".

The Inquisition took an interest in these affairs and Torralba was sentenced to prison for three years and later tortured. He was released from prison a broken man; his powerful friends and clients deserted him. His dealings with the unusual character who had aided him so much had come to an end.

Was Zequiel what occultists term a familiar spirit? Was he the inspiration for the character of Mephistopheles in "Faust"? Was he one of many similar entities who are substantial, appear able to live among humans, but belong to a different order of being? There are no satisfactory answers to any of these questions.

Strangers from Saucers?

In his book La Quinta Columna ("the Fifth Column") Spanish researcher Juan José Benítez mentions another roadside encounter, this one in November of 1974 outside Huesca, Spain. It involved a couple who stopped their car to have a bizarre conversation with a pointy-faced, all-too-human ufonaut, who asked a surprising question of the motorists: could they lend him a monkey wrench? A semi-spherical UFO with alternating red, yellow and white lights hovered in the background, and the driver wondered what good would a wrench do aboard such a vehicle. The ufonaut introduced himself as "Dr. Flor, from Barcelona". Subsequent investigation by the researcher proved that there was indeed a "Dr. Flor" living in Barcelona, but the distinguished physician did not in the least bit resemble the sharp-chinned, frightening UFO occupant, nor was the real Dr. Flor in the least bit interested in the UFO phenomenon.

On May 5, 1959, a boat sailed out of the Dominican Republic carrying 45 year old television producer and director Freddy Miller and his passengers (two women and two children) and disappeared without a trace. Thirteen years later, on September 22, 1973, insurance salesman Virgilio Gómez was driving along the highway to service a new account when he saw a person waving him down by the roadside. According to Gómez, a man in a green outfit informed him that he was Freddy Miller, adding that he had "supposedly" drowned along with some other people, but that he had in fact been rescued by a modern device, "a module known to people as a UFO".

The witness remarked that his alien interlocutor had a disgusting grayish-yellow skin tone that he found repulsive, spoke in a thick, deliberate voice and was virtually hairless. The entity's body was covered by a form-fitting green coverall without zippers or pockets. Gómez was shown a strange, half-concealed vehicle in the woods by the roadside, causing him to realize that the situation was no joke.

Upon returning home that evening, Gómez told his wife and relatives about "Freddy Miller" and his experience that morning. Santo Domingo's major newspapers and periodicals would soon feature the case.

But what about "Freddy Miller" himself? Photos of the missing sportsman and TV personality show a balding, bespectacled older man which in no way resembled the being who spoke to Virgilio Gómez. In spite of his exposure to television, the real Freddy Miller had no significant knowledge of radio technology -- the reason given by the alleged alien for the Venusians interest in resurrecting him. Does this case, along with the preceding encounter with "Dr. Flor", hint at the possible existence of creatures bent not only on posing as extraterrestrial visitors, but posing as humans?

Another case--mired controversy over the past ten years-- took place at the coastal community of Conil in the south of Spain, and involving the materialization of two large, brilliant figures that turned into human beings before the eyes of frightened teenage witnesses. According to their testimony, the pseudo-humans were a male and female, dressed in street clothes appropriate for the time and place. They calmly walked along the beach and vanished into a crowd, while a UFO display filled the heavens above. The witnesses stuck around to see them return hours later, capturing their curious manner of walking with on Super-8 film. The trail of footprints left by the male and female led straight into the water. This incident, dubbed "the infiltrators" or "the Conil humanoids" has been re-opened several times since it occured in 1989, and a number of researchers have interviewed the witnesses over the years as well as police officers and government functionaries. This high-strangeness event does not stand all alone: researcher Manuel Carballal has uncovered a similar case involving "humanoids emerging from the sea" at the northern Spanish beach of Sada. During this incident, a married couple walking along the beach at night was startled by the emergence of two "strange humanoids" emerging from the sea. "As in the Conil case," Carballal explains, " they were clad in long tunics and carried bags into which something was being poured."


The UFO phenomenon is sufficiently complicated without the unneccesary addition of cases involving aliens that morph into human beings, and this is more than likely the reason why cases like Conil and Sada are thrust to the very bottom of the researcher's in-box. What are we to make of these incidents? Some, like Gordon Creighton, might suggest that the paranormal entities known to the Middle Eastern societies as "Jinn" delight in impersonating humans and astonishing them with such displays. Others, like the late Luis Anglada Font, suggested that hummans were being abducted by non-human forces in order to breed an "invasion force" that would be fully human and acclimated to the alien's home planet. He suggested that not all the force would consist of conscripts--some would be youthful volunteers, who, attracted by the prospect of adventure, would choose to throw their lot in with the putative aliens.

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Argentina: Strange Objects in the Cordillera

Strange Objects in the Mendozan Cordillera
By Daniel Szauter, January 2009

This investigation is the result of an e-mail sent to Daniel Valverdi by some mountain climbers, reporting the discovery of certain objects embedded in the Mendozan Cordillera. Their report included coordinates for the sites, and that spurred our investigation.

The first step we took was to locate the areas where these objects were located through the aid of satellite photography. These elements were used to judge the size of the object, the distance from the nearest inhabited community, etc., all of this to get a better idea of the elements we would need to reach these locations. It must be kept in mind that this was in the depths of the Cordillera, where everything is both difficult and dangerous. Some of them are located at 2000, 3000 or 4000 meters above sea level.

During the "armchair investigation" phase, we discussed the subject with members of the GABIE group, Ariel Coppola and Pablo Lasa, who were very interested in the subject, to the extent that only a few days later they sent us an e-mail with the coordinates of another two or three objects found through satellite photography. One of them attracted our attention, as it was very near a National Gendarmes (state police) post, specifically at Punta de Vacas, Province of mendoza, on National Route No. 7, toward the Cristo Redentor border crossing. This is the site upon which we focused all our efforts.

The object in question is made up two circles, as though they were a pair of "portholes" located one on top of another, forming an "8" whose approximate measurements are two meters in diameter each, located some 400 meters from National Route 7 and 100 meters above it.

With the assistance of my CODIGO OVNI colleagues, I reached the area in question from Buenos Aires and got in touch with an employee from an official agency. I broached the subject and he told me that he had no knowledge of it, but added that "strange phenomena" were known to occur in the area. To collect more information, he sent me to speak to a colleague of his stationed at Puente del Inca, who would corroborate the existence of "strange phenomena" in the area, remarking that he had photos of two UFOs, which he will send me as soon as possible for purposes of analysis. After this, I made my first foray in order to make the discovery.

The first results were negative, since there was nothing in plain sight at the location and my GPS didn't have the exact coordinates. To solve this mishap, I phoned Buenos Aires to ask Daniel Valverdi for help. The following day, with more exact information in my possession, I returned to the site. When I reached it, I noticed a distorsion in my GPS, which marked the arrival point as the left side of the road, exactly where the entrance to the state police barracks was, and as I'd originally seen in the GPS map. But it was sending me backward, toward a river canyon, a hard to reach place (I still don't understand the reason for the instrument's imbalance). Luckily, I came across a local who gave me directions after I showed him my maps. Wit his assitance, all I needed to do was cover the distance and elevation from the road. As I climbed, I found a crater measuring 4 meters long and 2 meters wide at a ledge 100 meters above on the edge of mountain slope. It was 1.5 meters deep and 50 cm wide at its base, as if an oval-shaped "something" had fallen on the site, with all its contents spread around it. The effect resembled a construction site, with split rocks inside [the crater].

I found no traces of machinery or strange elements at the site, which is inaccessible to earthmoving equipment. I took photos and video recordings of the find, along with samples of dirt, rocks and magnetized soil before heading back to Buenos Aires.

Satellite photos detect the presence of strange bodies in the area which are neither snow nor rock formations. If upon reaching the area, the object was near a center of population whose inhabitants could have seen or found the object, there is the possibility that the rest of the objects located via satellite in hard-to-reach locations and at high elevations, far from any human observation, may still be there. The research continues...

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)

Demian Heras of Argentina's Solida Evidencia group managed to capture another unusual UFO on Sunday, February 8, 2009 from his vantage point in the Munro district. The note accompanying the image states that Mr. Heras was able capture other related phenomena such as "spheres that make visual leaps or mirror-like orbs." These phenomena appear to be occuring ina highly localized area, according to Mr. Heras, with a notable time lapse between each manifestation.

(Special thanks to Planeta UFO and Solida Evidencia)

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Mexico: Cross-Shaped UFO?

Ana Luisa Cid writes: "I recorded this from my study at 5:00 p.m., February 5, 2009."

(One wonders if a slightly more spectacular object was seen by the Emperor Constatine in 312 A.D.!-- Ed.)

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Video: The Rosario UFO, January 31, 2009

Video of the alleged UFO seen over the Argentinean city of Rosario. The Argentinean UFO wave is now in its thirteenth month, with no sign of stopping.

Argentina: UFO Fires Beams Over Alto Rosario - Again

Date; 02.03.09


Residents of Rosario became witnesses to further UFO activity on the evening of January 30 and the early morning hours of the 31st. Initial eyewitness accounts describe lights seen at 23:30 hs. over the facilities of the Alto Rosario Shopping Center located between Av. del Valle and Blvd. Avellaneda.

Witnesses in the area described the object as having glowing white light and apparently suspended halfway above the center, engaging in a swinging motion and shooting off beams of light against the ground.

Local residents, who saw its maneuvers clearly from their balconies and the way it fired off the beams, saw the object as early as 23:30. A second object, yellow in color, was seen later on, moving slowly over the city. The first object was seen again around 1:00 a.m. on January 31st.

The second object caused a commotion due to its low altitude, low enough to cause cars to stop moving. Eyewitness accounts suggest that the traffic lights appeared frozen on “red” and cellphones employed to photograph or record the object were left with grey screens and drained batteries. All accounts agree that the object was nothing known to the witnesses, exemplified by the recording released a few days ago by a young Rosario resident taken in 2007, and which caused such public commotion.

Given the number of reports, the Vision Ovni team looked into the case, as it did with the recording from 2007, and through one of its researchers, Elias Kolev, contacted several witnesses to establish parameters regarding what was observed.

This case opens the possibility of obtaining specific evidence, since according to those who saw the objects, there is relevant information such as the interference with the traffic lights. In a conversation with expert Salvatore Carta, there is physical and mechanical action involved in the operation of these traffic control signals. According to Kolev’s initial consultations with the Dirección de Control de Transito (traffic control office), when traffic lights are faced with a power shortage, they enter an “intermittent” (blinking) phase. A specialist from this state agency will be interviewed on Monday to secure details on the specific operating mechanism of these devices.

Moreover, cellphones were left blank and drained of power. This did not occur in all cases, only in some – a situation that requires specific study to ascertain these failures.

This case has acquired special importance for Visión Ovni and everything suggests the existence of elements of major investigative value in the region. We hope to provide you with the results of this research.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Silvia Perez Simondini, Elias Kolev, Salvatore Carta and the members of Vision Ovni)