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Argentina: A Cattle Mutilation in Victoria

Source: Vision Ovni
Date: March 30, 2009

Argentina: A Cattle Mutilation in Victoria
By Silvia Pérez Simondini

On the evening of March 28, 2009, a new mutilation took place in the city of Victoria, Province of Entre Rios (Argentina) at a small ranch owned by Mr. Ignacio Oñativia. A yearling calf was found mutilated, displaying the same incisions we have been seeing since 2002. The clean cuts can be seen in the photographs, with nothing but small traces of blood left behind. The details surrounding the case are unique: in conversation with Mr. Oñativia, he told me that he only kept four (4) animals at that location, among them a rather troublesome calf who posed a problem when it came to putting it in a pen. However, last night, when he entered his ranch, he saw the three animals inside the pen without anyone’s prompting. This drew his attention, and made him think that the missing [calf] must surely be dead. He said to himself that the same situation always seemed to happen – whenever he brought animals from the island, one of them died. He set out to find the missing one. Upon finding it, the first thought that crossed his mind was that it could have died of hoof-and-mouth disease, but when he approached it, he quickly realized that a mutilation was involved. He came to find me at the Museo OVNI and took me to the site, so that I could see for myself.

This location is only meters away from the entrance roundabout to Victoria from Gualeguay, 100 meters from the high voltage wires and 1000 meters from El Ceibo Creek, elements that are never missing in cattle mutilations.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Oñativia family, especially Mr. Ignacio, who not only came to find me, but also assisted me in videotaping and photographing the animal, as the dark of night was complete.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Silvia Pérez Simondini and Visión Ovni)

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Argentina: Fabio Zerpa on UFOs

Source: Diario Los Andes and Grupo GABIE
Date: March 24, 2009

Fabio Zerpa – writer, lecturer, and media personality – is one of the “grand old men” of South American ufology. This interview appeared on March 24th in Argentina’s “Diario Los Andes”

Fabio Zerpa says: “I’ll never say if I met ET’s face-to-face”

Known all over the world for his research into the UFO phenomenon, the Uruguayan researcher who lives in Buenos Aires arrived in Mendoza today for a series of lectures and a seminar in Adolfo Calle auditorium to be held today, tomorrow and Thursday. This octogenarian is the author of 20 books and he believes that to die is to return home. To explain this phrase without knowing the person who uttered it would make it seem cliché or a pointless tautology, but Fabio Zerpa is coming to our province. He’s here to offer a seminar with the title “To die is to return home” and this activity precedes the publication of his book “Fabio Zerpa Tiene Razon” (Fabio Zerpa is Right), laughing at the title, a witticism thought up by his publisher, Editorial Atlantida, which organizes the presentation within the framework of the forthcoming Buenos Aires Book Fair. “This book contains my entire life, with accounts from Mirtha Legrand, China Zorrilla, Horacio Ferrer, Alejandro Fantino, Andrés Calamaro and many other friends who outline each aspect of my life.”

Now, with an enviable humor peppered with the idioms of the Tango scene, the man who devoted his entire life to UFO research speaks with Diario Los Andes.

Do the characters that appear in your forthcoming book discuss the various circumstances of your life, or are they restricted to your years in UFO research?

My entire life. For example, Horacio Ferrer discusses my childhood, because he’s from Uruguay and into Tango, like me (Zerpa is a member of the National Tango Academy). China Zorrilla knew me in my teenage years. Mirtha gave me my very first big story, when dealing with extraterrestrial life was still a hobby of mine. It was “Almorzando con las estrellas” (Lunch with the stars) in 1965, when I discussed the [UFO] subject publicly for the first time. And look here, I’m celebrating 50 years of doing it!!


How did you become so sure about the subject?

I’m an academic with an advanced degree, and therefore my training has been conventional. But fortunately, when I saw a UFO in 1959, I began to study the subject from a different paradigm: unconventional, occult, esoteric, which is as worthwhile as the conventional approach. I’m following the middle path. I studied it because I’ve always been a researcher and hadn’t realized until I saw that UFO.

What was it you saw in 1959?

I was flying in an Argentinean Air Force craft along with a military pilot. We had taken off from the Morón Air Base. At 12:30 in mid-flight and in the vicinity of San Miguel, I saw a metallic object flying along, measuring some 150 meters long.

A block and a half long?

That’s what the aviator calculated, but yes indeed. It was some fifteen hundred meters distant.

Were you already researching UFOs?

No. I was shooting a television series called “Condores de acero” (Steel Condors) for the old Channel 7. I played the role of a pilot who underwent different experiences. That day, the captain had invited me to go flying and at noon, at an altitude of 800 meters, he said to me: “Look at what’s on your left.” I looked, and saw that device beyond the airplane’s tail: close-ended, metallic and completely silent. Wingless, propellerless, and without the exhaust gases that characterized the incipient space rocketry of that time. It flew slowly. It stopped at 1500 meters, didn’t fall down, overcame the force of gravity, made a 60-degree turn and vanished toward northern Argentina. I turned my head and asked: “What is that?” and the captain replied: “A flying saucer.”

Was it like the ones shown in movies?

It was a cigar-shaped craft. I was reminded at that instant of the Zeppelin I saw during my childhood, when it came to Rio de la Plata. That captain told me, ironically: “To some that’s a flying saucer. To others it’s a secret weapon.” That sparked the researcher in me. The UFO impacted my awareness, and it changed my life.”

Are there aliens in our world?

I’ll never say if I have a contact experience, face to face, because if I say so, they’ll think: “This guy’s already talking to aliens and drinking coffee with them” and it’s not true. This is a subject that sometimes drives people off the deep end. It’s important to have considerable control. The word “extraterrestrial” doesn’t mean “Martian”, only beyond the terrestrial. What we’re discussing are space travelers. Along with Dr. Jacques Vallée, who was an advisor for NASA’s Mars Mapping Project, we started looking into ufology. I brought him to [Argentina] some 20 years ago and we researched together. It’s important to be clear about the terminology – we’re UFOlogists, not ufologists.

And what’s the difference?

The UFOlogist studies and deals with UFOs.

Why isn’t there an open and fluid contact with extraterrestrial beings if they’re constantly visiting our planet?

They’ve shown a technology that is completely superior to what humanity possesses in 2009. UFOs – which have been around since since WW 2 – haven’t invaded us in 60 years when they could have done so with the technology at their disposal. If they were human, you just put [U.S. President] Bush in a saucer and we’re good to go! (laughter).

But why isn’t there an open contact, then?

I’ve lived in 18 countries and from my research I can tell you that there are several reasons that they don’t contact us. First: we’re not all that interesting to them. It’s that simple: they come to the planet and do not wish to contact us. It’s the same thing we do to African pygmies. We know they’re there, but we don’t contact them. You walk along San Martin Avenue and you don’t try to contact everyone filing past you. Second: There are others who have come to study the planet and are looking for scientific contact (there are also those who engage in close encounters of the fourth kind – abductions – that is, they bring people aboard their craft). Their interest in the planet is scientific. They’re here to study. The ones that interest me most are the ones who want to make gradual contact with us and show signs of a future contact in the 21st century.

Do you know people who’ve been abducted by aliens?

Over 500 people in the world have been. And there are scientists like Daniel Fry who have been aboard alien craft. Fry designed spacesuits. I met him in the United States.

Why does the scientific community deny all this?

That was then. Now, in the last 10 years, 85 % of the world’s scientists accept the presence of alien life on Earth.

And how does all this tie into the reasons for your presentation in Mendoza?

It’s about the culture of the future and they [alleged aliens] practically live in the future. As Einstein said in 1952, UFOs exist but they’re not space travelers – rather they’re time travelers. Space travelers, parallel worlds and time. Time is the dimension in which we can speak of eternity. “To die is to go home” was a study I’ve been doing since 1971 regarding past lives and the eternity of our spirit. I’ve made eleven thousand inquiries 18 different countries. Even Carl Sagan! (laughs)

You met him?

Of course! We shared our views with Sagan. The real Sagan is the one from “Contact”

Zerpa asks us to mention this, his voice cracking with emotion: “Mendoza has a very special place in my heart. In 1968, when I came to Condor, it was necessary to block off the street with two squad cars because the place was so full. It fills me with emotion because it’s an acknowledgement to the work of one man. And that emotion is related to the childlike sense of wonder that I carry within me.”

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.)

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Argentina: A Horse Mutilation from 2007

Argentina: A Horse Mutilation From 2007

By Silvia Pérez Simondini - VISION OVNI
Entre Rios, Argentina

In spite of the number of mutilations that we've seen along the length of our country, we have never witnessed what a cattleman who visited the UFO Museum had to show me.

It's a horse -- not just any horse, as it was a wild colt that no one could tame. However, it appears that someone managed to do so.

On October 1, 2007, in the Moscas Sur District, Department of Uruguay, separated from Rosario del Tala by the reiver bearing the same name, Mr. Edgardo Raul Slootman of the San Diego ranch found one of his colts in the manner shown in the photograph that appears above.Regrettably, this photo is not perfectly clear, as the gentleman did not have the negatives and it was only possible to take a photo of the photo. But as it is nevertheless important, I ask that you concentrate on what it shows: on the animal's neck, and toward the bottom, it is possible to see some collar-shaped lines caused by some element that stripped the colt's flesh as it slid threw. These lines end in a sort of fungus that multiplies as it becomes larger. This is something we had never seen before, and it truly concerns us, as the subject of mutilations appears to be changing directions little by little. These events have never ceased to occur since 2002.

According to the tests performed, says Mr. Slootman, [the fungus] is a living matter of unknown origin that reproduces in colonies and is resistant to chlorine. The strangest part of all was the disintegration of edge of the scalpel that came into contact with this matter [INEXPLICATA's italics]

Another interesting detail is that cellphones would shut down whenever their users approached the animal's carcass.

The conclusion is that a liquid slid down the colt's neck. It is totally corrosive and peeled the animal's hide as it did so. This cattleman's horse herd occupies a 90-hectare spread, and four or five mutilated cows were found that same day.

What makes the UFO Museum wonderful is the willingness of the public to bring us their evidence and eyewitness accounts. We are enormously grateful for this, since as occured in this case, we obtain information that was completely unknown in the cattle mutilation phenomenon. Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Slootman for his cooperation.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and to Silvia and Andrea Pérez Simondini

An Interview with José Martinez of PRRG

José A. Martínez graciously accepted our request to answer a few questions on his organization's UFO research endeavors on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, a notorious UFO hotspot for many generations.

What is the Puerto Rican Research Group?

It’s a non-profit entity that emerged in the 1960’s, but by 1988 was established as an organization registered with the Puerto Rican State Department. It is made up of several individual specialized in given technical fields and having knowledge of specific areas. For example, the group’s director or leader is Mr. Willie Durand Urbina, who has a background in cinematography. He was a cameraman for a San Juan-based TV station and he has pursued this profession as a photo and video analyst. He’s currently specializing in optics and how it affects our environment. Willie covers the San Juan Area. Another of our members is Juan A. Lopez, another technician in photo analysis and the group’s logistician. His work is of great importance, as he has considerable knowledge of photo imagery. Juan covers the Hato Rey and Fajardo areas. Whalberto Cardona is an airline pilot with a vast knowledge of aircraft; his opinions are very important within the group when it comes to analyzing objects in our skies. He covers the entire southeastern region of Puerto Rico. Carmen Martinez is a special member of our group, as she delves in the paranormal. She’s our adviser in paranormal affairs and specializes in this field. José A. Martinez has a background in computer science and worked for the Department of Justice’s internal security department. He’s in charge of field research, collecting all data in a forensic manner, guarding the scene to keep it from being tainted until specialized equipment can be brought in. He’s also in charge of several of the group’s websites and of informing the pertinent media.

To what can we ascribe the constant presence of anomalous phenomena in Puerto Rico?

The presence of these phenomena can be attributed to several sources, from natural and artificial phenomena to others having no logical explanation whatsoever. We are in a part of the planet that constitutes one of the vertexes of the so-called Bermuda Triangle. It could be the considerable quantity of geomagnetic energy that surrounds the entire Caribbean area, and it has been shown that phenomena of this type is attracted to these natural magnetic fields, and this could be an explanation. But above all, we’re on a geological fault that is in constant motion, creating pressure and friction, releasing lights that are sometimes mistaken for UFOs, apparitions, “hachos”, witches and other names given by people who are not aware of natural forces. These strange phenomena include the Chupacabras, an entity that appears every 20-30 years and is very furtive. Others dismiss this phenomenon, but have not conducted field research to emit a sound judgment on the matter. There are hundreds of witnesses who have seen it, and describe the same thing. It’s a case that remains open for discussion and analysis.

And specifically, why in the island’s southwestern corner?

Not only in the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico. We have identified other places with constant sightings, among them the Ponce coastal region, Guayanilla, Guanica, Lajas, Aguadilla, Cabo Rojo, the mountainous area of Yauco, Orocovis, El Yunque, Morovis, Luquillo, Cerro Las Mesas, Mayaguez, Marcao, Adjuntas, Eastern Vieques, Fajardo, Vega Alta and Vega Baja, Arecibo – all of these areas have been identified as geomagnetically aberrant. This means that these areas contain some kind of magnetic mineral that affects AM radio communications and the frequencies employed by the State and Municipal police forces.

Has Laguna Cartagena ever been discussed again? This body of water attracted considerable attention in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Laguna Cartagena is linked to many local legends, ranging from witches, wandering spirits on the roads, and even aliens have reportedly been seen walking along the highways. An incident occurred here in the ‘80s when hundreds of witnesses from Lajas, Betances and nearby communities saw an object plummet into the lagoon. Witnesses say that a huge sphere fell into the waters. What makes this incident strange is that Federal authorities immediately intervened to remove whatever it was that fell. They explored the lagoon for several weeks with Navy divers, twin-rotor helicopters over the lagoon, drawing water, and managed to remove some spheres. While Puerto Rico has several natural and artificial lagoons, including the Vega Lagoon in Yauco, which has had its own UFO accounts for years. It’s located in the mountainous region of Yauco, and many locals have reportedly seen huge objects coming out of these waters in total silence.

What do you think INEXPLICATA’s readers overseas should know about UFO’s in Puerto Rico?

For those who are reading this article in English, we would like to tell them that the Hispanic peoples have very good and compelling cases. The language barrier has been considerable in making some of these cases known, and the important work being carried out by our friend Scott Corrales has been to provide assistance to non-Spanish speakers and make them aware of what is going on in Puerto Rico and it’s kindred countries. Puerto Rico has serious researchers who work unselfishly as well as alleged professionals who mock witnesses and denigrate their integrity. Such individuals do not last for long, and are in league with the CIA, the NSA and the FBI. It’s regrettable that this should happen in Puerto Rico, but I imagine that it happens in other countries as well, following the pattern of disinformation and mockery on radio, in the press and television. UFOs in Puerto Rico are real. We have been witnesses to this phenomenon and collected evidence about it. Let there be no question about this, although many [cases] have not come to light because some want to avoid being the target of mockery or criticism. Others prefer to remain anonymous, and still others face situations that may befall them [as a result of research]. We have changed the way we work to avoid these situations. We are very grateful to INEXPLICATA for this opportunity, and for giving the English-speaking UFO community a chance to know more about us and share their knowledge with serious researchers in Puerto Rico. You can contact us at: Puerto Rican Research Group, 410 Altos, Floral Park, Hato Rey, PR, 00907, 787.294.1328 and 787.821.1671.

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Puerto Rico: A Luminous Object Over Guanica

Source: Puerto Rican Research Group
Date: 03.14.09

José A. Martínez writes: "Witnesses alleged seeing the maneugers of a huge object that flew over the Vivones District of Guánica, as reported by one witness, Dolores Toro, who was sitting in his home's balcony. Mr. Toro suddenly became aware of a huge yellow object that came from the coast toward the north at high speed before vanishing into the mountains of the littoral region. A small community, Barrio El Tumbao, can be found in those mountains. Toro states that many people in that community must have seen it, as the object hovered over the mountain before vanishing in a matter of seconds. He added that everything occurred so quickly that he didn't have enough time to summon his wife to join him in viewing the enormous object that flew over the nearby mountains."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to José Martínez)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chile: UFO Photographed in La Araucania

Source:Canal de Noticias.Cl
Date: 03.11.09

Chile: UFO Photographed over La Araucania border region

According to the reporter who obtained the picture, the area is not used for airplane flyovers due to its characteristics.

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was photographed by a reporter for regional newspaper as he covered the event involving the Reigolil statement, where Curarrehue is promoting the opening of the mountain pass on a permanent basis.

It was only upon reviewing the photos taken in the vicinity of Lake Pilhue, on the Argentinean side, that it was possible to see an object flying in the blue skies. Upon enlarging the digital photograph, it became possible to see a rounded object of uncertain origin.

The object cannot be seen in other photos taken at the same spot with only seconds difference. It was no longer seen after it was over Lago Pilhue.

According to this communications medium, "its impossible for it to be a commercial aircraft or of another kind, as this area is not employed in flights by being a border region and with no air corridors. Furthermore, had it been an airplane, its engines would have been heard," they explain.

"It's quite common for residents of our country's cordilleran regions, particularly in southern Chile and Argentina, to remark about the strange lights that can be seen at night. The do not come from vehicles, as no roads exist in the areas where they have been seen," summarizes the news item.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chile: Lenticular UFO over Chacarillas

Source: NOUFA *Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo*
Date: 03.10.09

Chile: Lenticular UFO Over Chacarillas

On the afternoon of Monday 03.09, a team consisting of Ramon Navia and Conchita Pascual of Spain's IIEE, along with Raul Nuñez, IIEE's Chilean coordinator, and Osvaldo Muray, the main protagonist of the UFO phenomena recorded in the Chacarillas Range, were able to capture a series of spectacular phenomena along the skirts of these hills, which we we have presentd more than once in the past, given their long history of enigmas.

The delegation of Spanish researchers was able to ascertain "on site" the location where Muray claims to have photographed and witnessed -- over nearly 19 years -- an entire sequence of unexplained phenomena that he has written down day by day as part of a detailed task, totally convinced by his sightings.

Readers will remember that on April 12, 2008, an impressive bolide was captured by Raul Nunez's photo camera as Muray and another Chilean collaborator visited the site. Furthermore, this research organization is following up on the events that have occurred at the site ever since the organization was created in Chile in April 2003.

When asked about the events on the afternoon of Monday the 9th, Navia stated that the was very pleased with the images taken and which serve as confirmation of Osvaldo Muray's patient efforts, having sufficient merit to be taken into consideration. He is greatly surprised that national scientific organizations or independent researchers have not shown any interest for what is going on in these hills.

NOUFA presents one of the photos taken, but it is aware of an entire sequence of strange lights and "orb" phenomena that were taken after a patient and constant effort over time that was rewarded yet again.

Moreover, Raul Nuñez said ironically that "these entities, or whatever they are...have perhaps consented to be photographed, as we they know that we don't profit from their presence..." an allusion to the intense wave of "ufological
tourism" that some are trying to create in certain parts of the country.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Argentina: UFO Over Playa Garipe

Source: Diario Unico de Madryn
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009
Date of Event: 02.24.09


A local resident claimed seeing strange lights in the sky, and after giving the matter much thought, decided to alert the press to his sighting. Marcelo Clavero, baker and owner of the “La Juan B. Justo” bakery, happened to a camera with him when the event occured. What really drew his attention were the very powerful haloes of light made by this object in the sky in two separate instances.

At approximately 22:30 hours on Sunday, February 24, he was fishing in the company of his wife, son and brother, who were able to witness the event and capture it on a digital camera.

Marcelo remarked that they were fishing at Playa Casino and since the fish were not “biting”, they decided to go to Playa Garipe, north of Madryn, to try their luck. They made all their preparations to accomodate their fishing lines and when they were about to cast them into the sea, Marcelo saw an intense light in the company of his brother and son.

The three spectators agreed at first that it was an airplane, as the halo turned on and off, resembling the lights of an aircraft. Later, the flying object covered a certain distance in the sky before returning to its original position. Clavero remarked that the event “was of no great importance to those present.”

When they were behind their pickup truck, in the process of cooking a barbecue, the same powerful beam of light appeared, and at that moment Marcelo Clavero believed that it could be some kind of flying object. He asked his wife to take a photo of the powerful light with the family camera, without hoping that the image would be captured by the camera.

Marcelo showed El Diario the two photos taken on that occasion without any kind of zoom or closeup. The photographic records show Marcelo’s back (in one photo) looking at the sky, and brilliant spot in question. He showed that when that brigth spot is held close to the observers’s gaze (sic) it transforms into a sort of disk that stands out over the stars that can also be seen in the photo. It is possible to see green, blue and red colors in the alleged object.

Somewhat surprised, the baker remarked that this is the first time that he had seen lights and movements of this kind in the sky, adding “I’ve seen planes crossing the sky at night, in fact, when fishing at night, seeing airplanes is a common sight.” Whenever he’s engaged in night fishing, he surveys the area’s beaches and has never seen anything in the southern skies that drew his attention. Marcelo remarked that while talking to another local businessman who also goes fishing at night, “he had seen exactly the same kind of movement adn bright light at the same beach,” but rather than see it over the ocean, as happened to Clavero and company, the man “was able to see it over the countryside.”

In closing, the baker stated that he does not know exactly what he saw in the night skies on February 24, but the bright light and its movements, corroborated by the four persons present, he does not think it is a known aircraft. On the contrary, he believes that the flying object was unidentified, and even checked airspace records for that day and time.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Argentina: Twilight Objects in Quequén

Source: Diario Necochea
Date: 02.25.09

Julio Ruppel was taking photos at the bridge crossing the Quequén River between the communities of Cascallares and Irene on Sunday, February 21, 2009 and when he examined them, he noticed four objects that he could not identify and which at first glance look like two UFOs.
According to LU24, Radio Tres Arroyos, researchers of this type of event may report to the scene at some future date to glean more information on the subject.

(Translation (c) 2009, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Argentina: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Argentina: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Guillermo Gimenez writes: " A while ago, when I made the Necocheac case known and the "chance" UFOs photographed over the beach next to the rainbows, new photos have emerged from other points of the country that show us strange bjects as well. This is the case told to me by Mrs. Liliana Verano, who tells me:

"Hello Guillermo:
In reading the article on Fabio Zerpa's page on UFO photos in Necochea, I'd like you to know that here in the city of San Javier, Province of Santa Fe, in recent days, more specifically Tuesday 12/13/2008, after several hours of light rain, around 20:00 hours, there was a beautiful double rainbow, a very impressive one. A youngster from here in San Javier took two photos with his digital camera and when he downloaded them to his computer, a flying saucer could be clearly seen, or UFO, if you prefer to call it that. Since I'm very itnerested and have made this my subject, I contacted him and he gave me the photos. I'm sending them to you as an attachment. I'm not at all surprised by the appearance of [thes eobjects] since on March 2008, during a trip to Capilla del Monte (Cordoba) I took a lot of photos in Los Terrones and upon downloading found UFOs in many of them. I would like to stress that at no time did we see anything. They can only be seen when they are downloaded to the computer and the photos are enhanced. What is surprising about the rainbow photo is that this is the first time I've seen one in San Javier. Notice Photo 2. jpg: A brilliant spot can be seen right in the rainbow. As the sun strikes it, the
vehicle glows. It can be seen very well when enlarged.
It's my pleasure. I'm at your service if you have any questions.
Sincerely -- C.P.N. Liliana Elena Verano
In closing, we'd like to add that the camera used was a Kodak Easyshare C300, 2080 x 1368 , JPG-type."

This, then is Liliana's report. Upon seeing her photos it is possible to see that these strange objects continue to plow the skies over Argentina. Studies carried out dismiss the possibility of fraud or natural phenomena. What do these photos
show? Strange objects that fly without being identified.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)