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Argentina: An Absurd Morphology

Source: Gaceta OVNI (Argentina)
Date: N.A.

Argentina: An Absurd Morphology
By Daniel Lopez

Being able to attest to the wide variety of behaviors and shapes that manifest in active UFO zones, such as the Valles Chalchaqui, is truly remarkable. But this trait, a characteristic of the UFO phenomenon, cannot be superficially appreciated to say that the variety barely has anything to do with the abundance of shapes and behaviors that would respond to a multitude of active elements, acting independently as elements of a sub-set, or rather as the identification of entities, presences and places of orgin, if not purposes or models created for a specific task.

Contrary to what is commonly believed, diversity would respond to a much more complex variation in functions and purposes exhibited by one shape or another. This is, without question, an overall phenomenon whose visual perception by witnesses can be the result of a perceptual interaction with a transmutative capability that has been outlined several times in world case histories, but which has been considered as exterior and independent of the witness.

There is the possibility that the UFO phenomenon has an exterior epicenter, one that is physical, tangible yet able to acquire or respond to the viewer’s perceptions as a result of the bizarre characteristics that its manifestation places in human memory.

In referring to an interaction, we are not only describing the precise moment in which the visual stimulus occurs, which translates more clearly in people. Interaction broadens the horizons on the witness’s perceptual and physical qualities to relate to the ones emanating from the phenomenon, its physical nature, and all stimuli or observer-manipulated intervention. That’s where the phenomenon suggests a control of the event, including the observer in the theater of operations. It can also, hypothetically speaking, display a series of morphological adaptations that do not have to be tied exclusively to a problem that is proper to dynamics that motivate it, but in the presence of the putative witness. Can this be possible?

An interesting case took place in the Valles Chalchaquies on the 5th or 6th of January, 2001 in a region near Pueblo Viejo, a wilderness on the way to La Poma, 25 kilometers north of Payogasta. Sara Guanuco de Bonifacio, 44, has lived in this area for 25 years. Her house is located a few hundred meters from the Calchaquí River on the edge of Highway 40, at an elevation of a few meters. Toward the east can be seen the eroded shapes of the sandstone that forms an extensive wall over the edge of the canyon through which the river flows. Beyond that, toward the east and west, the great pre-Cordilleran ranges can be seen to guard a horizon silhouetted by their sinuous, spectacular silhouettes. It need not be said that people here lead a peaceful life. Yet this is an area highly frequented by luminous phenomena.

Sara recalls that one of her earliest experiences was between ’72 and ’75 when she saw a huge moon crossing the fringe of sky that the mountains allow her to see, following a south-to-north trajectory.

More recently, some 2 or 3 years ago and for three straight nights, she clearly saw a fireball leaping from cactus to cactus along the river, dancing the night with astonishing precision among the upper parts of these cacti. While it leaped, making broad curves in the air, its size increased and decreased. Another experience that shocked her was in late January 2001 around 11:00 p.m., as she hanged freshly washed clothes on the line outside her house. It was her daughter who informed her of the transit of an enormous light – very bright and pinkish – coming out of the east and headed due west.
Both say it was so bright that they could not identify a shape. It flew at low altitude, barely a few meters over the rooftop, projecting beams against the ground, tinting the night a luminous pink. The phenomenon occurred two weeks later, but this time with two green lights, also very bright, crossing the sky slowly and projecting “beams of light” from east to west.

However, the event she best remembers took place in broad daylight. It was in the middle of the afternoon under the sun’s brilliant rays and with cloudless skies. She was outside, tending to the flock whose pen is only a few meters from the house. Something made her stop and look. There was a strange object 400 meters away, in the eastern part of the canyon: it resembled two vessels joined at their edges, no bigger than two meters wide and two meters tall, flying horizontally at low speed, ascending slightly. What struck her the most was an appendage to the structure that struck her as ridiculous: a jointed tubular protuberance that she described as a “smokestack”. The similarity is made even closer, as the appendage emits steam, a semi-transparent smoke similar to that of chimneys when there is cooking going on inside, or when the structure is being heated with firewood.

It made no noise. The entire observation lasted over three minutes, enough time to capture it in her memory and marvel at the fixture attached to such a strange object. Sara does not recall any event in her life as strange and intense as this; and the first thing that appears in her description is the contradictory element that she would have never imagined in such an object.

It’s evident that the detail she described has acted in such a way that the experience was burned into her mind. At no time did she feel disquiet or fear, nor was she upset in any way. To the contrary, she openly states that the ridiculous aspect of her sighting has kept it fresh in her memory.

A steam-powered UFO? No, an associative element that eliminated her disquiet, replacing it with amazement and bewilderment. An appendage having nothing to do with the means of propulsion employed by these objects, bur rather a stimulus created by the effect of the interaction itself in its effort to relate to the observers.

This is merely a possibility, barely a working hypothesis. But it is worth elaborating on. In the meantime, no one can dissuade Sara Guanuco of the belief that what she saw was real, and the strangest thing that fate meant her to see.

(Translation (c) 2011 S.Corrales, IHU)

Expediente OVNI - Second Issue

Expediente OVNI No. 2 – An Editorial by José M. Echeverría

[Contributing editor José M. Echeverría has posted the latest issue of his new publication Expediente OVNI. This second issue (Vol 1. No.2) tackles a subject that may seem conspiracy-minded, but is documented fact: the extent to which human experimentation has been conducted in Puerto Rico with by government agencies and by private companies--SC]

Puerto Rico is currently undergoing one of the most critical stages in history. Aside from the fact that the current political system isn’t working and the ones that follow it will have a hard time facing the government’s current status. Much work must be done to face rampant crime, corruption, high-energy costs, and political scandal. Economic collapse is imminent. Factories are shutting down and leaving the island. Unemployment has reached alarming levels, and many times these things reach such a level that the human psyche seeks an escape valve, in many instances creating phenomena and perhaps distractions to avoid waking up and facing what the not-too-distant future holds for us. Secret experiments, experiments involving human beings in our society, contravene scientific ethics, making us the victims of a group of fascists – elite racists – within a hidden government that is killing us little by little. The sheep cannot see beyond the pen in which the allegedly feel “safe”. But some of these sheep have seen beyond the pen, and know what is going on in their surroundings – things that the masters do not want them to know, and knowledge is power.

People live within the comfort of government aid, creating a number of parasites within society, undermining the true purpose of assistance tendered to persons in real need. Some of the country’s media have given full rein to individuals seeking recognition, completely ignorant of cases that take place in our country by chance, and creating a bad impression of the true researchers who muddy their boots in the field. What would our ancestors say of the level we have achieved? Anthropology, which studies human beings and past cultures, may give us the key to survive our sorrowful current reality. The planet Earth is in constant change – cyclical changes that each being on this planet must be aware of and in tune with. Those who resist these changes are affected by them in one way or another, and for that reason our forebears lived in harmony with nature, abiding by the natural harmony between man and Mother Nature.

[The full issue is free for download at]

Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU.

Chile: UFO Photographed Over La Serena

Source: NOUFA (Noticiero Ufologico Autonomo)
Date: 10.26.11

Chile: UFO Photographed Over La Serena

On October 22, 2011 at approximately 15:00 hours, this photo was taken by Magdalena Montserrat Rivera Tarifeño using a Blackberry 9800 with a high resolution camera. The location was near the village of Tongoy. We have no further background information to share regarding the image, for example, whether this source of light moved...was it static, did it spin, did it make noise, etc.or any other similar detail.

While the photo is very clear, as well as the sky behind it, we will not hazard a guess as to its nature without prior analysis, to be conducted in coming weeks. Also, and as is our custom, if any reader can contribute other details seen at that time, they will be most welcome.

NOUFA extends thanks to Mr. Jose I. Rivera Pellegrini and Ivan Vorved for sending us this photo and authorizing us to share it with our readers.


(Translation (c) 2011 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to NOUFA)

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An Abductee Goes to Court: The Godoy Case (1998)

An Abductee Goes to Court: The Godoy Case (1998)
By Luis Alberto Reinoso
Courtesy of El Dragón Invisible (Carlos Iurchuk)

Note from Luis Alberto Reinoso ( The following is the verbatim copy of the criminal complaint for the Godoy Case, presented before the Office of the Prosecutor for the Provincial Courts of Rosario (Argentina). The conclusions, research and analysis will appear in my upcoming book, “New world order, globalization and the UFO phenomenon”. All photos are property of the EDOVNI files.

Presentation before the Office of the Prosecutor. Criminal Complaint:
Provincial Courts of the City of Rosario

Dear Sir:

ESFREN GODOY, Argentinean national, married, businessman, bearer of ID No. XXXXX, having actual residence at XXXX in the city of Rosario, by my own right and with the sponsorship of Dr. Luis Alberto Reinoso, having legal residence at Sargento Cabral 591, 4th Floor, office 8 of the city of Rosario for all legal effects, appears before the Hon. Prosecutor and respectfully submits:

1) Consideration of an event that occurred against my will, and to give it the seriousness it deserves, I have come to make the Hon. Prosecutor aware of the following facts, from which may arise the commission of the crime of unlawful privation of personal freedom (Art. 141 of the Criminal Code)

II) Competence:

As will emerge from the presentation of the facts, it is believed that ordinary justice is competent.


On October 22, 1998, at 13:45 hours approximately, I left my home at XXXX street and headed for my daughter’s hair salon on Corrientes and Montevideo streets. When I reached Ituzaingó and Juan Manuel de Rosas, someone asked me very kindly if he could help me cross the street. A young man, 25-30 years old by his voice. I said yes and I placed my hand on his shoulder. We crossed Ituzaingó Street. Upon reaching the other side, I thanked him and he asked: “How far are you going?” I replied that I was on my way to Corrientes and Montevideo. Then he said: “I’m headed that way. Would you mind some company?” “No, quite the opposite. It would help me, as I could go faster holding on to your shoulder.” We kept walking and made small talk. He said the he has a relative who is also sight impaired. I recall asking if it was a close relative, and he replied: “No, a relative by affection more than anything else.” We reached Pasco, crossed it, and went another block between Pasco and Cochabamba, always along Juan Manuel de Rosas Street. I suddenly felt ill. I felt that I couldn’t keep walking. It’s the first time that it’s ever happened to me. I never felt like that before. Then I stopped, and without a word the young man took me gently by the arms to steady me against a wall. That’s the last thing I recall. I felt something against my back, something metallic. That’s the last thing I felt. I don’t know if I passed out or fell over. I didn’t feel anything else. Time went by...when I felt him supporting me as if I was about to fall over, he pushed me back slightly and I felt metal against my back. It was a gate, that’s what I say. That’s when I felt contact: my back was leaning against something. I recall nothing more.

I regained awareness. I don’t know how much time went by, but I felt as though I was in an operating room. Why do I say it was an operating room? I’ve been in an operating room four times, twice for eye problems. Then, I slowly became aware of where I was. I thought that something must have happened to me on the street. Was I about to be operated on? Is this right. So the first thing I feel, without hearing a noise, is that my feet are being inspected. The sensation reached my knees, and that’s when I realized that there was nobody touching me. But I knew I was being checked over. Something kept creeping upward, but there was no physical contact. No one was touching me. The sensation kept moving up my body, up and up, lingered around my stomach, my abdomen...I could hear something soft in my right ear, a shhhh sound. When they reached my right ear, I was able to ask if they were going to subject me to eye surgery. I spoke my first words: “Are you going to operate on my eyes?” but no one answered. Then I asked: “What happened to me?” and they say: “Everything is fine. Relax.” That was the reply of a doctor, in my opinion, an older person with a calming voice. So then I say (realizing that I’m more freely able to speak): “Are you going to operate on my eyes?” And the voice says: “No” (always softly). Then I kept quiet and realized that they’re checking my eyes, even though my eyelids are closed. There is no pressure exerted to open them, but both my eyes are checked out. Then I ask: “Will I see again?” A few seconds go by and the voice says: “No”. I ask: “Will you be operating? Is there any cure?” And the voice says: “Yes you will see.” “Are you going to heal me?” “No, you must heal your own ailments.” “But, how will I see again?” “Yes, as long as there has been prevention in the case.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant with prevention in the case, and I only retained that I would be seeing again. And my joy was enormous. Don’t forget that I was able to see until the age of 45. Since I’ve had heart problems, I asked: “Is my heart working well?” The voice answered: “All is well.”

The inspection continued, this time downward again, and I asked: “what’s going on? and was told: “What happens to you is something that your people must solve. Your people have everything they need to live well, and live poorly because you don’t know how to live well. It is all within the reach of your hands, and you do not use it because you do not know how to live.” The best thing is that this was recorded at the police station. Each section chief transcribed it at least ten times – once – and I had to repeat it. They all had to type it. It was fresh in my mind; I could see it as if it was a film. I said everything verbatim. When I asked: “what’s going on?” I was answered by a second voice, with a totally different ring to it, as if younger, but always softly. They sounded like professional people speaking in soothing tones. What I forgot to mention that when they reached my eyes, I realized that the voice was not coming from the outside, but rather, from within my brain. I was startled, but not so much, because weird things like that occur under anesthesia. I realized that I could hear my own voice perfectly. I tried to sit up and the voice said: “Relax. All is well.” At that moment I realized that I was lying down with my hands beside my body, and when I tried to sit up and couldn’t, I relaxed. But my hand began looking for the edge of the hospital bed as if trying to grasp something. I felt for the edge of the bed, but found nothing. I kept reaching even lower, down to my legs and underneath. I touched both of my hands and found that there was nothing under my body. That’s when I realized that I was floating. There was nothing, no support from beneath me, no contact with anything. I wasn’t startled and I didn’t give it any importance. There was no edge to the bed, nothing at all. The atmosphere was pleasant, as though air conditioned, but there was no wind, no air, nothing.

Noticing that there was a long period of silence after the second question, I felt total peace. As if I weren’t there. The correct word is that I felt as if I were dreaming. Then I asked: “Will you be taking me home?” And the first voice said: “No. We’re already home.” Next, I felt a buzzing, the loudest I heard in my right didn’t’ hurt my ear. It’s as if I’d lost control of my awareness at the time, becoming aware of heat against my head. I realized that was lying down, but not on my back, but on my left side. [...] I realized that the heat I felt was the sun burning my head. That’s when things got complicated, because I became aware that I was lying on the ground in an open area. The first contact I felt was with the weeds. I tried to get up, and I feel the soil, the ground, and I’m barefoot. I looked for my cane, which is inseparable from me, and rather than having my hand on the loop, it’s on my wrist. I pull it out; I extend it, and feel for obstacles with my hand. I touched all around with the cane and felt a barbed wire fence. This is very important to me, as I cannot see. I felt around with the cane, bothered by the weeds, the hot earth, and touched the barbed wire fence 20 centimeters away, seven or eight strands of it. It was a fence. I turned around. That’s when my ear came into contact with reality, because I could hear cars. I thought I must be at Independencia Park, which is the nearest thing to me. I started walking toward the cars, thinking I’m on Oroño Street. Then I start dodging obstacles, tough weeds, for some 20 meters more or less. But the cars were not driving past a street, because the characteristic sound was that of a highway, judging by the speed of the passing cars. Getting someone to stop was an odyssey.

I realized that a car was approaching slowly. A little truck, a tractor. As it approached, I made as though I was about to fall down. Help, please help me. The truck stopped, and its driver was a woman alone. She asked: “What’s wrong, sir?” I said: “Where am I?” “At Laguna” “Which Laguna?” “Laguna del Pescado in Victoria, Entre Rios” “But how could I be in Entre Rios? What time is it, miss?” She says: “It’s going on 3, ten to three.” “In the morning?” I asked, because it was the most reasonable thing I could ask, not realizing that the sun was burning my head. “No, in the afternoon, sir. What’s wrong?” So I tried to tell her everything, but the lady walked back, thinking I was insane. I asked her to take me to Victoria. No, I can’t take you – there’s a police station some 1500-2000 meters behind you. A truck pulls over, and since the driver knows the lady, she asks him: “Taborda, why don’t you take this gentleman to the police station?” I got on the truck and I asked the driver why no one stopped there. “No, I only stopped because I know Mrs. Urcola. I was on my way to Estancia La Concepción in Rincón Norte.” He took me to the police station. The officer on duty, surnamed Albornoz, turned up and didn’t let me use the phone, because it was for internal use only. But there was a radio to contact Victoria. He calmed me down, and seeing I was barefoot, gave me a pair of old sneakers to wear. So I told him everything that happened to me. He took note, and I asked him to use the phone again. He radioed Victoria and was told that it must be a missing person case. When he calms down, bring him to Victoria. 15 minutes later he radios Victoria and says: “Listen, this gentleman isn’t lost. He says he was in Rosario only an hour and a half ago.” “Aside from being lost, he’s nuts,” they replied.

I was taken to Victoria and have to tell them the whole story again. There was no way I could phone Rosario to contact my family. At 5 pm I needed to go to the bathroom, as I hadn’t urinated all day. I asked for someone to accompany to the bathroom and once there, I realized I wasn’t wearing any underpants. I unbuttoned my jeans, lowered them and realized I wasn’t wearing underpants. One of the things I didn’t say, since I was in the presence of women or children, is that I felt “the machine that was inspecting me” made me feel a warm, soft sensation on my testicles. I asked them what they were going to do. “We’re extracting life seed,” and I ejaculated immediately. The doctor, at my insistence, also reported this.

Another detail I want to state is that when I was standing, after having taken out my cane, touching the barbed wire, I looked for my talking wristwatch and found it on my wrist, but on the last hole and without the tongue holding it together. I activated it and it said: “14 hours, 32 minutes.” That was my first awareness of the time, and when I became even more concerned.

I was not allowed to make a phone call from the police station [in Victoria] at the police chief’s orders. When the chief arrived, the contacted my wife (and I found this out when I spoke to her on the return to Victoria. My questioners were all policemen, but there was also an examining magistrate present – Dr. Brasesco – who also questioned me. He left orders that everything I said should be recorded without further questioning.

Dr. Brasesco himself remarked to the coroner: “We mustn’t be startled by this. We should acknowledge that we’re facing something abnormal that’s beyond our grasp. But we have to get used to it, because it happens very often in the area.”

My wife got worried around 3:00 p.m. when my brother showed up to find me, since I was supposed to be back from the hair salon. When they couldn’t find me, the first thing they did was call the salon, which is my daughter’s. She told them that I had never gone there. That’s when they got moving. They phoned HECA and were told that there was no one matching my description; they were advised to call the police and the Personal Safety staff told them they had to wait 24 hours; they were advised to phone the 4th Section Police; at the 4th they were also told to wait 24 hours, and it was my wife’s insistence – because I was blind – that they said: well, let’s give it 18 hours, and they called all known places where I could be. Ruben Gaglia, the sheriff of Victoria, spoke to my brother at 5:00 p.m. At that point, everyone at the station spoke to my brother and asked him many questions. When the Dr. called, I realized that they were talking to someone in my family. I asked him to please let me speak, and that’s when I spoke with Juan, my brother. He told me to take it easy and that they were coming for me.

When my brother arrived, they took a deposition, asking him things about my life. They showed him by statement, and he asked why they’d made me sign it. The police told him that I had agreed to sign it after having it read out to me. Furthermore, my brother told me that depositions from Taborda, the trucker, and Mrs. Urcola were also there.

Mrs. Urcola and the trucker, Taborda, told the police exactly where they had found me.

I got back to Rosario at approximately 5 in the morning.

At 9:00 a.m., Personal Security staff from Rosario called my private phone.

At 10:00 a.m., two police officers showed up to talk to my wife, asking about my physical and mental condition, and my departure time. Then I received a call from Sheriff Romero of the Personal Safety division, suggesting that if someone asks me what happened, I should say there was a gag order in place.


With a view toward ascertaining the facts, I propose the following probative measures.

a. Informative: That an official letter be sent to the Police Chief of the city of Victoria to have photocopies of the actions and/or statements made by me, my brother Juan, Mrs. Urcola, trucker Taborda, coroner reports and/or any other statements in this regard released to me.
b. Testimonial: That the following witnesses be subpoenaed: Mr. Jorge Guerrero of the town of Pueblo Esther, an address to be provided shortly. Mrs. Urcola from the city of Victoria and Mr. Taborda from the same city, addresses as shown in the reports that we ask to have attached to this document.
c. Experts: To designate, if applicable, the participation of health professionals such as: clinical physician, transpersonal psychologist, psychiatrist, to perform all pertinent studies to determine my physical and mental health.


Mr. Prosecutor, as you can see from my testimony, my ailments, the proof tendered, and with the goal of finding an answer to my experience, I am far removed from any quest for sensationalism, disturbing the social peace or any form of economic gain. I only wish to discover the truth of what happened.

I am willing to face any interrogatories, medical and psychiatric evaluations or anything you deem necessary. It is for this reason that I appeal to this judicial body.

Moreover, Mr. Prosecutor, I believe that the behavior of those who “abducted” me to be reprehensible. I was taken from one place to another without my consent, lost awareness, underwent an involuntary examination, had “life seed” extracted from me, was left in a semi-deserted place in the vicinity of Laguna del Pescado, Victoria, Entre Rios, which is aggravated by my visual impairment status.

I would like to state that while I have said would seem taken out of science fiction, there is a history of such things happening to others. In the U.S.A. it has been ascertained that Security agencies have performed genetic experiments on persons and animals (mutilations) and the screen employed for all this is “alien beings”. All of this indicates that we are faced with actual factors of power that employ the UFO subject as a disinformation, distraction and cover-up technique. This question arises: Are these subjects mutually related, or is it a screen to cover other mundane endeavors such as, for example, organ traffic, bacteriological testing, drug trafficking, genetic experimentation, etcetera?

Consequently, the person and /or persons who transferred me would fall under the criminal item in Article 141 and succeeding articles.

Concerned with my personal safety, that of my family, and other persons who might experience the same, and faced by my unusual experience, I have resorted to this office to ascertain the reality of the facts, and if necessary, for this compendium to be submitted to the court of instruction.

We request that the Hon. Prosecutor investigate these facts.

Respectfully submitted,


Dr. LUIS A. REINOSO (Sponsoring Attorney)

Rosario, 27 October 1998

(Translation (c) 2011, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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Argentina: Chicoana Crop Circles Appear for 3 Years in a Row

Source: El Tribuno (
Date: October 23, 2011

Once again, the skies and fields of Chicoana were in the news for the third year in a row due to the manifestation of the “crop circles”. In 2008, 2010 and now, in 2011, this phenomenon repeated itself, accompanied as always by aerial lights. This time we have hundreds of witnesses and images. Are these pictograms related with fantastic or alien events? Or is it a more terrestrial event, involving certain anomalies of the earth’s surface?

The first “crop circles” were recorded on October 19, 2008 in this community 47 kilometers distant from Salta. They spread out the to the fields of Las Mesitas, Pulares and Villa Fanny, points of a triangle that included the mountain ranges near the town, prompting the still-unexplained crashes of three aircraft, resulting in eleven deaths. On the second occasion, also in October, but 2010 this time, the strange phenomena reappeared, covering hundreds of hectares in the area.

While this anomaly has repeated for over 20 years all over the world, similar events had never been seen in Salta. Chicoana is 47 kilometers from Salta and can be reached by National Route 68 to El Carril and then along Provincial Route 33 toward Cachi. Chicoana is a quiet place that is home to some 10,000 people, surrounded by pleasant hills covered almost year-round in the foliage of the Saltan “yungas”. Livestock and farming are the area’s two traditional activities, with tobacco and grains being produced. Chicoana’s wheat provided flour to other neighboring communities, and its fields surround the town.

For this reason – involving a grain whose wheat was going to be sold by local businesses – the authorities considered that a study of the area was advisable. In 2008, the local intendancy and the provincial civil defense requested a scientific report on the possible existence of some time of hazardous activity from the National Atomic Area Commission. The study was eventually carried out by Jorge Anesi of the CNEA’s Geological Prospecting and Radiometry Department. The technician reported that radiometric readings were taken with a scintillometer, a device sensitive to radioactive particles. “Records were kept constant in all areas checked,” said Anesi. To the CNEA expert, the designs are the manifestations of phenomena to which “people ascribe meaning, because they would appear to have one, in the way it manifests. But from what I could see, I believe that it is a phenomenon related to the wind, and not to alien presences. There are several universities interested in unraveling this enigma. What I found were a series of “impactites” or rocks expelled after a meteorite collision,” Anesi disclosed.

As to the likelihood that the marks may have been caused by pranksters, Leonardo Pellegrini, architect and precursor of “land-art” in the region, says: “it is impossible for these signs to have been created in three different locations and in the dark. In a single night, and trying not to draw attention to the large group of people who follow a plan to replicate giant designs in absolute secrecy. If they are man-made, they are unquestionably the work of organizations that involve many artists with very high standards. Furthermore, upon looking at the photos, something startling can be seen: whatever technique was employed, or the phenomenon that passed over the area, it had to have been done from top to bottom,” says Pellegrini.

His opinion dovetails with that of Jose Serrudo, the draftsman and sculptor who visited the pictograms in 2010. To this illustrator, these are “extraordinary designs, finely wrought.” However, he doesn’t think it could be done by humans. “The distances are immense and an army of people would be required to achieve them,” he said.

Despite claims of responsibility from artist-pranksters Bower and Chorley in the U.K., human manufacture of pictograms was never proven.

There were three aviation accidents with a total of 11 deaths near Chicoana. No conclusion was reached about these disasters in the end. At least three meteor strikes have been reported in nearby ranges, but none has been recovered to date.

A commission from the National University of Salta, led by geologist Ricardo Alonso, described the impact site, although nothing was found amid the dense vegetation. Local residents reported explosions, lights and objects falling in the night to the local police. Even earlier this decade, El Tribuno organized a search for an object that reportedly fell from the sky in flames. Provincial police was able to find the object employing satellites from the 911 system, but the Gendarmerie advised that it was best to withdraw from the search due to a hazardous change in the weather. “We only saw ice,” they claim.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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Argentina: New Crop Circles at Chicoana

Source: Grupo GABIE
Date: 10.22.11

Argentina: New Crop Circles at Chicoana

Several days ago, circles and other geometric shapes appeared in the wheat fields. Today, there are claims that a strange circular object flew over the area -- sometimes at very low altitude.

Several residents of the town of Chicoana in Salta -- where circles and geometric figures appeared only days ago -- claimed having seen a strange circular object flying over the area at very low altitude.

The alleged UFO was described by the witnesses -- some were even able to take photos and record video -- as a round object that changed color constantly. "The object was very odd. It changed colors at every instant from red to green before losing itself in the mountains after being visible for several seconds," said José Morales, a witness to the aerial phenomenon over Route 33 last Thursday.

In an interview with Diario El Tribuno, the man said that the UFO "was round and not very large. Many were able to see it. After returning a few times, it vanished to the south of Chicoana."

Olga Chocobar and her nephew were also able to see it on Wednesday and Thursday from Barrio la Rotonda.

"There was a very bright light moving from one side to another at low altitude and in the same area. Two days in a row. At times it floated and moved quicly at others. It changed colors, dimmed and then reappeared somewhere else," said the local resident. Last weekend, the fields of Chicoana, 35 kilometers from the capital city of Salta, also witnessed the appearance of strange shapes in the wheat, as occurred three years ago in other rural areas of the region.

This time, circles measuring some ten meters in diamater were added to the figures, similar to the Crop Circles that appeared in England in the late '70s adne were later found in various parts of the world, causing speculation that ranges from ufology to fraud and outright pranks.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU)

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Peru: Cylindrical UFO Caught on Video?

Source: and
Date: 10.17.2011

Peru: Cylindrical UFO Caught on Video?

Fernando Avalos wasn’t expecting to see a UFO on the 12th of October.

According to, the unusual sight of a cylindrical object moving at speed across blue skies was recorded at 17:45 hours and was witnessed by sixty students between the ages of eleven to twelve and four of their instructors in the city of Chimbote. While the sighting went on for about three minutes, the recorded segment only displays seventeen seconds – the amount of time remaining on the videographer’s memory card.

Naysayers have dismissed it as an airplane; believers say that it goes to show that Peru’s decades-old reputation as a UFO haven remains unchallenged.

See for yourself:

Spain: More Work for Air Traffic Controllers - UFO Control

Source: El Confidencial (
Date: 10.12.2011

Spain: More Work For Air Traffic Controllers – UFO Control

As if the waters weren’t sufficiently turbulent for the air traffic controllers union, a new mandate has been forced upon them: to control air traffic that doesn’t appear on the books. At least that’s what César Cabo says. He is the former spokesman and “friendly face” of USCA, reporting on his Twitter account: “We kicked off the afternoon’s supervisory duty like this – three airliners have reported a UFO on their radar screens!” The remark may seem like the opening tag in a report by Iker Jimenez, but sources consulted by El Confidencial confirm that there was indeed an unidentified flying object, and three captains from various airliners attest to the fact.

The event occurred at the first hour of the afternoon in the airspace around Barajas Airport (Madrid). A strange report was received from one of the passenger airliners nearby: “I’m picking up a target on my screen” – in the jargon, a “target” refers to an unknown element. The statement cannot be corroborated from ground, as secondary radars did not pick up anything strange. Shortly after, a third pilot reported another “white light” on his monitors. Later, a third one makes a similar report to the Barajas Control Center.

According to sources, the agitation that ensued in the control room acquired considerable magnitude: an ambient mix of surprise, confusion and disquiet. An effort was made for a considerable amount of time to observe the element by following the pilot’s explanations to the letter, but without any effect. The only conclusion reached at Barajas was that – whatever it was – it wasn’t a known aircraft.

It seems that such phenomena are not as unusual as one would think. “Every so often, pilots pick up elements with “non-ballistic acceleration” on their radars,” explain airport authorities.

Practically no case receives a rational explanation. No one dares put forth a logical hypothesis to yesterday’s UFO episode. Only one of the consulted experts was willing to put forth a hypothesis to the events: “It may be that since tomorrow (meaning today) is Hispanic Culture Day, it may have to do with the Armed Forces and such...although to tell you the truth, it isn’t much of an explanation.”

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Carretero, Andalucía Misteriosa)

Friday, October 14, 2011

All Down The Line: Trains to High Strangeness

All Down The Line: Trains to High Strangeness
By Scott Corrales

“Everybody hears the sound of a train in the distance; everybody knows its true.” – Paul Simon

The lonely whistle of a train plowing its way through the darkness of the countryside conjures up many romantic images, to be sure, but the chronicles of the paranormal in many nations are filled with stories involving high-strangeness events and those giants of the rails. Everything from ghosts to hairy monsters and UFOs have claimed their place in railroad lore, which is complicated enough without the added elements. But is there something about trains, especially train accidents, which brings about that paranormal element? Or is it merely the human mind trying to sort out the details of a disaster?

One of the worst railroad accidents in North America took place in October 1972 in northern Mexico. Pilgrims were returning to their homes after having made a pious journey to the shrine of St. Francis of Assisi in Real del Catorce, state of San Luis Potosí. They excitedly bought tickets for the first train out of the area: a nameless convoy of sixteen superannuated passenger cars pulled by a five hundred ton diesel. The returning pilgrims quickly overwhelmed the eighty-passenger capacity of each car, and standing room only became the order of the day. Authorities believe that well over a thousand passengers were on the train that night.

The diesel bravely pulled the overloaded railcars toward the appointed destination, but the steep downward grade was more than the engine could handle. It would later be learned that the sixteen cars had been slated for the scrap yard due to their age and obsolete equipment, but that knowledge would have not helped the engineer and brakemen at the time. As the train reached Puente Moreno, the overloaded cars smashed into each other and into the locomotive. The jumble of rolling stock and rails was engulfed by flame as passengers people tried to escape from the wreckage.

It was later said that the authorities administered beatings to the surviving rail crew, forcing them to take the blame for the incident, accusing them of inebriation while on duty. The fact is that the government buried the wreckage, and a good part of the unclaimed bodies, on the spot where the disaster occurred.

An article in El Diario de Coahuila ( mentions that Ivan Escamilla, a local paranormal researcher, has endeavored to make electronic voice phenomena recordings at the disaster site with surprising results – screams, sobs, voices asking for help, conversations and laughing children. Unexplained lights and shadows are reported in the area of Puente Moreno – the restless shades of the accident victims.

Even more compelling is a story posted to a paranormal website by the grandson of a survivor of the accident. But the lucky survivor did not escape from the flames and ruin thanks to the hard work of rescuers, or even his own wits: an unknown man told him to get off the train as soon as possible.

The nameless survivor had boarded the death train and fallen asleep in his seat. The person told him that it would be best if he got off the train immediately, “as something very serious was about to occur.” Seconds later, as the train began its inexorable forward motion, the stranger hollered to everyone that they should get off the train, “because something was amiss.” So insistent was his tone that a several passengers jumped from the train, leaving their luggage behind. Only later would they hear of the grim fate they had escaped....

Listen To The Train Whistle By

Millions of people worldwide have seen the shades of the departed, both human and animal, and no society on the planet has a dearth of lore on the subject: what to do when they appear, how to appease them, how to banish them (if necessary) or simply, how to honor the dead and assure their peace.

In the industrial world, it is not uncommon to learn of cases in which the living have encountered ghostly images of non-living things, such as ethereal houses, automobiles, and in some rare instances, entire "ghost" villages which, like Brigadoon, are not "there" the following morning. Therefore, the case involving a phantom locomotive should not cause us to raise our eyebrows. Or should it?

After the completion of the coast-to-coast railway system at the end of the 19th century, the United States boasted one of the busiest rail systems in the world. Enormous trains like the Mikado hauled vast numbers of coal cars to feed the industrial appetite of the budding world superpower. Pittsburgh, in particular, needed coal to fuel the blast furnaces of its titanic steel, glass and iron works, and was serviced by a number of criscrossing railways.

The building of the interstate highway network, the decline of commerce by rail and the advent of the postmodern era led to the obsolescence and eventual abandonment of many railways and their tunnels, blasted through the hearts of the Appalachians.

One such train track ran through tunnels south of Pittsburgh, near the city of Canonsburg. It retains a ghostly memory of its heyday, as two young Pennsylvanians were able to discover for themselves.

While driving along the back roads running of Donaldson Rd., they came upon the long-abandoned rails, rusted and interspersed with weeds. The pair of tunnels further down the line caught their attention--particularly the fact that one of the tubes was barricaded by a gate that swung aside as they approached, as if beckoning to them.

Discretion prevailing over valor, they chose to forgo the dubious distinction of venturing into the darkened tunnel's nether reality and return by day, which they did, only to discover, in the best horror-film fashion, that the gates were no longer there: in their place now stood a wall of old bricks, the work of decades earlier judging from their poor condition. This disconcerted the youths even further.

Unable to ignore the site's enigmatic attraction, they returned to the tunnels one night of full moon in May 1993. Any plans they may have entertained about exploring the abandoned tunnels were thwarted by the sudden appearance of a phantom locomotive, pearly-white in color and almost solid, which caused them to lose their resolve and quite literally, run away.

They bestowed the name "Hell" upon the peculiar patch of backwoods they had discovered, and set about to learn as much about it as they could. A quick check of their local library revealed nothing, at first. But they gradually pieced together the story of a massive train wreck, with considerable loss of life, which had taken place along that section of track in the 1930's. Even more ominously, their research uncovered a subsequent derailment along the same section of track, which resulted
in the collision of a train carrying the bodies of Vietnam War veterans in the late 1960's.

"Hell" had a personality of its own, they discovered. It allowed some to enter its unhallowed confines while chasing others away, availing itself of a bright yellow Chevy Camaro or else, an equally garish pickup truck, that would pursue unwelcome arrivals back to the main road, turning aside down a dirt track just as soon as the trespassers had been warned off.

Before discarding the teenagers' narrative as a lively amalgam of Freddy Kruger films and Stephen King novels, we should reflect upon the fact that acts of violence tend to leave an indelible imprint upon the areas in which they occur. The late British psychic, John Pendragon, discussed an event which took place in London during World War II: While seeking shelter in a bombed out mansion during an air raid, a man came upon a "monster", which he described as being horned, goat-like, and filled with evil, sitting on the stairs leading to the upper floor. The nightmarish beast ran up the stairs, the man claimed, vanishing into one of the bedrooms, where it proceeded to make loud noises. Pendragon speculated that the hapless man had witnessed an elemental, a creature "prone to frequent places where a tragedy has occurred." Subsequent investigation revealed that a manservant had committed suicide on the premises by hanging himself from a banister, and many people had since reported the horned, bestial apparition on the steps. Enigmatic three-toed footprints were found in the vicinity of Mars, Pennsylvania in February 1975, at the site of a railroad tunnel that had collapsed, a fact that lends some weight to the "tragic event" suggestion.

The Canonsburg, PA region falls loosely under the general zone comprised by the Laurel Highlands--well known for its UFO and Bigfoot sightings. Other railroad mysteries exist in the area, which oddly complement the teens' story. During the completion of the track leading down from Pennview Mountain, two gangs of railroad workers, sparked either by the hot summer weather or a real or imaginary slight, stopped driving spikes into the ground and instead, chose to drive them into one another. By the time the situation was remedied, two men lay dead, and were promptly buried on the site. According to locals, voices arguing in rage can be heard on certain evenings.

Nancy Roberts recorded a situation parallel to the Canonsburg situation in the book Illustrated Guide to Ghosts. Pat Hayes and her husband Larry were driving through North Carolina in the early morning hours when their car broke down. When Larry went to get help, Pat heard a screech of metal in the darkness and ran out of the vehicle: she soon witnessed the derailment of a passenger train over a tall bridge into the waters of a creek below. Explosions, fire and screams rent the darkness. To add to her bewilderment, she found herself standing beside a thin, uniformed man who asked her for the time, yet seemed unconcerned by the calamitous situation playing out before them.

Her husband returned to find her distraught, convinced that there had been a terrible accident in the woods. The following day, they visited the local train station, where they learned that there had been no derailment that evening... but there had been one on that very same evening fifty years before: On August 27, 1891, a train had left Salisbury for Ashboro, NC and had reached Bostian's Bridge at 3 a.m., plunging ninety feet into the dark water below.

The stationmaster was even able to show the confused and frightened Mrs. Hayes a clip from the Charlotte Chronicle recording the terrible event: "Hurled to death, 30 Killed, Many Injured. At Three o'Clock in the Morning, Bridge near Statesville the Scene of the Wreck." Baggagemaster H.K. Linster was killed in the disaster. His description matched that of the man she'd spoken to at the crash site.

Even more dramatic are accounts of the "headless track walker" who carries out his duty at night to this very day. As one variant of the story has it, a trackwalker was on his way back to Derry, PA after checking certain sections of track in the vicinity of Burd's Crossing when he was slain by a westbound train. The fact of the matter is that the unnamed man's headless corpse was found on the tracks the next day. Ever since, those taking shortcuts across the track have stumbled across the path of a headless man carrying a lantern before him.

While we should not allow the charm of folklore, no matter how colorful, to distract us from the underlying truth of the matter at hand, places like "Hell" exist not only in the U.S., but around the world, many of them even involving railroads as well. These so-called "Dead Zones" have increasingly attracted the attention of researchers bent on unlocking their secrets. Their existence has been explained in terms of "psychic saturation", a concept that presumes that matter is quite capable of recording impressions of diverse natures, much like a blank strip of magnetic tape. When an event produces an intense outburst of mental or spiritual power from an individual or a group of persons, surrounding matter (the tunnels, train tracks, etc. in this case) picks up the outburst, storing it for "playback" (for want of a better term) by a person or persons capable of doing so. While neither of the two percipients of the strange phenomena taking place at "Hell" tried to test the solidity of the gate at the tunnel entrance, for instance, or that of the phantom locomotive, much less, the phenomenon has entered "playback" mode whenever they have returned.

An alternative theory -- psychic contagion -- could be invoked to explain the goings-on in this community off a major interstate highway (Rt.79) and less than forty minutes from Pittsburgh. The events playing out at "Hell" are nothing more than a hallucination suffered by someone at a particular time--perhaps during the collision in the 1930's, or during the derailment of the 1960's--which has repeated itself at the site and expanded until it developed into a sort of localized mental disturbance, infecting those entering the area and spread by them to others, fueling the phenomenon's existence. While eminent American and European parapsychologists have discussed such situations, their sheer complexity leads one to choose the possibility of a bona fide haunting.

In all fairness, one must point out that other train accidents have occurred in the Keystone State and have left no haunting tales for posterity: In 1856, for instance, an excursion train filled with Sunday schoolers crashed into a regular train, leaving 66 children dead. The engineer was reportedly so distraught that he committed suicide upon returning home. In 1943, a wheel bearing froze on the seventh car of the Congressional Limited as it sped through Philadelphia. The train ground to a halt and the seventh car jumped the track, slamming into the embankment. Other cars left the rails and piled up, with a death toll of 79.

A Phantom Conductor

Even stranger details accompany one of Europe’s worst train wrecks. On January 3, 1944, a mail train and a freight train collided -- inside a tunnel -- with a third locomotive used for maneuvers.

Rosa Santizo, editor of Spain’s Revista Avalon, says that Mail Train 421 left Madrid on January 2, pulling twelve passenger cars and a spare locomotive. Like the Mexican train thirty years later, the Spanish train also carried nearly a thousand passengers returning to La Coruña after having spent the holidays in the capital city.

The 421 reached the city of Astorga in León the next day at noon, and it was running late. The reason for the spare locomotive was to insure breaking power the convoy, but during this stop it was learned that the spare was also damaged, requiring it to be decoupled. The 421 now had to continue its trip through the mountains of northern Spain despite its own shortcomings.

Everything went wrong when – as in the case involving the Mexican train in decades to come – the train faced a steep downward grade and began gaining speed, to the extent that it was unable to stop at the next station. Startled onlookers said that the train sped past the platform like a runaway horse. A call was placed to the stationmaster at the next stop, instructing him to place crossbeams on the track to assist in slowing down the out-of-control train, but by the time the conversation had ended, the stationmaster watched helplessly as the 421 zoomed past his stop, straight into a tunnel where railroad personnel serviced an idle locomotive. In an age before two-way radios, there was no way of informing them of the doom that was barreling toward them.

The 421 collided against the idle locomotive, sending its crew flying. Now firmly jammed in the tunnel, the runaway train’s passengers and crew did their best to recover from the shock, unaware, as Santizo writes, “that the worst was yet to come.”

A 27-car freight train now headed toward the tunnel at full speed, unaware that the signals were now broken. One can only shudder to think about the ensuing impact, the fire from the freight locomotive’s shattered boilers and the screams of the injured and dying occupants of the passenger train in the tunnel.
Spain’s authoritarian government at the time underreported the losses. Nearly a thousand lives were lost in the tragedy. And, much like the Mexican accident at Puente Moreno, the Spanish case also had a paranormal component.

A respected citizen of the city of Astorga went to the authorities to report that three days prior to the railroad disaster, a railroad inspector had boarded one of the passenger cars, staring squarely at the passengers and saying that a serious accident had just taken place at the Torre del Bierzo tunnels and that many travelers heading to Galicia had perished. He did not wait for any response or questions from the startled passengers: he turned on a heel and got off the train.

Santizo’s article reports that others soon came forth to corroborate the presence of the “phantom conductor”, as he was quickly dubbed. The courts launched an unsuccessful search, suspecting that he might have been a saboteur, but no evidence of foul play was ever discovered.

Readers will recall John Fuller’s “The Ghost of Flight 401”, a report on the 1972 crash of an Eastern Airlines L-1011 Whisperliner in the Everglades, and the manifestations of a ghostly pilot in subsequent flights, who tried to tell others about what brought about the disaster. Separated by time and space, were the “phantom conductor” of 1944 and the “unknown man” of 1972 survivors of previous accidents? Guardian angels? Friendly djinn? Time travelers? Or merely figments of the imagination?

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Under The Gaze of The Watchers

Under the Gaze of The Watchers
By Scott Corrales

I saw Watchers in my vision, a dream vision,
and behold two of them argued about me [...]
and they were engaged in a great quarrel con-
cerning me. I asked them: "You, why do you
argue thus about me?" They answered and said
to me: "We have been made masters and rule over
the sons of men." And they said to me: "Which
of us do you choose?...

The preceding is a fragment from "The Testament of Amram", a document written in Aramaic that forms part of the Qumran scrolls, more commonly known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The entire fragment, which takes up some eight patchy paragraphs, relates a story told by Moses' father, Amram, to his children, concerning the burden of choice: whether to serve the evil Watcher Melkiresha, a viper-faced demon, or his counterpart, the Watcher Melchizedek, who is ruler of the "Sons of Light."

Much has been made over the last few decades of the link between the role played by the biblical Watchers and that played by UFOs and their occupants, as well as the phenomena associated with them. This order of nonhuman beings, which fell from grace on account of their transgressions with "the daughters of men," are at the core of a current controversy. The viper-eyed Melkiresha, allegorical though it may be, is strangely reminiscent of some of the more reptilian UFO entities that have been reported in a number of encounters. The Watchers, either as described in the Bible or by the Tibetan monks who discussed the topic with the Russian artist/mystic Nicholas Roerich (whose paintings of Asian hill-forts are often referred to in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft), are in essence a race of beings which have always lived in the skies and lord over humanity, reveling in intermarriage with humans. The biblical Noah, for example, was the offspring of a Watcher.

Are the Watchers Among Us?

In November of 1991, Monica María Ortega, a young Colombian woman, told her story of a nocturnal sexual encounter with an alleged "alien" which could have well been one of the Watchers on a nationally syndicated TV show. Far from being one of the current crop of "Greys", her nonhuman lover was more in step with the traditional "sky people", "elementals", or other creatures who have interacted with humans on a biological level in traditions that span the globe.

Ms. Ortega was twelve years old at the time and living in New York City when this tall, blond, green-eyed entity suddenly materialized in her bedroom. "At first, I saw two lights. I felt a presence, and naturally felt scared. One light was red in color and the other was green," she recalled. The lights told her not fear for her safety. As she began to fall asleep, in spite of the luminous globes' presence, she felt caresses and kisses all over her body as her nightclothes were removed. "I felt something spread my legs open and a sharp pain soon after. I woke up, terrified, and saw a being in a tight-fitting outfit in bed with me. His eyes were so green that it made dizzy to look at them. I found him very handsome, was attracted to him and fell in love."

Monica's lover and his silent companion (never manifested itself in human form) told her that they traveled around the world. Curiosity, they advised her, was the motivation for their sexual contacts.

In 1987, Monica had her third contact with the Watchers. After two years, she had moved back to Colombia, and was overjoyed at seeing her otherworldly lover again. At the end of their encounter, Monica expressed a desire to go with him to "his world", but the being turned her down. 19 years old at the time of the interview, the young woman had still not had sex with a human male. "They have the advantage," she explained, meaning the Watchers, "of not making you pregnant."

In the Land of the Watchers

The mystical figure of Apollonius of Tyana--sorcerer, philosopher and indefatigable traveler--visited a place, according to the chronicles, known as the City of the Gods, whose inhabitants allegedly "lived on the earth, yet outside it at the same time." Said parallel universe or dimension was located in the Himalayas, and as Apollonius and his guide, Damis, would near their destination, the more unreal the landscape became. Apollonius' larger-than-life adventures include teleportation away from the court of the Emperor Domitian in A.D 96 and other occult phenomena. Could these skills have been learned in the City of the Gods? Considering Apollonius' stature in ancient history, could he himself have been a Watcher?

Metal disks have been reported in the skies over the Himalayas for centuries. These have been considered manifestations of The Watchers by the lamas of Tibet and Nepal, "a sign of Shamballah," the subterranean (or extradimensional) land ruled by a higher order of beings who visit our world in gleaming metallic vehicles. Foremost among Shamballah's denizens is the "Rigden-Jye-Po," the "King of the World", who is identified with the leader of the Sons of Light mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Book of Enoch

To the dismay of those who expect hard-boiled facts every time, the vast majority of the literature concerning the Watchers lies in mythology and in religious documents such as the Old Testament. In the book of the same name, we have Enoch taken to heaven to intercede on behalf of the fallen Watchers with the angels of the highest heavens. The appeal is turned down: for having taught the secrets of nature to human females, and worse yet, for having conceived children with human females (the giant Nephilim), the two hundred spirits involved are condemned to never again regain their lofty status. We are given the names of the ringleaders of this heavenly conspiracy, and one of them, in particular, does more than ring a bell to a ufologically-minded ear: Semyaz. While phonetic similarity proves nothing, it is unusual that the leader of the alleged "Pleiadans" visiting Billy Meier at his Swiss retreat should call herself Semjase. Meier's claims have been at the center of a number of disputes, mainly accusations of fraud concerning the fantastic UFO photographs that he circulated.

What evidence suggests that the Watchers mentioned by the ancient religious chronicles and the entities that accompany the UFO phenomenon are one and the same? A careful examination of certain contemporary cases, along with some outstanding ancient ones, can leave no doubt as to the conflict between the fallen Watchers (the 200 which descended in the ancient Middle East, led by Semyaz/Semjase), the "Forces of Good", and hapless mortal humans, stuck squarely in the middle.

Benign, malevolent, or both?

Although "scientific" ufology cringes at the mention of any angelic/demonic involvement, the recent spate of abduction cases engulfing the world provides cases that could be seen within such a context. Abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic has singled out a case in which a youth faced what he at first took to be a "Nordic" type male alien, who reverted into a reptilian form, assaulting the unsuspecting young man and leaving furrows across his back. While this sobering incident is presented in the light of the shape-shifting ability of a particular alien race, it is strongly reminiscent of texts of a religious nature which state that demons can sometimes appear as "angels of light", which is what the tall, blond alien visitors have been associated with.

The dichotomy over whether the Watchers are benign or evil has been approached with the same caution reserved for the "good angel/bad angel" case. As in the fragment from the "Book of Amram", we can see the existence of two very different kinds of Watcher. Certain yogis, for instance, believe that the Dark Angels who lost the conflict against their benevolent counterparts have been confined to certain dimensions; Renaissance authors wrote of the nine-day long fall of the vanquished angels into Hell, based upon Greek legends of the casting of the Cyclops into Tartaros--so distant that an anvil would take nine days to hit bottom. Could there possibly be any connection between the negative order of beings and the allegedly extraterrestrial visitors we are entertaining today?

In 1947, one Señor C.A.V. encountered strange amoeba-like beings in the desert outside Lima, Perú, who took him aboard their landed vehicle. When the conversation between the stunned C.A.V. and his nonhuman hosts turned to matters spiritual, they replied mockingly to his question about their belief in God, stating: "We are like Gods." Either the beings had a very high opinion of themselves, or they ranked among the fallen Watchers. German theologian Kurt Koch mentions that while in the Kwa Sizabantu mission station in South Africa, a woman approached him to confess a strange encounter in the Namib Desert with a robot-crewed UFO. In the course of a telepathic conversation with the mechanical aliens, one of them declared: "God is not going to answer your prayers anyway. But we can fulfill your wishes."

More stories abound with regard to the benevolent Watchers, both in antiquity and in the present. A truly bewildering case of Watcher intervention into human life is submitted by Spanish UFO researcher Salvador Freixedo in his book Ellos: Los dueños invisibles de este mundo: When a brush fire broke out on the estate of Colombian journalist Inés de Montaña, farmhands ran to and fro trying to create firebreaks in the middle of the night. Enormous tongues of flame lapped at the black skies while the journalist and her trusted housekeeper, Jovita Caicedo, looked on in sheer terror. The old wooden farmhouse from which they beheld the breeze was about to be incinerated in a matter of minutes, when "a helicopter of light," as de Montaña
describes it, swooped in from the western sky. The coruscant light came closer, as low as the tops of the coconut palms, leaving a wake like a comet's tail in its path. It then began to emit a blast of intense cold, which had the effect of extinguishing the raging fire, dousing them as effectively as would have tons of water.
Montaña's incredible story was devoted an entire page in the newspaper for which she worked. "What you have read is the truth, supported by the testimony of four people who felt the effects of a strange phenomenon, and by the fact that in over thirty years, no one has been able to say that there has been fantasy, fiction or deceit in the thousands of words I've written." she stated.

Frank Smythe, a mountain climber ascending one of the Himalayan peaks, allegedly observed a "pulsating tea kettle" which seemed to be monitoring his progress. Smythe noted that before seeing it, he'd had the sensation of someone benignly watching his efforts.

It has been suggested that what we are seeing is "police activity" of a sort on the behalf of the positive Watchers, as they go about their appointed rounds, fending off the attacks of the renegade contingent. While some may find this hard to accept, some confirmation can be found in events which took place in Spain during a very heavy period of UFO activity in that country in the early 1980's: while residents of the town of Isla Cristina, on Spain's southern coast, were plagued by UFOs, giant non-human creatures thrashing across the tidal swamps, and a host of hair-raising and disturbing phenomena, María Echague, another resident, witnessed two tall, slender, white-haired figures which appeared to move in unison some 40 meters from where she stood. Amazed by the odd beauty and synchronicity of movement displayed by the beings, Ms. Echague found herself thinking "¿Que sois?" (What are you?). The beings turned in unison to show her the raised thumb, index and middle fingers of their right hands (a classic esoteric gesture, symbolizing the triumph of spirit over matter) and mentally replied: "We are teachers," before disappearing.

The Watchers continue to stage spectaculars for the benefit of those whom they contact and the spellbound followers of these "modern prophets" as well: Augusta de Almeidda, a contactee from the Philippines, was advised by her "alien brothers" that an aerial display of their majesty would take place over an arena on June 12, 1992. 400 onlookers witnessed golden, sphere-and cigar-shaped vehicles of varied geometry over the stadium at 8:05 p.m. that evening.


While all this talk of supernatural Watchers, "Sons of God" who mated with human females at the dawn of time, and who were cast out from their lofty position by divine powers annoys the believer in extraterrestrial visitors (or even ancient astronauts, in this case). It would be both unrealistic and unwise to discount the strong paranormal component exists in the UFO phenomenon, which has been thoroughly discussed by a number of authors, as well as the belief in a primeval struggle between good and evil factions that is at the root of many different mythologies (the clash between Ormuz and Ahriman in Zoroastrianism, that between Ouranos and the Cyclops in Greek myth, and the struggle between Bacaab-Quiché and Tohil in the Mayan cosmology). As Amram cautioned his children in his testament: "I leave you my books in testimony, that you might be warned by them..."

[This article originally appeared in Fate Magazine, 2000]

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Argentina: Impostor Spreads Rumors About Monte Grande

[It seems that we will never able to achieve closure of any kind with the Monte Grande /Esteban Echeverria incident that has dominated the Argentinean chronicles of the unusual for the past few weeks. Alejandro Agostinelli draws our attention to a new wrinkle in the story: many of the statements issued in the media were made by an impostor masquerading as a fireman. -- SC]

Bogus Firefighter Spreading Rumors Obtained Media Attention
By Alejandro Agostinelli
Wednesday, 0ctober 5, 2011

Héctor Facundo Ayala, bearing a volunteer firefighter's badge, managed to be heard out by such media outlets as the Perfil newspaper and others that published his statements, furthering speculation that "something strange" had happened in the 9 de Abril district in Monte Grande, Esteban Echeverria, on Monday, September 26, 2011.

Statements made by Ayala:

1. "I found a crater measuring a meter wide and a meter and a half deep from which fire emerged continuously. We doused with water, but it wouldn't go out," said Ayala.

2. "I never saw anything like it. It's like someone had driven a fist into the ground. There was a lot of smoke coming out and a reek of sulfur."

3. "The temperature of the ground was very high; it burned my feet."

4. "When the municipality sent its excavators, they removed the debris and covered the crater."

With regard to these statements, Guillermo E. Pérez, Commander of the Esteban Echeverría Fire Brigade, replied:

1. "Ayala is a FORMER fireman who was dismissed a year and a half ago."

2. He wasn't a member of any of the six crews, because he does NOT belong to the Esteban Echeverría Fire Department.

3. He is talking to all possible media outlets without any basis. What this person is saying is at his own initiative.

4. It so happens that he lives a few blocks away from where the explosion took place.

5. The only person with the responsibility and authorization to issue statements to the media is the Fire Chief, and that would be me.

6. He was at the site like any other local resident.

7. I have informed the Commissioner of the Malvinas Detachment to summon him and obtain a statement about what he has said, and to act in accordance with the law.

8. He was a Fireman for only 5 years, with very limited participation. I do not know or understand the reasons for which he made such statements.

9. The Fire Brigade exists to serve the community with no personal interest on the part of its members, or political tendencies, or financial expectations. We only serve our beloved Esteban Echeverría administrative area.

10. Concerning his statements, they are FALSE. I repeat: FALSE."

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Argentina:"I Feel Like a Patsy for the Police and NASA"

Date: 03 October 2011

Argentina: “ I Feel Like a Patsy for the Police and NASA”

The Monte Grande disaster – where a house exploded causing deaths and several injuries – continues to be a source of doubts. While some claim that a gas leak was responsible for said explosion, some believe that it was a meteorite.

One of the parties supporting this possibility is Emilio Daniel Verón, who was detained by the authorities along with his brother Jonathan by having presented a photo showing an alleged meteorite.

The photo, taken by a cellphone, lent greater credibility to the story upheld by residents of the 9 de Abril district: that the Sequeiro and Espinoza homes were volatized by a heavenly body that fell from the sky, and not by a gas leak, which is the hypothesis backed by researchers.

“We felt a buzzing sound, we were blinded by a light and there was an explosion. It was all of a sudden. With Jonathan, we surveyed a three-block area from my home and the place where the meteorite fell. That’s where we saw an incandescent red stone and a circle that resembled coal. There was no fire, only smoke with a smell of sulfur. The quickly took away whatever fell from the sky. We pulled out a lady who was covered in blood and the brothers Rodigo and Nicolás Sequeira,” Emilio recalls.

However, after the investigation, there were no marks that suggested an extraterrestrial origin to the phenomenon.

Yet bolstering his own version of the events, Emilio says: “For some time now we’ve been seeing many strange things in the sky. I showed journalists the photo of a shooting star taken by my 6-year-old sister on 11 September.”

“And that’s when they arrested you?”

“On the spot. Four policemen surrounded me and my brother, they made us go around the corner and hurried us along. They swiped my cell phone and pushed us into a squad car.”

The Verón brothers were detained “until midnight on Monday”. Prosecutor Andrea Nicoletti took their statements, but as of yesterday had not decided to charge them with making false statements.

Later on, Emilio said: “I feel like a patsy of the Police and NASA. I need them to give my my phone back and give me an attorney who understands about comets (sic). They want to pin this on me over the photo, and they only what to conceal what really happened.”

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Monday, October 03, 2011

Chile: Alleged UFO Plunges Into Sea by San Antonio

Source: Diario Santiago (Chile)
Date: October 2, 2011

Chile: Alleged UFO Plunges Into Sea by San Antonio

A large number of residents of San Antonio and the Central Littoral were surprised and frightened by the alleged UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that plunged into the bay.

Area residents who claim having witnessed the strange event, contacted that city's Port Authority by phone. Elements of that agency reported to the site without finding anything anomalous.

Preliminary stories suggested that the event could be due to the natural phenomenon known as "la Tromba" (the waterspout) but the Port Authority discarded that possibility.

Confirmed by Eyewitnesses

Dozens of witnesses attested to the phenomenon. They ratify that a strange object fell from the sky. "It was surprising," they said. The police combed the area but nothing at all was found in the entire area.

The phenomenon, also seen in the beaches of the Central Littoral, caused a commotion among those who beheld it: "It was incredible, out of the ordinary," emphasized a policeman who was on duty in the area and asked that his name be kept confidential.

Witnesses agreed that three large columns of smoke were initially visible, similar to the contrails of a jet aircraft, and gave the impression of a speedy North-South movement. However, they changed course by 90 degrees and fell vertically, with lights similar to flames becoming visible, after which the appeared to vanish.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)