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Spain: A UFO Over Málaga (1984)

Spain: A UFO over Málaga (1984)
By M. Angeles González

In 1984, the news media published the photograph taken by two young residents of Málaga, showing a strange flying object crossing the city's skies.

The time was 11:30 a.m. on 18 January 1984 when two young people photographed a strange object flying over the Cadiz Highway near the San Carlos district. The photograph was published the next day in the news media - DIARIO SUR among them - accompanied by the following text: "Around 11:30 yesterday, an unidentified flying object flew above the Cadiz Highway for a very brief span of time, its maneuvers being witnessed by some thirty people from the San Carlos district."

Among the eyewitnesses were Antonio Romero Rodriguez and David Romero Bonilla, who were taking photos on the street. Upon seeing the UFO, they did not hesitate to focus on it and take the shot. The ABC newspaper, echoing an EFE news wire, specifies that the young men were "taking photos of their dogs on the street". They explained that the object must have been very large, and that "after having been virtually suspended in the sky" it took off at high speed almost before they realized it. The witnesses stated that the alleged UFO vanished into the horizon behind the rooftops and was not seen again.

Journalist Iker Jimenez mentions this strange case in his book Encuentros OVNI: La historia de los ovnis en España, where he says that the first to notice the strange object was a dog called Bobby, who began barking at the sky, drawing the two friends' attention, who were testing out a pocket camera one of them had purchased only days earlier.

A shadow of doubt fell upon the case, and in subsequent days the photograph was called into question, suggesting that it could have been a hoax.

[Translation (c) 2018 IHU, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Operation Trancas: The Classic Case Revisited 55 Years On

Operation Trancas: The Classic Case Revisited, 55 Years On
By Luis Burgos (FAO-ICOU)

If there is anything in common between the Trancas case and successive generations of ufologists - both the old ones and the younger ones taking their first steps into the subject matter of UFOS - it is this case that we have on our beside table, much like a student handbook in a book bag or a Bible in the hand of churchgoers. It so happens that the remarkable event contains all of the elements necessary to a UFO case in order to consider it perfect. Years went by, decades went by, and many more shall elapse and it is IMPOSSIBLE to refute the events of that night long ago in Tucumán, although there is always someone looking for an answer, such as, for example that the witnesses "mistook" it for a train and its operators on the tracks. Laughable yet sad, because it is an effort to "cover up" something the person couldn't bring themselves to say: the entire case was a shame, in other words, a boldfaced lie. Therefore, the witnesses were all liars, not confused by the situations experienced, since "any one of us could be confused by a distance light, but no one would confuse an object resting on the ground and suddenly takes to the sky thirty meters away with a train car! This is the typical "playing the fool" explanation - lacking enough guts to stand and say "everyone lied in Trancas."

Reasons for the Trip

When ICOU (Investigadores de Campo OVNI Unidos - United UFO Field Researchers) on March 22, 2014 in Maximo Paz, Santa Fe, we also began to outline the idea of setting the "markers" for major cases in our UFO case histories. The first one was bestowed upon the Villaverde Case outside Santa Rosa (La Pampa), followed by a series of memorials in various Argentinean provinces: La Plata (Buenos Aires), Punta Indio (Buenos Aires), Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe) and El Bolson (Rio negro) where the "highest UFO monolith" was erected - at an altitude of 1250 meters, in the heart of Mt. Piltriquitron. Therefore, when organizing Operation Noa 2018 as a continuation of Operación Patagónica 2017, this new journey would cover some 5000 kilometers across a number of northwestern Argentinean provinces, prompting us to dedicate two memorials to UFO incidents considered as top cases in the national UFO histories: The Trancas Case (Tucuman), featuring the Moreno family, and the 1995 Salta UFO Crash investigated by Tony Galvagno.

Clarifying Information

A detailed retelling of the Trancas events would be redundant, since any person interested in the subject would be able to access a wealth of information in this regard by simply typing the name in the Internet. We are faced by the best Argentinean case, in my opinion and that of the majority of ufologists. Therefore our visit to the Santa Teresa farm, where the events too place, and to be welcomed by Jolié Moreno, 78, the only surviving witness of that evening, was a thrill to us. But for this writer and other members of FAO, for researcher Aguilares Marcelo Oso Nueva and ufologist Javier Lopez Posse and his GIOT group, who accompanied us, expectations were taken a step further by the on-site reality.

The Property Then and Now

While looking at the photographs of the Santa Teresa farm at the time - located some 3 kilometers from the town and belonging to the Moreno family - "time had stood still" by all accounts, as we toured the facilities and their surroundings in person nearly half a century later. Not much had changed since then. Jolié even has planned some repairs, among them the inclusion of a monolith on which our commemorative plaque will have a deserved monument. The atmosphere is permeated with tranquility, peace and memories.

The Alert

As Jolié told us, the first person in the family to sound the alert about "some strange presences aboard a luminous something on train tracks" (the Belgrano Railway) was her sister Argentina, age 28, who immediately woke up Dora Martina Guzman, 15, the family maid. They woke up Yolanda, age 32, and Jolié herself, age 23, who slept in the second room with one of the babies. Guillermo, Argentina's son, and the three women decided to leave the farm to see what was going on. Yolanda held a Colt .38 in her hand (a weapon kept by Dora when she was alone in the house) and Jolié carried a heavy-duty flashlight.

Their parents, Antonio Moreno, 72, and Teresa Kairuz. 63, very nervous, remained within the house with Argentina, who did not want to leave, being the most frightened of all. The clock indicated 21:30 hours on October 21, 1962 and there, at 150 meters from the entrance to the dwelling could be seen some 40 silhouettes of normal appearance and gait.

The Closest Encounter

It was necessary for them to crouch order to see better, and to avoid being covered by the foliage of neighboring trees. Dora went ahead a few meters, having seen a dim greenish light close to the "automatic" gate, leading her to think one of the farm's workers -a man surnamed Huanca - had arrived in his pickup truck. Just at that time, Jolié pointed her light against the light and "a disc-shaped luminous body" suddenly lit up. It was practically lying only scarce inches from the ground, as it was "balancing slightly" at less than 10 meters from the witnesses. The device, with six rectangular windows and an upper protuberance, emanated a sort of fog from tis lower base, while making a buzzing sound similar to "a fluorescent bulb shutting off". A strong smell of sulfur was evident in the area, and it lasted until the next morning. The fog dissipated in the morning.

The Woman Who Stared Down a UFO

A very powerful 'heat wave' emanated from the craft, causing Yolanda to drop her handgun, making it fall to the ground Jolie and Dora, who was up ahead and took the brunt of the impact. The three turned and ran toward the farm to follow the events. From that point onward several beams of white light measuring 3 meters in diameter emerged from the objects, aimed at the farm. All of them were at a distance of 10 centimeters off the ground. Two of the beams were aimed at the shed in the back of the property, where a tractor was kept, dirty from its use on farm duties. It turned up completely clean in the morning, as though it had been washed. The other two beams scoured the henhouse, which contained some 400 chickens, and the other surveyed the farmhouse. This activity took several minutes. Another interesting detail was that Jolié "plunged her arm into one of the beams, only to see it pull back immediately." That is to say, it wasn't Jolié who pulled her arm out of the beam.

Animal Symptoms

As is common in these cases, the farm's three guard dogs remained "flattened" throughout the entire ordeal and the 400 chickens did not stir during the prevailing situation.

The Doctor's Astounding Vision

Searching for other eyewitness accounts, those provided by José Acosta, the farm's foreman, and neighbor Francisco Tropiano regrettably do not provide further details on the case, beyond the "strange lights in the surroundings" seen by Acosta and the orange-tinted sky seen by Tropiano. However, the experience of Doctor René Vera, 28, at the Trancas Hospital is fundamental in the final interpretation of the incident: This medical professional's car broke down on the road near the Santa Teresa farm around 23:00 hours. She left it behind and began walking toward the town when suddenly "some 40 or 50 luminous objects began to fly over at low altitude, heading east," leaving the air saturated with an almost-unbreathable smell of sulfur.

Physical Evidence

Next day, Dr. Walter Gonzalo Tell (National University of Tucumán) reported to the scene and gathered "a large number of tiny white balls that crumbled to the touch" and which were scattered in a 30 meter radius of the bean field where the object landed, and to a lesser extent on the railroad tracks. An analysis suggested that they were 96.48% calcium carbonate and 3.51% potassium. In other words, calcium of the highest degree of purity.

A circular ground mark measuring 8 meters in diameter was stamped for several years on the site, as mute evidence of the events transpired, where the craft closes to the gate had landed.

Doña Marina, who was closest to the main object, suffered first and second degree burns to her face, arms and legs, treated for this condition the following day in the town's hospital.

The Trancas Case's Lost Sibling

At 04:10 a.m. on May 12, 1962, three truckers were driving along Route No. 35 in the vicinity of Berraondo (Buenos Aires) and saw a "train-shaped" object flying at low altitude, accompanied by a buzzing sound, deep in a field. It split in two and both halves flew off in different directions. A 60 meter ground mark was left on the grass along with a whitish substance which was subsequently analyzed by the National University of the South in Bahia Blanca. It turned out to be calcium carbonate and potassium: a residue nearly identical to the one found at Trancas and which had taken place seven months earlier! Comparative ufology at its very best.

Hypotheseses to Match all Tastes

EM Effect: The farm's electric generator quit working at 19:00 hours. At the time the incident occurred, the Moreno family was drawing light from candles and lanterns inside the property. Did the intelligence governing the Trancas events cause the situation a little over two hours before the incident began? Did the physician's car suffer an identical fate?

Fear of Attack
: The main reason for panic in the family upon seeing the events on the track was "fear of a terrorist attack" due to the political situation at the time, bolstered by the fact that Don Antonio Moreno had been the mayor of Trancas years before. Furthermore, Jolié and her sister Argentina were both married to military men.

Odors: The coincidence of a smell of sulfur at the Moreno household and the physician's own sighting is a relevant point. As in other cases, this perception by witnesses could have to do with ozone.

End of the Case: After some 45 minutes, the main object fired a beam of light that practically reached the town, withdrawing before firing another beam - this time a curved one at 180 degrees - before rising into the air along with the other five object sitting on the tracks, flying eastward toward Sierra de Medina. According to Jolié, the objects were "mindful of its geography" (sic). To the witness, this final act signaled a "departure order" for the fleet, whose mission was now complete.

Terrestrial Origin
: At the time that Dora, Yolanda and Jolié approached the main object, they were able to see rivets on its metallic structure. This - added to the normal behavior of the figures seen on the tracks - caused Jolié to believe to this day that what occurred that night was the product of a terrestrial technology, a suggestive and acceptable hypothesis.

The Reason for the Trancas Operation

There can be no doubt that such a technological display, with a crew of 40 entities and 6 craft over 45 minutes, proved to be a considerably high-strangeness event, both to the Moreno family and ufologists. But if we extend the case another 45 minutes, that is, until 23:00 hours, when Dr. Vera witnessed a fly-over by "dozens of flying objects", these intruders were present for a span of 90 minutes. Therefore, were find to our surprise that while the events at the Santa Teresa farm were taking place, there was a veritable "fleet" operating on the ground, a few meters away from the Morenos, who were never aware of the situation and much less on account of the dense forest grove that hindered their vision. The question here becomes: Were the events experienced by Jolié and her relatives the real reason for the landing, or was the real reason a few hundred meters from their dwelling? Was it a distraction? A cover up? An unexpected breakdown and repair task? All of these conjectures serve to confirm the presence of "a common thread at all times." Unfortunately, with the passing of time, no one investigated the site from which the objects seen by Dr. Vera departed. Perhaps THE KEY to the event could have been found there. What matters is that this was the "UFO case with the most artifacts on the ground" and something very significant caused it to happen.

The Day After Tomorrow

The UFO phenomenon never returned to Trancas with a similar event. Not even the Decimal Hypothesis, which returned in 1973 with the so-called "Year of the Humanoids", made its presence felt in that part of Tucumán. There were, however, minor sightings throughout the entire region and neighboring communities which were significant to the case history of the area, such as the Choromoro River. Seven months later on the evening of June 6, 1964, Dr. Juan Medrano, engineer Jose Luis Cerviño and business executive Vicente Pellicer were heading back from Salta along Route 9 when the saw 'a strange rectangular object" flying by at low altitude. The object measured some six meters, was reddish orange, and with a lower appendix similar to a pentagon-shaped gondola. Smoke or vapor of some sort issued from its upper section and two large fins rotated around it. The uncanny vessel crossed the road, absorbing a structure of the highway as it did so, possibly a luminary (?).

Most significant of all, perhaps, is that Trancas, over time "did not become a tourist location, or a circus show, or a breeding ground for pseudo-contactees hoping to meet UFOs." This, without question, was a very healthy for national ufology.


Over the decades, all of the witness of that unforgettable evening passed away (Dora suffered a tragic accident with a train the province of Salta). We would like to acknowledge the work of Capt. Omar Roque Pagani, the true pioneer of research into the Trancas case, and our eternal thanks to that sweet woman, Jolié del Valle Moreno Ebaich, protagonist of one of the most outstanding cases in world ufology and which "changed her life", in her own words.

[Translation (c) 2018 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]

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Argentina: UFO Landing Traces in Cordoba (1986)

Source: El Día (newspaper) and Marcelo Metayer
Date: 06 February 1986

Argentina: UFO Landing Traces in Cordoba (1986)

An unidentified flying object (UFO) has left landing traces in the mountain ranges surrounding Cordoba.

The flying saucer, witnessed by a large number of people on the evening of 9 January, allegedly caused a burn mark measuring approximately a hundred meters in diameter and the charred remains of two head of cattle.

The fact was discovered by a group of local residents who embarked upon an amateur investigation prompted by having seen the object back in January.

According to reports from those who witnessed the UFO in flight and its subsequent landing a little less than a month ago, they said it was a large craft. At first they were only able to see a swinging light that resembled a flattened ball full of portholes, with a bright red light that turned on and off intermittently.

Nearly all agreed that the object's landing site was charred.

After having organized the expedition and waiting a judicious amount of time, the enthusiastic witnesses were able to find the exact landing site. All of Capilla del Monte is in an uproar by the phenomenon, although some state that they are quite accustomed to such manifestations, although never with a landing.

This is not an isolated fact. There has been talk of sightings throughout the country in recent days, heralding a prolific year for manifestations of this sort.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Marcelo Metayer]

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Argentina: UFO Hunters at Work in San Juan

Source: Planeta UFO and www.sanjuan8.com
Date: 18 July 2018

Argentina: UFO Hunters at Work in San Juan

Images were recorded and shared by a group of amateur ufologists in Pocito.

The case involving a UFO in the skies over Pocito keeps racking up hits on Facebook. The images were taken by the amateur UFO group known as Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano (Guardians of the Skies of Cuyo).

According to the publication made on Facebook, the sighitng took place last Sunday, July 15 [2018] over Cerro Plateado. The "witness guardians" were Ramón Lázaro Flores and Jorge Pérez, who received support from the Matakiterani group by radio.

The video shows a flashing light that moves "northward at an elevation of 20-25 degrees more or less."

While it has not been possible to ascertain its origin, it has been a source of curiosity among cybernauts who have seen it.

Spain: UFO Crash in La Graña (Galicia, 1966)

Source: Planeta UFO and Revista Engimas
Date: 06 November 2017
An article by Josep Guijarro

Spain: UFO Crash in La Graña (Galicia)

In 1966, the Spanish Navy obtained the remains of a saucer-shaped aircraft that had flown over several military facilities in El Ferrol (A Coruña)

If we suppose that UFOs are technological devices created by aliens, it is logical to suppose that some of them may have become damaged, or may have even crashed, during their visits to our planet. In greater or lesser measure, we follow the ups and downs of the Roswell Incident, seemingly one of the first worldwide cases involving crashed UFOS, yet not the only one. However, does Spain have any documents that enshrine an event of this nature?

The answer is yes.

On April 2, 1966, an unidentified flying object fell into Mar de la Graña, across from the Galician locality of El Ferrol. It is the first UFO case recorded on Galician territory and forms part of the official files of the Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force), which are accessible through the Ministry of Defense's Virtual Library online.

UFOs had hitherto been a concern, but were not investigated. Between June 1967 and October 1968, Spain experienced a "flap" of sightings that eventually involved aircraft in flight, both military and commercial, having a powerful impact on the media. After a secret meeting attended by only seven generals of the Ejército del Aire, a message was put forth, requesting citizen cooperation in notifying sightings to the authorities.

On December 17, 1968 the UFO subject was concentrated in the Operations Section of the Senior Staff of the Air Force, and finally on 26 December, Circular Letter 9266-CT was issued, setting forth research standards and classifying the matter as confidential.

By then, the first UFO crashed in Spain was already under the waters of Mar de la Graña. It had all begun on 23:30 hours of April 2 at the La Carreira Radio Station. As the declassified report indicates, a corporal on duty, a watchman and two sailors witnessed "a sizeable object in the sky, emitting an opaque light, and changing its shape approximately every five minutes.

The corporal was able to photograph the mysterious object from the Navy communications center located between the towns of Narón and Valdoviño in the district of El Ferrol. The lieutenant commander in charge of the radio-telegraph station instituted an investigation showing that "the object was to the left of Monte Campelo, one of the highest points in the Province of La Coruña, where a major military base was located.

The object flew over the Astano Shipyards where several warships were under construction and then headed toward the opening of the firth without leaving any visible signs in the sky. According to eyewitnesses, it wound up falling into the sea.

Diario Público
reported: "When fishermen arrived at the Port of Ferrol with the UFO, a group of long-faced Navy officers were there to meet them and relieve them of the object, sternly warning them to keep their mouths shut about it. The object was loaded onto an army transport and escorted to La Graña in a convoy. The UFO was hidden in one of the tunnels within the La Graña submarine base.

The Navy reported the find to the U.S. base in Rota. A group of U.S. military men reported to El Ferrol to take custody of the "device" on a military truck. Nothing else was ever known about its whereabouts.

Renowned ufologist Miguel Pedrero, editor of Año Cero magazine, managed to locate some witnesses who took part in the recovery of that yellowish object, whose size was comparable to that of a North American F-86 Saber.

Part of the operations took place aboard a fishing trawler called "Reina María". One of the sailors, Jose Fernández, recalls: "It was like yellowish Polyspan, but weighed some 200 kilos. It was hard getting it aboard and we set it on the bow."

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Josep Guijarro]

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Argentina: The Cerro Plateado UFO Video

Source: Canal 13 de San Juan (Argentina) & Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano
Date: 07.16.2018

Argentina: The Cerro Plateado UFO Video

The Cerro Plateado UFO. This was the name given to an object recorded on Sunday night to the northwest of Pocito. The UFO was headed north at an elevation of 20-25 degrees, according to Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano. The event was witnessed by Ramón Lázaro Flores and Jorge Pérez with support from the Matakiterani group on radio.

VIDEO AT: https://www.facebook.com/1196552700360937/videos/2230350563647807/

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1965: "He Saw The Saucers"

Source: Siete Dias Magazine #35 - August 3, 1965
Date: 07.12.2018

Our friend and colleague Marcelo G. Metayer, whose photographic work we have been pleased to feature in Inexplicata, shared the following photograph with us. It appeared in Argentina's Siete Dias magazine (which went on to become Argentina's equivalent of LOOK or Paris Match). "At this point," Marcelo observes, "It was still a supplement in the La Razón newspaper."

The photo caption reads:


This is Captain Gustavo A. Giró, commander of the "Belgrano" Antarctic base. Months ago he was in charge of the installation of the "Sobral" detachment. 7 DIAS spoke to him recently by telephone when the presence of flying saucers over Antarctica became known. Captain Giró stated: "We are in full polar night. Today the temperature stands at 52.7 degrees below zero. We saw 'strange objects' but chose not to disclose it."

It should be noted that the Belgrano I base was abandoned in 1980. Belgrano II survives, along with a dozen other stations.

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Argentina: "Trumpet Sounds" Heard Over Mendoza

Source: El Sol (Argentina) / Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 07.11.2018

Argentina: "Trumpet Sounds" Heard Over Mendoza

Social media users claim that in the early hours of Tuesday, disquieting sounds were heard for which no explanation can be found. The phenomenon has occurred in other provinces in the past.

To some it was noise caused by speakers and trumpets. Others speak of noises similar to those generated by a train. The fact is that several residents of Mendoza were shaken from their sleep on Tuesday by noises for which the answer cannot be found.

Messages turned up on social media making reference to the strange phenomenon. "Hello, good morning. Like many other people I heard the sound of speakers and trumpets around 06:15 hrs. Do you know what it's about?" wrote one woman on Facebook. "A strange noise was heard in the sky, like trumpets. It was between 2:30 and 3:30. Do you know anything? People are discussing it but there is no news whatsoever," said a man in the same social network.

These comments came in mainly from Las Heras, Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz. "Last week it was airplanes. Are they testing trains this week? They made noise all night," claimed a Twitter user.

This reference comes from the military airplane flyovers in Mendoza last week. However, on this occasion, the noise had nothing to do with those military exercises.

Without any clear explanation, some residents of Mendoza resorted to web browsers and found precedents in other provinces such as Salta and Neuquén.

For example, in April 2015, noises similar to those of a bass trumpet or the passing of an airplane were heard over Salta. The phenomenon startled residents whose stories promptly went viral on social media and local radio.

Some attributed these noises to a simple effect of nature. Others, on the contrary, wielding firm biblical arguments, posited the likelihood that it another event heralding the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

A similar situation was experienced in Neuquén last July, when a loud blare of "trumpets" was heard during early morning hours in the sky, causing uncertainty.

The phenomenon has repeated in various parts of the world in recent years. Those inclined toward religious beliefs spoke of the "trumpets of the Apocalypse" heralding the end of the world.

According to specialists, the phenomenon could be linked to a weather phenomenon known as "Sky quakes". According to scientist David Hill from the United States Weather Service, "Sky quakes" come about for a variety of reasons, ranging from waves washing against cliffs to meteor impacts.

VIDEO: Strange sounds over Salta (21 seconds) https://youtu.be/S2QxsftViBA

VIDEO: Sounds during the early hours in Neuquén (1:06) https://youtu.be/M_4kMmrYl-s

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales with thanks to Luis Hernández, FAO)

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Argentina: The Spaceships of Lara

Argentina: The Spaceships of Lara
By Luis Burgos (ICOU & FAO)

There are times when those of us who have spent years researching the UFOs, having covered thousands of kilometers in search of the phenomenon, having heard countless stories of all sorts, formulated dozens of hypotheses and evidenced over a thousand imprints of alleged landings in our fields, can still be surprised. Every so often there is a case that shatters the constants of the subject and this is what happened when we were told the story of Lara...

Lara is a small town of the Cumbres Calchaquíes region, belonging to the department of Tafí del Valle in the Province of Tucumán, 3800 meters above sea level. Some 170 kilometers separate it from the capital city of San Miguel. The population is semi-nomadic, a gathering of some forty families whose children attend mountainous State School No. 379. Most of them live at the school from Monday to Friday. It takes several hours to get there in a 4x4, for example, but much longer if the journey is made on foot or horseback. Many visitors experience the infamous “apunamiento” (mountain sickness). Fortunately, a pickup truck was obtained years ago to convey the transfer of staff and students.

Some time ago I got in touch with an attorney from Tucumán, a man in his sixties known as Pascual NN, who made me aware of an event that had caught his attention due to the remarkable circumstances in which it occurred. According to the lawyer, his daughter, an instructor at San Miguel de Tucumán, was chatting with a colleague who had worked at the Lara School. She said that “one peaceful afternoon in 2008, when everyone was eating an afternoon snack when a strange buzzing sound was heard in the air. Some teachers shouted, ‘come, it’s already on its way!’ and the teacher in question could not believe her eyes when she stepped out into the schoolyard. An enormous, solid-looking flying object was flying slowly before stationing itself over the school. Next, the vehicle, moving slowly and buzzing, headed away toward the mountains…”

The teacher, astonished, began asking all manner of questions from her colleagues and local residents. She was told by way of reply: “This isn’t the first time it’s happened. We’re used to seeing the spaceship.” Pascual, interested in the UFO subject, was the first to learn of this from his daughter and made me aware later on. It was not possible, however, to follow up the story with the teacher who had witnessed the event. The story left a number of juicy unanswered questions.

There is no doubt that a recurring phenomenon of such magnitude is far removed from the realm of “distant lights in the night” and fits squarely into the category of “large-sized diurnal objects”. The first thing we can assume is a “near-coexistence” between this intelligence with the dwellers of these inhospitable areas, habitués of strange landscapes.

This leads us to suppose, faced by this behavior and impunity of movement, that the craft have a permanent or at least periodical residency in the region, engaged in activities that are obviously unknown to many, whether the witnesses themselves, journalists, ufologists and armed forces – at least we believe this to be the case with the latter.

The lone question is: What has been prowling this region for such a long time now. For a moment, envision the prevailing situation: Daytime craft instead of lights, considerable sizes instead of small points of light, slower speeds, no supersonic escapes, sightings of these artifacts on repeated occasions, etc. In short, all of this nearly comparable to the passage of aircraft in our skies. Is this possible? Yes. It is not the only area in Argentina where such events take place. The country has not only UFO “hotspots”, but also feature very specific areas in which the Phenomenon acts out. We believe that Lara and its surroundings fall into this category.

We know that ever since the memorable and exceptional Trancas Case (1963) the province was always known to have a significant UFO case history, to the extent that it was among the Argentinean regions with most UFO sightings, despite its reduced size in contrast with far larger provinces. This is what we find in our database of 5500 Argentinean cases. We cannot overlook the fact that the area in which the Lara School is located is rather close to localities with frequent sightings of “mysterious objects” such as San Pedro de Colalao, 27 kilometers distant in a straight line; Choromoro, 40 kilometers away; Vipos and even the Village of Trancas itself, 48 kilometers distant.

Much like the image of the fearsome craft displayed in the “V” television series of the ‘80s or Independence Day (1996), it is hard to find a case of a similar UFO manifestation during daylight areas for purpose of comparison with the Lara School incident. I am reminded of a case told to me by ufologist Quique Mario (CEUFO) involving an immense vessel that appeared abruptly behind a lagoon, only to park itself over a school in the interior of La Pampa. Or the transit of a UFO over a little rural school in Catamarca, where the teacher, Mr. Flores, caused his students to draw the strange objects they had seen flying over the vicinity of their institution. Perhaps the only difference with these cases, which surely caused astonishment among teachers and students, is that the school in Tucumán was already accustomed to the phenomenon’s presence.

When Juan L. of our own FAO La Plata visited the Northwest around 2009, he could never have imagined what took place only a year earlier in the Valles region. Therefore, the unidentified activity will continue around Lara with impunity. Perhaps current and future investigations will lead to more surprises in that area.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]

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Argentina: Electromagnetic Effects in Tierra del Fuego

Argentina: Electromagnetic Effects in Tierra del Fuego

Our friends at Grupo G.A.B.I.E. have submitted another fascinating account of strange events in Argentina – this time involving a electromagnetic phenomenon that could be construed as a CE-2 were it not for the absence of any discernible unidentified object or anomaly. Suffice it to say that Patagonia has always been a prime locale for high strangeness events and this is clearly one of them.

Witness: Hugo Ocampo
Date: 13 July 1998
Location: Ushuaia, Province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Case: #19980713 – Electromagnetic Effects

While aboard Frigate Q-2 (ARA Libertad), a vessel employed in training Marines for the Argentinean Navy, Ocampo suffered injuries that would trouble him for the rest of his life, leaving him unable to use his left leg and hip and forcing him to walk in crutches. Since that time – the mid-1980s – he has lived in Usuaia, Tierra del Fuego, where he runs a food and beverage establishment on 25 de Mayo street.

In spite of his injuries, he was able to acquire a vehichle in neighboring Chile that was customized to his needs, allowing him to get around. During a particular morning in 1998 (date given as 07.13) Mr. Ocampo boarded his vehicle to head to his business.

It was around seven o’clock in the morning when he drove along a snow-covered road, lined by many trees native to the area. He remembers listening to a local station when it dawned on him that he had forgotten his eyeglasses back home. He turned around and embarked upon the return journey – a distance of approximately 15 blocks – along open snow fields at the edge of the Olivia River.

At some point during the return trip, the radio suddenly went silent, just as the car made a sudden stop. Ocampo tried to re-start the car but obtained no response whatsoever. When he tried to use his cellphone, he found it was also out of order.

He tried starting the car repeatedly, wondering what was going on, until he finally succeded. The radio died again, but the car remained in motion – only its driver had no control over the vehicle. The brakes and steering were inoperable, and it wasn’t long before the vehicle left the road, as if guided by an invisible force. It plowed through a snowfield until it came to rest before a stand of cypress trees. Ocampo experienced injuries as a result of this and was rescued by a passing motorist. His car was eventually pulled out by a tow truck.

A series of stunning discoveries were made when the vehicle was inspected at a mechanic shop the next day: the car’s battery had melted along with the entire electrical system. The instrument panel had been ruined as well. Not a single electrical device was salvageable. The battery of Ocampo’s cellphone – which had refused to operate the day before – refused to take a charge and was also declared ruined.

“We believe that several things are described in this report,” states Grupo G.A.B.I.E.’s report. “A clearly electromagnetic manifestation affected the vehicle’s electrical system and all of its devices. The action was directed at Mr. Hugo Ocampo. It should be noted that at no time was another vehicle – 300 meters away from where Ocampo’s vehicle drove off the road – was affected at all.”

(Our thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E. for providing this information)

Monday, July 02, 2018

Chile: UFO Sightings Have Become Commonplace in Patagonia

Source: RCNRadio (Chile)
Date: 06.30.2018
An article by Liliana Pinzón

Chile: UFO Sightings Have Become Commonplace in Patagonia

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have not stopped "visiting" Chile, to the delight of those who enjoy ufology, and according to experts, for some strange reason the alleged spaceships have displayed a preference for Patagonia.

These were the words of Rodrigo Fuenzalida, director of the Agrupación de Investigaciones Ovniológicas de Chile (AION), during an interview with the EFE news agency. He explained that UFOs were frequently visible in the skies of northern Chile, one of the cleanest in the world.

Something similar was occurring in Perú and Bolivia. More than one dared suggest that a base for these craft might exist in the area, but now they have "moved" south.

"Patagonia is, without question, the [area] with the highest concentration of interesting cases, causing us as an organization to focus all our efforts in this region," he said.

The expert in the subject maintains that the increase in reports in the area began to be recorded as from 1997.

"From that moment on, we have the highest rate of abductions in Patagonia, some 2000 kilometers south of the Chilean capital. Even the OVNI television series, produced by Televisión Nacional, we were able to quantify that 70% of the abductions included on the show had been recorded in this location," stresses Fuenzalida, who is a sociologist by profession.

In the light of the skepticism his statement might cause, Fuenzalida noted: "We have a strong team of specialists, a multi-disciplinary one, made up by psychologists and psychiatrists with a goal of studying these people and ascertain their level of credibility. Their level of pathology is exceedingly low."

For UFO buffs, saucer abductions are not new in Chile and the events that befell an Army corporal in the northern location of Putre in 1977 are widely known.

It was there that Armando Valdés was supposedly abducted by a UFO for 15 minutes, appearing with a dense growth of beard after that time, as though he had been in the thrall of extraterrestrials for at least five days, according to corroborating sources.

Fuenzalida claims that AION has reports of nine abductions, six of which have been investigated, but believes "there are many more."

"The latest report is from 2005 and we have now received a report of a collective abduction in Puerto Natales (southern Chile) that is being investigated by experts in that area. We find it of interest, as it involves an entire family."

"First they saw a light appear. They lost consciousness. Upon awakening, there was a towering creature in front of them, with a huge light behind it through which the entity ultimately entered."

So many events are hard to believe by those who are not fans of ufology. Fuenzalida states that AION is a closed group with the best UFO image analysts. "This means that 97% of images and videos received can be deciphered and explained with any certainty."

Fuenzalida disclosed that on May 5 [2018], pilots of LAN Perú and LAN Chile saw anomalous luminous forms on the Chilean coast.

"The audio is very interesting. The pilots are disconcerted. There are frantic communications between pilots of both planes with control towers, but that's a story for another day," said Fuenzalida, who rose from his chair with a smile and said farewell.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO, and RCN Radio]

Argentina: Three Children Abducted by a UFO

Source: Ellitoral.com.ar
Date: 6.30.2018
An article by Francisco Villagran

Argentina: Three Children Abducted by a UFO

A shocking case that was not very well known at the time, or whose information was concealed, took place is 1997 in the vicinity of the Concordia, Entre Rios (Argentina). Three children were supposedly abducted by aliens, the crew of an unidentified flying object (UFO) before the frightened eyes of their parents and neighbors.

In the field of UFO phenomena, abductions, that is to say, the kidnapping of human beings by extraterrestrials, occur with far greater frequency than we can imagine, despite the fact that such information is concealed or belittled. One of these spectacular case took place in late 1997 in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Concordia, Entre Rios, when three small children were taken aboard an extraterrestrial craft and discovered the wonders of the universe in a journey that took three days until they were returned home, according to civilian authorities and researchers who looked into the spectacular abduction case. Since the protagonists were three small children, little importance and credibility was given to their story. But earnest investigation followed and the authenticity of their story was confirmed.

Rodrigo Ortiz, a special investigator for the Concordia Police Department, said: "adults lie, teenagers lie, but these children are too small to lie, at least in this way. We are sure that they spent three days aboard a spacecraft piloted by alien beings. They really traveled into space and saw stars. They even thought God was taking them to heaven, according to their childish reasoning. Emilio and Carmen Molero, the children's parents, said that following the event, they were contacted by researcher Armando Azparén, who saw the story in the newspapers and was able to talk to the children: Andres, 9, Jorge, 8 and Carlos, 7 after their incredible experience.

"The three were playing with other neighbor children," says Azparén, "in a property located next to his home. His mother was nearby and was able to hear when all the kids began shouting in an unusual way. She went out to see what was happening and saw how an enormous golden ship, with an approximate diameter of 25 meters, was suspended over the group of children. Carmen cried out for her husband, seized by fear, but neither parent could do anything. Suddenly -- according to the parents and three neighbors who saw it all - a beam of light came out of the UFO, covering the three siblings, and lifted them to its interior.

The woman became hysterical and the husband was terrified as he watched the craft taking his offspring away, as it vanished from sight almost instantly. The siblings do not know how long they spent aboard the flying saucer, as they did not know whether it was day or night, their eyewitness account to researchers and authorities was the following: "An enormous golden craft lifted us into the air. It was driven by God; we're certain, [as] he wore golden clothing and had long silvery hair. He was also very shiny. He was very kind and told us his name was Lalar. During the trip, he showed us the Moon and other planets in the sky.

"When we were hungry, he gave us a very a kind of very tasty white bread, which made us feel good. We were a bit afraid at first, but we got over it."

Throughout the journey, Lalar was always very kind to the three. The craft was spacious and there were other men similar to him, although they did not glow so brightly. Before returning us to our home, Lalar scratched our faces with a white stick and then stuck some needles in our backs, but it didn't hurt at all." The smallest of the children, Carlos, said "there were many lights shining everywhere and they turned on and off. The gentleman who took us had a very large head and very large yellow eyes. There were many like him, but they were all our friends."

Emilio and Carmen, the children's parents, told the story of how the aliens returned their children unharmed. "It was Tuesday night. The police had already searched everywhere. The authorities had event sent military craft from a nearby base to comb the area. I was desperate that night and Mr. Azparén, who contacted us almost immediately, told us to remain calm, and that it was most likely that they would return our children without a scratch."

"And that's what happened," said Emilio. "That night we were in the living room when it we suddenly saw the property next door light up intensely. We went out and discovered that our three children were descending from the same craft that took them away. I went to tell the police that our children had returned home."

The following day, the Moleros took their children to the doctor, who confirmed that their boys had been subjected to certain medical tests, since the needle marks were clearly visible on their backs after returning home, and were photographed by those authorities present. Spokesmen for the aeronautical authorities involved in the case stated curtly: "We are looking into everything that happened and the facts will be made publicly known upon completion of our investigation. We hope to obtain more solid information soon, and we will disclose it."

No confirmed information was ever released, of course, and everything remained in investigative limbo, although all are certain of the facts. As always, nothing happened, there is no official information, and everything has been lost over time.

Years later, around 2010, researchers tried to reopen the case, but were unable to find any member of the Molero family, who moved from their home and were seemingly taken elsewhere. It has been speculated that their identities were changed by the authorities to avoid questioning by the press. A major mystery.

[Translation (c) 2018 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Francisco Villagrán, El Litoral]