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Chile: 100,000 Witnesses to a UFO Sighting? (1982)

Source: Noticiero de lo Insólito

Chile: 100,000 Witnesses to a UFO Sighting? (1982)

Thousands witnessed a flashing UFO in the city of Arica in Northern Chile. The sighting began after midnight on the 11th of October and lasted a little over three hours. During this time period, the news spread throughout the city and people turned out to the street to watch the impressive object at ease. It has been estimated that nearly 100,000 people witnessed the strange heavenly display.

Questioned by newspaper reporters, witnesses agreed that the UFO was "an object that gave off intermittent, irregular flashes in different directions, and at various speeds." Some Chilean journalists were able to see the UFO for themselves through astronomical equipment, saying that "a large luminous core surrounded by an oval-shaped capsule, sky blue in color, could be clearly made out, very similar to a transparent membrane, and with three concentric black circles."

No official reaction has been made known to this moment, but the control tower at the Chacalluta International Airport reported: "It was a strange phenomenon with no explanation whatsoever." It was also made clear that no aircraft were flying in the skies over Arica, nor was there any awareness of a weather balloon having been launched."

There are reports that the phenomenon was also seen throughout the entire region of Azapa and Lluta in the Chilean altiplano and Pre-Cordilleran region.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

With an Eye Toward the Future of Ufology

With an eye toward the future of ufology: Argentinean UFO research groups Ufologia Gualeguaychu and Grupo CIFAD have set their own plaques to encircle the UFO Time Capsule buried by ICOU (Investigadores de Campo Unidos) in 2017 in the locality of Maximo Paz, Province of Santa Fe. According to Luis Burgos, the organization's founder, "this legacy to the future ufology will be opened on June 24, 2117. In other words, we only have ninety-eight years to go!"

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Argentina: A Big Footprint - The Ucumar Zupai?

Source: and PLANETA UFO
Date: 26 March 2019
Article by Ivana Castillo

Argentina: A Big Footprint - The Ucumar Zupai?

The print measures 15 centimeters wide and 25 long, in a humanoid shape. The locals claim strange noises can be heard and that farm animals are disappearing.

Weeks ago, an image went viral that clearly showed a gigantic footprint.

The photo was taken by the owner of the farm located in Ovando. No one knows to which species it might belong.

Appearance of the tracks coincided with stories told by local residents, who claim having heard strange noises in the dark of the night.

The fact is that after the image went viral, the possibility that it could the ever-present Ucumar (a South American Bigfoot) emerged once again. This is not the first time that rumors of this "humanoid" have circulated in the Thermal City, as it generally appears in the same places and areas.

The farm on which these tracks were found is called Don Rosa and is located between the San Martin and Ovando districts, some 300 meters from the river. "A few weeks ago we found that some animals were missing from their pens and we went looking for them in the wilderness. It had rained days before, and there were still several puddles along the trail. Then, as we walked we realized there were some tracks that were not normal, but didn't pay them much mind, and kept going. We found the same tracks again and I took some photos of them," said Nelson Colque, the farm's owner, to El Tribuno.

"But what struck us was the size of the track. It measured between 12 and 15 centimeters wide and some 25 to 30 centimeters long. By its proportions, it truly isn't a normal track," Colque noted.

He also recalled that "the night before the tracks appeared, we were intrigued by the wailing of the dogs. The barked and keened disconsolately. We thought robbers might be afoot and the gamekeeper fired some shots into the air. After firing, the dogs calmed down immediately. What's odd is that whenever people are around, the dogs generally bark but don't wail."

The young man recalled: "This had also happened in a friends farm, adjacent to my own, where the dogs wailed and that's very odd. Some animals were lost last year, but we never found out whether thieves were stealing them or what. The strangest thing was to find an animal torn to pieces. Thieves don't tear animals to pieces; predators do. But we have no clue as to what species the predator belongs to."

"The mutilated pig in question was a large one, and that's why we were always in doubt, since [that property] doesn't have large dogs and it's impossible for foxes to mutilate an animal weighing more than 20 kilos (44 lb.) in such a way," Colque explained.

He also said that there are no pumas or other wild animals in the area to which such a large track could be associated.

The Legend of the Ucumar

Historian, writer and poet Carlos Jesús Maita told El Tribuno who the Ucumar is according to legend.

"It is a traditional legend of Northwestern Argentina. Here in Rosario de la Frontera it came about as a result of popular gullibility and superstition. There are those who claim having seen this mythic, legendary figure. The creature is a sort of human-animal hybrid, a mixture of bear, man and ape," Maita described.

As to its origins, the historian said: [The Ucumar] came about as a consequence of sexual relations between godfathers and godmothers, or between the landlord and one of his maids, in which the child was hidden in a jungle or forest. It wound up living in the woods, and that's how such a humanoid came about."

Another superstition-laden story suggests: "The Ucumar is a creature that lives in forested areas and heads toward populated areas to steal a woman to guarantee his genetic succession."

Regarding its appearance, Maita pointed out that "there are different descriptions of its physiognomy. Some say it's robust, hairy and comes in different sizes. This has to do with the fact that in these areas, and more toward the region of Yungas, there is a bear known as the Ukumari, a nearly extinct species, but which had given rise to this sort of superstition years ago, as its physiognomy, seeing through the fog, could cause confusion. This gave rise to its interpretation as something supernatural."

The historian noted: "Stories have been woven around the Ucumar. Perhaps there was a rape, or animal theft - especially pigs - a slaying of dogs, among others. The popular imagination had already determined that the culprit could be humanoid."

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Venezuela: Alleged UFO Sighting in Barquisimeto Causes Social Media Stir

Source: (Venezuela) and Planeta UFO (Argentina)
Date: 03.26.2019

Venezuela: Alleged UFO Sighting in Barquisimeto Causes Social Media Stir

Twitter users reported the sighting of a UFO in the Barquisimeto region.

The appearance of a UFO in Barquismeto triggered a social media debate. Videos disseminated by an account in the state of Lara show a red object that remains motionless in the sky.

According to eyewitness accounts from some citizens, the flying object remained in the sky for some minutes before "disappearing."

The debate on social media erupted between those who claim the object is a UFO and those who think it is a flare or something similar.

Videos posted to Twitter by Soy Larense Oficial:

Video Caption: This is a video sent to us by Gervin Manzano, seen from el Manzano, in which we can see how a red object remains in the same place for a long time. UFO IN BARQUISIMETO.

Video Caption: This is another video sent to us by Luis Hurtado from the corner of 39th and Avenida Venezuela. We are also receiving comments of having seen it days back. UFO in Barquisimeto. You be the judge.

[Translation (c) 2019 with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Bernardo Luzardo, NTN 24]

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Venezuela: Luminous, Elongated UFO over La Puerta

Source: (Héctor Escalante)
Date: 03.25.2019

Venezuela: Luminous, Elongated UFO over La Puerta

CARACAS - March 22, 2019. An unidentified flying object of considerable dimensions, elongated and luminous, was photographed by a young man from Zulia at the La Puerta sector, Municipality of Valera, State of Trujillo, after 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, February 16.

According to the story told by Friman Rodriguez, the event occurred as he and his cousin drove in a vehicle along the Pan American Highway, also known as Troncal 1, which links the southern reaches of the state of Zulia with the states of Mérida and Trujillo.

When interviewed by journalist Hector Escalante, he said that they were driving from Cabimas to the neighboring state that day with the intention of staying, but after discovering that the power supply was failing and there was a blackout in the area, they chose to return.

He said that upon returning home, he noticed a light in the sky some distance away that intrigued him. "I didn't pay much attention at first, thinking it was a reflection of the sun, but suddenly I realized that the sun was to the left, and much farther below."

Immediately, adds the witness, "the light began moving in a zig-zag fashion," which prompted them to take out their cellphones to document the scene. "I called to my cousin, who was asleep, and said: 'start recording!' he began recording while I took the photos."

After having moved, the artifact was completely exposed. It descended somewhat and hung over some scrub vegetation, but finding it impossible to remain immobile for much longer, he said, and they were forced to keep driving, losing it from sight.

Rodríguez pointed out that while they were not far from the place where the UFO apparently landed, he preferred not to approach it. "I was happy to have recorded it and kept going. I wasn't too sure about going back and looking at something that could have an uncertain outcome."

According to the witness, everything appeared to be normal around him, except for the temperature: "It was excessively hot that day, and one leaves Zulia for La Puerta to catch some fresh air (...). What was I going to do in Trujillo with that heat, and moreover without light? That's why I returned."

His cousin experienced a similar complaint. Despite having slept for many hours, he found it necessary to go to a doctor due to a painful headache, explained the teenager, who dismissed the likelihood that the journey had caused the malady. "We were traveling in a new, very comfortable pickup truck."

Friman doesn't feel special, but he does feel fortunate. He states that while it’s the first time that he has seen an event of this nature, it is not foreign to him, much less unknown, as his father also claims having seen very similar artifacts on two separate occasions.

The characteristics of the site also provide food for thought. La Puerta is a tourist community in the Venezuelan Andes that covers several rivers and mountains in its eighty-four square kilometer surface, that is to say, water and vegetation, two elements that are always present in most Venezuelan UFO sightings.

Yet perhaps the most critical factor is the coincidence of the phenomenon's appearance with the interruption of the electric service, given that there are similar cases documented - even recent ones, like the one in La Lorena, State of Bolivar, where witnesses observed unusual light displays and subsequently found strange impressions on the ground.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Héctor Escalante]

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Argentina: "A Curious Photo, and a Great Coincidence"

Source: FAO (Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía)
Date: 03.20.2019

Argentina: "A Curious Photo, and a Great Coincidence"

Luis Burgos writes: At 21:37 last night, Tuesday 19 March, our friends of the CIFA Group in the Andean community of El Bolsón recorded a curious green object to one side of the moon. Then, at 21:50 hours, that is to say, 20 mintues later, Serjio Juárez of FAO photographed the moon on the outskirts of La Plata and another green object - or the same one - 'appeared', photographed nearly 1000 kilometers distant in a straight line. La Plata and El Bolsón joined by the same intruder. It looks like a lens flare, but was seen in the south."

Argentina: A "Bigfoot" Reported in San Luis?

Source: La Arena (newspaper) and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: March 12, 2019
By Avances Newsroom - A "Gorilla" On The Loose in San Luis?

Argentina: A "Bigfoot" Reported in San Luis?

A situation has been causing concern in the community of Quines, located in northern San Luis. The environmental police appears to be seeking a "gorilla" in the Banda Este region, a rather rural location full of chacras (small ranches).

According to El Diario de La República newspaper, the animal appeared two days ago prowling around the chacras. They do not know if it is some kind of ape or where it comes from. "We don't know what it is, but we have found footprints similar to those made by that animal," said the officer in charge of the operation, the sherrif and Marcelo Díaz, director of Environmental Police Unit No.5

The policeman remarked that the initial appearance took place at night around 22:00 hours in a small tambo (cattle farm). As reported on this site, a man stepped out to his yard when he saw a shape measuring 1.80 meters, approximately, that was black in color and leaped over two wire fences without touching them.

Something similar this Monday night. A witness claimed seeing the creature some 200 meters distant at a chacra. "He described it as a black shape heading toward the wilderness, calmly. It walked and stopped now and then," he explained.

Diaz explained that footprints were found in a flat area and in the wilderness. "They are similar to a human foot, but given their considerable size, we are discarding the likelihood of a person being involved," said the officer in charge of the operation.

The fact remains that this alleged apparition mobilized 10 officers and 5 rural guides in search of the mysterious creature in the wilderness. Diaz added that no one in the town knows anything about it, and no one has had an animal of such size in captivity.

A new effort aimed at finding the "gorilla" will take place today at 22:30 hours.

Experts believe the appearance of a primate of that nature to be unlikely. "There isn't much information on the physical aspect. Some say it has a tail. The showed us tracks, but they do not look like those of a gorilla or chimpanzee," said Nicolas Bistolfi, a member of the Flora and Fauna Section of the Ministry of the Environment.

"It is unlikely that a gorilla is involved. Perhaps it could be a Carayá monkey from the north. It isn't the most common, but it could be a Latin American monkey of some sorts. But these animals measure less than a meter tall." He explained the difference with the one sighted, which stands at 1.80 meters.

Those in charge of monitoring provincial flora and fauna believe that if a monkey is involved, it has been brought illegally to the province. Ownership of such specimens is forbidden.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia]

Luis Burgos Radio Interview on FM Vorterix – 91.7 MHz (Argentina)

Source: Lucía Lopez and Fer Pacheco – Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: March 20, 2019

Luis Burgos Radio Interview on FM Vorterix – 91.7 MHz (Argentina)

Burgos: […] the president you’re referring to is Jimmy Carter. Who told the media in 1976 that he had seen a UFO in his native Georgia. Well, the story was subsequently debunked, some say it was a cover up, but evidently, for example, we [in Argentina] around the 1960s witnessed major mobilizations by the three branches of the armed forces, particularly the Argentinean Navy, which was able to detect and pursue Unidentified Submarine Objects. USOs …witnessed by the crew complement and officers. Unidentified Submarine Objects in the Argentinean Sea. This even led to some presidents in office at the time such as Juan Carlos Onganía in 1966, President Ilía in the early 1960s to mobilize – through the Ministry of Defense – deployments aimed at the detection of this phenomenon, which they considered to be intruder submarines, while it was subsequently ascertained that they bore no relation whatsoever with any submarine, neither friendly nor hostile, that is to say, from abroad.

Interviewer: Listen, what hopes do you have with regard to this phenomenon? Should we continue making observations, because the Earth is too polluted, and they’ve come to take us to other worlds. What’s your idea about researching this? What’s your motivation to study this, and place so much faith in this regard?

Burgos: Well, on the whole, a researcher looks into what other people have seen. Today, many researchers have been lucky to witness a UFO phenomenon with their own eyes. I went from the year 1969 to 1979 without ever seeing a UFO, ten years of looking to the subject without having seen a thing, and from 1979 to this day I’ve witnessed UFO phenomena on eight different occasions thanks to the night watches we organize, our nocturnal field research, when we set out to find out a case in which the phenomenon has been occurring. We have no aim in particular, we are not contactees, nor do we receive messages. It just so happened that we were able to witness this UFO phenomenon, right? I’ve always said that if UFOs did not exist, why then have I come across, over the past fifty years, with so many government agencies? In other words, we have been investigating the same case alongside the police, aeronautical police, the air force, the gendarmerie, the prefecture, in the same field in a given province in Argentina, that is to say, the two of us engaging in the same research, the difference being that the government agency does not make its results public and we are the first to do so. In other words, if this phenomenon did not exist, I can’t imagine why we’ve crossed paths with these people so often.

Interviewer: So they can’t admit it?

Burgos: Of course, they can’t because they don’t want to, and there is evidently an open secret that nothing should be said. Not only here in Argentina, but also in a large part of South America, in other words, countries in which the United States has considerable influence, for example, Argentinean airspace is covered by North America. Should a strange object fall here, we’ll reach the site only to find it has already been cordoned off and access is denied.

[Translation & Transcription (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía]

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Costa Rica: Unidentified Object at Sunrise

Source: CIAL Observación OVNI CR (Costa Rica)
Date: 5 March 2019

Costa Rica: Unidentified Object at Sunrise

Photo of an unidentified object over Costa Rica's Irazú Volcano.

Mexico: Alleged UFO Sightings at Cerro del Aguacate in Parácuaro

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and (Mexico)
Date: 10 March 2019

Mexico: Alleged UFO Sightings at Cerro del Aguacate in Parácuaro

Several local residents and tourists have seen spherical objects issuing white and reddish light as they fly over the hill's slopes.

PARACUARO, MICHOACAN ( Since late February to the early days of March, citizens have reported sightings of strange luminous objects flying over the slopes of Parácuaro's Cerro del Aguacate.

According to reports, several local residents and tourists have seen two unidentified spherical objects giving off white light and a reddish tone of lower intensity.

It is for this reason that dozens of people are going to the northern section of this community to witness the phenomenon, where two objects emitting very bright white light appear, and another with a reddish light in its lower section.

The sightings have caused a stir in the town of Parácuaro and according to some witnesses - who did not believe in such things before - the shining objects in the sky have changed their opinion on the matter.

Furthermore, a Facebook user has told that he has seen the very same type of object over the capital city of the state of Michoacan. He claims that shortly after 22:00 hours on Saturday, March 9, he was near the San Carmen church when he saw a luminous orb in the sky, which he managed to record on his cellphone.

[The website provides links to three cellphone videos:

Video One:
Video Two: (Best Quality)
Video Three:

Credit for the recordings is given to Dany Ayala]

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and]

Mexico: Residents of Hermosillo Startled by UFO

Source: EL Sol de Hermosillo (Mexico) and Planeta UFO
Date: March 9, 2019
By the Sol de Hermosillo Newsroom

Mexico: Residents of Hermosillo Startled by UFO

Several videos were disseminated about the object, which was visible to one side of Cerro de la Campana.

An unidentified flying object was recorded for several minutes by a number of citizens, causing astonishment on social media. Several videos were disseminated about the object, which was visible to one side of Cerro de la Campana, around 13:30 hours.

Up to now, no authority or specialist in the subject has voiced an opinion on the object.

Many people who saw the phenomenon reject the possibility that it could be a drone due to its apparent large size.

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Argentina: Alleged UFO Escorted Family Along the Tin Tin "Straight Segment"

Source: PLANETA UFO and Diario El Tribuno (Argentina)
Date: 6 March 2019
An article by Daniel Díaz

Argentina: Alleged UFO Escorted Family Along the Tin Tin "Straight Segment"

The strange object was photographed by a youth from Salta using a smartphone. The thousands of sightings that occur in Cachi and its surroundings have only one explanation for researcher Antonio Zuleta: "We are not alone in the universe"

Alejandro Espinoza, a mechanic from Vo. Soledad traveled on Friday to the Valles Chalchaquíes to enjoy the long weekend in the company of his wife Veronica and his sons Juan and Axel. They set up their camp in the Cachi complex, taking advantage of the area's cultural offerings and the Andean "corsos" (carnival floats and displays) which are among the most attractive in the province.

On the return trip Monday noon, they gave in to the urge to photograph the impressive mountain landscapes, which showed off their snowcapped peaks at the time. "See how lovely it is. We'll take some photos here," Alejandro told his children and wife, pulling over on the curb just past Payogasta, before reaching the Recta de Tin Tin (the perfectly straight segment of the road that has been the scene of much unexplained activity of the years, known to readers of INEXPLICATA). The time was 13:30 hours.

"The weather was gorgeous, the sky was blue and the mountains whitened by the snow. We took photos and captured the entire landscape. It was a dream. But upon choosing snaps, we saw an object in the sequence - I believe it was a UFO - going past my smartphone's screen. I could contain my excitement and wanted to make my experience known," said the iron worker from the southeastern region.

"I always believed there was something more. That we aren't alone in the universe," Alejandro exclaimed.

As have many tourists during their stay in Cachi, the Espinoza family visited the 'UFOport' managed by Antonio Zuleta, a student of matters extraterrestrial and a 'UFO hunter'. "We saw nothing; however, the experience was wonderful. We couldn't imagine that a surprise would be waiting us on our return," recalls Veronica.

Zuleta has said on repeated occasions that he has no doubt that many of the objects captured by his lens and the photographic gear of some tourists are "alien craft", adding that Cachi is close to being another world, and therefore, contact experiences of this sort are commonplace. He further claims to have thousands of recordings that prove we are not alone in the universe and that our visitors are not hostile.

The thousands of alleged UFO sightings in Cachi have a single explanation for Zuleta: the presence of an alien base.


[Translation (c) 2019 Scott Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Daniel Díaz, El Tribuno]

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Argentina: UFOs, Shadow People in San Rafael (Mendoza)

Source: Cristián Soldano - ORBITAL VISION
Date 03.04.2019

Argentina: UFOs, Shadow People in San Rafael (Mendoza)

Account given by an employee of the Borges Labyrinth (Laberinto de Borges) regarding two high strangeness events that occurred between 2013/2014 approximately, while working as a truck driver and further details regarding repeat sighting areas.

Cristian Soldano: Tell me the story, the story you were going to tell me.

Bryan (witness): Well, I used to drive a truck. Four years ago, more or less. One day I went off with a load of fruit to Longe. Well, I loaded up there and left around eleven or twelve o'clock, I went, I saw a light behind the truck. A red light. I thought it was a motorcycle, so...I went in through La Draga, many things are said about La Draga, and as I drove, yes, [the light] was side by side with me and I saw a red light and two black shapes. Two black shapes, like people. Uh, well...I kept going, afraid, and when I came up to the cemetery they vanished. They vanished, the lights, the shapes, everything. And two days went by; I went back to Longe and told the guys what had happened to me. The boss spoke up and told me: "that happened to me a week ago, only in my case they broke my mirror." He said: "I saw the same thing as you - two black shapes and a red light. The difference is that I saw it in front of me. I passed it in my pickup truck and it shattered my side-view mirror. I looked again and there was nothing. No motorcycle, nothing.

Cristian Soldano: Let me ask you a question - were these figures riding separately from the light? How did you see them from the truck? How tall were they, how can you describe them? What was their size and what are the particulars?

Bryan (witness): "It was a red light, it looked like this (gestures with hands) the size of a headlight, the red light. Two people seated beside it, behind it.

Cristian Soldano: But what were they sitting on? In the air?

Bryan (witness): In the air - they were riding, but in the air.

Cristian Soldano: So the two, the two were seated? How far up from the ground were they? What was the elevation?

Bryan (witness): Couldn't see, they were shadows (gestures) there was nothing there.

Cristian Soldano: But did you get to make the shape of persons?

Bryan: Yes, they looked like two people, clearly. Their faces couldn't be clearly seen and their legs couldn't be seen. You could see the shape.

Cristian: And the light was between both of them?

Bryan: Yes.

Cristian: Was it on your side, the side you drive on?

Bryan: First they were on the driver's side, and then they crossed to the other side --

Cristian: How did they make the crossover? Over the truck?

Bryan: Over the truck.

Cristian: Ah! Over the truck.

Bryan: Over the truck.

Cristian: So you could see them immediately on the other side...could you see them moving other the truck?

Bryan: Through the rear view mirror.

Cristian: Impressive.

Bryan: [Unintelligible] When I looked to the other side, they were on the other side. It's something that's hard to believe, but anyway...

Cristian: Did you notice anything related? Any mechanical problems with the truck at that time? Temperature changes, any smells, any sounds, anything that caught your attention regarding the sighting you were having?

Bryan: No, that's all I saw, and... (shakes head) it left me frozen.

Cristian: There are areas that have certain peculiarities.

Bryan: Yes, there are many..a lot of talk...

Cristian: What was the name?

Bryan: The name is "La vuelta de La Draga" (the La Draga turn) between Longe and what belongs to Caña Seca.

Cristian: What do they say about that place?

Bryan: There's a lot of talk. This other fellow (garbled) mentioned Serrano. There's a lot of talk about that.

Cristian: But what strange things did you hear about them?

Bryan: You can hear babies crying, they see shapes, images, ehh, many lights, you can see red and blue lights, white ones. They've seen many things there.

Cristian: You saw this exactly at that place?

Bryan: Yes.

Cristian: And the owner of the company you used to work for tells the exact same story, he had the same sighting as you?

Bryan: I worked for a factory and the factory would send me to a farm. It was at that farm that the owner told me he'd seen that.

Cristian: A farm? May we ask the name?

Bryan: If I told you I'd be lying, because I'd only go, load up and come back, like with all other farms. I didn't know their names.

Cristian: When did this happen to you more or less?

Bryan: Some time ago. It was harvest time, February more or less, 2014 or 2013.

Cristian: What the farm owner told you...the phenomenon was practically the same?

Bryan: The same.

Cristian: Same place, more or less?

Bryan: Yeah, a little bit farther back. Very little, about a kilometer.

Cristian: What also marks it as an anomalous phenomenon is that his mirror was shattered by something that wasn't there.

Bryan: The mirror broke, but who knows? He turned to look and there was nothing there. We don't know who did it.

Cristian: This account of yours is very interesting and astonishing. Did you have others that you can classify as anomalous?

Bryan: No, well, something else happened to me in La Cueva del Indio ("Indian's Cave") as they call it, some thirty kilometers from here. A shadow crossed my path and sort of got into the truck, and it gave me a chill, like cold air beside me. It got in the truck and that's it. It wasn't a shape or anything.

Cristian: That's fascinating, because I have another story about the same were driving, and how did this appear? From the front, from the side...?

Bryan: From the side, I saw it.

Cristian: Was it large, what you saw?

Bryan: No, it wasn't big. Eighty centimeters by like this or like that...forty centimeters.

Cristian: Did it have any shape?

Bryan: No.

Cristian: It was a cloud without a shape...and it crossed the truck in your own position, shall we say?

Bryan: It did like so, and got into the (unintelligible).

Cristian: What did you notice after this? Was there any strange phenomenon?

Bryan: No...I saw that thing, felt the chill, and that was it.

Cristian: Were you aware of other related experiences, or had you never heard of anything like this?

Bryan: Yes, I'd heard about things from that part.

Cristian: In that area?

Bryan: Yes, there's a lot of talk about various parts.

Cristian: What are the areas that you've heard mentioned the most, involving strange phenomena?

Bryan: Well, the one I told you about, La Draga. La Cueva del Indio, which is some thirty kilometers away, and...

Cristian: Where's La Cueva del Indio?

Bryan: In Cuadro Nacional. It belongs to La Nora.

Cristian: Any other places that are talked about?

Bryan: I wouldn't know enough to tell you. There's stuff about lights, it happened to my grandfather, over by the bridge.

Cristian: What's the name of the bridge?

Bryan: Puente Nuevo. That's what they call it.

Cristian: What happened to him at that spot?

Bryan: The same as me. He saw lights, the same thing.

Cristian: Was it a long time since his experience?

Bryan: Yes, he was young then. He's eighty-three now. He told me he was around thirty years old when it happened.

Cristian: In other words, it's a place with a considerable case history.

Bryan: Yes.

Cristian: Thank you for telling me about your case, because I think it's significant. Highly significant. I've heard about similar cases involving lights, but what you saw with the figures and their positions, floating as though seated, is fabulous. Any other information you can give me about it, a time, perhaps?

Bryan: It was at night, eleven thirty at night. Eleven thirty or twelve.

Cristian: It was like a headlight. Was it very bright, was it dim?

Bryan: It was a red light, but a light that couldn't be seen well. A red light, but dim.

Cristian: Very, very interesting. Do you know of any other strange stories?

Bryan: Yes, well...but I couldn't tell you.

Cristian: I get it, I get it. But something tied to luminous phenomena?

Bryan: Yes, not luminous. But they've seen things.

Cristian: Things were seen...

Bryan: Clear images.

Cristian: I knew things had happened at the ranch, but I wasn't certain. Who would you advise me to speak to, to glean more information?

Bryan: Not sure if the owners will tell you anything. You might ask people living around these parts. Someone who worked there might tell you something.

Cristian: The Labyrinth's construction has its own mysteries. Thank you very much.


[Translation and Transcription (c) 2019 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Cristian Soldano, Orbital Vision]

Argentina: Man Flees in Terror from the Demonic "El Familiar"

Source: Andrés Salvador, PLANETA UFO and Diario El Tribuno
Date: 03.05.2019
An Article by Daniel Díaz

Argentina: Man Flees in Terror from the Demonic "El Familiar"

The young man was helped by security personnel. "His eyes were on the verge of bulging out and his face was pale. It was then we realized El Familiar wanted to take him."

The legend of "El Familiar" is well known in the sugar mills of the Argentinean northeast, but this is possibly the first time that security personnel testimony has substantiated the existence of the horrible demonic presence.

According to popular belief it is a spirit that devours humans as it prowls the cane fields. There are several accounts that make reference to its appearance: some of them describe it as a large snake, others as a dog, while many other give it humanoid features.

The fact of the matter is that nights ago, a 23-year-old man in the Department of Orán, a native of Embarcación, was frightened during the course of his duties. According to eyewitness testimony, the worker, who watches over one of the machines at one of the numerous stations of a sugar mill in the provincial north, arrived at around 18:00 hours.

"The fellow is an employee of one of the sugar mill's contractors. The machine he looks after is several kilometers distant from the station where the stillage vats are located. It was after 20:30 hours. I was seated beside the shack door listening to music and singing aloud, because there's no one around at the time. I was really into my own thing," said the security woman, whose identity is confidential.

She told local media: "Suddenly this fellow appeared and he couldn't speak, like when you've lost your voice. So he stammered and said, "ma'am...could you phone my mother." The fright he gave me when I saw him standing before me, like that, right out of nowhere. So I stood up and asked him, "what are you doing here?" and he stared at me. The fellow wanted to cry. I asked him to sit down on a chair, but he refused and sat on the floor instead. I gave him water, put some on his head, and asked him to calm down."

It was then that the young man confessed something had tried to grab him. "I thought at first they wanted to rob him, but when he managed to calm down a bit he told me he was on top of the machine and felt someone throwing pebbles at the window, and larger rocks at the roof. He was got down from the machine, took a flashlight, and he saw the giant shadow of a man with a hat. The shadow shouted: "Yaaa te vas de acá" ("You're getting out of here now!"). The guy grabbed his bag and started running non-stop.

The distance between the stillage vats and the control station, the woman estimated, is similar to the distance separating [the town of] Hipólito Yrigoyen and Orán - some 16 kilometers. "It's too far for a person to run."

"He looked behind him as he ran and could see the shadow chasing him, as if to seize him. At one point he fell down and looked for the cellphone in his pocket, but he tore his pants pockets out of fear. When I asked him to pull his hands out, he had the pockets in his hands. His eyes were on the verge of bulging out, his face was pale."

The woman contacted the security company to have it get in touch with the young worker's superiors and make note of the situation. "As I was calming him down, a very heavy iron table (in the shack) was overturned and left with its legs in the air, as if thrown by someone. Security officer Yáñez had arrived by then and saw [the table] like that. That's when we realized that El Familiar had tried to take him and had chased him right to the station. I wasn't frightened because I know the story well, but the fellow started crying and kept repeating he wanted to be with his mother," she explained, later adding: "I didn't know how to behave at that moment. I was afraid (the young man) would have a seizure, because he was so frightened. I finally left when my replacement arrived."

After the terrifying ordeal became known in the local, it became the talk of the localities that constitute the departments of Orán and San Martín. Few brave souls are willing to play the role of watchman at this time.

According to the legend, El Familiar only eats human flesh and prowls the shanties occupied by sugar mill workers. Only those who have been its victims are aware of it. Neither bladed weapons nor firearms can harm it. However, they say, it is possible to escape alive from its clutches by showing it the Cross formed by a dagger's cross guards.

[Translation © 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Andrés Salvador, Guillermo Giménez and Daniel Díaz]

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Argentina: Seven Saucers Visit Miramar (1975)

Seven Saucers Visit Miramar (1975)
From Lo Mejor de Cuarta Dimensión
Research conducted by: Fernando Teryda (ONIFE, Miramar)
Witnesses involved: Juan Andrés Gregorini, Susana Gregorini (spouse)
Rubén Cabrera (nephew) and Isabel Parodi.

Translation by Scott Corrales, IHU.

Main Witness Testimony

"The evening of 28 February 1975 was clear, with soft breeze and a full moon somewhat high on the horizon. At 21:15 that day, I left my house located some 200 meters distant from the Los Abuelos property to tend to my pigeons. It was then I noticed that the neighboring vegetation was fully illuminated. At first I thought it must be on account of some automobile's headlights, and then I saw an object that emitted a very powerful white light as it ascended, but not bright enough to be blinding.

"The object stopped at one point during its ascent, pausing before continuing its movement at lightning speed. It stopped again on its way to the coast and then returned to the place it had issued from, hiding behind the vegetation. It should be noted that my house faces a creek and he train tracks, in a small dip. It was for this reason that the vegetation was able to conceal the UFO. Immediately after the event, and given that it was still illuminated, I called my wife, relatives and neighbors, and together we went to the railroad track embankment, located some 100 meters from the house. A train signal can be found there, and from that area we were all able to behold a strange scene beyond the hill. In the field facing us and at low elevation, there were seven (7) oval-shaped UFOs engaging in different maneuvers. Two of them were larger than the rest and kept a certain distance away from the others. Their maneuvers caused them to sometimes pass over the train tracks and some high voltage lines. The smaller UFOs were sending luminous signals to the two larger ones, making them change color - from white to red, alternating. At times there was the impression that they vanished from sight. The distance separating them from us was hard to guess, but I estimated it at some 1500 meters. The Las Brusquitas ranch is quite close to the place where the UFOs were stationed.


The strangest thing about this case is not that the sighting of the 28th was unique, but rather, this UFO phenomenon was visible for several consecutive nights from that moment onward, being seen by a few people

Shortly after, on 9 April 1975, Mr. Daniel Cabrera and his younger brother headed toward the train tracks and walked to a patch of vegetation close to the Las Brusquitas ranch. At 19:20 hours, when it was almost nighttime, they saw a distant light approaching them. As it came closer, the light changed from white to red, descending close to their location. It then took off almost immediately toward Bristol Park, coming to a halt over that location. Subsequently, it descended, hiding behind a forested patch parallel to Avenida del Mar, where the golf driving range is located. A distance of approximately twelve blocks separated the brother's position from the park.

When the witnesses returned to their homes the time was 21:55 hours. Daniel Cabrera's wristwatch had stopped, showing 20:30 hours. While unusual, such events are by no means rare in UFO chronicles.

The following situation can be provided as an example.

On 20 July 1965, two men in Oslo, Norway, were chased by an object and pulled their car over to get a better view. During the incident, one of the witnesses’ timepieces had stopped working. The jeweler who examined it reported the item had been subjected to an intense magnetic field.


In analyzing the 28 February 1975 case, one could think that the witnesses mistook the phenomenon with the lights of a Fokker-28 jet airplane belonging to Aerolineas Argentinas, given the fact that regular service using this type of aircraft between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata had commenced in January 1975. When the witnesses were questioned about this, they stated the objects were not airplanes, due to their movement, as these objects made abrupt changes in speed and color, hovering as a group for a long time. Moreover, and this is essential, the F-28 jets only operate in daylight hours.

Information gleaned from witnesses has enabled us to ascertain that the Las Brusquitas property, located at the site of the events, has silos which are always illuminated due to work reasons. This lighting is provided by six powerful mercury vapor lights and these, according to some, could have been mistaken for the light usually emitted by UFOs. However, this can be dismissed, because Mr. Gregorini and his companions saw moving lights that changed position and color, something that does not concur with the light emanating from the silos. Furthermore, the silos, as we could determine, are lit until 20:30 hours at most, while the objects seen by the witnesses were sighted at 21:15 hours.

Having discarded these possibilities during on-site research, no ground traces were found where the UFOs apparently landed, except for a 'fairy ring', which is a sign of UFO behavior.

We should clarify that the areas is broad and rather inaccessible, as it is surrounded by vegetation and brambles.

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CE3K: A Humanoid in Lanús (1964)

CE3K: A Humanoid in Lanús (1964)
Written by the ONIFE-CEP Documentary Coordination (1981)
Translation by Scott Corrales, IHU

Belief in UFOs has grown inexorably with the passing of years. There are many cases ,and many witnesses, who have had a variety of experiences. Despite the inexplicable efforts made to silence it, the UFO phenomenon is now more valid than ever and has earned the right to be the most published subject over time, forty years after Kenneth Arnold made it relevant for our age. Experiencers now range in the thousands, and believers and experimenters with ufology number in the millions, with hundreds of books and magazines specializing in the subject. There is no radio or television medium that does not broadcast - at least once a week , somewhere in the world -a news item involving UFOs or making reference to them.

This has helped people lose fear of ridicule and rebel against the absurd standards of silence imposed either by ignorance or at the convenience of a 'status quo' that does not accept innovations in the general population's ways of thinking or feeling. So it is that day after day we witness the growth of the number of persons at all cultural and social levels who openly admit having had experiences, discuss them and have no objection with being openly identified.

The case we present today took place in the year 1964. Given its characteristics and the responsibility of the person who experienced it, we have decided that it deserved to be published. We read his letter - very genuine, very sincere, and we arranged for an interview at ONIFE, which took place in July 1981.

Ignacio Garcia Aguirre proved to be a serious individual not given to flights of fancy. He is an older man with children and grandchildren who has held management positions in official banking institutions through his life (he is now retired). He told us:

"I believe that no self-respecting person with an acknowledged career path would jeopardize his or her reputation - to a greater or lesser degree - and experience the need to lower themselves by knowingly discussing something that isn't real."

One can believe Ignacio without any need for such a statement, as he distills sincerity in his person and in his words, and his background does not make him prone to visions or hallucinations. We therefore believe it best to allow him to speak and transcribe his account verbatim:

"The year was 1964 (November). For a while I ran a business on 14 de Julio Street in Lanús, Buenos Aires Province. Since it was hot, I kept the front door open. I had just received merchandise and was cross-checking it, sitting at a desk facing the door, which was four meters distant. I was alone and was completely oblivious to anything other than my duties. The time must have been 18:00 hours, a magnificent afternoon with radiant sunshine. I don't know what prompted me to look up from the papers. Facing me at a distance of four meters there was SOMETHING perfectly outlined on the door, but standing on the path under the threshold, looking at me. I immediately realized that I was looking at something that went beyond the borders of what was normal. I was able to look at it objectively, as it maintained still for half a minute, we looked at each other without becoming excited, because I wasn't overly impressed. I did not shudder or become anguished. In spite of the unusual presence I never looked away, remaining serene and aloof, emotionless. It occurred to me that it was also studying me and that perhaps, by some means, was able to glean my non-aggressive, emotionless mood. I wanted to act naturally so as not to ruin the fascinating experience.

"The being that appeared before me - as I did not see it arrive - had a head that was too large for any human body, much more for its diminutive stature. It had no hair or eyelashes, not even eyebrows. I didn't see any ears on it, yet I suppose it must have had orifices. Its eyes, nose and mouth were tiny and not humanlike. They were merely holes, circular holes of the same size. Its face was as expressionless as a mask. If I had to define it, I would say that its glance was languid and kind, like what one sees religious images. Its skin had the look and color of candlewax. It wore a form-fitting garment that was the same color as its skin, without pockets, pleats or seams, but wide. The garment began beneath its head and did not allow any view of the neck. I had the impression that it had none. It did not wear a belt, and did not have buttons or other fasteners. As it was out on the path, the threshold covered its lower section, and I therefore could not see if it had feet. A detail I did notice is that its hands did not appear outside the well-defined sleeves.

"After a few moments I thought that perhaps it was waiting for a signal from me, which was something I was expecting from it, but nothing happened. All of my interest was focused on trying to take it all in. That's why my description is so detailed. After the reciprocal observation was over, it turned around like a doll would and slowly vanished from the entrance. It only then occurred to me that I had been privileged to see an entity that did not belong to our own humanity. No sooner did it vanish that it occurred to me that someone else might have seen or heard of the phenomenon in the neighborhood. I asked around with negative results and I ceased my inquiries after having to bring up the size of its head. Before this, I closed the business with the intention of following it to see what it was and where it was going, but it was fruitless. Not a trace. As though he had dematerialized.

This then is the statement made by Ignacio G. Aguirre concerning his remarkable experience. We can discard any anxiety or hallucination whatsoever - of this there is no question - given the quality of the witness, the proximity of the humanoid and the detailed description thereof. This is a very interesting case as it contains highly valuable elements for study. We asked the witness the following questions:

ONIFE: How did the figure look to you? Was it two-dimensional like a sheet, or three-dimensional with a material body?
Witness: (After pondering this for a moment). It was something in front of me. More like a figure than a three dimensional body.
ONIFE: Did you hear any noise, see any kind of light, or notice anything strange?
Witness: Not at all.
ONIFE: Did the entity seem to you like a living creature, or more like a projection?
Witness: Despite the kindness of its features, I think it was rather more like a projection.
ONIFE: Did the experience affect you in later life?
Witness: Yes, but not much. I became withdrawn, lost some friends, and kept them at a distance without justification.
ONIFE: Fifteen years after the event, how do you feel about the experience?
Witness: As if had occurred yesterday, and I've given it a lot of thought. The presence of that absurd being is enough to make me believe they're among us, and what others may think concerns me not at all.
ONIFE: Aren't you worried about being laughed at when this story appears, or not being believed?

Witness: Up until today I was repressed out of a fear of being singled out. But I've led an orderly life that puts me beyond all suspicion. Will they say I imagined it? That it was a hallucination?

The witness makes a dismissive gesture, like someone who cares little for the opinions of others. We concluded the interview observing his features. Serene, calm, he made us feel that this was the seal of authenticity for his strange story. But no more bizarre than thousands of others - some disclosed, others withheld by the fear that Ignacio García managed to overcome.

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Extraterrestrials Steal 38,000 Liters of Water in Olavarria (1983)

Extraterrestrials Steal 38,000 Liters of Water in Olavarria
by Fabio Zerpa and Cándido Víctor del Prado
Cuarta Dimensión Magazine #118

Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU

An on-site investigation into one of the most spectacular recent cases recorded by ufology.

Mr. Silveira, our collaborator, is a long time resident of the town of Olavarría, Buenos Aires, and is a much loved and respected person in the area. It is he who has provided us with the initial information. Since the first days of January 1985, uncanny events have been in motion that have disturbed the community. Local newspaper El Popular has recorded them and serious and objective articles have been written by the newspaper's editor himself, Mr. Julio Pagano, who is well-known to our organization. With the certainty of having to face a truly exceptional case, we informed the management of metropolitan television station Channel 9 so they would televise and record the witness statements and evidence that would later appear in a special broadcast of "Mas Allá de la Cuarta Dimensión" (Beyond the 4th Dimension). Without detriment to this, and acting as the ONIFE team, we would carry out an independent investigation for our readers' own independent analysis.

Eight Black Circles

For many days the owners of the properties located in the Los Sauces district had been exchanging remarks on the appearance of black circles, formed by a fine layer of ash over the grass not far from the swimming pools. Upon touch, this ash was smooth and rubbery. What was odd was the distribution of the circles formed perfect equilateral triangles. We have in our possession a certain amount of the grass affected by this ash, which shall be submitted to scientific scrutiny. At first glance, they appear to be impregnated by a soft, extremely friable dust that is non-greasy, as it does not adhere to paper or even to itself. The closed thing that comes to mind is pulverized graphite. In any case, its presence at this location is wholly inexplicable, as there are no industrial facilities nearby that could be the source, and even if such facilities existed, we cannot visualize how an ash fall would form repetitive circular geometric shapes. Without giving flight to fancy, we could suggest that they are byproducts of combustion of some artifact close to the ground - a very powerful and unconventional one.

The black circles have reproduced themselves in the same period of time in the vicinity of the Industrial park and Los Sauces, seemingly at random, but there is a linkage to the mystery: they appear at properties that have swimming pools, as if their water was a matter of interest to them.

Swimming Pools Drained Mysteriously

Something came out of the sky, descended upon the earth, and took as much water as it could. Local residents had already noticed missing water in their pools, but questioned their calculations or ascribed it to the small fractures that all cement-based pools are afflicted with. But things got out of hand when the pool belonging to the Employee Club of the Banco Nacional de Desarrollo's Olavarria Branch was completely drained of nearly 40,000 liters of water (10,566 US liquid gallons).

And that's where we started our investigations, of course. On 6 February 1983, at 14:30 massively equipped with still cameras, recorders and Channel 9's video and audio recording gear, we reported to the bank branch in question were we met with great deference by bank officers and staff. A considerable number of employees quickly gathered around, responding nearly unanimously to the first question: Yes, it was true, there were black circles present and the swimming pool had been drained. Since everyone had something to say, we selected employees at random: Liliana Meringer de Gonzalez, Julio Guarino, Raul Espinoza and Mario Antista.

Their information was as follows. At an employee-owned property in the Los Sauces district, on the morning of 11 January 1983, it was ascertained that the swimming pool, full the night before, had gone down to only 20 centimeters (7.8 inches). The pool measures 16 x 8 meters (52 x 26 ft.) and its depth slopes down from 0.60 to 1.60 meters (2 ft. to 5.24 ft.). Bearing its receptive capacity in mind, a simple calculation yields a stunning water loss of 38,000 liters. Now then, in most swimming pools, drainage is carried out by means of a motor pump and it is virtually impossible that any crack would absorb such an amount of water in a single night. But if this wasn't enough, the pool was subsequently refilled on several occasions without any noticeable losses. As it was not the only case, despite being the most notable, one would have to suppose that several pools would experience the same phenomenon within the same period of time. But the most important and strongest explanation can be found in the fact that UFOs had been reported in the skies of Olavarría by very competent witnesses.

Witnesses Keep Their Peace and an Outspoken Clergyman

Parish priest Fr. Romeo Musaragno stunned us not only by his statements, but by the strength, honesty and sincerity of his personality. We found him dressed in civilian clothes, which he explained by saying that he needed to go to and fro constantly: "I'm there where I am needed, also to gather funds for the food we distribute freely. I need to travel with some comfort, so that's why you see me in civvies."

"Father," we asked him, "how many people are fed in your parish?"

"Four hundred and thirty every day," was his effortless answer, adding: "Each day I'm not sure of what I'll be feeding them the next, but there's always something that solves our problems." I think we all thought the same. Divine Providence will not forsake an effort made by a character of such distinction. Bear in mind that Olavarría has a group of people inspired by Brother Romeo, who feeds 430 people who need him, and who are never sure if they'll be able to eat the next day.

We bring this up with the aim of lending strength to his statements, because a person of such high moral standing does not misrepresent the truth or is prone to prevarication. Let us now hear his statement as to what happened on Saturday, 7 January at nine thirty in the evening. At his side were two soldiers from the Olavarría military garrison. One of them is Dietzel, who ratified all of [Musaragno's] statements and appears photographed beside him in this article.

From Olavarría El Popular newspaper we take the story told at the Monte Viggiano parish house in the presence of two priests and Dietzel, the soldier. We have chosen this narrative because it is more complete and was made before witnesses and another protagonist. We have our own version recorded before television cameras. The journalistic account reads verbatim: "We were at the smallhold of Our Lady of La Loma when we saw it appear. It was coming from the side of Sierra Chica, passed overhead and hovered in mid-air at a place that could have been the access rotunda to Olavarria. Dietzel was the one who saw it first as we entered the smallhold. He exclaimed in astonishment: "Padre! Padre! Look at that large light coming this way." I looked and saw that huge 'matchhead' that passed over us and followed the course of Route 226."

Soldier Dietzel says: "We saw that great big clear white light all of a sudden..."

Question: Did you see it perchance like the size of a soccer ball?

Dietzel: "No, bigger...and its light was very bright."

These simple, clear, final and blunt statements, spontaneously made, were ratified by more witnesses who unfortunately refused to support them by identifying themselves. We shall proceed with our own retelling based on the testimony of one of these persons, on account of the witness's quality.

Identifying a Key Witness

The writer for El Popular who filed the report does not mention the protagonist's name, but defines him as a well-known person in Olavarría, with high moral solvency, and whose seriousness and statements must be considered unimpeachable. On our part, we have established that it is a clergyman, and we know this simply because Brother Musaragno, while making his statement before the cameras with his characteristic sincerity, declared that one of his superiors had had remarkable experience that same day while fishing in a nearby lagoon. Once again we avail ourselves of the statement given to the El Popular reporter with several other people present.

"Three of us went fishing at the Carril Lagoon. In the evening my two friends decide to go into the lagoon. I stayed on the side by the sluice gate and turned on a lantern as it was getting dark. I settled on the side that has some little cascades and remain seated, fishing. At approximately eleven o'clock at night (Wednesday, 4 January 1983), I saw three lights emerge from the gully facing me. One was white with violet flashes (similar to quartz iodine), another was yellow and the third was red. Suddenly, one of these lights - the white one - fired off a beam of light over the waterfall and the weir that leads to Vallimanca or Salado Creek. It lit up the cascade like it was daytime...suddenly the three lights took off quickly. But they were back moments later. The white light was scanning the water with greater intensity. At a given moment the white light lit up the bridge, and I thought: they're coming. I was under the bridge, some ten or fifteen meters from the cascade. Then, just in case, I moved over to the right and concealed myself in the brush, seeing that the white light was scanning the bridge, as if seeking out the owner of the lantern that I'd left there."

The witness later added: "The white light is very powerful. At first I thought it might be a spotlight, but a spotlight doesn't cast shadows, only light. This was a perpendicular light that lit up the water of all the cascades in the area, which were five or six. In fact, it lit up the entire area as if it was broad daylight." The witness is blunt in other aspects: "The lights could not have come from motorcycles or cars, because they were always facing me. Furthermore, there is barbed wire in that area and no car or motorcycle would have gone there at that speed without knocking something over. The size of each light was larger than that of a soccer ball.

When asked whether he believed in flying saucers he emphatically said no. Asked if it could have been a helicopter, he dismissed the possibility immediately: "I heard no sound of motors or turbines."

One Further Check

One of the most solid guidelines in ufology is the existence of electromagnetic forces that manifest in one way or another during UFO manifestations. These are often of such magnitude that their effect can be detected many days later. A simple compass may be employed to detect geomagnetic alteration. We combed the suspicious area and it was precisely at the estate belonging to Mr. Norberto Gómez that we came across a major geomagnetic inversion of approximately 180 degrees. It was found on an old plow fastened to the ground not far from the location (20 meters) where the enigmatic black circles had appeared.


This case will unquestionably enter UFO case histories as a classic, and merits being quoted by researchers worldwide. It offers no target for naysayers. Its positive nature is impressive and can be summarized thus:

1) Qualified witnesses who attest to the inexplicable loss of 38,000 liters of water from a swimming pool in a single night (over 10 employees at the Banco Nacional de Desarrollo in Olavarría)

2) Over five landowners in Barrio Los Sauces who report the manifestation of black circles (a product of energy combustion)

3) The existence of geomagnetic alterations in at least one of the locations adjacent to the black circles.

4) A clear and blunt statement by Brother Musaragno, the priest, and Dietzel, the soldier, concerning the sighting of a UFO larger than a soccer ball, self-luminous with a powerful white light.

5) A clear and concise reference by the priest to an ecclesiastical superior, who was encountered three light sources of various colors and unknown provenance while fishing.

6) All of this occurring in a very narrow time frame (between 1 and 15 January, 1983).

7) All witnesses have ratified their statements before television cameras.

8) Given the diversity of the phenomenology, all conventional explanations must be discarded (balloons, helicopters, atmospheric plasma, optical illusions, misrepresentations, incorrect interpretations, etc.)

The authors of this article, after a profound analysis of all the events, have deemed this case to be exceptional and one that offers all the signs of authenticity. A major UFO case, and once again in Olavarría, an area prone to UFO contact since 1948.

High Strangeness: In Defense of a Witness

High Strangeness: In Defense of a Witness
By Hector Antonio Picco
From Cuarta Dimensión #121
Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU

"I Saw UFOS, but they don't exist"

Alberto S. was the most gifted among us when it came to soccer, meeting on Saturdays to play those matches that only end when its players have reached exhaustion. That day he was behaving oddly. He was looking at the ball and missing, lax, passive. He was my closest friend, to the extent that on our way to our respective homes, I asked him: "What's wrong, Alberto? You were the game's worst player today. Looks like you're asleep and you don't care what's going on around you."

"I'll tell you, but don't tell anyone. Yesterday we went to Doctor G.'s property for dinner, and as we left the tranquera, only the doctor and I were awake, because mom and dad had fallen asleep in the back of the car, not being used to be up late. Suddenly, close by, an enormous light erupted out of the ground. The night turned into day. The doctor asked me not to tell anyone. He told me that it must have been one of those "flying saucers". But that vision did me harm. I see the soccer ball go by and wonder..."why am I here, kicking this thing? Do those who came out of the ground also play soccer? The hell do I know."

Years later, Alberto S. overcame the hardships of being a student of limited means and is now a magistrate of the court. His compensation is handsome and he owns property and houses, in short, what is called a "solid financial standing". Me, knee-deep into UFO research, asked him: "Alberto, tell me about that light that came out of the ground. I'm trying to learn something about the phenomenon and your experience would be most helpful."

His reply: "Quit joking! There's something to it. Fabio Zerpa was in Cordoba discussing the subject in a theater. One had to make reservations in advance to get in. The man's doing good business. Quit joking around!"

I instantly figured out that my former friend did not wish to discuss the subject any further, because the "light that came out of the ground" shattered the conceptual pillars of his perceived material security in the order of things. Furthermore, it bothered him that there was a Fabio Zerpa researching and disseminating the subject, causing him to resort to the small poisoned dagger of the naysayer. I asked no further and I have learned since then that UFO researcher has two dangerous extremes: the hoaxers hungry for the notoriety the never achieved and who resort to sensationalist publications with their alleged UFO experiences, which are non-existent even in their feverish imagination, and the exceptional witnesses who keep quiet after having told their experiences in an initial burst of excitement, but later, after prudent reasoning, do not want to admit having experienced them, because the event shatters the objective universe in which they live, feeling 'secure' as they say. This is not the case of Hilda Torper, an exceptional witness and an involuntary visitor to the subterranean realm of Akakor.

The Search for Experts

Since February 24, 1966, this woman has struggled for 18 years. During this long period she never sought the covers of sensationalist publications that desperately seek a name and a face to plaster on their covers, lying about fake UFO yarns, each wilder than the previous, because they swear that their numbers will increase with stories about the subject. Hilda approached FAECE and ONIFE. She insisted, with fortitude and admirable doggedness, on making herself heard. Something she achieved only recently. We came to realized that her impressive experience was true. But let's set the witness aside - to better understand the situation, we find it better to talk about this woman.

Mother is So Good...

We visited the Torper family on two occasions at their farm in Greater Buenos Aires. The struggle is always the same: we want to investigate, and then we pretended to survey a distant corner of the roomy estate. Hilda followed us, and no sooner had we reached the crucial point of the conversation, we saw Mr. Torper's shadow approach, prompting a quick change of subject. We know that 'the subject' is forbidden in his presence.

Some might think Mr. Torper is anti-social. Nothing further from the truth. He is an old man whom we would colloquially describe as "loving". And he is, without question. It turns out that we're dealing with a man who was able and enterprising in this level of things, creating a metallurgical company out of nothing, a leader in its field. In the version of reality in which he was a winner there is no room - could not be any room - for the existence of higher realities. Even if he has seen them. This is the case of Albert S. and many others. It isn't an individual failing. Let us not forget that we live in a period of history in which humanity has not yet overcome its 'murderous stage' and that it has it has two inventions that prove the existence of the magic world: radio and television. But there are those who do not want to accept the existence of another civilization, in its own 'habitat', that is able teleport not only sound and vision, but also matter as we conceive it.

Our so-called civilization has 4000 nuclear bombs when it would take only 20 to destroy it. It is a society that obstinately denies the existence of parallel universes through the narrow channels of official science, despite the fact that Riemann, the French mathematician of the future, has already proved it with his famous "algebraic 3-folds" (Riemann Surfaces) without resorting to anything mysterious or paranormal, merely one of the so-called exact sciences. This civilization urgently seeks antimatter - the dimensional partition that separates us from other worlds - because it dreams of a Superbomb that will make the enemy disappear without a fuss, without a trace, laying bare the paradox of trying to find something that it openly declares cannot exist...

Mrs. Torper has four sons and eight little grandchildren. We are able to speak quickly to one of the daughters, asking her what Hilda was like before, what she's like now, what does she think could have occurred in that distant year 1966. She looks at her mother lovingly as Hilda sets cutlery on the table with the dignity of a great lady (which she is). The daughter has a single remark: "Mother is so good."

We think so, too. Because her lonely struggle is the proof.

I Wasn't Crazy

"What happened to you, Hilda, after your experience?"

"I began to talk about it. My husband did not even remotely accept the possibility that it could have happened, even while he was perfectly aware of stepping on the Volkswagen's brakes to keep the UFO from absorbing us. I was sent to the British Hospital. They performed electroencephalograms whose outcome was entirely normal (she presents them). One day I heard the doctor giving my husband the diagnosis: "There's nothing wrong with her, but she's insane."

Hilda Torper displays a strange mark on her right wrist.

"See? This is where they drew blood. I also showed it to the doctor at the time, when the mark was 'fresher' than it is now. but the doctor shook his head, and when he thought I was out of earshot, I could hear him telling everyone: "She's insane."

We aren't experts in dermatology, but the incision looked like a vaccination scar of long ago. It is real.

We listened, analyzed and shook our heads. But we say something different. In spite of the somewhat delirious lapses that Mrs. Torper is prone to, clearly a result of the psychic and hypnotic 'shock' to which she was subjected in Akakor: "She is sane."

She Lies Because She Doubts...

When we analyze the base script of our twenty-four minute long television show, it made us wonder if we should share Hilda Torper's impressive story on the screen. But she was there on February 29, 1984, almost fleeing from her home. She had her back to the camera, avoiding publicity as always. I am reminded of the first objection by an 'enlightened one' the next day:

"That woman had a hard time finding the right words to explain her situation because what she was saying was untrue."

To which I replied: "I'm inviting you to visit her home Sunday. You'll find that they only speak English in that household. Don't you realize that when you're accustomed to speaking a given language it's very hard to find there right words to express your thoughts in another? That's why she halted at times. Furthermore, when Fabio Zerpa asked about the sizes of the chambers and tunnels she saw, her response was: "I cannot specify them". Intoxicators have it all worked out beforehand and never allow for such a childish oversight - they'll tell you the UFO measured this long by that long, that the room was two meters by one. Can't you see it?"

The person remained silent. I believe he was giving it some thought. I believe that you, the reader, are doing the same.

Translator's Note: Some background on this case would be helpful, and who better than researcher Fabio Zerpa to provide it? The following is from his book "Señales en el cielo: Lo que nunca se contó" (Signs in the Heavens: The Untold Story) - "In 1966, Hilda Torper and her husband were enjoying the summer in the Argentinean beach resort of Pinamar in the Province of Buenos Aires when they were abducted by an extraterrestrial vessel that took them into space and the underworld in Brazil's Serra do Roncador. Her alien guide, called Turnelde, had six fingers and showed her a massive waterfall inside the mountain, which she later described with great precision." Debora Goldstern has also summarized the Torper case at