Monday, August 17, 2020

Argentina: Cyclists Come Across Mutilated Cow in Speluzzi


 Source: PLANETA UFO and InfoPico (Argentina)
Date: 14 August 2020, 18:05 hrs.

Argentina: Cyclists Come Across Mutilated Cow in Speluzzi

On Friday, a local resident named Gustavo contacted to say during the afteroon, a group of cyclists had found a mulitate cow in Speluzzi.

According the man, the animal "was missing its anus and part of the flank. There were no footprints or blood trails - only the cows's own prints, pointing to the direction from which it had come."

Gustavo briefly added that "we found it odd, as such events had not occurred for a long time." He further submitted a video to be shared with the public.


[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Argentina: Strange Object Crosses the Skies of La Pampa; Captured by Security Cams

Source: Luis Burgos (FAO/ICOU) and
Date: 08/4/2020

Argentina: Strange Object Crosses the Skies of La Pampa; Captured by Security Cams

The event took place at 23:15 hours. A strange luminous body in the sky was recorded by security cameras in the neighboring locality of Arata.

Judging from the images, this would be some sort of unidentified body re-entering the atmosphere, enveloped in flames.

The image was seen by a police officer who was on duty at the time, and further corroborated by a camera located at the corner of Alsina and Italia streets in the neighboring locality of Arata.

Luis Burgos adds: "If the video hasn't been manipulated, it is certainly compelling. Despite having the *appearance* of being a *bolide*, the horizontal movement of its trajectory is very striking, as opposed to a parabolic one. I agree that the its trajectory suggest that it isn't artificial. This perhaps has to do with the angle of escape"

Webcam footage can be seen at:

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos]

Spain: A "UFO" over Solana de los Barros (Extremadura - 1975)

Original Date: August 5, 1975
From the Collection of Pedro M. Fernández

Spain: A "UFO" over Solana de los Barros (Extremadura - 1975)

Saucer madness? There are no extraterrestrial invasion shows on television right now, and the witnesses to the manifestations of strange flying objects over Solana de los Barros are normal, well-balanced and prudent individuals. They kept the events to themselves to preserve their respectability. But the fact is - confirmed by their own statements - is that for several days and nights in late July, they witnessed strange luminous phenomena will driving along the roads adjacent to Solana de los Barros. They wre even chased for thirteen kilometers by a bright flying object. The statements made by several local witnesses, including Juan Espada Vaquero, his wife and sister in law, shown here, are in the main pages of the paper. They too were also chased by a UFO (Photo credit: Salazar-Gil.

[Translation (c) 2020 Inexplicata with thanks to Pedro Fernández]

Venezuela: A UFO Mothership Sighting?

Source: Planeta UFO Argentina
Date: August 4, 2020

Venezuela: A UFO Mothership Sighting?
By Julio César Colmenares

Last Friday, around seven in the evening, I was with my friend Beltrán sitting outside my house as we usually do. We joined his mother in looking at lightning storm out at sea - considerable lightning without thunder.

Beltrán suddenly said in astonishment: "Look, Julio!" I turned to the horizon and noticed that at a lightning bolt had lit up a certain patch of clouds, but was surprised me is that it lasted longer than usual. Beltrán was still stunned, asking me if had seen the great vessel. I said no, as I cannot see very well at a distance. Then, in order to be certain, I began my customary interrogation.

I asked him what he saw, what was its size, texture, height, length. He told me that at a distance, it appeared to be 300 meters long, although perhaps longer if it were closer. That it looked metallic, silvery, looking like a cigar. I urged him not to use that term, but rather, to describe it as tubular or cylindrical. He says in his description the he saw what appeared to be a row of windows along the length of the object, but with tinted glass.

He described the structure very well. Unquestionably, what he had seen was a Mothership, at a distance from the clouds. When the lightning struck, the craft appeared to absorb the bolt, because - as he explained - the vessel was illuminated. It was a source of joy for me as this was UFO number 28, which was there despite my not seeing it , as happens on the Expected Days [Note: the author seems to follow a contactee tradition].

The next day, around 7 pm, sitting alone outside the house looking at the moon, I suddenly saw something that resembled a shooting star. It was sudden and quick, but too large, too shiny and with a movement far too unusual to be a shooting star. It all happened very quickly.

After spending two years on the isle of Margarita I feel that I am once more in touch with Them as has ocurred in the past, and I find this comforting.

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Julio César Colmenares]