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Chile: The Chupacabras Returns

DATE: 04.25.07

Raul Núñez, director of Chile’s IIEE and regular contributor to Inexplicata, recently made us aware of the efforts of Ivan Voreved, another researcher affiliated with the IIEE. Mr. Voreved has been investigating a series of new farm animal deaths in Chile’s 6th Region in which the Chupacabras or IEA – Intruso Esporadico Agresivo (Sporadic Aggressive Intruder, the term preferred by researchers) appears to be the culprit.

Voreved notes that these attacks no longer appear to generate the media furor that they did six years ago, when Chile was wracked by its first major experience with the paranormal predator. The result has been a greater willingness on the part of experiencers to speak to serious researchers, in the awareness that they will not be laughed at or turned into figures of fun by big-city reporters. “These details,” he writes, “could in time yield positive results toward explaining the phenomenon, which has achieved sociological proportions in many parts of the world.”

On April 6, 7 and 8 of 2007, says Voroved, a series of strange events involving the presence of a strange creature took place in Pan de Azúcar, a town in Chile’s 6th Region. The witnesses, known only by their initials – J.C. and A.R. –
report that at eight o’clock in the morning on April 7, A.R. discovered twenty-nine dead chickens in a coop on the property. The bewildered farmhand noticed that the birds gave the appearance of having been “crushed” by something, and one of them displayed a hole in its back that reached down into its entrails. The hen looked completely bloodless and all of the carcasses displayed a certain orderliness about them (INEXPLICATA readers will remember the meticulous alignment of the animal carcasses in Dorado, Puerto Rico during the 1995 wave of exsanguinations). Neither the owners nor neighbors could find an explanation to this event.

The story does not end here. Voroved adds that another unusual event occurred on a dirt road not far from the original attacks: some witnesses reportedly saw “something like a black trash bag” falling off the roof of a house. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a “dark spot” that moved, jumped, and then took to the air as the incredulous witnesses approached. The bizarre entity measured approximately a meter and half, according to their estimates, and the swiftness of its flight was amazing.

J.C. professes to be a skeptic in matters involving the Chupacabras or IEA, but has been unable to find a rational explanation to the events that occurred on his property. The witnesses to the dark creature that fell from the side of a house before flying away remain deeply shaken by their experience; other local residents made them aware of similar happenings in the vicinity that have generally been ascribed to the Chupacabras, as the community was also a target for such activity earlier in the decade.

Our thanks to Raul Núñez and Ivan Voreved for keeping us apprised of Chupacabras activity in South America.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Argentina: Bedroom Vistitation in Santa Rosa

Bedroom Visitation in Santa Rosa, Argentina – 2007
by Salvatore V. Carta

Location: Santa Rosa, La Pampa (Argentina)
Date: First days of January 2007-04-04

Witness B, 31, was in her home in a neighborhood located on the southern outskirts of Santa Rosa. The time was approximately 2:30 a.m.. She was lying in bed with her 12-year-old son, “C”.

There is a window at the foot of the bed, facing west, measuring 1 mt. wide by 0.80 mt. tall, located one meter above floor level.Mrs. “B” was asleep on her left side with her legs outstretched, facing south. Half awake at this point, she was alarmed to see a person walking past the window, which was open and let through the moonlight. It was an intensely warm night.

Feigning sleep and remaining in the position she was in – that is to say, she did not lift her head from the pillow – she reached for her cell phone, which she always keeps near her headboard. Now, looking more clearly at the window, she noticed two very tall, lean creatures that were looking back at her from outside the house.

At that moment, a reddish purple light flooded the room and Mrs. B was unable to move. Mrs. B says that in a matter of two seconds—very quickly—the first of the two beings lifted its legs one by one and stepped into the room, followed by its companion. One of the beings stood beside her and the other by her son, “C”, performing a laying-of-hands on the boy, who was sound asleep. Mrs. B feels that this last entity was female.

Meanwhile, the red light, which had no visible source, dimmed and went out. Only moonlight poured into the room.

The female-seeming entity now stood at the foot of the bed, and the other entity, which Mrs. B felt to be male despite the absence of any genitals, stood behind Mrs. B, who felt that two “little tubes” or straws were arranged symmetrically on her back, above the kidneys. These objects began boring into her back “like two drills” making a spiral motion.

These drilling objects moved from her back to the front of her body, toward Mrs. B’s ovaries. Feeling intense pain, Mrs. B was only able to shrink into a fetal position. Gradually, these elements, after what seemed to her like a very long time, began slowing down. The intense pain lessened.

At this point, the entity standing behind her placed its hand over Mrs. B’s right breast. She noticed that the creature’s hand had grayish-green skin with very long fingers, delicate phalanges and very thick joints, like those of a frog. The entity began rubbing its hairless head slowly from Mrs.B’s right shoulder down to her hip. She still could not move.

To this day, she finds remarkable that the entity closed its eyes as it did this. No manner of communication occurred, but she sensed a sort of infatuation toward her. Like the caress of a retreating lover, a sensation of tenderness issued from the being.

After this, the two beings – the male first, then the female—left the room. Mrs. B’s mobility was restored after some minutes, seeing no apparent lights or noises. Only the moonlight continued to stream into the room. She got up, shut the window, and looked around the house as she shouted for her son to wake up, as he remained “deeply asleep”. A no time did she touch her son. Meanwhile, she continued trying to contact her mother over the cell phone. The device was inoperative, had no signal, and not even the emergency call mode was working.

After a while, she was able to make a call. At that moment, her son got out of bed, hearing her screaming and crying as Mrs. B spoke to her mother. He asked her what was going on – at no point was he aware that anything had happened. The time was three o’clock in the morning.

Our witness was awake and conscious at all times, from the start of the event. She was aware that something out of the ordinary had taken place. She went into the bathroom in a state of shock, and her son told her that there were some marks on her skin, similar to a scratch or a rash under her shoulders and above her kidneys. They vanished the next day, as did the ache in her internal genital region.

Before this event, Mrs. B had irregular menses. She is now regular – she menstruated only days after the event, but for an entire month. After giving birth to “C”, she was unable to get pregnant again and had a series of miscarriages.

Researcher’s Notes: As collateral phenomena it arises that Mrs. B’s pets (two cats), who always sleep with her and her son, were not present that night. On subsequent nights, the cats would bristle as they looked out the window. It is remarkable that B never slept with the window open until after “C” was born, who is now twelve years old. Was that situation manipulated? What was the nature of the miscarriages? Perhaps insemination followed by the removal of fetuses? One can suppose that some sort of genital survey was performed, perhaps involving the extraction of ova from Mrs. B.

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU)

Mexico: Airline Mechanics Report UFO

DATE: April 6, 2007


On Monday, March 27, 2007 approximately 13 airline mechanics (among them UFO researcher Alfonso Salazar) managed to observe, between 8:00 and 8:40 a.m., the maneuvers of an unidentified flying object that emitted golden flashes and which - according to their description - resembled a reflector in the sky.

The sighting took place while an airliner engine was being installed at the new terminal of Mexico City International Airport.

Visibility conditions were 100% with clear blue skies. According to the Chief of Operations, the probable UFO was at an elevation of 12,000 meters, remaining static for a given amount of time before moving southward, gaining altitude quickly.

Researcher Salazar adds that even his skeptical co-workers are very surprised by what they saw that morning in March.

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Chile: UFO Reported Over Iquique

SOURCES: Diario La Segunda and La Estrella de Iquique(Chile)
DATE: 4/11/07

CHILE: UFOs Reported Over Iquique

Two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were recorded Saturday night from the Tierra de Campeones stadium during a match between Municipal Iquique and Temuco.
A journalist for a sports channel managed to capture the image and only became aware of the phenomenon two days later upon reviewing the recording. He realized that two UFOs could be seen flying very close to the moon.

The reporter was shocked when he inspected the images. According to his story, his attention was drawn to the brightness of the Moon as it appeared over Alto Hospicio. Due to this, he trained a high-resolution digital camera on Earth's satellite for 15 seconds. He was in the stadium and focused toward the east in the vicinity of Hospicio.

There was nothing unusual at the time, but when he checked the images for editing, he noticed that two lights were moving along at high speed near the Moon, from north to south. They vanished quickly. The video was inspected by this newspaper and two white lights can indeed by seen to pass swiftly near the Moon.

Everything points to UFOs. This acquires even more strength by the information furnished to the Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil at the Diego Aracena airport, as three airplanes took off from this facility toward Arica and Miami at 22:15, 22:30 and 22:45 respectively.

Air traffic controller Patricio Celedón indicated that there is no air traffic in the area where the sighting took place. It is not a customary route, since the ones used follow the coast and not the mountain range. "If images of that type were really observed, then we would be dealing with a UFO.

(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, INEXPLICATA. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Mexico: Cross-Shaped UFO Over Tepexpan

MEXICO: Cross shaped UFO videotaped over Tepexpan
** A report from Ana Luisa Cid **

On Good Friday, April 6, Mr. Victor Gabriel Gonzalez managed to record the transit of several unidentified flying objects over Tepexpan in the state of Mexico.

According to his report and the visual material, several spheres crossed the sky at two o'clock in the afternoon, heading south.

He subsequently became aware that a larger, cross-shaped object, was approaching his vantage point. As he explained, the object slowed down and increased its glow, before heading toward the sun, where it was lost from sight.

In spite of the suggestive shape having been recorded on a Good Friday, we cannot hazard a guess about it being some sort of message in the sky, since we do not even know the object's provenance. Therefore, both Victor and [Ana Luisa Cid] prefer to remain objective and present the material as a possible UFO, without ascribing religious or fantastic connotations to it.

(Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Victor G. González)

Spain: Interview with Jose Antonio Fortea

Source: El Periodico de Catalunya (Spain)
Date: 04/12/07

“If you summon the Devil, He may show up.”
By Nuria Navarro

Father Fortea, an authorized exorcist, certifies that the Devil indeed exists despite the fact thta some churches would rather overlook th fact. He has delivered more than a few victims from this sulfurous influence. Fortea is also the parish priest of Our Lady of Zulema in Villalbilla (Madrid) and participated in a round table held at CaixaForum.

Q: Are exorcists born or made?
A: The power to exorcise demons is received during ordination, but the bishop grants permission.

Q: Was there a special reason?
A: There was never a special interest on my part. I never practiced spiritism in my youth. When I studied the History of the Church [in college] the bishop asked me to write a dissertation on the subject and I said no. He insisted and I obeyed.

Q: Some segments of the Church don’t mention the Evil One.
A: That is so.

Q: Is it bad P.R. for the Church?
A: Or so they think. But the Church’s rede has been one and the same for 2000 years. There aren’t many dogmas, you see, but they are unalterable. One of them posits the existence of the angelic spiritual world, which includes demons. Many would like this aspect to never be discussed, but you can’t very well grab scissors and cut doctrine where you please. Possession is a fact. That’s all there is to it.

Q: Tell us, what is the Devil like?
A: Technically the Devil is an angelic being that became evil and made the irreversible decision to rebel against God. He isn’t Evil, which is the absence of proper good, and He isn’t a symbol either. He is a spiritual entity.

Q: Proof?
A: I’ve never seen him, but he’s played some tricks on me. I hate to say this, but I once went to bed and the lights all came on. On another occasion my car’s gearbox broke, but I wouldn’t submit that as proof.

Q: Do you face greater risks?
A: I ask for God’s protection. But the Devil exists and wants revene. He often tempts those who surround the priest.

Q: Let’s go back to proof.
A: There are phenomena that can only be explained through spiritual intervention. Padre Pio’s sores would bleed during consecration. A medical team researched him and found no explanation. The same happens in the world of the demonic.

Q: A mental illness could be involved, though...
A: The victim of possession is a person who, while being completely normal, participates in an esoteric ritual and from that moment on, goes into a trance, rolls his eyes back, howls, cannot tolerate the presence of religious items. If that’s not the case, I myself will suggest a visit to a psychiatrist.

Q: According to you, esoteric rituals are an invitation to demons.
A: Yes. The an urge to communicate with the Beyond is part of the New Age. Esoteric practices, such as invocations to spirit guides, use of ouija boards, Afro-Cuban santeria, recitation of unknown mantras, open the door to possession. If you summon the Devil, he may show up.

Q: Especially at 3 a.m.?
A: That appeared in “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. Demons act by night, but there isn’t an “evil hour”.

Q: What about evil music?
A: Satanic music, played for hours in a room containing blasphemous posters or inverted crosses could indeed produce influences.

Q: Do the possessed levitate?
A: I pray with my eyes shut. I’m told that it has occured a few times in the chapel.

Q: Do their heads rotate 360 degrees?
A: I have not seen that either. I have heard them speak unknown languages, and I’ve seen them reply accurately to questions posed in Latin. Once, without moving my lips, I commmanded: “Say the beginning of the last chapter of the Apocalypse” and Three minutes later, the possessed replied: “I don’t like the Apocalypse.”

Q: Father, what does the Devil gain by possessing a body?
A: He causes suffering! Since the Devil cannot kill God, he tries to destroy his creatures, his work. Its like despising a painter and smashing his paintings.

Q: How many have you released?
A: There are between four and six cases a year in my parish.

Q: How do you know you’ve been successful?
A: The victim lets out a tremendos scream and then remains at peace.

Q: Catalunya is determined to speak a strange language. Is it possessed?
A: Catalan is my second language, all right? See here, a society can become malign, as occured during the Third Reich, but I’m not seeing this in Spain or in Europe. What is true is that central Spain is more traditional in religious matters.

(Translation © 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez, IEEE).

Chile: Ufologist Confirms Iquique UFO Sighting

SOURCE: La Estrella de Iquique
DATE: April 12, 2007


The images taken on Saturday night by an Iquique journalist correspond to giant flying objects over the Pampa Perdiz sector, according to UFO researcher Mario Pizarro, who was been interested in the phenomenon for 30 years.

Upon reviewing images and photos published in yesterday's edition of Diario la Estrella de Iquique, he immediately said: "we are facing an unidentified aerial object that hs the characteristics of a UFO".

He added that the recording must be studied with care to determine the exact nature of the object that flew over the skies of Iquique. "We can say that we're looking at a 30 kilometer optical field with the characteristics of a single protocol on a poly-uniform base (sic)," said the specialist.

The two white lights passing by the Moon corresponded to a single flying object moving at high speed. "It is a single platform that could measure 400 meters in length."

For more information:

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Chile: Strange Lights Over the Andes

Source: NOUFA (Chile)
Date: April 12, 2007

Chile: Strange lights over the Andes
by Raul Núñez, IIEE

SANTIAGO – (Providencia). Patricia Lorena Lara is a secretary at a doctor’s office in the center of the Providencia district. She works from the highest floor of a modern building near General Holley street, where she has a truly impressive panoramic view of this part of the city. To the northeast she can see Cerro San Cristobal, completely surrounded by buildings in various stages of construction. From within the medical office in question, a large window shows a broad and beautiful view of the Cordillera’s foothills. It was from this window that Patricia Lorena has been seeing a very peculiar light that appears to emerge from the very heart of the mountain. After having seen the light for a given amount of time, she ascertained that it always appears at the same site, and has gleaned further information. It is a very powerful light at times and a very dim one at others, apparently following some sort of continuity in its reflections, perhaps even frequency intervals such as Morse Code or something similar. She has also determined that the lights repeats regularly on Thursdays, and that the approximate time of these observations is between 13:00 to 16:00 hours.

Up to this point it could all be dismissed as a curious observation and with a possibly normal explanation. But what makes this story unusual is that on Thursday, February 8, 2007, precisely at the time that the observations routinely occurred, a small cloud approached the mountain. There were other clouds visible, but this one stood out even more when the light projected from the mountainside went out and an oval-shaped light issued from the cloud, projecting itself at high speed along the mountains. To be more exact, we shall present her own account:

“[...] during the first week of February, it lasted about 4 minutes. It was incredible to watch. There was a small cloud on the mountainside. That’s when the light went out and it something like an oval-shaped white spot emerged and zoomed right past the mountains. It was unbelievable.”

Personnel from IIEE Chile is currently researching this case.

(translation © 2007, S. Corrales, IHU)

Puerto Rico: Airport Employee Sees UFO
Date: March 28, 2007

PUERTO RICO: Airport Employee Allegedly Sees UFO over Control Tower
** A report from Lucy Guzman, OVNI.NET ***

Type: I

Date: Since early 2007. Cases reported in March 2007
Location: Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, Carolina, P.R.

Time: Daylight hours; at night between 8:20 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Witness: Airport worker (The pseudonym “Mr. Rodriguez” is used here, as the witness is fearful of being dismissed should his real name become known).

Evidence: None

Brief Description of Object: Round light larger than an airplane, very bright; other lights of greater intensity and size, white in color, triangle shaped.

Summary: Mr. Rodriguez (pseudonym) works at one of the airport’s offices. He has a view of the new airport control tower from his window, as well as of El Yunque and other landmarks. Rodriguez claims that this year, some lights have been seen hovering over the new tower, remaining static and then disappearing. These lights are either white or red in color (Note: researcher Ana Rios has seen lights similar to those described by Mr. Rodriguez from her apartment in Isla Verde, and which appear to be triangular when making a turn). Rodriguez also claims to see a very large, powerful light between 8:20-8:30 pm, white and triangular shaped. He compares this light to the brightness of an airliner belonging to San Martin Air, adding that the UFO’s light is even stronger than the lights on this aircraft. He says that whenever he’s with a customer and sees the lights, he points them out and they too are startled. When he makes inquiries among pilots, they always say they've seen nothing at all. (He believes they’ve been told not to speak for fear of dismissal). The triangular UFO impresses the witness greatly for its size, shape and brightness. When he realized that at the time that his sightings usually occur, there is also a scheduled American Eagle flight at 8:20 pm toward Vieques, he decided to board this flight with a skeptical friend to see the object more closely and to get his friend to believe him.

Rodriguez says that as the American Eagle flight gained altitude, it was necessary to look toward Route #3, as this is where the light appears to emerge from, toward the beach area. The UFO approached the plane sufficiently [to show] that it was larger than the airliner and made a U-turn, heading toward Fajardo,and then Vieques, as though heading for nearby islands. Rodriguez says that he alerted all of the passengers and asked the co-pilot about the strange light. He replied [in English]: “Forget about it”, which led Rodriguez to believe that the pilots are forbidden to discuss what is going on, or else did not want to alarm them.

Comments: Rodriguez wants a group of researchers to go with cameras and turn them on as soon as the passenger plane gains altitude, focusing them on Route #3 and El Yunque in order to record it. He added that the same event happens on the return trip from Vieques to San Juan.

Reported to: Lucy Guzman, Ovni.Net.
Source: ,

(Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU)

Argentina: Unknown Object Over Santa Rosa

Date: 04.16.07


A photo was taken during the first days of April 2007 in Santa Rosa, Argentina as part of an effort to record, in some way, the strange shapes detected in low-altitude stratus clouds.

At the time the photo was taken, the witness did not detect the presence of any objects, and was startled to see an unknown object after the developing process.

The photo was taken at noon using ASA 100 film and a Vivitar N3000 camera.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOS-LAPAMPA)

Mexico: Luminous Air Traffic Over Mexico City

Date: 04.16.07


According to a report received from researcher Alfonso Salazar, at 8:55 a.m. on April 16, 2007, the crew of an airliner flying southeast out of Mexico City reported coming across luminous traffic described as a large, whitish-blue "ball of light". This occurred when the airliner was south of the Mexican capital, flying at an approximate altitude of 7000 meters.

The crew reported that the unidentified flying object was flying from the south toward the north, while the airliner flew from west to east, at a speed comparable to that of airliners. However, the possibility [that it could have been an airplane] was dismissed, as what was observed was a glowing mass, according to Salazar.

This report is added to other similar cases that have taken place in Mexico.

[Note: Airline and personnel names have been withheld by request.]

(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar)