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Venezuela: UFO Photographed in La Guaira

 Venezuela: UFO Photographed in La Guaira

By Héctor Escalante

An alleged flying object was photographed by chance on the evening of 18 January 2022 from the vicinity of the Caribe Sector, near the mountains, in the Carballeda Parish of the state of La Guaira, formerly known as Vargas, on the Central Venezuelan Littoral facing the Caribbean Sea.

Milagros Domínguez, a 42-year-old geographer, unexpectedly captured the UFO fly-over at 10:04 PM, according to the EXIF metadata on the image. Still startled 24 hours after the event, she said that when she took the photo, she saw nothing unusual in the skies, which was clear at the time.

“I took the dog downstairs for a walk and found that there was a majestic and lovely moon. That’s what caught my attention, and that’s why I took several photos. I then went up to the apartment, and upon going through the pictures on the phone, I noticed that thing was there,” she explained.

The alleged artifact is greenish in color and seems to be made up by two tubular structures, which appear in the 6 photos taken by Dominguez from the same location. It leads one to think that the object remained in motion, invisible to her eyes, but not to the camera lens.

According to the author of these images, it is not the first time that a similar phenomenon has been associated with this location. “One night, about a year ago, I was also in the garden, speaking to the caretaker, and we suddenly saw a large object with white lights, moving in a zig-zag pattern, something that an airliner obviously cannot do,” she said.

On December 31, 2012, several surfers saw and photographed two elongated objects that moved slowly and in single file over the sea.

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Venezuela: Three Anomalous Objects Southeast of Caracas



Venezuela: Three Anomalous Objects Southeast of Caracas

By Héctor Escalante

A video recorded in the Los Naranjos urbanization of the municipality of El Hatillo, southeast of Caracas, recorded the exact moment in which at least three unidentified flying objects crossed the skies of the Venezuelan capital at high speed, making a few pirouettes before vanishing from the scene.

The event took place on Friday, 21 January 2022 in the morning, according to what was reported by Luis Alfredo Sanz, the videographer in question, who claims not having seen any anomaly whatsoever in plain sight when he was making the recording.

“Since last Monday I’ve been resting at home. On Friday, at around 10:30 a.m., I was in my back yard sunning myself and I recorded the blue sky to share the video with my family over the net, but when I looked at it on my cellphone, I could see some bright sparks,” Sanz explained.

An analysis of the video reveals the trio of objects, which are light colored, with a dark fragment in one of the ends, appear to have wings or propellers, bear no resemblance to birds or propellers. Given their altitude and the movements they made, it is hard to believe they could have been drones.

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Another UFO Mystery Crashes and Burns

 Another UFO Mystery Crashes and Burns

By Luis Burgos (ICOU / FAO)


The Russian space station, Salyut 7, fell from the heavens on the evening of 7 February 1991 over a vast section of Argentina. Its remains were scattered over an extensive belt running from Patagonia to the coast. It was possible to gather up many metal fragments, including one of its fuel tanks. One of these is displayed, as we can see, by members of the Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe) C.I.C. group at the time. Another fragment is in the hands of José Rodríguez, a police officer from Pehuajó (Buenos Aires) and so forth.

On the other hand, the fragment placed at the museum in Entre Rios became embroiled in controversy for years, as it was "sold" as an extraordinary item from outer space, together with a translucent badge that became a source of wonder to visitors. Clearly, the alleged UFO-ALIEN origin was more attractive to a mystery-loving public than any earthly provenance. As the story would have it, the object was found "by sheer coincidence" in 1991 in a location in Entre Rios (Rincón del Doll), which happened to be - by sheer coincidence - where the Russian artifact broke up. Therefore, a rift emerged between UFO devotees and those who questioned the object's provenance. Add to this the fact that a cosmonaut who held the object in his hands stated that he could not "identify the piece as Soviet engineering" (sic), difficult though it may be to believe.

But as I have always said: "Time Favors the Researchers". So we have it that ufologists, after three decades of averting their gaze or whistling softly (as they do when things get hot), had to yield to the "proof" and "evidence" of a skeptical analyst, practically a debunker of the subject - the Commodore who leads the only official body of the Argentinean government that studies UFOs. The steps taken, whether palatable or not, obeyed all the protocols: In this case, the translucent metal fragment was sent to LINF (acronym for the Ing. Gregorio Cusminsky Physical Metallurgy research Laboratory), a branch of the Mechanical Department of the School of Engineering of the National University of La Plata (UNLP), which happened to be the same institution that analyzed the metal fragments found at the site of the Tacuarembó incident in Uruguay.

The result, as can be expected, caused a UFO myth to topple. According to engineer Carlos Llorente, the fragment was a piece of stainless steel whose origin was none other than...The Russian Salyut 7 space station! Thus it was that the myth crashed and burned. Onward!


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Argentina: Cylindrical Object Recorded in Entre Rios



Date: 01.29.2022

Source: Luis Burgos (ICOU / FAO)

Argentina: Cylindrical Object Recorded in Entre Rios

 Video provided by LUIS BURGOS (ICOU/FAO) to Inexplicata, showing the flight of a cylindrical object in Argentina. An excruciatingly detailed analysis with follow-ups by photography expert Luis Bianchi proves that it is not a man-made object - this detail confirmed by correspondence with the proprietors of two advanced tech rocket launching companies in Argentina. Recording was made on 12.04.2021, 16:47 hrs approx. at Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios, Argentina, using an iPhone SE cellular phone.

  See the video: 

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Argentina: A Mysterious Light over Arcata


Source: Zonal Noticias (Argentina), Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO), Luis Burgos (FAO/ICOU)

Date: January 1, 2022

 Argentina: A Mysterious Light over Arata

 Past midnight on the last day of 2021, a resident of the town of Arata saw something in the skies he had never seen before and which drew his attention.

 ZONAL Nicias’s correspondent in Trennel spoke to Geronimo (the witness), who described the event.

 While it is common for a number of different phenomena to be seen in direct relationship with the UFO phenomenon, it is nonetheless surprising, when it comes to discussing the matter, even more so when it is described with an air of astonishment.

 "I was getting ready to phone my mother, and that's why I stepped outside to speak calmly and wish her a happy new year. At that moment, a phosphorescent green light appeared, lighting up the sky and moving quickly from one side to another," said the Arata resident.

 "We were gathered at my brother's home near the town's avenue. Upon seeing that spectacle, I called out for my family, and they also witnessed it. It was startling, to see this light flying from one side to another, giving off a few sparks," he continued.

 "I am still astonished by what I saw. I've never seen anything similar. We all agreed that it was a UFO," he concluded.

 Correspondent: Paula Lucero

Note: The photo is for purposes of illustration only.

 [Translation (c) 2022, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Luis Burgos]