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Colombia: Strange Object Flies Over Cali

Source:Planeta UFO (Argentina) and Radio Caracol (Colombia)
Date: 11.30.08

Colombia: Strange Object Flies Over Cali

Residents of Cali reported seeing a strange light that remained suspended over the skies of the valley city's skies.

One witness, musician Jairo Varela, director of the Niche group, described the light as having the characteristics of an unidentified flying object (UFO).

He told Caracol Radio that the object had an approximate elevation of 25 kilometers and that it engaged in swift movements as it hid between the clouds, before vanishing after a few seconds of observation, heading toward the Pacific Ocean.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

A UFO Over Rosario de Lerma

Source: Planeta UFO and FM 89.9 FM

A UFO Over Rosario de Lerma

Guillermo Gimenez wrote to inform us of a breaking story on the city of Salta's FM89.9 radio station. The report reads: "An Unidentified Flying Obejct was visible over the locality of Rosario de Lerma for over three hours. Countless phone calls from local residents flooded the 911 emergency switchboard. Witnesses told FM 89.9 that the unidentified object shot off greenish lights and occupied a space of one hundred meters (328.08 feet) in the sky.
What makes this sighting significant is that Rosario de Lerma is not far from Chicoana, where last month's agriglyphs were reported. Expect further reports on UFO activity from this corner of northern Argentina.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Argentina: West of Buenos Aires-Reports, Lights and Strange Beings?

Source: Codigo Ovni – Argentina
Date: 11.25.08

Argentina: West of Metropolitan Buenos Aires – Reports, Lights and Strange Beings?
By Daniel Valverdi, Daniel Szauter, Jorge Marron.
(Originally published on 10/09/08)

On October 4, 2008 we headed out to this area once more, which has recently become the focus of our efforts, given that one report leads us to another and we successively begin to close out a large number of “unusual” episodes reported by qualified local witnesses.

Jorge Marron, Daniel Valverdi and Daniel Szauter met at 16:00 hours at Reserva Los Robles in the Municipality of Moreno, Greater Buenos Aires, and we traveled together to the Archeological Museum that is near this reservoir.

We were kindly met at that location by Cacho Ferrer, who is a ranger in the area, and his assistant. Second Lieutenant Hector R. Losa was also present – for the past 10 years he has been in charge of monitoring the sluice gates belonging to the Roggero Dam, and his duty post is on the bridge surmounting that structure.
After introducing ourselves as investigators of this phenomenon, and showing them some of our fieldwork, they began telling us about the various “unusual” episodes that they have experienced in the area. Ferrer was the first to speak, discussing a strange episode that occurred only months ago and which has repeated itself many times, regardless of the time of day.

There is an iron gate at the entrance to the Museum’s premises, and a wire fence that is closed with a chain. A lock never secures the chain – it is merely tied around both of the gate’s doors. One afternoon, while Ferrer and his assistant and 2nd Lieutenant Losa were chatting some twenty meters away from the gate, they could clearly head a sound suggesting that the gate’s chain was being unraveled and opened. This sound caused them to automatically turn around to see who was entering the premises, but they were stunned to see that the gate was closed and the chain was exactly as they had left it minutes earlier. They consulted among themselves to see if they had all heard the same, and the reply was affirmative. They dismissed the possibility that the sound came from elsewhere, as they were very close to the source where the noise came from and there is no other chain that could be the source of the sound. It should be noted that there was no one at the gate who may have tried to open it up. This episode occurred in broad daylight, repeated itself even at night, with the same outcome. The chain was always in place.

While we sat down to chat with Lt. Losa in the hall of the cabin occupied by the rangers, he started telling us about a series of episodes that have taken place in the area, some that he has experienced himself.

Losa says that once, when he was on sentry duty at night (remember that his duty post is a shack located on the dam itself) and he heard a buzzing noise he had never heard before. While this occurred, he tried adjusting his TV set’s telescopic antenna, since he wasn’t getting a signal, which seemed very odd, as he could always place it in the proper direction to watch TV. Minutes later, he heard an insistent klaxon outside the shack. Running outside, he encountered a police cruiser with two fellow officers who excitedly asked him if he’d seen “the light” that was hovering over the shack. Losa said no, as he was inside with the blinds closed, noting that only minutes earlier he had heard a “buzzing” that lasted some 10 minutes, but with no visible lights. His fellow officers were heading toward the shack, part of their customary patrol, and even though they were at a distance, they noticed a powerful light over the reservoir. [The light] was only slightly smaller than the shack itself, so they hurried over to investigate. During one of the twists and turns on the road, they lost sight of it and couldn’t see it again. If we combine the accounts offered by Losa and his comrades, we get “the light” seen by the drivers, the “buzzing” heard by Losa, and the interference that occurred in the TV set. Upon asking Losa if there had been a power drop within the shack, he said that there is no electricity within and that the TV set and lighting operate on a 12-volt battery.

A Strange Creature

A group of fishermen had headed to a rather inaccessible part of the lake formed by the reservoir to do some night fishing. They were equipped to spend the night there, carrying with them a battery and a spotlight to dispel the shadows. While they were readying their fishing tackle, they heard sounds emerging from the shrubs, and they turned around to see what it could be. When they were able to focus on the area where the noise was coming from, they were able to see the outline of a very hairy “man”, possibly some two meters tall with a very large head and luminous eyes. Without succumbing to panic, one fisherman told another to hook up the spotlight to the battery to get a better look a that “thing”, but the man’s nervousness kept him from connecting the spotlight to the battery’s terminals, and by the time the operation was over, the “stranger” had gone. They didn’t wait for it to return: they collected their gear and left immediately.

We could associate some of these stories with the case of the Colonia Elia entity, given the similarity between the creature described and the “prankish” behavior, such as the rattling of chains, etc.
This is only a part of the stories and eyewitness accounts that these people shared with us, as they are customarily in contact with these situations. We will continue sharing more of these experiences in a later installment.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Argentina: An Entity in Colonia Elia

Source: Vision OVNI
Date: 11.25.08

Argentina: Bizarre Entity in Colonia Elia (Prov. of Entre Rios)
By Andrea Pérez Simondini and Daniel Szauter

Very early in the morning on October 8, a team from Vision Ovni headed for the locality of Colonia Elia in the Province of Entre Rios to research the manifestations of a strange creature that appears in smallholds and fields, slaying farm animals as well as calves and sheep. This was the information presented to us by the national media, which had taken an interest in the story. It was thanks to this interest that we became aware of the case.

Once we had reached the site, 260 kilometers distant along Route 14, we entered Colonia Elia through a dirt road in search of the witnesses. As always, we employed an old but sure-fire strategy to get information. We stopped a man who was riding along on horseback, and he quickly indicated the location of the Restayno family home. This was the family that had witnessed the events involving the unusual creature.

The witnesses warmly welcomed us: they showed us evidence of the mutilations, which was among the reasons for our trip, and quickly told us the details of the occurrences.

A Summary of the Restayno Family’s Experiences

Manifestations of this entity began a year ago, around September 15, when they found a dead chicken beside the granary, displaying strange marks, and a large print on the ground (see photo of plaster cast, courtesy of Daniel Padilla, researcher). The family’s boys – Matias and Gabriel – fully knowledgeable about the animals that wander the fields, could not recognize the type of marks left on the chicken’s breast and much less identify the footprint found near the dead animal. In an effort to glean further evidence, they found tear marks, made as if by claws, in the back of the henhouse. The following night, early in the morning, the heard noises that prompted them to go outside to see what was happening. Matias, 16, was startled when he saw a bizarre figure scurry away among the vegetation at the back of the house; he described this figure as large (standing at least 1.70 meters) and swift in its getaway. Upon inspecting the henhouse, they found a dead chicken with a large rip in it chest.

From that moment on, the family’s boys would not have a normal life again, as each night turned into an episode of chase and attempted capture of this creature, which turned the family’s life into a strange adventure. According to ach family member, the “critter”, as they’ve dubbed it, seems more frightened than them. Whenever the possibility of an encounter exists, the reaction is always the same: flight.

All manner of snares have been laid out to trap this creature: otter traps, cages (lent by a neighbor who cares for endangered animals), and they even prepared a trap using old bedding elastic [...]. The creature was captured in each of these, but managed to free itself. The otter trap, however, inflicted serious injury, given that blood traces remained on the trap and on a nearby stone. These samples were taken for analytical purposes.

Manifestations have been constant. The witness see fleeting shadows and the entity’s claw-prints, such as the ones it left on a tree, as though it had used the wood to sharpen them, or its footsteps, which are easily seen because the boys, in their urge to secure evidence, began spreading ashes and rice powder around the henhouses.

The best was yet to come, and it would happen inside the house at three o’clock in the morning. Matias heard a noise behind the kitchen but within his home. This experience allowed Matias to clearly see the entity that had been engaged in the chicken mutilations. We managed to obtain an oral picture of the creature. We showed him a series of figures from our files, and he identified one of them as very similar, and based on that, he outlined the description of what confronted him that night.

He seized his carbine (.22 caliber) and quickly headed to the front of the house. When he drew the curtain of the room that houses his mother’s pantry and the cheese-making churns, he found the “critter” on top of the freezer, clearly intending to grab the churn. Matias’s immediate reaction was to fire, which he did four times without wounding it. The anima jumped through a window, spilling chicken entrails throughout the room.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Argentina: UFO or Condor Over Tupungato?

Source: Diario Los Andes - Argentina
Date: 11.25.08

Argentina: A UFO or a Condor in Tupungato?

A tour operator organized a tour to La Carretera in Tupungato and took a photo of
the landscape. Upon downloading the file to his computer, he saw a strange object.
He had it analyzed by [Argentina's] most prestigious ufologist and she confirmed
that it was indeed a UFO.

Is it a UFO, a condor or a spot? Those were the questions that ran through the mind
of Flavio S., 31, when he downloaded the photo to his computer and saw a sort of
round disk in the air. The event occurred on November 8, 2008, while he was on a
tour with Mendozan tourist operators who intended to visit a local estancia (ranch)
in La Carretera, Tupungato.

"I'm very skeptical, which is why I had the photo analyzed in Buenos Aires,"
he told Los Andes On-Line. "I took a photo of the landscape, nothing more.
We were traveling on horseback, but no one saw anyting. According to the ufologist,
it's not a condor, because it would look a lot smaller at that distance. It's
not a spot on the camera lens either. It's a UFO larger than a passenger airliner."

This is not the first time this year that tourists visiting La Carretera return
with UFO photos. In April, a group of friends who spent the day at Quebrada del
Condor took a cellphone photo in which an Unidentified Flying Object also appeared.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Argentina: Mutilating Entity Adds to Mystery in Victoria

Mutilating Entity Adds to Mystery in Victoria
By Silvia Pérez Simondini

On November 12, 2008 another strange manifestation occurred in this locality, which evidently remains the area for deep mysteries.
This occasion involved the mutilation of a small rabbit, which shows us the impunity with which such deeds are committed.
The animal’s owner says that at 8 pm on the previous evening, she fed the animal for the night and awoke to find it in the condition displayed in the photographs. Brick walls on all sides enclose the site: the only open area is the roof. It is divided by another wall, with the rabbits (3 of them) on one side and hens and chickens on the other.

Even though there are dogs on the property, no one heard anything that night. The following night, at around 2 a.m. the family heard a commotion in the henhouse. They got out of bed and headed for the location, fearful on account of the previous day’s activities. An older woman had the courage to venture forth, and found a being that stood more or less 1 meter tall in a corner, menacing five of her chickens. According to her description, this entity had clawed hands and was jet black – even though it was night, it was darker than the encircling, moonlit darkness. She thought it might attack her, so she cried out and summoned her son, but when she turned around to do so, the creature was no longer there. She doesn’t know how it vanished, but she didn’t see it again.

The first thing she did was sacrifice all her poultry, fearing that they could be infected by something. The previous day she had put down a rooster that began to tremble uncontrollably and was unable to remain standing, finally falling down and never getting up again. At the time of this writing, there is another rooster in the same condition. The woman tells me that she will bring it to me while it is still alive, since Pablo Puchet and I already videotaped the manner in which the rooster walks with great difficulty.

A black fungus that desiccates plants is growing behind the place where these events occurred. We took samples of them, which along with the rabbit and almost surely the rooster, will be sent to the School of Agronomy and Veterinary Science of the University of Buenos Aires.

I am omitting the person’s name to keep curiosity-seekers from visiting her and keep us from conducting our research, since our intention is to stake out the location. I will continue reporting on this situation as events develop.

Argentina: Further Details on the Chicoana Agriglyphs

[This is a long-awaited report: Mercedes Casas is one of Inexplicata’s most respected contributors and is known to our long-time readers for her reports on the cattle mutilation wave of 2002 and other high-strangeness situations that have transpired in Argentina’s northwestern corner. Read on! – SC]

Argentina: Further Details on the Chicoana Agriglyphs
By Mercedes Casas

Residents of the town of Metán also witnessed strange lights with zigzagging movements at low altitude late into the night. These lights disappear into the fields, and occurred at the same time as the Chicoana events. What is remarkable is that the predominant direction of movement is toward the NW, which dovetails with the statements made by the people of Chicoana, who see the movements predominantly toward the SE. In both cases, the trajectory suggests the Cabra Corral Resevoir, an immense body of water.

The reason that I’m highlighting this fact is because the disappearance of large quantities of water is often associated with this phenomenon.

With regard to the wheat fields: the first one, nearest the town, was visited by hundreds of curiosity-seekers that trampled down the wheat, so the possibility of seeing the marks no longer exists. The field was plowed, but the flattened wheat stalks that formed the mark were allowed to remain. The soil’s depth is no different from that of the rest of the field. The depth of the marks was due to the field’s height prior to plowing. The wheat stalks were no different from the remainder of the mature wheat stalks: neither burns nor color-changes are noticeable.

I visited a tobacco plantation to the north of Chicoana, where three workers witnessed flying object manifestations. They are probably the best-qualified witnesses to the phenomenon, as they had to work nights in the field the week that the marks occurred and the following week as well. This is a summary of my conversation with them: They are well aware of the stars and planets at various times of year by virtue of having to work at night. The lights they saw could not be mistaken for stars, planets, shooting stars, airplanes or satellites, which are also visible at night.

The lights they saw at night were several. They lit up the fields in the darkness with such intensity that it was possible to see the crops; a powerful beam of light [issued from them], casting light in the same way as fishermen’s’ flashlights. They compared the size of the object to that of the Sun at that time of day (4 p.m.) and they also gyrated.

The employees tried to record the lights on their cellphones and were unable to do so. All three have cellphones and not one of these devices worked at the time. The symbols appeared on the wheat fields after the first evening that these sightings took place. The place where the first object was seen is over a mountain located to the west of the plantation. They saw two small lights breaking away from the larger one, progressing along the sky in a parallel formation.

At a given moment, when the larger object remained motionless over the mountain, they saw something like “lightning rays”, blue in color, and emerge from the mountain toward the object.

When the lights moved toward them, they estimated that they were some 100 meters overhead. They did not notice any reactions in the local animals, as there were none nearby.

Another object was also seen toward the southeast, in the distance, over the mountains of Sierra Metán, behind which the city of the same name is located. They had the impression that these objects were in communication, as the lights would rise and descend in unison (the Cabra Corral Reservoir is located between Chicoana and Metán, separated from Metán by the Sierra Metán).

The three workers assured me that they didn’t believe in “flying saucers” and had never warmed to the subject. But ever since their sighting, the think that what they saw was neither a natural phenomenon nor anything known to them up to that point.

On the third night of the sightings, given that the plantation’s owner did not believe them, one of the workers ran over to wake him up and bring him to the fields. The owner remained incredulous, arguing that the lights could be stars, but moments later the light began to move and headed toward them, causing a commotion. Speaking to the plantation’s owner, he echoed the words of his employees. He had never believed in such “tales” but what he saw was new to him.

Finally, I was in the field of the Arroyo Tillán mountain stream, facing the Villa Fanny shelter school. No wheat had been harvested there and the marks were present. This is the field that was photographed from a height, as displayed in the press. I wasn’t lucky enough to see the photos from above, but here are the images I took. This photo was taken with a view toward the East-Southeast, from the Villa Fanny School, with the Sierra Metán Mountains in the background.

The wheat stands approximately 1.30 meters tall. Soil is normal, the stalks that form the agriglyph are flattened, some are bent and others broken; this could be due to the fact that the wheat stems are very fragile this time of year, when they are ready to be harvested. Furthermore, there has been no rain, which has contributed to very dry conditions these days, and a 30º C heat. The flattened wheat stalks are not aimed toward any particular point, rather in a spiral, as though following the direction of the object that caused them.

This, then, is a summary of what I saw in Chicoana. I have more photographs, with higher definition, and I have a panoramic shot of the wheat field, which is far too large to include [in this report]. Regards – Mercedes Casas.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Mercedes Casas)

Chile:UFO Photographed Over Chiloé Archipelago

Date: 11.20.08

Chile: Merchant Marine Photographs UFO over Chiloé Archipelago

CIFAE, an organization that studies this phenomenon, has already recorded several such cases on Chiloé Island. The latest one was taken by accident and has intrigued the residents of these islands.

CHILOE, November 19 – An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was photographed by sheer chance over Ancud by the camera of Alex Haro Brintrup, a merchant marine. He only discovered the UFO a month later, when he checked his camera.

This case was taken up by the Corporación para la Investigación de Fenómenos Anómalos de Chile (Cifae), which has studied this and other photos submitted by residents of the Chiloé Archipelago displaying UFOs.

”I was going over some photos with my son, and he noticed that something strange was featured in one of them,” Haro told the Estrella de Chiloé newspaper.

He further added that he was very skeptical about ufological matters before the photograph was taken some 40 kilometers from Ancud. According to CIFAE, the object is clearly visible in the original image. Thanks to close-ups, it is possible to make out its dark oval shape.

Research into the case, they said, could take months.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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Argentina: Unknown Object Over Church

Date: 11.18.08

Argentina: Unknown Object Over Church

These photos were taken by an anonymous eyewitness (“V”) and submitted to the Codigo Ovni website. “V” explains that the shot was taken from an apartment located behind the church of the town of Flores, Buenos Aires [on November 3, 2008] using a digital camera. What makes this situation interesting is that “V”’s message indicates that he/she felt a compulsion to shoot photos out the window on a Monday morning. Spanish researcher V.J. Ballester-Olmos has noted that certain people appear to have a knack for taking these “phantom UFO” photos, as though receiving some form of command to do so. The message ends: “when I looked up to see what was appearing on the digital camera’s screen, it was no longer there. [It took] a matter of seconds. Odd.”

Analysis on this photo was performed by Sebastian Escobar

(Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO for providing us with these images)

Argentina: What Could This Be?

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 11.18.08

Argentina: What Could This Be?

Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO shared the following images with us today. They were accompanied by a message from "Juan Miguel", the photographer, and it reads thus: "I am sending you before and after photographs so you'll have parameters. Photo 385/386/387 is a landscape photo taken from right to left. Notice the trees. The location is the Galileo Vitali Reservoir, and the time is approximately 15:00 hours. The camera employed was a 5 megapixel Nikon Coolpix [...]."

A bird, a plane, a UFO? You be the judge.

(Special thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO)

Argentina: A UFO Over Gualeguaychú

Source: Vision Ovni
Date: 11.18.08

Argentina: A UFO Over Gualeguaychú (February ’08)

Silvia Pérez Simondini writes: “Lately, we have been very pleased to receive photographs form our readers. In this case, we were sent a photo by Elias Agustin Nieto, taken in a field in Gualeguaychu, Province of Entre Rios, on February 17, 2008 at 11:50 a.m. at Costa Uruguay Norte.
The photo was analyzed and we are publishing the corresponding analysis. The image was accompanied by the following descriptive e-mail:

“Hello, Silvia! I’m Elias. Look, I’m sending you another photo I took at the same place as the one before, which showed the cigar-shaped craft, also using my mom’s camera. I was in a field belonging to some friends of my parents and took a photo of the (clear) sky, and that’s when I was startled: the upper right hand corner shows what appears to be a flying saucer. It looks very clear, since a white thing can be seen on top and a black line underneath, one supposes it is something metallinc. Furthermore, there’s a black dot to the left of the craft. Could this be another vehicle? Here’s the information:
PLACE: Costa Urugay Norte (Former Route 14)
Time: 11:50
Date: 02.17.08 City: Gualeguaychú, Prov: Entre Rios
Best regards,
Elias Agustin Nieto

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Strange Object Over Cordoba

Source: Planeta UFO and OVNICOR (Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense)
Date: 11.18.08

Argentina: Strange Object Photographed Over Cordoba

Mario Luis Bracamonte writes: We were recently contacted by Mrs. Gabriela Decall of the Argentinean city of Córdoba, in the province that bears the same name.

Mrs. Decall, who has witnessed strange phenomena over her city, has sent us these images to share. They were analyzed in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, by technician Jorge Figueiras.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Monday, November 17, 2008

MCIA: UFO Witnessed by Airport Workers

Ana Luisa Cid writes: "On Thursday, November 13, some airport workers reported seeing UFOs over Mexico City International Airport (MCIA).

"According to observations made by Alfonso Salazar, [the sighting] involved 30 spherical objects that remained visible for 3 hours around 10:45 in the morning.

"A larger object stood out among them, which appeared to travel in a zig-zag motion at considerable speed.

The eyewitnesses include some 35 painters who were working at the Aeromar hangar."

(Translation (c)2008, S. Corrales, IHU)

A Photo from 1971

Ana Luisa Cid writes: "This photo of renowned Mexican race car drive Pedro Rodriguez was taken during his final race at the Grand Prix Formula 1 competition in France during the first week of July 1971.

"The image shows the driver boarding his BRM vehicle and an unknown object can be seen hanging over the racecourse. This is a document of historic value, as it captures both the legendary Mexican driver and a possible UFO. The photo belongs to the personal collection of researcher Alfonso Salazar." (Credit: F3 Promo)

When Ufologists Become Skeptics

[Gustavo Fernandez, editor of the “Al Filo de la Realidad” bulletin and host of the radio show with the same name, shared with us an extended article on the phenomenon of UFO researchers who suddenly switch sides and join the ranks of skeptics. We have taken the liberty of translating an abbreviated version of the piece for INEXPLICATA readers, striving to preserve the core of Gustavo’s message. While the conditions he discusses apply to his native Argentina, some parallels clearly exist in the Northern Hemisphere – SC]

When Ufologists Become Skeptics
By Gustavo Fernandez – “Al Filo de la Realidad”

In Psychology, it’s customary to discuss the destruction of the “object of desire” – stated plainly, this is the unconscious and overwhelming need of some minds, bewildered by the enormity of having to accept the fact that the object of their desire will be forever out of their reach, to destroy what they had lusted after until that very moment. Weakened souls and emotionally unprotected minds feel unable to resign themselves to the fact that what they love, seek or covet will never be theirs. Ever. Police blotters are filled with examples of this nature on a daily basis, spurned lovers who murder (out of love?) the person who rejected them. Folk wisdom recalls this brilliantly in the fable of the fox and the grapes, the one about the fox, who desperately strives for an unreachable branch after many hours of efforts, shrugs and finally walks off saying “Bah! They’re still green.”

In our specific case, it is my belief that some characters, tormented by the awareness that they will never divine the true nature of UFOs (and much less come into contact with them) preserve a certain emotional balance by triggering a denial mechanism (which is ultimately one of the defensive mechanisms of the unconscious ego) and seek to destroy it, slaughter it, thus achieving a certain degree of intellectual peace through the gratification that such compensation affords.

History (in uppercase or not) is loaded with examples of this. Many religious converts are more devoted than those who were born into the faith. Let us not forget, by the way, that fanaticism is a psychological aberration, a behavioral and personality disturbance that has nothing to do with education. Therefore, receiving a college degree does not safeguard any human being against fanaticism. A fanatic is the individual who concocts a theory to belittle and attack the ideology espoused by others. A fanatic is someone who, distressed by the dissemination of another’s ideas, claims journalistic censure against these ideas, which is a patent manifestation of cultural regression. A fanatic necessarily thinks that he or she possesses the truth because the other is wrong.

There are other motivations that logically concur with the destruction of the object of desire. When one closely follows the creation of groups like the Comisión para la Investigacion y Refutacion de las Pseudociencias (Commission for Research and Refutation of Pseudosciences) in our country – so scientific that they commit the basic mistake of knowledge, since an organization whose very name seeks “refutation” cannot seriously and objectively propose research – or others, which are created, fight and dissolve with the same swiftness and ease characterized by teenage UFO study groups. One cannot help but feel certain tenderness toward the solemn and fatuous manner in which these crusaders present their task. Its only natural, being aware of the cyclic waves of human emotion –- the same which caused tens of thousands of youths to embrace left-wing causes, imposing the psycho Marxist fashion, and who later became comfortable bourgeois free-market defenders. After a huge wave of pro-UFO passion, a UFO backlash was inevitable. But to believe that the proliferation of [skeptics] in recent years is because current generations have a keener scientific understanding than in the past is an effrontery to common sense. After all, who remembers groups of “professional skeptics” back in the ’60s and ‘70s?

Being a skeptic is nice work. It’s no longer unusual to see someone on TV defending the extraterrestrial hypothesis as the source of UFOS, or to see someone holding a lecture on paranormal phenomena. But to have someone seriously, and with a sardonic smile, say that UFOs are bunk, or a publicity-starved stage magician “prove” that telepathy exists, is really different, and therefore newsworthy. Unfortunately, a large segment of the public is amused by heated exchanges and the vulgarity (my grandma used a far stronger and effective word) of “researchers” fighting in front of the camera. One of them will surely lose the exchange, usually the one who is less skilled in managing on-air time, since television has no time for the truth. This creates ratings. Moderators don’t care who’s right or wrong: only the Nielsens matter.

On the other hand, representatives of the skeptical fauna are usually invited to conferences, even if only to avoid being labeled “cultists” should they not do so. Many times this results in per diem allowances and other gratuities.

Furthermore, being a horse of a different color is eye-catching. In Argentina, some former ufologists and progressive skeptics have taken advantage of this repositioning and their contacts in the journalistic world in order to boldly attack other researchers, employing all manner of fallacious arguments to settle old personal scores.

It is for this reason, among others, that I praise the members of RAO (Red Argentina de Ovnilogia – Argentinean UFO Network) for unanimously voting to bar the entry of naysayers into their organization. What for? I know that my stance may be decried as lacking objectivity and displaying fear of dissent, but I’m a simple fellow. Not only is it not worth feeding these vultures, just to have them benefit from the work of others, turning their own structures against them.

I believe that Anti-UFO Skepticism is a fad, surely a transient one. A sort of intellectual snobbery that will exhaust its followers when they reach the critical mass that no longer makes them attractive or original to others. Some will undoubtedly continue to embrace their fanaticism (we all believe that we have a mission in this life); hesitant to let go of what has given a sense of meaning to their lives. Others will feel the anguish of looking over their shoulders and seeing that the same old mysteries are still there. They will harden their brain cells and will turn skepticism into a cult. As long as there are those who believe that “Dr.” preceding their names gives them the right to petulantly state that “there are no scientific investigations that have proven the reality of these phenomena,” as long as there are people who believe that UFOs do not exist because a UFO photograph can be doctored (overlooking the fact that Hollywood simulates amazing airplane crashes, which unfortunately doesn’t mean airplane crashes do not exist), these Torquemada wannabees will continue meddling with the credulity of others. An apparently contrary form of credulity (it-cannot-be-and-therefore-I-must-be-convinced form of credulity), but which remains credulity, in the end.

Opposite, yet complementary. The ying and yang of this cosmic sideshow.

Finally, I think we’re taking matters too seriously. Something has been lost when knowledge needs to garb itself in solemnity. I believe that neither skeptics nor defenders of “whatever” are so important that we can waste time that we’ll never recover on this childish quarrel. So don’t waste your time either, dear reader. For this reason I am ending these lines with something that perhaps does matter. Not brainy “scientific evidence” or quotations from ominous encyclopedic treatises. This intellectual feast I set aside for minds more enlightened than my own. With regard to this subject, I only wish to leave behind a treat for the spirit, in the form a poem written by Chesterton: “when practical minds invite us/to discover the cold calculations that the world is made of/our souls shall reply from the shadows/yes, perhaps, but are there others?”

(Translated by Scott Corrales)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Argentina: UFO Footage from Bariloche?

Scott Corrales writes: Argentinean researcher Ricardo Lopez Rende sent us this .avi file of a sighting that allegedly took place over Bariloche. The text from a local newspaper (Noticias de Bariloche)says the following: "A local 12-year-old wanted to take a photo of the moon as it faded away on Sunday afternoon. But his camera picked up another startling and unique shot: a swift and furtive UFO. The video lasts 6 seconds. What could it be?" Our thanks to Mr. Lopez for sharing this interesting item with us.

Argentina: Chicoana Agriglyphs – “Many who saw them remain silent”

Source: and Semanario El Expreso
Date: November 11, 2008-11-12

Argentina: Chicoana Agriglyphs – “Many who saw them remain silent”

Two weeks ago, the serenity of Chicoana was disrupted when town residents reported a parade of lights in wonderful colors that appeared in the starry skies over the region before swiftly disappearing. The sighting would have remained merely an anecdote if it hadn’t been for the strange “drawings” in the wheat fields. From that moment onward, there was no stopping the curiosity seekers.

Most residents appear sullen and respond negatively when asked if they saw something unusual, displaying shy smiles that betray the fact that they know more than they’re telling.

The kids from the Maria Valdivieso School No. 588 had ringside seats for this display, as the building faces one of the three wheat fields that display the signs. Some of them were willing to talk and reportedly saw the UFO hovering directly over the field, and that it displayed lights of many colors.

Fanny, one of the schoolteachers who acts as a substitute principal, hesitates to provide more information. But she slowly warms to the subject and says: “...I saw the lights, but you know where I saw them? Not in the field, but over there, in the back. One stands here at night and sees the road leading to Moldes. They weren’t car headlights because they were higher up. A group of 5 or 6 different lights of a strong reddish or orange hue. This was on Thursday night.” She adds that the first to spot the patterns in the wheat field was “ of the schoolteachers who lives in Campo Alegre, in the roundabout on the entrance to Chicoana. He had been told on Wednesday that the Cadena wheat field – the one bordering the road - was in that condition. Then he came for a look much later but there was nothing to see. Next day, he reported to work, and upon arriving, he felt curious. He thought: this is also a wheat field. So we went for a look and that’s when we saw it (the agriglyph). We’ve been working at this school for 22 years and have never seen anything like it.”

Along with another teacher who remained on duty on Wednesday night, Fanny adds that they were surprised for several day by the [behavior] of the local dogs. “...they barked by day and by night, making a tremendous racket.” This fact was also confirmed by another local resident who works at the school, and who adds that the children told her about some greenish lights, but she didn’t see them as she was engaged in her housework.

There is a small house near the wheat field. Its owner tells us that the UFOs appeared several days in a row, between Tuesday the 23rd and Sunday the 26th and that his wife saw another on Thursday at 4:00 a.m. The girl who works at the bakery across the town square says that she saw nothing at all, but that the deliverymen did see “some powerful lights that vanished suddenly”

Marco, who works for the town’s Tourism Office, says “over by the Villa Fanny school, the teachers took photos that show some black spots, like UFOs flying away. There are many who saw them but remain silent. Teachers, people in the area who were working the fields, and who don’t want to get into any trouble, or else be asked why the didn’t speak up sooner. People came from Buenos Aires to study the imprints. They took samples, but I don’t know what the outcome was...They say that when photos are taken, strange objects can be seen in the sky. If one walks through the wheat fields, they look like something heavy rested upon them without harming them. The wheat shoots are still green and yellow, unlike the paths left behind by curiosity seekers, where the wheat is squashed and dry. We don’t know about anything in nature that causes such marks. They resemble designs meant to be seen from above. As to whether or not they were UFOs...the reader should visit Chicoana, walk the wheat fields, take photos and draw his or her own conclusions.

(Translation (c) 2008, S.Corrales. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Luis Burgos)

Argentina: Mysterious Lights at Laguna del Pescado

Source: Vision Ovni
Date: November 11, 2008

Argentina: Strange Light over Laguna del Pescado (Victoria)
By Silvia Pérez Simondini

On Sunday, November 2, 2008 something truly sensational occurred at Tres Bocas, almost at the entrance to Laguna del Pescado. A large number of lights that appeared over this area were visible for many hours from various other locations.
I didn’t have many options when it came to selecting nearest point [to the manifestations], so I was only able to photograph them from the Mothers’ Memorial at the port. I wanted to enter the campground to request permission, but there was no one around.

The display was so impressive that it is very hard to interpret what was actually taking place here. There exists no possibility for anything at this location. Furthermore, the number of lights was impressive. This is the second Sunday in a row that they have appeared, very late at night. The first time I detected them they were only four (4) very intense lights. Last Sunday there were many more.
These photos correspond to that night and were analyzed by Salvatore Carta, the analyst who works for the Visión Ovni team.

(Translation (c) 2008, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Argentina: A 2003 Exposure to Radiation?

2003: Exposure to Unknown Radiation in Argentina?
By Raul Oscar Chaves - CIUFOS-LaPampa

The year was 2003. The location: a farmhouse located in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, where somewhat strange manifestations were taking place, among them the dehydration of plants (acacia bolla, damasca, parras) over a surface area with an approximate diameter of one meter.

Subsequently, water was found to be missing from the swimming pool, which measures 4 x 6 x 1.50 meters. The missing amount was estimated at some 4800 liters. Simultaneous to this event was the appearence of a light-green frog, along with second one of a local variety of the kind found in this area. At this time the pool had only 20 cm of water left in it. The unusual, out-of-place frog vanished only days later; it was determined that it was a poisonous tree-frog of a tropical variety (not native to the area).

Also at that time, a whitish pattern began to appear in the grass, measuring some 5 cm wide and forming an oval. Over the nest few days, it wound up forming a "horseshoe" measuring some 2.30 meters wide by 4.30 meters long. The grass had the proper shape and volume but looked dehydrated, possibly due to exposure to very high temperatures or radiaton. When attemtping to dig it up with a shovel, the underlying soil presented an exceedingly high degree of consistency or compating. A brown and red hornet, a species proper to the region, was found dead on the grass along with a sparrow. Were these deaths due to radiation exposure?

At that time the house contianed two Doberman Pinschers that suddenly displayed signs of rapid and visible weight loss. Both animals were physically unstable and it was necessary to force-feed them for many days until they recovered. Not long after this, a Cocker Spaniel betrayed signs of neurological damage as indicated by a dropping of its jaw and hip in a systematic manner. Eight veterinarians were consulted and none of them was able to explain the source of the malady or problem, and suggested that the dog be euthanized. This suggestion was rejected outright (another victim or radiation?).

After the backyard was reseeded in February, grass began to grow with a dark green coloration toward the end of September that year. When inspected, it was attested that chlorophyll levels in the area were affected, as well as the microfauna.
Soon after this, designs measuring 5 cm wide by 50 cm tall began to appear, transforming into characters or "letters" in a faded yellow color against the grass (temperature/radiation?). The strange letters vanished after the grass was mowed. I would like to make clear that these events (the marks/letters) were recorded on photographs and videos which were subsequently circulated in various Lists).

The current opinion is that these phenomena are closely related to the UFO phenomenon, while the object themselves were not visible due to the fact that human eye is "contained" within a bandwith of 10 to 6 meters and a frequency of 1014/1015 Hz, which is to say, the human eye is formatted in such a manner.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Argentina: Alleged UFO Over Concordia

Source: INFOBAE.Com
Date: November 4, 2008

Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed Over Concordia

The image was taken in the downtown area of this city in Entre Rios. It shows a strange object between the two crosses on domes of the St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral at the heart of the city.

A tourist claims having photographed a UFO that disappeared shortly after.

This incident is the second of its nature that has taken place in Entre Rios during the same week, when a man also photographed a strange object while taking a picture of his teenage daughter.

This new photo was taken at noon on Friday on a sunny day, using a notebook computer with a built-in photo camera, and from the heart of Plaza 25 de Mayo in Concordia, the second most important location in the province.

This image, published by the local El Heraldo newspaper, shows a grayish object between both “tips” of the St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral, located in front of the main square of this community, in northeast Entre Rios. Likewise, another photo taken seconds later does not show the object. The photographer interprets this as evidence that the object was moving at high speed.

The synchronicity between both photos is reinforced by the clock that can be seen on one of the Cathedral’s belfries. Both images show the time as 11:45 in the morning.

While a similar phenomenon had not been known in Concordia, the nearby Uruguayan city of Salto have long believed in the existence of a “ufodrome” nearby, to judge from constant reports of unknown objects in the sky.

The other case [was the one] that occurred in Parana on October 21st of this year, when a man named Miguel Angel Osuna photographed his 15-year-old daughter in Parana’s Parque Urquiza. When Osuna took the image file to a photo shop to have it enlarged, the shop’s employee noticed the presence of an elongated object that appeared to move swiftly.

For more information:

(Translation (c) 2008 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Monday, November 03, 2008

MCIA: UFO Reported During Descent Maneuvers

MCIA: UFO Reported During Descent Maneuvers
By Ana Luisa Cid

The crew of a Boeing 737-200 reported the presence of an unidentified flying object during descent maneuvers at Mexico City International Airport (MCIA).

The incident occurred last Monday, October 27, at 9:00 p.m.

According to flight mechanic Juan Jose Dominguez, the object was elliptical in shape, resembling an elongated

teardrop, which crossed the airliner from the left. He added that the UFO moved at low speed, estimating that its

frontal diameter was some 8 meters, roughly that of the airliner's cabin.

The airliner was flying the Los Cabos-Mexico City route. There was good visibility and clear skies.

Witnesses have requested that the airline's name be kept confidential. This report was provided by researcher Alfonso

Salazar Mendoza.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar)